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INVITE ME TO YOUR CUMDUMPS AND BREEDING PARTIES - IML 2018 : Top pig hung guy here from Montreal. I am looking forwards to cum to IML 2018 this year, for my first time! I'm planning to come to Chicago from 24 to 30 May. I would like to attend a lot of those BB breeding parties that will be going on during that long weekend. Love fucking many already cumfilled holes. Can I find guys to fuck them with already dozens sperms loadssssss in their asses from strangers anonymous guys??? I want many anal pussies riding my cock raw! Love using other men sperm loadssssss as lube! I wanna feel on my raw hard cock and enjoy strangers anonymous juices while fucking bottoms. Please come back to me if you plan to host group BB cumdumps or breeding parties. Thanks. 🐷
Who's going to IML this year and attend sex parties? Top here looking forwards to whore some cumsluts. Please volunteers... hit me up.

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Hello, I also am from Montreal and will be at IML I booked a room for myself, alone so I can host cum parties. Let's keep in touch and we could arrange a cumdump party in my room. I'm a bottom (oral and anal) and this year, I want to get as many loads I can in both my holes and on me.

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Cum dump going to IML for the first time. Looking for a few guys to whore me out. Want to host cum dump parties every day. HMU if you want to,help me out

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My hole is ALSO available if anyone wants another bottom for a play party!  I'm vers, so keep me in mind!

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    • By Cumdumpbabe
      First time at Slammer, got a bubble butt looking for as many hung loads as I can take. Looks don’t matter in a dark room. Right? 😈
      Bearded Latino 5’7 - look for me as I’ll be wearing black shorts, muscle shirt and black & white pumas.
      will be there all night.

    • By HungBottom9c
      Hi guys, 34 y/o tall smooth hung (9"c) vers bottom jock here.  New to the BB scene, but got my first breeding a few weeks ago and am addicted to seed.  Heading to Rome for about two weeks (starting next week).  Would love to get loaded/whored out.  Let me know if anyone has any tips - I've read the other Rome threads, which don't shed too much of a light on the scene -- am curious about Porcelli Romani/Bunker and Il Diavolo Dentro gangbang/hooded parties.  Also, if any (bottoms or tops) want to hang/grab a drink/set up some group fun, lmk.  I'm staying in an Airbnb so can host.   
    • By Chargedupslut
      Visiting Master Jerry Cumdump....coming to LA 4/12 to 4/15.  Taking loads all night Friday, April 13th at the Economy Inn, 5308 West Sunset Boulevard.  NO LOAD REFUSED.


    • By blkoraltm
      I got fucked quite a bit in Rio de Janiero during Carnival.  There is absolutely a subset of the gay crowd of Rio who is into BB and they even have a monthly party and I gave almost as good as I got. I took at least 3 loads during that event.  Lastly Thursday evening before i left an event at TV Bar called hole turned a small corner bar into a full on sex event; and there one guy in particular that never gave me his load.  He seemed to be into causing pain with his HUGE THICK Brazilian Dick.  And during the last hour or so of the event that I was there for; i hung around him and every time that he forced his way into a hole and that bottom went running; I jumped on and rode until he tried to find someone else.  I am unsure if had I been able to stay until closing if I would have gotten the load; but I still enjoyed the time that he spent up my hole. 
    • By Detchiller
      I wasn’t sure if I was going to hear back from the latest guy I had met.  I’ll call him Ford.  He works out at my gym (although I’ve never seen him there).  We met through a site, I am cool with texting, but he wasn't big on texting, so I thought he might not be particularly interested in meeting up again, or at least not on a very regular basis.  This morning, however, he telephoned me at 6:30 inviting me to come over to his place.  I replied "Fuck, Give me an hour!"
      "An hour?" he responded.
      "Yeah, an hour.  I've gotta clean-out before I leave," I explained, even as I thought to myself I was glad I regularly use fiber supplements as they make the clean out fast and easy.
      By 7:30 AM I was at Ford’s condo.  I let myself in, leaving my shoes at the door, and went up to Ford's bedroom where I found him nude in his dark skinned sexiness, laying face down to on the bed.  I quickly get undressed, spread his legs and start eating his ass.  It took but a few seconds for my dick to go brick.  Lubing him with Vaseline, I pulled my foreskin back, lined my cock head with his hole and slid in, loving the sensation of thrusting in and out of his ass which was juicy and wet.  After several minutes we traded off and he pushed his fat eight inch dick into my ass hard!  We went back and forth several times, each time his ass got me close to busting, but he didn't want me to cum yet.  Likewise, when he was pounding my ass we took several breaks because he was on the cusp of blowing his load.  More in a little while.
      In an earlier conversation I had told Ford about Andrew, another hot guy I had met online, and who also works out at the same gym which Ford and I use.  Andrew is Black, has a goatee, is bald, tall, lean, muscular, and has a big dick.  Ford asked how I knew about Andrew's big dick, so I explained I had seen it in the locker room, as well as on Andrew's A4A profile.  Ford responded he thought he might know Andrew, and if so, he might see if Andrew was interested in a threesome with the two of us.  I figured there was a fat chance of it happening as as I had been trying to meet Andrew for over a year - with no success.

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