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    Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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    Big time oral sex lover,
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    people to feed and breed me

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  1. IML 2018 CHICAGO

  2. IML 2018 CHICAGO

    Wow I'd love to suck that beautiful cock while I'm getting fucked.
  3. IML 2018 CHICAGO

    Well guys, let's contact each other once at IML and see what can be done to have a great cumdump, bukkake, party in one of our rooms.
  4. Hummm, I sure hope you will thanks to me...
  5. IML 2018 CHICAGO

    Hello, I also am from Montreal and will be at IML I booked a room for myself, alone so I can host cum parties. Let's keep in touch and we could arrange a cumdump party in my room. I'm a bottom (oral and anal) and this year, I want to get as many loads I can in both my holes and on me.
  6. Wow, I'm in for feeding from you...
  7. Humm, that can be arranged, let's see if anyone else cums up with it, if not, we'll talk.

  8. buddy, a cock is a cock and in my mouth, size is of no concern.
  9. Perv men fun

    Hello, I have a blog on Tumblr and a section for milking cocks go to that link http://gymmtl.tumblr.com/tagged/milkingcock Have fun
  10. Deepthroating tips?

    Sweety, practice makes perfect, don't give up, practice, practice, practice and all will be good. Take it from someone who is addicted to cock and cum
  11. First Cocksucking Location

    I don't remember what age I was, in my early teens for sure, but for years a neighbour and I played with our cocks. One day, he took my cock in his mouth, God it was wonderful. I returned the favour and after, cock sucking became part of your games.
  12. About to suck my first cock

    Be careful, it is soooooo addictive 😀. I'm sure you'll love it!
  13. I share you passion, a penis has to be THE most beautiful organ on the body. I adore the feel of it, its hardness yet its softness in my mouth. There is no other object that gives me as much pleasure as a nice hard cock. Also, I love to hear the moans and whimpers a guy gives out when I worship is manhood. At the end when his seeds feed me, it is the ultimate reward. Yep! I'm addicted to cocks.
  14. seems I am always wanting more cock and cum

    And I thought I was the only one with this fixation. Thanks I feel normal again.

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