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Found 60 results

  1. I had been talking to this guy back and forth for about a week, something I wasn't use to, usually when I'm on Skout they see my title and understand what I do and then want to come over right then and there. This guy just kept writing to me but never really made any plans to come over. It was a Friday when he finally asked for my address and I gave it to him, he told me that he "kind of" had a girlfriend (whatever that means?) so it was really important to him that this be discreet. I assured him it would be. I waited behind my brand new gloryhole (which Imsuperior helped install actually), I heard the sliding door open and he walked in. He was really tall, I think a mix of Australian and Thai. He had beautiful skin a shaved face, very clean cut a little metrosexual looking. He wasn't the usual kind of straight guy I take care of. "Hey you in there?" He asked. "I'm here babe" I said, he was wearing ripped denim jeans, some brown boots and a black tee with a black jacket over the top. He took his jacket off and sat it on the floor and then started undoing his belt. "I'm here for my appointment" he said laughing a little as he said it, I decided to go along with it as he took his belt off "what seems to be the problem?" I asked. "I haven't been blown for a week" he said, "well I'm going to fix that up for you right now" I said. He approached the whole as he unzipped his jeans, he pulled them down to his knees and then stuck his bulge into the gloryhole, his briefs still on and covering the goods. I started kissing his visible penis line, he smelt like he had just showered before he came. That strong smell of a freshly soaped up body, I grabbed the top of his Calvins and pulled them down to expose his hard cock. It bounced up and down, begging to be sucked. "Fuck yes" I said admiring it, "what was that?" He asked, "I said fuck yes" I responded as I grabbed his balls. "Yeah you like that dick?" He asked and I just shoved my face right down on his 6 uncut inches, his balls on my chin. "Fuck you just go for it! Feels good... that feels so good" he said. I sucked as I moved my lips back to the head of his cock covering it with his foreskin, I stopped to admire it again before sticking my tongue underneath his foreskin and licking around his knob. "Fuck that feels good!" He said. I went back to devouring his cock, deepthroating it, up and down as my hand massaged his balls. I started to taste pre-cum and that just made me suck harder. His moans were so arousing, he was lost in his pleasure really enjoying it. Suddenly his phone started ringing, he pulled his cock out and pants up but didn't zip up. "What..." I started to say when he pulled his phone out of his pocket and answered it. "Hey" he said to whoever was on the other line. He stood there for a moment before he started screaming "FUCK YOU!" Into the phone. He grabbed his belt and jacket off the floor and stormed out the sliding door into my backyard. Were we done? Was it over?. I came out of the gloryhole to see him in my backyard with a cigarette screaming at this person on the phone. This went on for about five minutes, I figured he would come back in when he was done so I jumped on to this site and started chatting with you fine people while I waited for this fight to end. Eventually (and this was after quite a long time) he left my backyard and left me with the taste of his pre-cum in my mouth but no reward! Needless to say I jumped back on Skout to try and rectify this, I haven't heard from this guy since and still am not entirety sure what happened.
  2. i love sperm

    je suce et avale le sperme et j'aime ça beaucoup!!!.. j'adors ça même je pourrais dire Moderator's Note: Translation (via Google) I suck and swallow sperm, and I like it very much. I love it even more than I can say.
  3. Safe And Secur(ity)

    It was about 5pm after a really long day at work, I couldn't wait for 5:30 to hit so I could leave the office. After having clients sign a lease, I quickly checked my phone to see I had a message from: "Security Guard", it read: "What's doin tonight?", I wrote back that I was free and figured he'd be coming over to get some service, the day was already looking to improve. He sent another text saying: "Wanna try that new health food burger joint?". I had to read the message twice because I wasn't sure if it was meant for me. "Sure" I wrote back, I was convinced he was going to write that the last message was a mistake when he wrote, "Cool I'll pick you up at 7". After work I went home and got changed, I was still pretty sure that this was all a big mistake like he had accidentally started messaging the wrong person or something. 7 came around and my security guard regular turned up at the sliding door, "hey how are ya?" He asked, "yeah good thanks" I said, "alright let's go" he said... what was happening?! I walked out the front with him to his ute, he got into the drivers side and I got into the passengers seat. I looked him up and down, he was wearing footy shorts, thongs, and a muscle tee shirt. He looked great, his blonde hair even looked like it had some product in it. As we drove he was talking to me about his day and that he busted a couple of shop lifters, but other then that it wasn't too exciting. He asked me about my day and I said I had, had a bad one but it was improving by the minute... and getting more confusing. He laughed, "why cos I'm takin you on a date?" He asked, "well yeah" I said. "I don't think that's too fucking weird" he said. We got to the burger joint and went in, he ordered a classic cheeseburger and fries and I ordered a chicken burger. This is not how I usually spend my nights off work and I haven't been on a date since my university days. It was actually a fun night and I must admit if I were to admit I had a crush on any of my regulars it would be this guy and imsuperior. Because they are just such manly men, Aussie boys who are hot without trying and have a sexy attitude and know what they want... always appealing. We finished our food and started walking through the streets back to his ute. "I have to ask, is this an actual date, date or did you just wanna hang out?" I asked, "what would you say if I said it was a date?" He asked. "I don't know, I don't know what's happening" I said laughing, he laughed to. "Don't worry I expect something after paying for you dinner, I'm not all gentlemen" he said laughing. "What do you expect?" I asked, "well I paid... you suck!" He said. "Of course" I said. We got into his car and he started driving me home. I put my hand in his lap and started feeling up his crutch, "you want some desert?" He asked with a cheeky grin, "you know it" I said and put my head down into his lap where it belongs. I started sucking his beautiful cut cock as he kept driving. "That's it suck that dick nice and slow" he said. One of his hands grabbed the hair on the back of my head and he pushed me down on his cock. "Harder!" He said as he kept driving, "fuck yeah that's it!" He said. I had sucked his cock until we got back to my place, he parked out the front and I stopped for a moment. "Don't stop!" He said, grabbing my head and putting me back down on his dick. "That's it keep sucking, you'll get desert if you keep doing that. Just like that!" He said. I could taste pre-cum and I felt his balls, I knew he was close. "That's it bitch SUCK THAT DICK! SUCK THAT FUCKING DICK!" He said, before flooding my mouth with sperm. "Aaaaah FUCK! Don't stop get it all! ... OH FUCK!" He said before calming down. I swallowed his delicious nut and sat up. "How was that?" I asked, he leaned over and planted his lips on mine kissing me. "Fucking hot bitch" he said. I sat there for a moment confused. "Thanks for a good night" I said, "thank you" he responded, "maybe we can do something on the weekend?" He asked, "sure, if you wanna come over for some service" I said. "I'll message you" he remarked as I got out of the car. We said bye to one another and I started to go back into my house... I have no idea what just happened!
  4. 357 (Part II)

    I went up to the next level into the swing room, a guy was following me but I didn't turn around to see who it was, I got into the swing and was ready to take any cock that came in. A guy around 40 was first he stood above me looking down on me, I saw his cock and I said "fuck me! I wanna feel that dick inside me". He smiled and started unwrapping a condom "bareback" I said, "what?" He asked, "go in me raw man" I said. With that he lubed up and put his cock inside of me, I just lay there in the swing as he had his way with me. Another guy appeared behind him a real bare looking type, he grabbed the guy fucking me's ass and encouraged him to fuck me harder. I lost control I was moaning like never before it felt so good, his trusts got harder and I knew he was about to nut in me. "Here it comes" he said and started blowing a load deep inside my ass. He pulled out, "more!" I said and the bare wasted no time shoving his cock into my cum filled hole, "oh fuck yeah keep adding those loads" I said. The other guy stayed in the room watching as the bare slammed into me hard, "you like that?" He asked, I couldn't talk now I was so lost in it I just nodded and moaned "yeah he fucking loves it" the other guy said as the bare pumped me full of more cum. "You want more?" He asked and I just nodded my head. He pulled out of me and walked out of the room to get someone, while he was gone the one standing in the room started licking my ass and the cum oozing from it. "What do we have here?" I heard a masculine voice say, the guy licking my ass loved aside to let a big, built very musclear bare pound me. He even had hair on his shoulders and I would imagine his back, but when he rammed his cock into me there was no mistaking the fact that this guy was hung. With the other two watching this guy fucked me so hard I thought I was going to throw up (but in a good way). He dumped a load write in my guts, I don't think anyone had ever been that deep inside me before... I loved it. "Who are you?" He asked after pulling out "Jordan" I said as he helped me out of the swing, "you want more?" He asked, "yes" I said and he took me to a dark room. The dark room was kind of like a maze, I had never been in this part before, I couldn't really make out faces but there were a fair few cocks in the room and I had another three guys fuck me and dump a load into my cunt. I was so horny and I wanted more, but I was also getting a bit tired and decided to stop for a minute and get a drink. I went up to the top level which is a no sexual activity area, it's a bar where you can get coffee and drinks. Up there I found the guy I met when I walked in, "hey come have a wine with me" he said and I joined him. "Are You having fun?" He asked, I smiled and said "too much fun!".
  5. 357 (Part I)

    It had been a long time since I had gone to 357 in Sydney, I had the weekend off and I wasn't having much luck on Skout, Grindr or Craigslist. Horny and desperate I decided to go to the sauna. It came back to me like it was yesterday as I approached the front of the building, I guess you could say it's a discreet entrance, there's certainly nothing about it that screams "Gay sex club!". I opened the door and walked up the stairs to the foyer. I paid the entry fee to a nice looking guy at the front and he gave me a towel and a locker key. I had forgotten that you weren't aloud to take your phone in. At the locker I put all my items in and stripped down, wearing just a towel I made my way further inside. I made my way to the first level, the "wet area" where I started to have a shower, I could hear some of the other showers going and I approached a shower where a fit 50ish your old man was washing himself. "Hey" he said, "hi" I responded taking off my towel. "Top or bottom?" He asked, "guess" I said laughing "I'm gonna say a twink like you is a bottom" he said. "Got it right" I said, he laughed "I'm a bottom to" he said, "your so manly looking" I said and he laughed. He was quite hairy and had a nice solid piece of meat dangling between his legs. "Shame I'd love your cock" I said, "yeah you here to suck dick?" He asked. "Yeah and get fucked" I said, "oh you'll get fucked, don't you worry about that" he said. After showering we both went together to the sauna. We went into one together and there were two other men in there, one would have been in his 60's and the other I'd say late 30's. "Hi" I said, "hello" one of them said excitedly. I took my towel off and sat down, the 60 year old started jerking off "show us that sweet ass" he said, I stood up and showed myself off as he jerked his fat dick. "Very nice, I'm Arnold" he said, "Jordan" I responded. The man I had came in with was sucking off the late 30 year old when I turned back around, "that looks tasty" I said, "join in" the late 30 year old said. I got down next to my shower friend and we started taking turns sucking his cock, at one point he was working the shaft and I was underneath giving his balls the attention they needed. I looked over at the 60 year old, "get over here" I said, he stood up his fat cock hard as a rock and walked over. "Yeah" I said, "come cum in my mouth". I started sucking his cock while my new friend continued sucking the late 30 year old off. I was barely sucking the 60 year old a minute when he started shooting a thick chunky load into my mouth. I moaned as he unloaded and he eventually pulled his cock from my mouth "thank you young man" he said, "you on Squirt or anything, anywhere I can contact you?" He asked. "I'm on squirt I'm 'gloryholelover' I said you'll see a picture of my home made gloryhole and then a few pics of my ass and dick" I said. "I'll contact you thanks again" he said, rubbing his hand across my cheek before leaving. I went back to helping suck the late 30 year old off. He started to cum and my shower friend pulled away, I watched a hot squirt of cum shoot onto his chest when I took it upon myself to wrap my mouth around his cock to collect the rest. "Oh yeah!" The late 30 year old said as I sucked him dry. "How does it taste?" My shower friend asked, I had gotten it all and took his dick from my mouth. With his cum still on my tongue I said "so good, oh my god" before swallowing it. The two of them then sat down to enjoy the sauna for its intended purpose and I said I was going to keep moving through. They said goodbye and I left. I went up to the next level and could hear a guy getting fucked in one of the private rooms, after swallowing two hot loads I was hard as a rock. I came to the suckatorium, near a cinema where some guys were sitting around jerking off... but no one was fucking or sucking it was strange. One guy looked over at me, he had a beard and dark features, a semi hairy chest and was pulling a nice long uncut dick. When he looked at me I licked my lips and went into the suckatorium. I got on my knees and waited, looking through the hole I eventually saw that dick approaching. He cock slid through and I grabbed his balls tight and started deepthroating his cock, I didn't want to waste any time and I wanted as much cum down my throat as possible. He must have been jerking for a while because he was filling my mouth with pre-cum and it tasted really good. "Get that cum" I heard him say, I sucked him harder and faster when that first spurt entered my willing mouth. I started moaning and sucking on just his cock head as I collected his load. He pulled out and I swallowed, "tell them I'm in here" I said as he left. I sucked and swallowed another five cocks, some hung, some average all delicious. My jaw was starting to get saw and after devouring 8 loads I wanted to be fucked so badly. It was time to go up to the next level.
  6. The Things Men Say...

    Don't you love verbal men? Those guys that let you know how good your mouth feels or demand you service them? I do, and one of my regulars has become more verbal with every visit. Inspired by that I thought it would be fun to share stories from the past and recent present revolving around things men have said to me that have stood out. You know when they say something that just stays in your head forever. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU LOOKING AT?" When I was at university I use to be obsessed with a guy that lived in my building, he lived five doors down from me. He was about 5 foot 5, light brown hair that was cut quite short, he was incredibly fit and athletic. He use to wear what I would call "boy clothes", singlets and baggy pants. He didn't put a lot of effort into his appearance but he didn't have to. He also had a tattoo on his shoulder of a tree, I'm not sure what the significance was but I heard him say in a lecture once that he wanted to have his whole arm covered when he could afford it. I thought this guy was beautiful and while I went through an assortment of men in my uni years I noticed this guy would often get ladies back to his room. We had a gym on campus and one morning (really early) I decided to use it. This was my third year of university so I had been lusting for this guy for a long time. When I was done on the treadmill I went to use the shower, there wasn't anyone around really, there certainly wasn't anyone in the shower. I was showering for about 5 minutes when I noticed from the corner of my eye a guy stand at the shower next to me, I heard him turn the water on and looked over to see the man I was lusting after. He was standing on an angle, I saw his beautiful toned legs and ass and his back, but I couldn't see his cock. I could feel myself getting hard as he started to turn around to face me, he was scrubbing soap all over his chest when he was finally standing there completely naked, he had trimmed pubic hair and a nice, thick average looking cut cock just there for me to admire. "How are you mate?" He asked, my attention was drawn from his cock to his face. "Hey" I said. I hoped he wouldn't notice my erection, he was beautiful I wanted him to fuck me, I wanted to suck him so badly. I couldn't help but be aroused in his presence. "You got classes today?" He asked. I looked back down at his beautiful cock as he started soaping it up, "oh my god" I said. "What?" He asked, I just kept looking when he pulled my focus back to his face by saying: "What the fuck are you looking at?". I stuttered for a moment "sorry" I said, "you looking at my fucking dick? Are you a fucking poof?!" He asked. "I'm..." I went to apologise when he interrupted me "your fucking hard! What the fuck get out of here poof, my cock ain't for you to look at!" He said. I stood there for a moment when he approached me, I wasn't scared I was incredibly turned on. He got right up to my face, my cock was hard as a rock and his dick was right near mine. Looking right into my eyes and said: "Get the fuck out of here before I kick you out!", with that I left but it's always been an erotic memory for me, and I'm so glad that if nothing else, I got to see that beautiful man naked. "YOUR A SPERM BANK" On a lunch break at work I had just been on site with a tradesman looking over some landscaping that needs to be completed before we can sell a property. I was horny and hungry, so I went to a well known cruising toilet on the bottom level of the shopping centre close to my office. It was about one in the afternoon and when I walked in one guy was walking out. I walked over to the urinals and stood at one, there was another man a few down from me I looked from the corner of my eye and he was stroking his nice cock. He looked a little Indian, his cock was rock hard and he had a big delicious knob I wanted to suck on. I started approaching him when another man came into the toilets, I just stood there at the urinal pretending to pee as this man came, pissed, washed his hands and left. Once I heard the door shut I walked over to this guy, he grabbed my cock and started jerking me off and I started stroking his tool. I bent down and wrapped my mouth around that beautiful knob of his and started sucking. He let out a quiet moan, he said something but it was so quiet I didn't know. I sucked him really hard as I knew we probably didn't have long. He walked away from me and went into one of the toilets, I followed. He shut the door and his hands grabbed my shoulders, he turned me around up against the wall and pulled my pants down. "I'm going in dry" he said, "that she fine" I said and felt him push his cock into my hole. It hurt a bit, but that good kind of hurt where you know you're about to get a solid cock pumping you. It took him a bit to find his groove, but eventually was fucking me like a pro. We heard someone come into the toilet, we didn't make a noise and he didn't stop fucking me. All we could hear was a man pissing and the sound of a cock pushing in and out of me. The guy peeing eventually left and the guy fucking me said he was going to cum, "where do you want it?" He asked. "Cum in my mouth I want to swallow it" I said. I dropped to my knees and started sucking his cock as he leaned up against the door. We didn't speak, he didn't say a word, he didn't even make a noise as his tasty and thick load started unexpectedly filling up my mouth. I got all his cum, I looked up at him and opened my mouth so he could see what he fed me before swallowing it. "Your a sperm bank" he said, before zipping up and walking out of the toilet, I really liked that, that was how he referred to me and I've actually since started using it as a way to describe myself. "MANEATER" I was at a party, it was fun everyone was really drunk and having a good time. When the party started to die down my friend and her boyfriend suggested we go to a weed dealers house to end the night and smoke pot. I wasn't really interested in smoking pot but I was having a good night and didn't want it to end so I agreed. When we got to the house we walked in to find two attractive guys sitting on the lounge, one was smoking a cigarette (Charlie) and the other was cutting up weed with some scissors (Dan). "How you guys going?" The one chopping asked. We settled in and had a conversation and they all started smoking weed while I sat there listening to some music. "So what do you do?" Charlie asked me, he was blonde kind of tubby but not fat and had a cheeky playfulness about him. He was cute but an Aussie bloke. "I'm a real estate agent" I said, "oh fancy" he said. "I'm only fancy by day, at night it's a different story" I said. He laughed, "what do you do at night?" He asked. "Hunt for cock, get fucked, suck a whole lot of dick... you know, fun stuff" I said. He grinned and also raised an eyebrow "was not expecting that to be the fucking answer" he said. My two friends were sitting on the floor next to one another falling asleep, "did you get any cock tonight?" Charlie asked. "Sadly no, but the night is still young" I said. "You can suck my dick" Dan said before blowing a huge puff of smoke from his lungs, "I haven't been blown in ages" he continued. "Yeah right" Charlie said, "no I'm serious when was the last time Anna sucked me off?" Dan asked. "I don't fucking know" Charlie said, "come suck my dick" Dan said and I walked over to him. He stood up and pulled his pants down, he had a small cock but it was a nice looking cock. Stood up perfectly straight, a nice full ball sack and nice head. He sat back down and I got between husband legs and started kissing his balls "we aren't making love mate. Come on! Suck my dick!" Dan said, I got his whole hard cock in my mouth and pushed my face against his body. "Fuck yeah! Get right down on it" Dan said. "Is this really happening?" Charlie asked. I just focused on the cock in my mouth. Dan sat back and lit a joint as I sucked his shaft up and down, "yeah go a bit harder" he said and I did, "oh yeah that's the way. Just like that, you'll make me cum if you keep doing that". I heard Charlie mutter "what the fuck" as Dan started moaning loud and his breathing become heavy, "get ready I'm gonna cum. Yeah I'm gonna..." he started saying I just sucked harder "Oh fuck yeah! Fuck yeah!" He said as he started blowing in my mouth. I just kept sucking swallowing his load as he fired, and he came a lot, probably 6 squirts or so. I took his cock from my mouth and kissed the head of his dick. "That was a nice load" I said. "I didn't think you were gonna swallow it that's why I told you I was cumming" Dan said. "I always swallow" I told him. "Your a man eater" Charlie said. "That was a fucking hot bj hey" Dan said, "you want more?" Charlie asked. "Yes! Fuck yes!" I said excitedly. I walked over to Charlie and got between his legs "not here" Charlie said. He stood up and the two of us walked out of the lounge room to his bedroom, I walked in and he shut his bedroom door. "Your not gonna tell anyone about this right?" He asked, "no" I said, "I don't want your mates knowing" he said, "there asleep I'm not going to tell them" I assured him. I got on my knees in front of him and he sstarted to unbutton his pants, "alright man eater I want you to swallow my load to" he said "fuck I will, I want to give me your cock and cum please!" I said excitedly... and he gave me one hot cock I will never forget and a load I'll always remember because I kept thinking "I'm a man eater" as I swallowed him.

    My mum and I don't have the best relationship, she kind of disowned me when she found out about my step father and I, but she found out years after the fact. She has recently gotten in contact with me because my step father had called her to say he had visited me and I was doing well, luckily he left out the rest of the story... She said that we should catch up and I said sure, and catching up wound up being at her 50th birthday party. When I arrived at the venue I saw family members I hadn't seen in years and my mum was strangely warm to me, she told me that she felt a lot of regret for disowning me and wanted to make it up to me. I told her it was fine, I was fine and she didn't have to worry about it. "Oh did I tell you, your ex is coming?" She asked, I was taken back. She explained that they had remained close after we split up and I suddenly felt like I didn't want to be there, not that there was any bad blood between my ex and I... but he did make it clear that he thought I was a sick slut! As the night went on he eventually turned up, I hadn't seen him since the end of high school so it had been a while. He gave me a hug and told me I looked good, we chatted for a bit and then he went off to mingle. Later in the night I was at the bar when he came and stood next to me to order a drink. "Is it weird seeing your mum?" He asked, I said no and that I don't hold any grudges. We got to talking and eventually went and sat at a table together. Eventually the subject of our relationship came up, "so do you have a boyfriend?" He asked, "no... I'm still a sick slut" I told him. He laughed and apologised and I said I was only joking. "But are you really?" He asked, "yes" I said. "Good to know" he said. We sat there in silence for a moment when he leaned towards my ear "your making me hard" he said, I put my hand in his lap and felt up His crutch. "That you are" I said, he grinned at me. "It's been a while" he said, "is there somewhere we can go?" I asked, "you can come back to mine after" he said, "no... now!" I said. He looked around and seemed confused by my comment. "Lets go outside and into the alleyway" I said, "are you serious?" He asked, "you know it!" I assured him. We got up and he held his hands in front of his crutch to hide his erection, as we walked towards the front door my auntie told me that they would start speeches soon, I said "great" and continued walking to the front. We got outside and walked down the alleyway next to the venue. He stood up against the wall and I got on my knees and started unzipping his pants, I pulled his hard cock out. "It's gotten bigger since I last saw it" I said. "It's all yours babe" he said. I started sucking his cock, his hand held the back of my head as he gently pushed my face down on his throbbing manhood. "Do you wanna fuck?" He asked, "absolutely" I said. I got off my knees and leaned up against the wall, he pulled my pants down just enough so he could fuck my hole. He spat on his hand and started teasing my twitching cunt, "come on fuck it! Fuck me hard!" I said, "your such a fucking slut" he said then asked "bareback?" And I said "YES!". I looked down the other end of the alleyway and saw people walking past as he started fucking me slowly, I wondered if the speeches had started inside but I didn't care. "Come on fuck me!" I said and he started going faster, harder. "How many people have been in this hole?" He whispered in my ear as he started becoming more aggressive, "what do you think?" I asked, "well your pretty fucking loose so I'm gonna say a lot. Loose fucking cunt! Fucking whore!" He said "Yes" I said. His aggression was a real turn on, he obviously had anger towards me he was letting out. Suddenly he started breathing loudly and he pushed balls deep into me grabbing my ass hard as he released his seed into my aching cunt. "Holy shit! Holy shit!" He said, "your such a slut!" He said again and again, "aren't you?". "Yes" I answered, when we went back into the venue we had missed the speeches.

    I had put an add up on Craigslist that read: GLORYHOLE COCKSUCKER Hi, I have a private gloryhole located in my house. I'm looking for men who need to lose a load, straight men to the front of the line. I'm very discreet and I'm not looking for any reciprocation. I'm not into email ping pong either so if your serious, I'm very serious. I recieved one email that said: "Your disgusting!" (Lol) and then a few more that wound up being email ping pong. Finally I received an email from a guy who was 28, Caucasian, fit and it read: "If your discreet I'm keen where abouts are you?". He also attached a photo of himself, I gave him my address and he responded: "Cool, I can be there in an hour. I'm just cycling with some mates so do I need to have a shower before I come or you don't care? I had a shower this morning before I went on my ride". I told him to just come over. A bit over an hour later he called my phone, "hey I'm in your street which house is it? I don't wanna walk into a randoms house" he laughed and I told him it was the house with the Yaris parked out the front. He hung up and I waited in the hole until I heard the sliding door open. I looked through to see he was still in his cycling gear and my mouth was instantly watering when I saw his visible penis Line (he hung to the left). He walked up to the hole "how you going?" He asked with a grin, "better now" I said, "yeah, you glad I came?" He asked and I said yes. "You know I haven't been blown for over a month" he said and I told him it was an honour that he chose me to help him out. He pulled his Lycra shorts down to his ankles, revealing a thick cut cock, above average. He started pulling it a little before sliding his semi hard dick through the hole. I wasted no time in wrapping my lips around his fat cock head and as I sucked I slowly worked my way down to his balls feeling him swell, feeling his cock become fully erect in my mouth. "That's good, that feels so good" he said. I stopped sucking for a moment to admire his rock hard dick, "don't stop, put that cock back in your mouth" he said and I opened wide and took his entire length back down my throat. "That's it good cocksucker, that's a good cocksucker!" He said. With my hand I pulled his balls through the hole to hold them as I slurped on his dick, I started to get that first lot of pre-cum in my mouth... this guy tasted good, really good! He started moaning "fuck! Oh fuck! You... you suck better then any fucking girl I've ever had" he said. He kept moaning "oh your gonna make me cum! Fuck! Your gonna make me cum!" He said. His warm sperm started filling the inside of my mouth as he moaned loudly and kept saying "FUCK!". I had milked him dry, but I kept sucking until he removed his still erect cock from the hole. "You have a towel or something?" He asked as I swallowed his cum. I looked around and found a tea towel and handed it through the hole to him. "Thanks" he said and started wiping his cock in front of the hole. "I think it's great that there are people like you" he said, "what do you mean?" I asked admiring the view as his cock started to go soft. "Well you know it's important that guys get off" he said laughing. "I agree" I said with a smile, "that was a fucking amazing blowjob" he said, "and I didn't even have to ask you to swallow" he continued. "Thanks" I said, "how did my cum taste?" He asked, "so good" I assured him. He then stood there pulling his Lycra shorts up telling me about his diet? But he was so hot I could have lisented to him ramble all day.

    It's been a while since I've updated this so I need to do a quick catch up so I'm up to date. So the last entry was about the man who broke my gloryhole. He actually pushed it from the wall completely so I couldn't screw it back into place. Having to improvise I started using a sheet with a hole in it, which is something I usually only do when I'm travelling and in hotels. SECURITY GUARD REGULAR He's been by 7 times since my last entry, he's taken to cumming in the morning before work. He use to only come over at night after work. Since I returned his wallet to him at his work a month or so ago, he's not that interested in the actual gloryhole anymore. After returning his wallet the next time he came over he actually asked if he could sit on the lounge (he probably thought my makeshift sheet gloryhole looked like shit to). I told him that was fine. So now he takes his shoes, pants and tee off (but always leaves his socks on for some reason), sits down like a man (it's so hot the way he sits with his legs apart his hard cock proudly on display), I kneel between his legs and service him. I've even learnt a bit more about him, sometimes he'll stick around for a little bit after he blows. He told me he is old fashioned wants to have a girlfriend that stays at home and looks after the house while he works. He even said that he wants a girlfriend that will service his cock the way I do when he gets home from work... in the meantime I'm more then happy to help him out. IMSUPERIOR We have been getting pretty close, what started out as a hot encounter has become a regular appearance in my life. I drove all the way to his house in Dubbo to suck his cock one night, and he's been down to use the gloryhole or fuck me quite a bit. I even had the pleasure of being tag teamed by him and his mates. The other night he had to come down to Sydney with another friend of his for a bucks night and wanted to stay at my place. When he left the party he got back to mine with his mate at 2 in the morning. He wasn't in his usual attire, he had a white button up shirt on with the sleeves rolled up, black dress pants and black dress shoes. He came in the door drunk but not "sloppy" if that makes sense. His mate didn't even look like he had drunk anything. Imsuperior went to have a shower because someone spilt a beer all over him and I was left in the kitchen with his mate. It didn't take long for his mate to flop his cock out "suck it!" He said. I got on my knees in the kitchen and started sucking his cock. He was average, cut, smelt and tasted really good and had some cologne on that smelt amazing. "Come on show me how hard you can suck a cock!" He said and I did, I could taste his pre-cum oozing into my mouth. Imsuperior eventually got out of the shower, he saw me sucking his mate in the kitchen and completely naked and erect walked over and grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face balls deep down onto his mate. He then let me go and grabbed my head again but made me deepthroat his cock. "You wanna act like a slut we are gonna treat you like a slut!" He said and dragged me by my hair into the lounge room. His mate took his clothes off and sat down on the lounge and Imsuperior instructed me to ride his mate, facing Imsuperior I sat down on his mates hard cock. "How's that feel?" He asked, "good" I said "you need another cock in you huh?" He asked, lifting up my legs Imsuperior put his cock inside me. It had been a while since I was DP'd so I must have made a painful noise because Imsuperior said "don't pretend like you can't take it fag!". The two of them fucked my hole for what felt like two hours, my legs were sore and my hole tender but I loved it and they filled me up with their cum. NEVER BEEN SUCKED I was talking to this 19 year old Italian looking guy on Skout, he was tall, whore a lot of hoodies and track pants. He told me he had a girlfriend but she didn't suck cock, and he wanted his cock sucked. When he arrived I was taken back by how tall and beautiful he was in person, he seemed very nervous. "What do I do?" He asked, "take your clothes off or just pull your pants down, whatever your comfortable with and then just slide your cock through here and I'll take care of you" I said. I watched through the hole as he took his jumper and tee off, he even folded them like he was doing laundry and put them on the floor. He then pulled his trackie pants down to his ankles, I could see his bulge in his briefs, he was a hung young man and I couldn't wait to taste him. He pulled his briefs down revealing a 7in uncut cock. He walked over to the hole and slid it through, the head of his cock was wet and he was so hard his foreskin was already all the way back revealing a beautiful wet cock head. I started at his balls kissing them and sucking them, I could tell he wasn't going to last. He started moaning before I even wrapped my lips around his cock. I licked up his shaft, his cock smelt good (you know that nice cock smell), I took the head of his cock in my mouth and started sucking gently, I got a hit of his pre-cum straight away as I worked his cock right down my throat. "I'm gonna cum, sorry I'm gonna cum!" He said straight away and blew a big tasty load into my mouth. "Sorry I thought I'd last longer" he said. I kept sucking his cock until he was soft again and swallowed his tasty cum. "Don't be sorry that was amazing" I assured him. I gave him my number for whenever he needs his dick taken care of. BLUE BALLS Another regular of mine, Nathan (the one who broke the gloryhole) has started coming over all the time again. There was one week where he came over every single day, and I loved it because this guys cock is perfect and I could swallow his cum all day everyday. After the week where he came everyday, I was actually sad when he didn't turn up or message me for two days. The third day I got a message from him, he had gone on some Tinder dates and all he got out of it was blue balls, luckily I could help him out with that. TIM On Skout I started talking to this guy named Tim, at first I thought he was playing me he wanted me to tell him what I do and I wrote "you can tell from my title what I do", but I guess he wanted me to write that I wanted cock so I did. "There you go was that so hard?" He asked. "Do you want your cock sucked?" I responded and he said "Yes, do you swallow", I assured him that I did so he wrote "good, where are you?". I gave him my address and waited. He was toned, very handsome and had a killer body, minimal hair and a big cock! He didn't say anything when he arrived, he just shoved his cock into the hole and I started slurping and enjoying his meat. He didn't make a single sound when his cock started pulsating and pumping cum down my throat, I was surprised but his cum was mouth wateringly good. "Did you like that?" I asked as I swallowed his sperm, I started kissing his dick when he pulled it out without saying a word and left. THE CONDOM I was really hungry for some cock in my hole, I went to the beat but there was no one around. After an hour or so I decided to leave and try my luck on Squirt, Grindr or Skout. When I got to the entrance of the park I saw a car parked, I stopped because I could see two people were inside it and I thought they might be there to fuck. They were there to fuck but I don't think they knew it was a gay beat because it was a straight couple fucking in the car. I went to leave when they turned the light in the car on, I had to walk past them so I just stayed in the bushes, he was hot and she was putting her hair into a bun. He opened his car window and threw a condom out, I had a good look at him. He had a beard, dark features, very good looking (she was really lucky to get this guy). They drove off and I walked over to the condom and picked it up, it was a nice big load and fresh. I took it home and jerked off as I swirled it around in my mouth before swallowing it. THREE MEN Another night at the beat, this time I had my pants pulled down and was leaning up against a tree. The first guy rammed his cock into me hard, I don't know who he was or what he looked like but he only pumped me about five times before he blew inside of me. The next guy grabbed my hips and put his cock inside me, he was thick and hung it felt good but I knew he was wearing a condom I could feel it. Normally I'm not down for that but I couldn't be bothered saying anything and his dick felt amazing, I was hoping he'd leave the condom behind but he took it with him after he cum. A third and final guy then slipped his cock into me. He was quite small but thick and thankfully wasn't wearing a condom. He put his hands around my neck at one point and I saw a wedding ring, he filled me with his married nut before leaving. I walked home with two loads dripping from my cunt. There are a few others I can't remember the specifics of, but that's the most memorable encounters I've had since my last entry I'll try and update it more often from now on so I don't have to do an epic post like this.
  10. Great tops make for great sluts

    I have been plenty of blogs and posts on rules for this and that in relation to being a good bottom. I have long believed it always takes that special top, one who likes slutting out his boys, one who likes to control a bottom both sexually and mentally, to create bottoms that not only embrace their inner slut and enjoy it totally, but crave cock and cum forever after they have been taken on the descent to where every sensation in their body is connected to their holes. In my own case, I always felt like I wanted to be a whore, imagined it, but was actually a very vanilla fuck and a bit prissy with it until I met Steve. He recognized my inner slut immediately and relished taking total control of my pathway to slutdom and conversion. Each week the rules got broader and stricter at the same time. From one on one sex we went to threesomes, moresomes, then gangbangs, from negative to positive the conversion was seamless as he had total control of me by the time he arranged my conversion party and I was looking forward to it. The rules for a bottom were strict - but they also took care of every sexual desire you had and you became immersed in a world of cock and cum, a world that you would never escape from long after the relationship with Steve had finished. His rules and beliefs were simple. 1. A bottom should never reject stiff cock or cum off any top. 2. He would pick all of the tops to fuck me and totally supervise my sex life. 3. I was never allowed to play with myself during sex with other men. I recall once I started to masturbate while a top was fucking me and he went ballistic. So he took to tying me to the cross before group sessions and putting on a leather glove, making me cum and using it as lube for the first cock to fuck me. 4. I was always butt plugged after sex sessions to keep seed in me at his pleasure. He loved using other men's seeds to fuck me on what he called "the silk trail." 5. I had to clean every top's cock and balls after a fuck until they pulled their cocks away. 6. I was to get fucked in whatever position the top wanted. 7. I was often blindfolded in group sessions so I got totally used to getting off on cock and seed, not the aesthetics 8. I was to keep myself in order to be fucked all the time - a stringent personal hygiene regime - as in many instances I was onlt given 15 or 20 minutes notice that he had invited a top or tops over the fuck me. 9. I was never to ask a top to hurry up and cum. 10. I was taught to enjoy the slut I had become. Those rules made my descent so much easier - I may well have found my way there myself - but I would have missed out on an awful lot of beautiful cock and creamy seed as a result as I would have taken a lot longer to reach the point of no inhibition.
  11. He Broke The Wall

    My stepfather wound up staying at my place for a few days and we got caught up in fucking, so much so that I had neglected to respond to some of my regulars who had messaged me wanting to use the hole. I was having a shower after work and my stepfather came into the bathroom. "You know a Nathan?" He asked, I told him I did and then asked why. He said that Nathan had messaged me on my phone wanting a blowjob and that he had told him to come over. I got out of the shower and asked what my step father would be doing while I was sucking Nathan's dick. He told me he wanted to sit on my side with me and watch me work. We set up and waited, I eventually heard the sliding door and looked out the hole to see Nathan walking towards it. He had a cap on, a black zip up jumper and baggy jeans on. His shaggy dark hair hung from either side of his cap. "It's been a long time" I said before sticking my tongue out in anticipation, "yeah you gonna make it up to me right?" Nathan asked, having no idea my step father was sitting on the other side with me. "I am get that dick out" I said and watched him pull his jeans to his ankles. There it was his hard uncut cock, wet and with a nice trimmed bush surrounding it and his ballsack. He stuck his cock through and I started to suck, he tasted good like his cock had been trapped in his briefs a day or so without showering, not dirty but that manly smell and that cock taste I can't describe. "Deepthroat it!" Nathan said, and I felt my step fathers hand push my head down on Nathan's cock, I heard the sound of my stepfather fapping as I slurped on Nathan's beautiful uncut rod. Nathan pushed hard against the wall, I could hear the creeping of the Timber as he fucked my open mouth. "Take that fucking dick! Oh fucking take it! Take it!" Nathan said. I started to massage his balls, "lick my fucking balls" he said and I did. "Taste good, you like my fucking sack?" He asked, "YES!" I said before devouring his dick. "That sack his full for you slut, get that cum! Get that fucking cum!" Nathan said and started pushing harder up against the wall until it came off the hinges. I pushed it up in place "oh shit!" Nathan said pulling his cock from my mouth, "no, no it's fine it's fine put your cock back in my mouth! Please come on" I pleaded and he slid his cock back through. I sucked and sucked while trying to keep the wall stable "this is it!" Nathan said, "OH SWALLOW MY FUCKING LOAD!" He said and started blowing in my mouth. I moaned like crazy as I collected his sperm "keep going man, fuck keep sucking" he said and I did until he pulled his cock out. He pulled his pants up thanked me and said sorry about the door before leaving. I stood up and moved the wall which was completely broken. I still had Nathan's jizz in my mouth. "How's it taste?" My stepfather asked, "so fucking good" I said. My stepfather pushed me to my knees "open your mouth I'm gonna add to it" he said, I opened my cum filled mouth and my stepfather jerked another fresh load into my mouth. "Gargle it" he said and I did before swallowing it all down.
  12. Reunion With My Step Father

    I hadn't seen my step dad for about two years give or take, although there were some phone calls here and there. One day at work I received a text from him saying he was in the area and wanted to catch up for coffee. On my lunch break we did just that, he's in his late forties has an unshaven scruffy look. He's covered in tattoos and he's quite slim but has a toned kind of body. He's balding so he has a buzz cut and striking green eyes. We sat down and he asked me how my mother was, his ex wife, I told him she was good but I didn't talk to her all that often. My mother got married to a man who moved her to New Zealand, so I rarely see her. I asked him how he was doing and he said his business was hitting a bit of a low point but it always picks up again around tax time (he's a carpet layer by trade). He asked if I had a boyfriend and I laughed, "do you think I could settle for just one guy" he laughed as I said it. Our coffee came to an end and I had to go back to work but he said we should catch up that night for some drinks and I agreed. There's a bit of a backstory between my step father and I, fill in the blanks. That night he came over with a bottle of bourbon and we started drinking. He looked over at the gloryhole and laughed "bet that gets a work out" he said, "it does I had to turn down a visitor tonight because you were coming so you better make it worth my while" I said. I went to grab myself another drink and he came up behind me pushing me up against the bench. I didn't say anything as he pulled my pants down to my ankles, I heard him unbuckle his belt and felt the head of his hard cock press against my ass. "You gonna fuck me?" I asked, he didn't say anything he just put his hands on my hips and pulled my ass closer to him before his other hand pushed my head down onto the bench. He spat in my ass and then I felt his cock head up against my hole as he pushed his hung dick inside me. "Fuck me!" I said and he started to thrust in and out of me. He didn't say a word as he pumped my hole full of his meat, I could hear and feel his balls slapping against me "fuck me daddy!" I said, "fuck me!" I repeated. He went harder, faster, he slapped my ass with one of his hands and then grabbed my face and put two of his fingers in my mouth. I sucked on his fingers and he started to moan, he pushed hard up against me and my body was pushed hard into the bench as I felt warm shots of cum fill my ass. His whole body dropped against mine as if he were exhausted, his cock still inside me I moved my ass around wanting to feel it in me while he was still hard. He pulled out of me "push it out" he said and I started to push his cum from my hole, "yeaaaaah" he said as I caught some of it with my finger and tasted it. "Tastes good" I said, "clean my cock" he demanded and I turned around and dropped To my knees to start sucking him clean. I sucked him until he was flaccid again. "Good work" he said and I looked up at him pleased with myself.
  13. Left Behind

    The security guard regular left through the sliding door and I stayed on my knees behind the wall savouring the taste of his sperm. With my hard cock in my hand I swirled his cum around until I blew my own load. After swallowing I walked out of the cocksucking room to find a wallet on the ground, he had obviously accidentally left it behind. I sent him a message to let him know and he said that he would pick it up the next afternoon when he finished work. I had the next day off and had to go up town anyway so I took it upon myself to return it in person. I went to the department store where he worked and saw him in the distance walking around, I stayed away at first because I thought he was in the middle of catching a thief. When he started to walk away I followed. I caught up with him, he looked so good in his work uniform. "Hey" I said and he turned around, he didn't know who I was, he's only ever really seen my eyes and mouth. "I've got your wallet" I said, he looked around and then at me "what are you doing here I said I'd come and get it?" He said. "I'm sorry, I was here so I just thought why not?" I said. I gave him his wallet and he put it in his pocket. "Thanks" he said, "no problem" I said and went to walk away. "Can you come with me please?" He asked, so I started to follow him. Went walked through the store into a corridor that was for staff only. Eventually we came to a door that he opened with a key "inside please" he said and I walked in. He came in and shut the door behind him. We were in his office"In future don't come to where I work" he said and I apologised. "While your here but" he said and unzipped his fly. He pulled his flaccid cock out and looked at me shaking it in his hand "suck it!" He said. I got down on my knees as his hand held the back of my head and I put his cock in my mouth. I loved feeling a man's cock grow as I sucked and I had never got to suck my regular off two days in a row, I was very happy with myself. I stopped for a moment to admire his erection "you fucking love dick don't ya?" He asked and he thrusted his cock back into my mouth so I couldn't answer. "That's it, that's the way I like it" he said. "You gotta make me cum before that phone rings and I gotta go back out there" he said making me work harder for his load. "Suck!" He said and I deepthroated his dick, "SUCK!" He said again before his warm cum started flooding the inside of my mouth. "That's it! Ahhhhhhh that's it!" He said. "That's your reward for returning my wallet" he said laughing, as I swallowed his load and he took his cock out of my mouth. "Better then money" I said before standing up. He put his semi hard cock back in his pants and zipped up. "Hope to see you again soon" I said as I left the office.
  14. "Bad Slut"

    "Where you located?" He asked in a chat request and I answered after looking through his pictures. He looked like a bit of a gym junkie, his body was perfection and every photo was a mirror shot from his work outs. He was incredibly good looking but that's not what caught my eye, what caught my eye in the photos was that I could see his bulge and I wanted to unwrap it and suck it. "Too far" he responded and I was devastated, I told him if he was ever in the area to consider me because it would be an absolute honour. About three hours later while I was still hunting for cock I get a message saying: "Alright I'm out the front", he actually came I couldn't believe it. I told him how to come in. He walked through the sliding door, he had thongs and shorts on which was strange given how cold it was but it did show off his beautiful legs and feet. He walked up to the hole pulled his shorts down and put his flaccid cock through the hole. He was quite big and cut, pretty thick and had a tight ball sack I couldn't wait to drain, he said nothing. I started to worship his cock watching it become erect, I wanted to feel his length in my mouth so I wrapped my lips around him and feeling him throb slowly worked his entire cock down my throat. He moaned "how's my Straight cock taste?" He asked, "fucking amazing" I said before getting back to sucking. "You want that cum? Huh? Yeah you want my cum?" He asked and I moaned in pleasure. "Yeah you wanna taste it don't you?" He asked and I moaned again, "bad slut!" He said "make my cock cum! Make me fucking cum!" He said. "I want it! I want it so bad!" I whispered, "keep slurping" he said "you'll get what you want!" He assured me. His moans become louder and I started to taste quite a large amount of pre-cum. "Mmmm" I said as I sucked on his knob, "don't stop doing that!" He said, "oh yeah! Yeah!" He said before shouting "Oh SUCK THAT DICK!" And blowing a large load in my mouth. He finished unloading and I massaged his balls feeling the pulse of his cock on my lips. "Eat it!" He said as he removed his cock from my mouth and the hole and left and I did exactly what he asked.
  15. Hungry For More (Part II)

    After being fucked by eight men and with their cum still inside me I was incredibly horny and hungry for more, but I wanted it down my throat now. I jumped on Skout and after a while received a chat request from a straight guy late 20's average looking but with a nice body. We were chatting for a bit when I asked if he had a big cock, he responded with "yes I do". I wrote "mmmm mmmm" and he asked if I swallow. I said I always swallow and I would never waste cum, he told me I was a good boy. I said I never waste sperm and he told me he was going to fill my mouth up before asking for my address. Some time later he arrived, he walked in the sliding door and I had my mouth and tongue sticking out the gloryhole, I wanted this badly. "Good boy" I heard him say before I felt a hard cock enter my mouth, I started sucking desperately I wanted cum in my mouth. He was about 7in, cut and his cock was quite thin but it tasted good, he had a big ball sack to. "You like my dick in your mouth?" He asked, "yes!" I said and then pleaded "I want your load, I want it so fucking bad!". I heard him laugh before saying "then work for it", he moaned and I got a taste of his pre-cum. This sent me wild and I started slurping and sucking on him like crazy, all I could think was that I wanted his sperm and he gave it to me. "I'm gonna fucking cum!" He said followed by loud moaning and a hot five or so squirts of jizz collected on my tongue. He pulled his cock out and left. With jizz dried up in my ass I swirled his cum around before swallowing. Still wanting more I jumped back on Skout, I talked to a few different guys, one was even gay although he just stopped talking. Suddenly I got a chat request simply asking where I was, I was so horny I just sent my address, fuck small talk I thought to myself. About half an hour later this guy walks in "where are you cocksucker?" He asked. "Over here" I said and watched him approach, he was about 5 foot 7? Big shoulders and built, I could see he was boned up in his running shorts. "Oh yeah you got some cock for me?" I asked, "what do you think?" He asked as he pulled his shorts down to reveal a stiff 6in uncut slab of meat, I could see pre-cum oozing from his cock head. "Fuck yes!" I said, "you want it?" He asked, "Yes!" I said, "come get it!" He said. He went and sat down on my lounge forcing me to leave the gloryhole, I walked over to him and got between his legs, I went to wrap my lips around his cock when he grabbed it "no you gotta work for it...suck my nuts" he said and I did as he instructed. "You rim?" He asked, "yes" I said and he lifted his legs up holding his hard dick in his hand and revealing his smooth asshole "do it!" He demanded. I started tonguing his asshole, as I did it I heard a woman begging to be fucked, he had started watching a porn on his phone. "You ready for the main prize?" He asked, and I don't even think I said a word, I just made some noise and finally got to wrap my lips around that beautiful cock of his. "Deepthroat" he said still watching his porn. "You got any amyl cocksucker?" He asked, I currently didn't. "Show me what a cocksucker you are, come on suck it! You know how lucky you are right now?" He said/asked. I worshipped his cock until I heard them words I love hearing "I'm gonna nut" he said, "your gonna make me fucking cum!" He continued before pushing my head down on his cock and blowing a load right down my throat. I actually choked but he kept my head down, "all of it, keep sucking" he said as more sperm shot into my mouth. "Ahhhhh fucking slut" he said before letting me go and standing up. He put his shorts back on and left. Later on I sent him a message thanking him and he wrote: "you made me cum you served your purpose but your nothing but a disgusting slut. My cocks too good for you!"
  16. "Imsuperior" And His 7 Mates (Part I)

    Saturday morning I received a text message from "Imsuperior" informing me that he would be down in Sydney that night with some mates and he wanted me to come join them at the hotel he was staying at. I didn't hesitate in saying yes, there's something about him that I just can't resist and the prospect of meeting like minded individuals, or men like him was too hot to pass up. I waited and waited for the call or text to tell me when to arrive, eventually he sent through an address and I was on my way. I took an Uber and the driver asked me what I was up to, something I didn't reveal but had a laugh to myself about. I arrived at the hotel and a man named Elijah met me in the foyer "you Jordan?" He asked and I said that I was, he was built with tight jeans on and an addidas oversized hoodie. He had a buzz cut and was quite good looking in a rough sort of way. He took me up to the room and I could hear laughter before I entered, the door opened and they were all standing around drinking and chatting amongst each other. "Here's the faggot" I'm superior said, I said hi to everyone and I'm superior said "that's enough small talk", Elijah stood behind me and lifted my top up and over my shoulders, he then pulled my pants down so I was completely naked. I stepped out of my pants and kicked my shoes off when another guy pushed down on my shoulders bringing me to my knees. There was a hard cock in my face "open your mouth" he said and I did. While sucking two other large cocks appeared either side of me and I started taking turns sucking them. I noticed the others undressing and saw I'm superior looking on stroking his cock as I jerked two cocks and sucked another. Someone grabbed me from behind and pulled me up throwing me onto the bed "show me that hole" I heard a voice say, so bent over with my ass up I pulled my cheeks apart. Without warning I felt the head of a cock go in me dry, I made a noise as my head was pushed down into the mattress "the pain will go faggot" I heard someone say. They were cheering whoever was fucking me on, my head was in the mattress and I was enjoying the feeling of a random cock fucking my hole as well as knowing that everyone was watching. "Load one here I go" the guy fucking me said before hearing a loud drawn out grunt and feeling warm cum fill my hole up. "Fill him up" someone said before the cock left my asshole and another cock slammed inside of me, "oh it's warm" this guy said as he pumped me. I lifted up my head but someone pushed it back down, "head down faggot" I heard Imsuperior say, "your just a hole for us to fuck" I heard another say. Load two squirted inside of me, that cock pulled out and a third was rammed in, this one particularly hung "custard brothers" the guy fucking me said as others laughed, he blew a load inside of me. Then the forth, fifth and sixth guy nutted deep in my "slut guts" as they said. A hand wrapped around my neck and another cock entered me, it was Elijah, "you love all this cock fag?" He asked and I just moaned in pleasure. "I'm gonna fucking cum in you, load fucking seven" he said before more warm cum entered me. Elijah pulled out of me and Imsuperior flipped me over and held my legs up trusting into me. "Bet your mouths jealous" he said looking down at me as he fucked me hard. "What are you?" He asked, I just looked into his eyes as he pounded me, "what are you?" He asked again, "I'm a slut!" I said before he blew the eighth and final load deep inside me. "Take it!" He said and I did. When they were done they walked around naked proud of themselves as I put my clothes back on full of sperm. It was leaking from my well used hole, "thanks slut" Imsuperior said as I left the hotel.
  17. The Wog Boys

    "Male or female?" A chat request popped up on my Skout profile, "Male" I wrote back, I don't know why they asked I'm listed as a man after men, but I think the title makes them curious. "Sorry thought you were a chick" he wrote back and then stopped messaging me but he didn't delete or block me. I looked at his profile, he was 24, Italian and good looking, dark features, worked out but wasn't ripped, kind of a football player build. I couldn't resist so I wrote a message saying "that's ok I understand, if you change your mind it's a gloryhole so you won't even see it's a guy doing it, it's all about your cock and that's all that matters". About an hour later he started messaging me again, I was excited and hoped he would come over but then I thought he was playing me because he asked "can I bring two mates?", I instantly thought this was a lie. I didn't write back straight away but then thought fuck it and sent my address. About an hour later I get a message saying they are out the front, I was actually a little nervous for some reason. I told them to come in the back through the sliding door. I heard some laughter and looked through the hole to see three guys walk in, one was quite big, not fat exactly but not thin either. He had big hands and was very tall, the other was wearing glasses and was tall and slender and hairy, had a beard and hairy arms. They were all wearing t-shirts and jeans. "Where are you?" The main one asked, I directed them to the hole "who goes first?" He asked his mates, the tall slim one with glasses unzipped and approached the hole. A long uncut dick the curved down a little at the head came through the hole fully erect, I admire the view and used my hands to get his balls through the hole, his untrimmed bush was all man. "Come on! What are you doing? Suck my cock!" He said and I did. "Take it all" he said and I took him right down to his balls. He tasted good and had a nice masculine smell about him. I sucked on him none stop and hard for about two minutes when he pulled out, I put my mouth up against the hole and stuck my tongue out "more" I said, suddenly a thicker, not as long but uncut cock rammed down my throat "YES!" I thought to myself. It was the main guy, the one who was talking to me on Skout. "Deep throat that dick faggot!" I heard him say, the other two said something but I couldn't hear it. I took him down to the balls and then he pulled out. The bigger guy then stuck his dick through "oh yeah" I said out loud, "yeah you like our cocks fucker?" He asked, he was uncut to but obviously shaved all his hair off. "I want my head hitting the back of your throat come on" he said and I made sure I did what he asked when he started blowing. I slurped up his cum and swallowed it as he pulled out and the one with glasses stuck his cock back through. With the taste of the others cum still in my mouth and another dick ready to blow filling my throat I was in heaven, "I'm gonna cum" I heard the main guy say, so the dude I was sucking pulled out so the other could deposit a thick spray of cum straight down my gob. I moaned like a bitch. "More" I said after swallowing his load and the guy with glasses stuck his cock back into my mouth just in time to fill it with his fresh sperm. "How was that?" I asked as I swallowed it, they didn't answer they just left giggling amongst one another.
  18. Scavenger Hunt

    "Hey Jordan do you care if we come back to yours?" My friend Sara asked me, "with that guy?" I asked, she was making out earlier with this incredibly hot guy I can't even describe how attractive he was. "Yeah" she answered, "why don't you go back to yours?" I asked because I wanted to get some guys over to the gloryhole, but I didn't tell her that. "My sisters at mine no fucking way" she said, so I agreed. We went back to mine and she went to to the spare bedroom with Rowan and I went to my room. At first I was annoyed because I wanted to have my own fun but when I heard them starting to have sex I remembered that Sara isn't on the pill and that he would be using a condom to fuck her. The sex sounds eventually came to an end and I made my way into the lounge room, Rowan eventually walked out wearing nothing but black briefs. I looked at his muscular hair free body and his bulge and was turned on. "Oh hey man sorry 'bout..." he started to say when I cut him off "don't apologise it's fine" I said. He stood there with one hand behind his back, "do you need a bin?" I asked, "yeah" he said laughing. "In the kitchen" I said, as he walked in I saw it, he was holding a condom that he had even tied up at the top full of his sperm. He put it in the bin and then went back to the spare room. After he walked away I went into the kitchen and retrieved it and then went back to my room. I heard the two of them talking and walking out into the hallway, she eventually knocked on my door and opened it. I put the condom under my blanket, "we are going to take off now, thanks boo" she said, "bye Sara" I said and they left. I pulled the condom out, I was hard as a rock and I started jerking off. I emptied his warm load onto my tongue and started swirling it around in my mouth, it tasted as good as he looked! I blew at the thought of getting to taste or feel his cock inside of me, the taste of his cum making me cum before swallowing it.
  19. The Guard

    My security guard regular obviously had the day off as he arrived through my sliding door in casual clothes, he looked like he had just been to the gym. He walked over to the hole, I took notice of his muscular semi-hairy legs, and I loved watching his hands unzip his fly, although he had no zip this day, he pulled his shorts and underwear down to his ankles and was already erect, hopefully anticipating my sucking him as much as I anticipated sucking him. "Suck" he said firmly his body pressed against the wall, I started licking his balls when he said "I don't have long suck my dick" he said, so I did as he instructed. "Yeah" I heard him say as my mouth got his cock nice and wet. I started deepthroating him and loved the sounds of his moans when his phone started ringing "don't stop sucking" he said and then answered his phone. "What's up? ...yeah I'm just picking up some shit from the bottle shop...probs like 20...yeah I'll see you then...catch ya mate" he said before hanging up. "Fuck!" He said as if holding his pleasure in needed a release "suck! Suck!" He said and I kept sucking. "Here it comes, you ready?" He asked and I moaned, "you ready?" He asked again before warm cum started filling my mouth, he groaned as I drained his nut sack. He pulled his cock out "thanks" he said, before pulling up His shorts and leaving my house.
  20. The Party

    It was one of my friends birthdays and after a busy day at work I had to go home quickly get changed and then arrive at her house ready to party the night away. By the time I got there, there were a few people who had already drunk too much and I needed to catch up. I caught up with some friends I hadn't seen in a while and eventually got to talk to the birthday girl who was stumbling around, it wasn't even 10pm yet. I went out into the backyard because I couldn't find a friend of mine who I thought might be out there. There was a very good looking built guy sitting down having a cigarette, he was wearing a button up blue shirt and some black jeans, he had an excellent body. He was clean shaven but you could tell he was just dressed up for the occasion and probably wouldn't normally dress that way. "Have you seen Julia?" I asked. "No mate, I'm Liam by the way" he said. "I'm Jordan nice to meet you" I said. I went back inside and the night got to a point where most people wanted to go out, but the birthday girl was already passed out in bed. A good portion of the people left the house while a few others stayed behind to keep drinking. "You smoke?" Liam asked me, "very rarely, like next to never" I said, "no one fucking smokes anymore I need a smoking mate" he said laughing. "I'll come outside with you" I said happily. We went outside and he explained how he knew the birthday girl, we were just chatting and he explained he had just split up from his girlfriend because she was trying to get him to propose and things he wasn't ready for or willing to do after only three months of dating. "You have a missus?" He asked, "I'm gay" I responded, "I thought maybe you were didn't wanna assume or be rude you know" he said. "I don't have a problem with gays hey like I'm not a homophobe or nothing" he assured me. "So how come you don't have a boyfriend?" He asked, I explained I wasn't exactly the boyfriend type that I had one a few years back and I had to break up with him because I wanted other men and he wanted us to be exclusive. "You like sampling other meat" Liam said laughing, I laughed to and said that my favourite thing to do was to suck cock. "Is that right?" He asked, "If there was a dick in front of me right now, which I wish there was I would suck it like you wouldn't believe" I said both being honest and also trying to see if I could bag this guy. "Mate I haven't had my dick sucked for months" he said, "didn't your ex?" I asked, "Na she did the whole I'll do it if you want it but I don't want to do it shit, not fun if there not into it" he said. "Your such a strong, hot manly man...you deserve to have your cock sucked" I said. He gave me a weird look and slammed his beer bottle down on the table I thought he was about to rip into me or go off. "Fuck yeah I do" he said. I hesitated for a moment I didn't want to scare him or piss him off but I was so taken with him, then I looked at him as he stood up and my eyes went straight to his fly. I could see a bulge, he wasn't hard but I knew I'd rather get punched in the face and fail then not ask. "I can suck you off" I said. "I'm not gay Jordan" he said, "I know I just, you deserve it, I hate that your the kind of man you are and you haven't been taken care of" I said. "Far out man" he said, "I do really need my dick sucked" he continued. He sat back down and I assume was thinking about it when he drunk the rest of his beer. "We can't do it here and I don't want no one knowing" he said. "No one would know, I respect a man, and I respect cock" I said with a smile. "Where then?" He asked. "The backdoor is shut we would hear anyone coming out, we can just go to the side of the house, no one would ever know" I said. He stood up and started walking over to the side of the house and I followed. We got behind the wall and he leaned up against it and unzipped his jeans as I got down on my knees. "Thank you so much" I said, "you got a lot to be thankful for" he said as I pulled his jeans down a bit and then his briefs and a hard uncut cock flung up to salute. "Fuck yes" I muttered to myself. I started sucking him while using my other hand to grab his balls and gently massage them. I felt his hand cover the back of my head and he slammed me down onto his dick, I was in heaven. Holding my head down on him he started to pump my mouth and I was loving every minute of it. He released me for a second but I just went back down on his cock. He was easily about 7in and thick and I love uncut cock. "You like it?" He asked, "yes" I said focused on making this man cum! "Where you want it?" He asked and I stopped sucking for a moment "I want to swallow it, I want to taste it" I said "good answer always swallow a man's cum" he said as he got close. "You ready for my load, it's gonna be a big one" he said and I moaned a little as he slammed my head back down on his cock and started spraying. I felt his nut hit the back of my throat but I let it go down and kept sucking I managed to get some into the front of my mouth so I could really savour the taste of his cream. He had finished unloading but I kept sucking the feeling of his dick in my mouth with his cum on my tongue was intoxicating. I finally let go and swallowed his load before kissing the head of his cock. "Did you like that? Did it feel good?" I asked. "Yeah lets go before someone comes looking for us" he said. I hope that isn't the last I see of him.
  21. 20ish? Arab Guy

    I was on Skout hoping some straight men would start chatting to me asking if they can come visit the hole. I talked to a few guys that kind of fizzeled into nothing, and some thought I was a woman (even though it clearly states I'm not) and blocked me as soon as they figured out Im a gay man. Eventually this young Arab guy starts talking to me, general chit chat at first and then he writes "I've never had my dick sucked" and I said there's a first time for everything and I'd be honoured to be the first person to pleasure him. He said he has a girlfriend that's strict about not having sex before marriage, I wrote "your 20 you should be having lots of sex, are you a virgin?". He was far too good looking and fit to be a virgin. "No I'm not but I've only had sex once at a party" he said. "Are You hard?" I asked and he said he was and I gave him my address, at first he was hesitant he didn't want to cheat on his girlfriend but I reminded him that it's just a mouth. I waited a little over an hour and he finally arrived, he walked up to the hole. He was wearing a black jacket with a white tee underneath and some skinny leg black jeans with skater shoes. "Hey" he whispered, "hey" I said back. He started unbuttoning his jeans and then unzipped and pulled his jeans down to his ankles, "do I just stick it through?" He asked, "yeah, give me that cock" I asked. He pulled his briefs down to reveal a really big uncut dick that curved to the left. It was beautiful. He put his cock through and I could smell his dick before I got close to it, it smelt amazing. I looked at it, pre-cum was already dripping from his cockhead. "Beautiful" I said, "what?" He asked, "I said your cock is beautiful", "tell me if it tastes good" he said and I smiled before licking and sucking on his balls. His cock flexed and I knew it was only going to take a few sucks to make him cum, he was loaded and ready to go. I wrapped my lips around his knob his pre-cum oozing out as a perfect appatiser, I knew his cum was going to taste incredible. "You taste good" I said, before taking his whole length in my mouth, I could feel him pulsing and he started to moan. A moan that was more of a gentle quiver, I slowly worked my way back up to his head when he suddenly said with volume "I'm cumming! Oh fuck yeah I'm cumming!" And his warm watery sperm started filling up my mouth. I was rock hard it was so hot and so fucking tasty. I collected it all and just kept sucking on his head but he was too sensitive and pulled out. "Oh my god" he said, as I swallowed his cum. "Whenever you need it, message me ok I'll give you my number" I said. He just kept breathing and standing there, I looked at his cock "there's a bit more cum buddy come back" I said, he put his cock back through and I slurped up the remainder. "Thank you" he said before leaving with my number.
  22. Six Loads, One Night

    The other night I had organised for a regular of mine to come over who was in need of some relief. When I got home I jumped on Skout just to see who was online and it was one of those nights where I got a lot of men sending me chat requests, I think 9 all up although I only got back to 5. Before my regular had even arrived I had somehow (thankfully) managed to organise times for guys to come over. THE REGULAR His name is John and I hadn't seen him in quite a while, he messaged me randomly while I was at work asking if I were free. I was excited as it had been a long while. He arrived and it all came back to me, his look, style, smell and how he likes his cock sucked. He's in his early 30's and use be to quite fit although he looked like he's eased up a bit on the gym, he wasn't out of shape just not as buff as I remembered him. "Long time" he said as he unbuttoned his work shirt, "too long" I said. He put his shirt on the floor and walked up to the hole, he liked me to unzip him. I felt him up my hand gently rubbing his erection over his work pants, he's about 7in uncut with a big ball sack. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock. The head of his dick was wet from pre-cum, I wasted no time. I started sucking. "Ahhhh that's it man" he said, I grabbed his balls and held them tight as I worked his length into the back of my throat. "Hold it!" He said and I stuck my tongue out to lick his balls. "Ahhhh fuck yes" I heard him say from the other side. I stopped for a moment "I've missed you" I said before downing his dick again. "Well I might be round more the misses don't suck dick" he said, he must have gotten married? That would explain why I hadn't seen him. "That's it up and down, up and down" he said as I sucked on him. He started to push his whole body against the wall, "you ready I'm close?!" He said, I just sucked harder. "Oh yeah...yeah...oh here it comes! I'm gonna cum!" He said and started flooding the mouth with his hot semen. He fed me a pretty big load and it tasted as good as I remembered, how can his wife not suck his cock?! GAY MATES Later two gay friends turned up at the hole wanting blowjobs. I'm pretty sure one of them was on drugs, but the other was very alert. They were nice looking gay guys, a bit feminine for me and obviously not what I usually like sucking, I like MEN! Straight MEN! But hey, a loads a load and I sucked both of them dry. MR. SILENT Another guy off Skout, not sure about his sexuality, he was very attractive and really tall at least 6 foot. His cock was thick and veiny and average in length but it tasted good. I had not long swallowed the load from the previous two gay guys and this guy was quiet. He made no noise, said nothing the entire time but I really enjoyed his cock. He didn't even make a noise when he blew and talk about a blow and go, he was gone seconds after he cum. PAT "Hey I'm Pat" he said as he walked in, "I'm Jordan" I said, "this is gonna be fun" he said laughing. He was short and kind of scrawny, straight and he said curious to try getting his cock sucked by a gay guy. He had heard gay guys suck cock best and who am I to argue. For a short guy he was packing a hell of a member. I was so turned on by this point I jumped straight into deepthroating his long cock. "FUCK!" He said as I wasted no time, "yeah polish it!" He said, he was at the hole not five minutes before he started blowing. "FUCK!" He said in a long drawn out way, "you gay guys don't mess around" he said. I made sure he was drained before he pulled his cock out and I encouraged him to return. DRESSED LIKE A RAPPER The last guy to arrive was dressed like Eminem, at least that's the first thing that sprung to mind when he walked in. He was Greek or Italian took his shirt off to reveal a nice amount of hair, he obviously worked out and smelt good. His cock was average, cut and his balls were tight. He trimmed his pubes and I got a mouthful of pre-cum early and I couldn't wait to cop his load. "I'm gonna swallow your load" I told him, "good" he said. He told me to stay still so he could fuck my mouth and I let him, and he gave my mouth a good fucking pounding.

    I get a chat request on Skout and all it says is: "Do u swallow?", I check out his profile, he's an attractive stocky guy 21 years old, I responded with "of course". He wasted no time he asked for my address, I gave it to him and he said he was on his way. One of the briefest conversations I've ever had on Skout. I got into my hole and waited on my knees, eventually I get a message saying he's here and asking how he can get in, I told him to come through the back and that the sliding door was open. I know nothing about this guy, I'm excited. He walks in "where are you cocksucker?" He asks, I let him know where I am and he sees the hole and walks over. He was wearing comfy clothes, a button up hoodie, some grey trackie shorts and Nike shoes. He pulls his shorts down revealing he has no underwear on underneath, his cock was semi hard, he was hung! A big cut veiny dick with a somewhat hairy nutsack. He was all man, not into trimming and defiantly not a metrosexual. He stuck his cock through the hole "blow me" he said, "with pleasure" I said and started massaging his balls watching his cock grow. "This will work better for me if you don't speak, I'm not gay" he said, I didn't respond I just put his cock in my mouth and started doing what I do best. "I just came from footy, that's a 100% straight dick you got there" he said and I just kept sucking. He tasted like he had been running around, he smelt good to not dirty but manly. "Oh yeah" he said as I got his entire length in my mouth. "That's how straight guys like it, I bet you like footy boys" he said, and I just kept sucking. He didn't want me to talk so I wasn't going to. I got some pre-cum out of him and moaned, I couldn't help it. "Oh you love my cock can't wait for the prize I bet" he said, and I just moaned as it to say yes. "Like that, keep going like that" he advised me. I heard his hands slam up against the wall, his cock was pulsing and I knew he was close. I deepthroated him before slowly working my way back up to his head while firmly sucking as I did. He started to mumble something, I couldn't make it out but felt that Squirt of nut enter my mouth before he moaned in pleasure. I put my hands back onto his balls and massaged them making sure I had got all his cum. "Stop, stop!" He said and I let his cock go, he had become too sensitive for me to keep sucking. "Thanks for that" he said before pulling his shorts up and leaving. I kept his load in my mouth for a bit enjoying it and playing with my own cock before swallowing it.
  24. Drunk Straighty

    You know when you just need another cock, you need another mouth full of hot creamy cum! I am so grateful for every cock I get. This guy messaged me on Skout saying he had just finished drinking with his mates and was after a good bj. So I invited him over. When he arrived he was a lot more intoxicated then I thought from his messages, he walked in and said "where are you cocksucker?" And I told him to look my way. "You hungry for some cock faggot?" He asked and I said I was badly. Most guys don't undress completely but as I watched him through the hole he took all his clothes off except his shoes. He was stocky, footballer kind of build, really hot! He smelt like cigarettes and beer and he stuck his meat through the hole. Thick and juicy, cut and hard I showed him how thankful I was by worshipping his dick. Fuck he tasted good to, he was oozing pre-cum and had that musky kind of odor. "Suck that dick faggot!" He said and I did, I sucked him passionately. "You like how that dick tastes?" He asked and I just moaned yes. "Good slut, keep sucking" he demanded. I got carried away with this guy I was trying to make myself gag on his cock, getting him nice and wet as I worked for what I wanted. "You want that load faggot?" He asked, I stopped sucking for a moment "YES!" I said loudly before taking his length back down My throat. "Come on!" He said and then louder "come on suck faggot! Suck!" So hot hearing him talk to me like that. "Your about to get what you want" he said, his voice quivering as he started blowing. I rammed my face down on his dick, some of his load running right down the back of my throat, the rest I collected on my tongue. "Fucking slut!" He said before pulling his cock out. "Thanks faggot" he said before leaving. I stayed there for a moment swirling his load around in my mouth, before downing it. Perfect way to end the night.

    "Imsuperior" informed me he was in Sydney and out drinking with some mates of his. Having gone to his house the last time around he was interested in seeing my private gloryhole. While I waited for him I went to a local cruising area but absolutely no one was there. On my way back I thought I'd swing by a parking area where people obviously park and get up to no good. There was a car parked there with some guys inside but I think they were smoking up and not after any kind of action. As I headed back to my house I noticed two used condoms near the parking area. I picked one up and it was full of cum, I picked the other up and it was full to and still warm. I couldn't wait to get home and drink the contents, it had been a while since I had found a used condom. When I got home I sat the condoms on my coffee table and took my clothes off. I was hard as, I sat down and started jerking a bit before picking up the less full condom. I poured the cum onto my tongue and kept jerking as I tasted the load. Tasted good, I love having no idea who was responsible for it. After swallowing that I picked up the condom that was still warm when I found it, now this load tasted good! I made sure I got every drop of semen out of it, and kept it in my mouth for a while as I beat my meat, I didn't want to cum, but I was so turned on. I eventually swallowed that load and then made my way into my gloryhole hoping I would get a message from Imsuperior soon. I had a long, long wait! Just before midnight I got a message from Imsuperior saying he was on his way. He walked in and wasted no time in walking straight up to the hole. "So this is where you feed is it slut?" He asked and I said "Yes!". "How bad do you want my cock? Huh!? Beg for it faggot! BEG!" He said/demanded. I begged, I sounded pathetic and he liked it. He was wearing jeans, vans and a plain black tee. He unzipped his perfect cock and stuck it through. "There you go faggot! Eat up!" He said and I started servicing his cock. "This is more then you deserve isn't it slut?" He asked but I just kept sucking, I stopped for a moment to catch my breath. "Did I say stop? SUCK!" He demanded and I got straight back on his length. I sucked on him for about 15 minutes as he told me what a slut I was until he finally filled my mouth with a fresh load. "Show me that cum in your mouth" he asked and I stuck my mouth out the hole to show him before swallowing. He then told me that next time he may bring some more guys with him, which I'm obviously very excited about.

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