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Guest PigTonight

Fist Fest

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Guest PigTonight

Fist Fest is coming up April 19-21 in August, GA


Anyone going?  This will be my first time attending

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      I’m going to tell you the true story how i met one of my hottest sex-buddies. A few friends of mine told me about a hot young guy they met at a party. They said that he started very young with bare sex, got pozzed at 18, and did some bare porn when he was just 19. They send me the link to one of his porn vids, and i saw a blond young guy with a slim tattooed and pierced body fucking an older guy with a huge 10 inch cock. He was so fucking hot that i shot a huge load without touching myself. A year later i was looking for hot baresex on chems on Grindr when i got a message:
      “Hi! Also into Kinky? Assplay? FF?”
      I replied by telling him that i was into kinky and that i was experienced with assplay & FF. I was 18 when i started and that i had a huge collection with huge dildo’s and buttplugs. He answered me with:
      “FUCKING HOT! You also slam? T?”
      I told him that i have done it a few times and that i would love to do it with him.
      “ParTy now?! I’m at the trainstation. Can you pick me up?”
      He also send me some pictures. I regonized him immediately as that hot blond from the porn video. My cock nearly exploded. I told him i could be there in 10 minutes. I jumped in my car and raced to the station. I saw him sitting on a bench. I pulled up. He saw me, walked over and got into my car. He didn’t say much. When we arrived at my house he put his stuff in the corner and started to strip, i followed his lead. He put a bag on my counter and asked “Do you have a playroom?”. “Yes! It’s ready and waiting” i replied. He didn’t want to waist any time and said “I always start with a T slam… I love being raunchy!”. He began to prepare two syringes. Took two straps and handed me one. We tied off our arm. We both to a syringe and found a vein in our arm. “Let’s do it together” he said. I nodded and we pushed the content inside our bloodstream. With one hand he released my stap en with the other his. We couched together. The T spread thru our bodies. I saw his eyes change. I grab his arm and headed to the playroom. Raunchy bare porn was playing on the TV. He told me to lay on the bed on my back with my head hanging over the edge. He hung his semi hard cock in front of my mouth. I took his cock in my mouth and started to suck. His cock started to grow and he started to push his cock deep inside. He slowly started to face fuck me jamming his cock deeper with every thrust. I started to gag and gasp and try to move aways. He wrapped his hands around my throat and started to fuck my throat harder. I started to gag as he fuck my throat deeper. My gagging made him horny because i could feel his cock grow and getting harder inside my throat. He pulled out enough so i could gasp some air before sliding it back in ball deep. His cock gets covered with a thick layer of spit. He pulled out and asked me for lube. I handed him a big syringe with lube. He shot some up his ass and asked me to do the same. He walked over to my toys and grab two similar big dildo’s and placed them on the floor and begins rubbing lube on them. “The one that slides over it first decides what to do next!” he said and gets on his knees and positions his ass against the head. I quickly do the same. We both begin to push down. I take deep breaths as my ass begins to slowly open up. I grab a bottle of poppers. I open it and hold it under his nose. He closes up on side of his nose and take 5 deep breaths. Then i take some deep hits my self. I can see how he starts to slide over the head of the dildo. My ass is giving way and with a plop the head enters. A few seconds he follows. We slowly begin sliding the dildo deeper inside. He says “You not going to win”. I one move the last 5 inches slide inside of him as he grunts. I lost but i show him that my ass also can take the whole length. He grabs my nipples and start twisting. I do the same and we both begin to grunt deep. “You won so what do you want to do next?” I ask  him. “Breed my ass and then fist your cum deep in me!” he replies. He stands up and with one hand he keeps the dildo inside while he moves over to the sling. I do the same and I put on the rubber short. The rubber short prevents the dildo from sliding out of my ass. i open the zipper in the front to free my rock hard dick. I grab the dildo in his ass and i slowly pull it out. His ass stays open and i start to slide my 7.8inch cock in. It feels moist and warm. He starts to beg“Yeah fuck me. Breed me. I want to feel it inside”. I tell him that the harder he plays with my nipples, the harder i will fuck. He grabs my nipples and start twisting and pinching them. I begin grunting as he starts to twist harder. I begin to pound his ass and after 10 minutes i feel that the pressure begins to build. I put my hands around his throat and begin to choke him slowly. The lack of oxygen makes his body quiver. The look in his eyes changes to total submission and begs me to cum. I release my grip and he start to gasp for air. The deep breath tightens up his ass which triggers a explosion of cum. Thick streams of cum begin filling his ass. This raunchy boy made me cum so hard. I pulled out grabbed my cock and pushed it back in. He moaned while i slide inside. I start to jerk out the last drops of cum inside before pulling out. Then i started to fist the cum deep inside his ass. With every stroke i slide deeper until i was elbow deep. I pulled out and made a fist and rammed it back in. I started to punch fuck his ass. Every time i pulled out his ass became more open. After 10 minutes he asked for a break. “Let’s prepare another slam before it’s your turn” he said. I smiles and answered “You can do with my ass what you want!”. “Can you handle double?” he asked. I nodded as we walk to the kitchen.
    • By bumbtch
      My first experience was me fisting myself. Was 18 at the time. It was very late (about 3:30am) and everyone (my family) was asleep. I was so horny so I had gotten out of and got a cucumber out of the fridge and some Vaseline. I went back in my bed, got naked and used the cucumber for about half an hour.
      I wasn't satisfied so I went back to the fridge and got two more cucumbers. After another half hour I had three cucumbers in my ass at the same time. I was so horny by now I got out of bed again and went to the kitchen.(The cucumbers still in my ass) I lay on my back on the floor and pushed the cucumbers deeper into my ass.
      At one point the cucumbers went a bit too deep. They got a little stuck but that made me hornier so I went to get another cucumber. I pushed the fourth one in easily. The fourth cucumber pushed one of the other cucumbers even deeper.
      Then I said that that's enough. Because I didn't want to end up in hospital with cucumbers stuck in my ass. So I squatted in the kitchen and tried farting them out. But they were stuck.
      I got a little scared. So I tried putting my fingers in to get them out. I managed to get two out. And farted out the other two. 
      My hole was so loose by then. So I fingered myself. I kept putting more fingers in. Finally I had my whole hand in.
      I felt so good about myself. After fisting myself for a good twenty minutes I came hands free. I was still a little horny so I collected my piss in a bowl and drank it. And I ate the cucumbers. I fisted myself for another twenty minutes and came again.
      After that I went back to my room and got in bed because it was morning and I didn't want to get caught by my family.
    • By Kinkypig45
      Im looking for Tops who enjoy Fisting. I am in East Pasco. And i am a submissive fisting bottom. Experienced is preferred but i am willing to teach. If i can teach a drunk 30 year-old how to work my hole at 4 a.m. on the trails at sawmill in pitch black of night im sure i can teach just about anyone. Let me know if your interested and lets setup a play time. 
    • By workmyhole
      I had spent Christmas Day enjoying family and doing lots of cooking, but the day after, I need to take care of some primal needs -- getting fucked.  As I was searching the usual sites, a leather daddy that I have played with several times popped on; after the usual comments about the holidays, he made the comment, "I always like seeing you get naked."  I didn't need any more encouragement, and told him I'm horny and ready to play.  Once we figured out a good time to meet up, I headed out the door.
      When I arrived, he said, that another guy he had been chatting with also showed up, and asked if I was up for a three-way.  Never to turn down a three-way, I said sure.  We immediately got into some piggy play.  The leather daddy started to fuck me , while the other guy swallowed my cock.  All of a sudden leather daddy slipped a dildo and his raw cock into my hole; man it felt so good.
      The tree of us continued to play and switch off -- sucking, fucking, rimming and kissing.
      Leather daddy told me to get in the sling, and started applying elbow grease to my hole -- inserting his greased fingers.  Telling me to take a deep hit on my poppers, he started to push his fist into my hole.  At first it was a little tight, but then he said, take a another deep hit, and after doing so, his paw pushed its way into my hole.  He immediately started to pull out and began punch fisting my hole. My ass lips got swollen as he continued to punch my hole -- it felt so fucking hot.  Not to be left out, our play partner started to kiss me and moved to the front my of the sling -- rimming my hole and then fucking my freshly wrecked hole.  As he was fucking me, he said I bet you'd love to get DP'd and immediately flooded my hole with his cum.
      As the three of us rested on the bed, the leather daddy started to chew on my nips, which got my cock hard again, and our play partner swallowed my cock, giving me the most incredible blow job; edging me repeatedly until I shot my load in his mouth which he immediately shared with the both of us.
      Today was definitely a great holiday treat.
      PART ONE
      My name is David and I’m an athletic 20 y/o straight guy. Correction: I thought I was!!! I used to spend my weekends hanging out with my girlfriend, but now I spend them lying in a sling getting gangbanged and getting my as filled up with loads of cum. I knew my GF since I was 9 y/o and I thought that I was in love with her, so I didn’t explore my sexuality. In one night I was converted all thanks to some white crystals.
      It all started a few months ago when my GF and I broke up because she was fucking another guy. To be honest… I felt relieved. Finally I could also spend time with my friends in the weekends. Not that I hardly see them; 7 years ago we started a Parkour (free-running) team after we saw some YouTube vids about it, so you could find us after classes or work at the park or by the abandoned parking garage practicing our moves and jumps. My best friend is Brian, he’s 18 y/o (nearly 19) and coincidently also the younger brother of my ex GF. Brian was a bit different than the rest. When he became 16 he started in the weekends by staying out all night, no one knew where he was. His parents grounded him but without any effect; he just sneaked out when he had the change. He always came home after a few days, so after a while his parents gave up. Around the same I also saw that he had a few tattoos on his body.
      My first weekend as a free man was coming up so I asked Brian if he wanted to hang out. He told me that his parents weren’t home that weekend so we could do whatever we liked. So later that evening I went over to Brian’s house. Brian opened the door shirtless. I could see that he had a lot more tattoos on his toned body than when I saw them for the first time. ‘Is your sis also home?’, I asked. ‘She’s out and probably won’t come home tonight. So don’t worry!’ he replied.
      We watched a movie, but I was keeping an eye on the door; I didn’t want to see her cheating face. ‘Dude, relax! Be glad that you’re a free man. Time to start living!’, said Brian. ‘You’re right! But I’m not as laid back as you!’, I replied. He asked ‘Wanna smoke some weed?’. ‘No! I tried that once and became ill’, I answered. ‘In that case… I have something else that doesn’t make you ill… and it will also help you relax’, Brian said. I wanted to say ‘No’ but Brian interrupted me: ‘What did I just said… live a bit!’. ‘Trust me!’, he added. I smiled and nodded. He came back with a burner and a glass pipe with a bowl on the end. He got a bag with a small amount of white crystals and he loaded the contents of the bag in the bowl. The he heated the bowl with the burner and took a deep hit. After 10 seconds he exhaled and said ‘Up for it?’. I nodded. Brian heated the bowl and placed the pipe at my mouth. I followed his instructions and inhaled deep and kept it in for about 10 seconds. ‘You have to take 4 more hits’ Brian said. After the fourth I could feel my body relax. I gave the pipe back to Brian and he also took 5 deep hits. A warm glow went thru my body. ‘When the heat gets to much it’s best to take of your shirt!’ Brian said. ‘Isn’t necessary I think!’, I replied. But a few minutes later I took my shirt off. ‘Shall I switch the movie to some porn?’, Brian asked. ‘Sounds good’, I replied. I felt horny as hell and started rubbing my cock thru my shorts. I saw that Brian got the pipe and took some hits, he than he handed over the pipe and I also took some hits.
      Brian pulled down his shorts and started to stroke his cock. ‘You don’t mind, do you?!’ he asked. I replied by doing the same. It wasn’t hard to miss that Brian’s cock was larger than my 8 inches. ‘Damn! I knew that my cock was large but yours is even bigger!’, I said. ’Just under 10 inches’, he replied.
      After stroking our own cocks for 20 minutes I asked for another hit. Brian replied: ‘Sorry dude, we used up the small amount I had!’. ‘Too bad! I made me feel so hot and submissive!’, I replied. ‘We can get some more!’, he said. I looked at Brian. He continued: ‘Friends of mine always have enough, so we can pick up some there. It’s only a 10 minute drive when we take your car’. ‘Don’t they mind?’, I asked. ‘No they won’t… so let’s go… the quicker we go, the quicker we’re back!’, Brian said. So I grabbed my car keys and we drove to Brian’s friends. We arrived at an apartment building. We walked inside, the doorman and Brian greeted each other. When we stepped in to the elevator Brian typed a code on the keypad and pressed the button for the penthouse floor. When we stepped out of the elevator we enter a hallway. At the end we came in a huge living room.  Brian cut across towards an other hall, I followed him. We came at a door and I could here loud music and muffled voices coming from behind it. ‘Wait here!’, Brian said. He entered the room, but forgot to fully close the door. I heard moaning and other strange noises. I started to get curious and pushed the door a bit more open so I could see what was happening. I saw naked men fucking and sucking other men. I saw a young guy (18-19 y/o) laying in a sling with his wristed tied behind his back. A black guy with a huge cock walked towards the guy. He rubbed some spit on his cock and started to enter that small white ass. When young guy started to moan louder the black guy took the boys nipples between his fingers and started to pinch and pull them. The moans got louder and louder as the black cock sank deeper and deeper until his cock was fully inside the moaning guy.
      At that same moment the door opened and Brian and another guy stood in front of me. ‘Are you enjoying the view?’, he said. I stuttered while trying to say ‘No’. ‘Dude your dick is telling us a different story’, said the guy besides Brian. I looked down and saw that my cock was pitching a tent in my shorts and there was also a wet stain where my dick oozed pre-cum. ‘Don’t feel ashamed for liking what you see. I’m not ashamed for it either.”, said Brian. ‘Know you know what I was doing in the weekends’, he said laughing. ‘Come in… no one will bite you!’, said the other guy. I walked in and saw that the other guy was Brians older brother Chris. Chris is 25 y/o and his ripped body is covered in tattoos. His nipples are pierced and he has a huge cock with a PA piercing.
      Brian hands me a pipe. To calm my nerves I take several deep hits. When I give the pipe back to him I see that Brian already took of his clothes. ‘There’s only one of us overdressed’, Brian said while pulling down my shorts. Chris pulls up my shirt over my head. Brian stands in front of me and looks me deep in my eyes. His hand starts to stroke my hard cock. I become mesmerized. Our faces come closer, our lips touch and we start to kiss. I never felt like this before and I don’t want it to end. He did a step back and said: ‘You said that the Tina makes you horny and submissive. Are you willing to open yourself for new feelings and ideas? Are you willing to give yourself to me and to do whatever I say no questions asked? Do you thrust me?’. ‘YES, YES, YES’ I answered unknowing what to come. ‘Drink this’, Brian said. ‘What is it’. I asked. ‘It’s something called G… it’s to relax you… After this no questions anymore, remember?!’, Brian said. I nodded. I went to sit down and saw how the black guy was pounding the young guy in the sling harder and harder. With a loud roar he rammed his cock as deep as he could and started to shake. ‘That’s Devon and his loads are huge… Go and take a closer look!”, says Chris. I walk towards the sling and see how Devon pulls out his cock. The asshole of the young guy stays open and pulsates while slowly a stream of cum start to ooze out.
      ‘Your cock likes it… why don’t you put yours in so you can feel how a sloppy cum hole feels?’, says Devon. I move towards the ass and slide my cock inside. The feeling is incredible and not to explain. Brain takes place behind me, his hand goes around my waist and slides besides my cock in the ass. When it’s inside it wraps around my cock and begins to stroke my cock. The feeling of being jerked off inside some ones ass is mind-blowing. The bottom and I start moan in sync. Brian start to jerk harder and faster. I feel my cock swell up inside and with a loud roar I shoot my first load in a boys ass. Brian and I pull out and kiss. Then Brian takes my hand and leads me to the bathroom. ‘I’m going to show you how you clean your ass… because I only fuck clean asses… you want to feel this cock inside you? Yes you do! Because you said you would give yourself to me!!’, Brian said with a grin. I smiled and nodded.
      When I was clean I could feel that I was getting woozy from the drink. Brian orders me to lay in the sling. ‘When you’re in the sling a pipe isn’t very handy… so we a better way… stick out your arm and trust me!’, said Brian. I do as asked and stick out my arm. Chris takes a shoelace and ties off my arm. Before I realize it I feel a needle in my arm and see how the contents of the syringe disappears in my vein. ‘Enjoy the trip!’, says Chris while he looses the shoelace. I feel the T shooting thru my veins which makes me cough. And while I feel myself glide into a state of pure trance I hear Chris say ‘I gave him an extra dose to make him totally brainwash him and turn him in to a toxic cum whore’. The only thing I remember is begging to get my ass filled with cock and me pleading to be turned in to a toxic cum whore.
      I woke up from my trance a few hours later with a sloppy cum as like the other young guy. The young guy was laying beside me. He was wearing glasses this time. I recognized him as a guy from my class.
      ‘The next time the dose will be normal… that way you can feel it all when you get fucked by Devon”, said the guy. ‘Did I got fucked by Devon?’, I said. ‘Yes! Brian even fisted his cum deeper inside you!’ he replied. I was in shock. ‘They filmed everything so you can watch it… so you can see what they are going to do to you next week!’, he added. ‘Don’t think that there will be a next time!’, I said. ‘Yes you will, that empty feeling in your ass will get more and more until you beg to be filled! I was converted last year and I haven’t missed a party since! Their toxic DNA is flowing in your blood now. Your one of us!” he says. ‘One of you?’, I asked.
      ‘Hey guys, he didn’t discover the band-aid just above his cock!’, he shouts. ‘We all got a biohazard tattoo with the text “POZ BROTHER” above it. We all have one!’, he continued. Slowly the result of my actions set in and the harder I thought about it the hornier I got. My ass started to tingle, I know now that the empty feeling only will get worser, so I asked out loud ‘Can some one please fill my ass again?’.
      ‘Later… we first going to show you on bigscreen what you missed! So you know what where going to do to you next time!’, said Chris laughing.

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