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Found 29 results

  1. ExtremeCumHole visit in January 2018 NYC for a week in a cheap hotel, you will fuck me bare and bbreed my hole?!
  2. i love sperm

    je suce et avale le sperme et j'aime ça beaucoup!!!.. j'adors ça même je pourrais dire Moderator's Note: Translation (via Google) I suck and swallow sperm, and I like it very much. I love it even more than I can say.
  3. Hi guys and trannies. Well I love to wear black pvc outfits and have kinky sex. Looking for hard big cocks to make me moan and yelp as they ram my tight hole with out mercy. Filling me with lovely slimey sperm. Just love having sperm swimming around inside me. Any one can take me will not refuse any cock offer including toxic poz ones. I'm here to be used and abused and filled with spunk. Get in touch if you want a easy sissy bitch to screw x
  4. Anyone have tips on increasing the amount of load you deposit and drop (other than not jacking off and cumming for a couple of days). I didn't know if there are any vitamins or foods that do this automatically.
  5. Any advice?

    So, i'll introduce myself, im new here. Im a 19 year old living on the south coast of the UK. I currently identify as a gay man but recently have been very turned on by the idea of impregnating another mans wife or atleast cumming inside the wife. Im an experienced gay breeder even if i am young, all the sex i've had is BB and i have a personal no pulling out rule, if im inside, im cumming inside. As i said before, this raw animalistic side of me has recently turned to pussy, and i want to try it. I joined a swingers webside and have been offered to act as a natural sperm doner to a couple. My question is, should i do it? Has anyone here got any advice? Or maybe personal experience? Thanks for any replys, and Happy new year! And Happy Breeding!
  6. Great tops make for great sluts

    I have been plenty of blogs and posts on rules for this and that in relation to being a good bottom. I have long believed it always takes that special top, one who likes slutting out his boys, one who likes to control a bottom both sexually and mentally, to create bottoms that not only embrace their inner slut and enjoy it totally, but crave cock and cum forever after they have been taken on the descent to where every sensation in their body is connected to their holes. In my own case, I always felt like I wanted to be a whore, imagined it, but was actually a very vanilla fuck and a bit prissy with it until I met Steve. He recognized my inner slut immediately and relished taking total control of my pathway to slutdom and conversion. Each week the rules got broader and stricter at the same time. From one on one sex we went to threesomes, moresomes, then gangbangs, from negative to positive the conversion was seamless as he had total control of me by the time he arranged my conversion party and I was looking forward to it. The rules for a bottom were strict - but they also took care of every sexual desire you had and you became immersed in a world of cock and cum, a world that you would never escape from long after the relationship with Steve had finished. His rules and beliefs were simple. 1. A bottom should never reject stiff cock or cum off any top. 2. He would pick all of the tops to fuck me and totally supervise my sex life. 3. I was never allowed to play with myself during sex with other men. I recall once I started to masturbate while a top was fucking me and he went ballistic. So he took to tying me to the cross before group sessions and putting on a leather glove, making me cum and using it as lube for the first cock to fuck me. 4. I was always butt plugged after sex sessions to keep seed in me at his pleasure. He loved using other men's seeds to fuck me on what he called "the silk trail." 5. I had to clean every top's cock and balls after a fuck until they pulled their cocks away. 6. I was to get fucked in whatever position the top wanted. 7. I was often blindfolded in group sessions so I got totally used to getting off on cock and seed, not the aesthetics 8. I was to keep myself in order to be fucked all the time - a stringent personal hygiene regime - as in many instances I was onlt given 15 or 20 minutes notice that he had invited a top or tops over the fuck me. 9. I was never to ask a top to hurry up and cum. 10. I was taught to enjoy the slut I had become. Those rules made my descent so much easier - I may well have found my way there myself - but I would have missed out on an awful lot of beautiful cock and creamy seed as a result as I would have taken a lot longer to reach the point of no inhibition.
  7. I was in Chicago recently on business and decided to visit one of the downtown Adult Bookstores. My oh my was that placing hopping in a steady kind of way. All America-ville and hot delicious black man-ville collided here, which for me was a sweet treat. I sucked off about 9 guys in total, swallowing each and every one of them - mostly married guys, midwest dudes who were hung and eager to unload sperm into a hungry throat. By the tenth guy, my ass was just craving it. I wanted to feel my walls get stretched and opened up by the thick chocolate monster I was suckling. So I lubed him, stood up and ever so slowly backed up onto his big purple monster. It must have been 9" long and 6" thick. It felt like pure heaven. He was breathing heavily from what I could hear and I knew it wouldn't take much to load his DNA into my guts. I was eager for it. I slid back and forth so slowly - he just stayed still. It was heavenly. I kept going, the pain and pleasure were in equal parts. I heard him whimper and groan and I knew it was time to pull off or shut up and take that load. I decided to take the risk and before I'd even finished making the decision he was pumping in me - his head was expanding and shooting his warm semen deep into me. I stayed on him, stayed on his softening dick until he slipped out. I clenched my ass to keep him in me. He remained in me on my flight home. He looked healthy enough, but we never know.....it was so worth it. I'm now BBC whore.
  8. I've always been a tentative bottom, to put it mildly, but I've always had an obsession with sperm. I love sperm so much that I actually crave it sometimes and insist on sucking my man to cumpletion just to get some of his delicious nectar in my body. It's as though my bodily physically needs it. Well, it seems my ass is starting to crave it too. I'm going to use this blog to take you on a journey, my journey, as I begin the process of exploring bareback sex. I get so turned on by the thought of it that I'm sitting here stroking my hard dick periodically as I try to make this blog entry. So far I've been bred by 3 different guys - one is my man, one is a trick that I've fucked around off and on with for the past 10 years and the other is young hot Mexican jock who's loaded me up 3 times. All 3 were safe bets. The regular trick was hot - I felt him flood my insides and I left his place with him inside me. I went to bed that night, knowing he was absorbing into my walls and I jerked off remembering the feeling of his head exploding deep in my guts. For days afterwards I'd be driving around, going to work, or doing errands and I'd see studs that I'd want to open my legs for. I'd literally want to pull over and have them fuck me - of course, there's just no way, but that 's how hot and hungry I was for it. He had awakened something in me that I just couldn't control; something so overwhelming that I don't know where it's going to end, or how it will end. The young Mexican jock was just sexy as fuck, with a super thick dick that I'd suck off regularly at my gloryhole. I always swallowed his 20-something sperm and loved every drop of it. One night I asked him if he'd consider fucking me, but raw. He was down, so down. It took us a while to get to it, but finally one evening he came over to my place. I undressed him, sucked him (he was already stiff as granite) then sat him down, albolened his dick and slowly sank onto it. I told him how much I'd wanted this, how much it meant to me that his hot Latin sperm was gonna be filling me up and how badly I needed it . The dirty talk was doing it's job and he unleashed his baby batter deep inside my walls. I stayed perched on him while he jerked me off until I came on his young hairy flat belly. He scooped up my cum and put it into my mouth, telling me swallow - which I did. Finally his dick softened and slipped out of me...his load stayed deep in me, I wasn't ever gonna let those babies go. That was the first time he bred me and it was awesome. SO, I'm ready to take more seed. Anonymous for sure - I'd love to have married neglected dudes knock me up, but they're cautious for obvious reasons. Any ideas you guys have please share with me - I'd love to hear your ideas about how I should proceed.
  9. Spunked In An Unusual Place?

    So what unusual places do you like to shoot your load on/over/in/under/near (nothing to do with another guy) For example; if I'm in a hotel alone (can't find a hook-up or don't have time for one), I like spunking on stuff like the mouth piece of the phone, or inside the bible in the drawer. Anyone done/does something similar? Perhaps spunks into a colleagues food or drink? etc
  10. What Do You Call A Top Whore?

    I'm a bareback TOP who needs to fuck and seed ass constantly. If I were a bareback bottom needing endless loads, I would be a whore. If there a different name for a bareback top? or are we all just whores?
  11. Bareback.com

    Who else thinks bareback.com is awesome The original & best website. Love to hear your comments from other members please.
  12. Hi BBreeder, The very well-known European MUSCLE-GUY EXTREMECUMHOLE is in May 2016 the first time in Montreal to do what he is really born for: to get fucked and get MASSIVE loaded with cum over and over a whole week * *** NO refusing of ANY raw dick! ***** My insatiable hole will be ready EVERY DAY my hotel, close to the village, anytime for ANY guys who want to fuck and unload in my ass (absolutely NO pulling out!!!) **** Any (legal) ages, bodytypes, races accepted but only guys who wanna fuck and fill my cum addicted muscle-butt, no other bottoms!!! BLACKS and LATINS ARE MORE THEN JUST WELCOME!!! **** Not into parTy but alcohol and Poppers are great**** Take the chance and add your DNA into this Muscle-Ass too/again!!
  13. My First Experiences

    I dont get to talk about it because it is frowned upon but I love to share my first experiences when i was a little boy. I know it is not for everyone but I personally never felt more loved and cared for than when i was a young boy and sometimes girl hehe, starting out.
  14. My Swim Meet

    I've talked about my Daddy, Michael, who I met on craigslist some time ago. We've seen each other as much as possible, and almost every time he asked when he could come to one of my swim meets. I've always been too scared to suggest a specific date, because in doing so I would be crossing a line, as my parents always attend the swim meets, but finally I asked him come. So that Monday he sat all of ten feet away from my parents. I was so scared and so turned on at the same time. After the meet, I met my parents and Michael was standing in the hall. He came up to me and my parents and said "Good job, Jamie," and then he introduced himself to my parents, saying his son Tommy was a wrestler and he was waiting to pick him up. We said our goodbyes and my parents walked to their car, but I went with Michael, saying I would catch a ride home with Michael and Tommy. Michael's car was parked fairly close to that of my parents and I was still quite nervous, even red, not with anger, but with anxiety. When we arrived at his car I punched Michael on the arm saying "You almost gave me a heart attack." "Oh, what did you think I was going to tell them? That I'm Michael and I breed your son on a weekly basis," he replied. Once I calmed down I decided it had been a huge turn on. Now he knew my parents. "Let's go get a room so I can send you home to them with my load inside of your hole." We ended-up going to a sleazy motel and, as promised, he filled me with his cum, and then he dropped me off at my parents' house, so that night, as I sat at the dining room table having dinner with my parents, Michael's cum was dripping out of my ass.
  15. I Am Totally Addicted

    First off. I am so thankful I found this place. I thought i was the only one. I've been a bottom since a very young age. I love the thought of a man feeling me from the inside. making love to me, fucking me, whatever you want to call it. My main mode of meeting men was usually craigslist. I always posted looking for daddies looking for a son or looking for a twink. I have always been very small and petite and when i started meeting men, so many of them even wanted me to dress for them or be as feminine as possible. I liked this very much. When I first started meeting guys, I obviously couldn't host and taking the bus or train or occasionally driving to their place was nerve racking, intense, exhilarating and stressful. I had no idea what was going to happen once i entered that door. Although at first, there were a lot of back and forth discussions on what they were looking for and for the most part, most of the guys were extremely sweet to me because they knew i was young and nervous. Do you have condoms and lube was usually my go to questions. Of course one of my biggest fears besides being murdered was to get and std or HIV. I would usually show up and they were perfect gentlemen and horny and loving my body. so the kissing began and the fore play and then came the sex. almost all of them couldn't wait to get deep inside of me and i had to be the bearer of bad news and sometimes even break the rhythm by making them put on a condom. In the heat of the moment, I almost wouldn't say anything but my brain took over and I made them wrap it up. That was until I met Michael. Michael is a 44 year old real estate salesman. We met on craigslist and he was an awesome guy. First we met in public and he was very affectionate, caring and attentive. It wasn't long before we were in his car and i was blowing him (our first meeting we didn't have a lot of time) He had the biggest cock I had ever seen in real life and his load was huge. We exchanged phone numbers and not even an hour later, we were texting each other. Both of us couldn't wait to see each other again. The only problem was that he was a married man. The good thing was that he had multiple houses that we could go to that were for sale and the owners had already moved so we had free reign of the houses. Some were huge homes with pools that we would spend all day at and others were cute little apartments. He was so big that I was having a really hard time taking him inside of me. So one night, it was the first time I had been to his real house where his wife and kids lived. They were gone for 10 days. I came over, he had dinner made and we drank champagne and he even bought me a cute little girly outfit. when we moved to the living room, we were kissing and i couldn't keep my hands off of him and he couldn't off of me. I went to my knees and my daddies beautiful cock was throbbing for me. He knelled down and looked at me and held up a brown bottle. He said, these are poppers and they are going to help us make love tonight. He showed me how they worked and then he held them to my nose. He closed one nostril and told me to inhale. Then he held the other nostril and told me to inhale. my body turned warm and all i wanted to do was swallow his entire cock. it made me an amazing cocksucker because he kept stopping me to kiss so he didn't cum. I was hooked. I wanted more. He picked me up and carried me to him and his wife's bed. He laid me down on my back and started and my toes and worked up my legs and sucked me for a little bit. then kissed up my tummy and over my nipples and my collar bone then to my ear and he told me he wanted to get me pregnant. at this point i would have let him shoot heroin between my toes if he asked. so he went back don and lifted my legs up and my hole was wide open for him and he ate me out. then he but my legs back down and scooted his legs closer and to open me up. he lubed himself up and positioned the head of his cock right over my boy pussy. then he open the brown bottle and did the same as before, one nostril then the other. he wrapped his arms around me and was looking into my eyes and whispering to me. i love you jamie, each word i could feel more and more pressure. another hit of poppers and his head was in, kissing me deeply in and out telling me how good i felt. I loved the thought of this man inside of me. I love the thought we were in his wifes bed and i loved when he told me he wanted to get me pregant. i opened even wider. i felt so dirty and i loved it. his balls were slapping my cheeks and i was begiing for him to fill me. he pumped harder and harder, veins in his head and he looked into my eyes and said, im cummmmmming baby. he pulsated inside of me for 10 minutes as our sweaty bodies remained ambraced. I fell in love with this man because he barebacked me. his dna was inside of me. i was hooked. over the next few days we made love in every room of his house and even on his deck. this led me down the path of meeting men, acting so sweet and innocent and asking if they had lube and condoms but once poppers were introduced or other chems, i was going to be open for them. I had turned into a bareback slut. I couldnt get enough. i loved to play the game where the guy even begged and pleaded that he was clean. there were the other times when i was stealthed and even though i knew what he did and i wanted it, i acted like i didnt. those guys i didnt see again because they were liars, they just didnt know i knew. well, there were a couple i saw again because they had good chems. Im still neg at this point and its not that i dont worry about getting std's. its just that i lose control when the sexual situation occurs. Am I a bad person
  16. for the last week or so i have been shooting my loads into a bottle and saving it up for later use. I had been filling up an old poppers bottle i had washed out, and just last night i finally filled it all the way up, so i had about 30 ml of my saved up jizz. Last night i decided to squirt the cum up in my sissy hole while playing with my dildos last night, and it was amazing! the feeling of being loaded up with all that cum made me so hot and horny i pounded my ass till it was sore afterwards i sucked my toys clean to get all the tasty cum from my boipussy, and i loved every minute of it! anyway, it got me thinking about wanting guys to send me bottles of their cum, and i can make videos of myself all dressed like a slut and fucking myself with your cum in my hole it would be so hot to get bottles of hot seed from all you studs out there who would love to see it dripping from my well fucked cunt, so if you think you might be intersted, give me a message asap and we can work something out
  17. Hello Breeders, after the great success the last time it`s time to start my next Breeding Session this weekend in Berlin again. You really love/need a willing cumhole just to fuck and breed with your hot load?! Pump and dump? You love to fuck a already cumfilled ass and shoot also a big load deep inside?! THEN I`M YOUR MAN!! When: Saturday,October 4th, 2014 Time: 8 pm up approx. 6 am Where: Apollo-Splash-Club, Cabin #200! I will will take ANY raw dicks and ANY loads by any (legal) ages, bodytypes, races acceptied but only guys who wanna fuck and fill my cum addicted arse, no other bottoms (except they want unload his balls in me) !!! Don't ask for permission, just use and breed my hole!!!! Take the chance and add your DNA into this ExtremeCumHole too!!! ATTENTION!!! ABSOLUTE NO CONDOMS ALLOWED!!!!
  18. So I'm a cumdump, and I love taking loads, but I hate having to hold off on sex while waiting for STD results and then waiting even longer if I have to get treated for anything. It usually results in me having to take 2+ weeks off from sex every three months, which puts a major dent in my load count. So I'm wondering, do other guys abstain from sex while waiting for STD results and getting treated, or do you just keep on fucking and taking loads anyway.
  19. Hi Bottom's, During getting bred, and I mean the specific moment (seconds) when the top is shooting al the cum in your ass. The seconds that your body is filled with hot sticky sperm. What are your thoughts, feelings or fantasies at that specific moment? What's on your mind then? ​Please let me know...
  20. The well known and well breeded European ExtremeCumHole is at the IML 2014 again to do what he is born for and can do best: Get fucked and filled with hot sperm over and over the whole weekend by a wide range of men!!! There's nothing changed: Absolutely NO refusing of ANY raw dicks! My insatiable arse will be ready daily from Thurday to Sunday at the IML host-hotel anytime for really ANY guys who want to fuck and unload in my ass (no pulling out!!!). Any (legal) ages, bodytypes, races acceptied but only guys who wanna fuck and fill my cum addicted arse, no other bottoms except if there want unload by themselves!!! Blacks and Latins are more then just welcome!!! Theres still the 200 anal load target and I really hope YOU WILL HELP to break my record this year !!! Drug free and not into PNP or anything other than alcohol. Poppers are great. Take the chance and add your DNA deep into ExtremeCumHole guts too/again and break my record!!
  21. just on my way to work

    Just on my way to work this morning I stopped ad a parking place near the highway. I like to have sex when other can see me having sex. There is a little grove by it and I went there waiting for some action. There was soon coming a other car, a beautiful a little to heavy guy came out looking around and spot my. He came over and before I now he was giving me a blowjob. When he was busy with my dick I pull down his trousers and start playing with my fingers in his big ass. By the way I like man with a big ass, find it very, very sexy and get always horny of it. In the meantime there was a trucker stopped and he was waiting use for sometime and then came out of his truck and came to us. The guy how was giving me a blowjob turn around, that's was a invitation to put my dick in that horny ass. So I did what he was waiting for and I pull my dick in his ass. And he knows how to make me and the the trucker even more horny then we already where! He turned over again to gif my again a a blowjob when the trucker was putting in his dick in his ass. After a few minutes the trucker came growling ready in his ass, he turn around again and start licking the truckers dick and thanking him for that load. I was so horny that I put my dick in that fresh filled ass and start fucking him also. It's feels so horny to fuck in fresh seed that I came faster then I wanted it. The horny guy thanks use booth and he was wanking his dick, so then I sucked him good so he came in my mouth. I love to fuck but I also like to get as many as possible sperm in my mouth. As closer part we have snowball one a other!
  22. I will be arriving at Chariots Vauxhall Sauna from 8:00PM and will be serving cocks bent over in the darkroom or in a dimly lit cabin, possibly the ones in mirrors, my arse up in the air doggie style and open for spunk. Feeling my wet hole, step in, close the door, mount me and pound until your balls are emptied up my fuckhole then let the next guy use the cumdump. Will be there overnight.
  23. Hungry in Phila
  24. Gangbang and breeding in central west (Schoeneberg) at 6 pm (till 8 pm). Filling one shaved hole - only 4 horny cumfuckers to deposit their spunk deep inside. = Bottom in chaps for sex without strings. = You can stay for giving your next load in the filled hole - or go. See party add at BarbebackRT (BBBerlin) or write: barebums@gmx.de Next: Friday, Sept 8th - 6pm - 8pm It´s the FOLSOM weekend in BERLIN.

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