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    Big time oral sex lover,
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    people to feed and breed me

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  1. Gilmtl

    Reasonable load totals for Dore Alley Weekend?

    Wow, impressive answer!!! I admire your planning skills. Your answer should be published in gold for the benefit of all of us cock suckers.
  2. Gilmtl


    For sure. Post your room number when you get it.
  3. Gilmtl

    IML Opening Ceremony

    Sorry, I don't know BBRT what is it ? I want to contribute one or more load(s)
  4. Let's keep in contact and we will find a way to get a cumdump party going where you will have all the cocks you need to satisfy you.
  5. Gilmtl

    IML 2018 CHICAGO

    Please keep me posted on cumdumps parties I will keep you informed about mine
  6. Gilmtl

    IML 2018 CHICAGO

  7. Gilmtl

    IML 2018 CHICAGO

    Wow I'd love to suck that beautiful cock while I'm getting fucked.
  8. Gilmtl

    IML 2018 CHICAGO

    Well guys, let's contact each other once at IML and see what can be done to have a great cumdump, bukkake, party in one of our rooms.
  9. Hummm, I sure hope you will thanks to me...
  10. Gilmtl

    IML 2018 CHICAGO

    Hello, I also am from Montreal and will be at IML I booked a room for myself, alone so I can host cum parties. Let's keep in touch and we could arrange a cumdump party in my room. I'm a bottom (oral and anal) and this year, I want to get as many loads I can in both my holes and on me.
  11. Wow, I'm in for feeding from you...
  12. Humm, that can be arranged, let's see if anyone else cums up with it, if not, we'll talk.

  13. buddy, a cock is a cock and in my mouth, size is of no concern.

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