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Guest PigTonight

Fist Fest

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Guest PigTonight

Fist Fest is coming up April 19-21 in August, GA


Anyone going?  This will be my first time attending

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    • By tighthole64
      I recently chatted with a local guy who wants to turn my tight ass into a gaping pussy.  We are scheduling an ass inspection next week. HOPEFULLY I can upload pics of my training. I will start with his toy box.
    • By BB4fking
      Last night I went to a sauna in Montpellier, France. Think we’re slow and so in the steam room (hammam is a common name used in France) I touched the ass of an older French guy of perhaps 60 or 65 as he was leaving. He responded well and without delay I was fucking him  raw standing in the steam, which was pretty mild.
      So far, so good, well within my comfort zone and expertise. However after 5 minutes fucking he reached back over his shoulder and ganded me a rubber glove. Clearly he wanted me to fist him. I had never done this before and, honestly, it had not been something I’d ever wanted to do. However, having had the opportunity presented I was happy to oblige. 
      I knew enough to form my fingers into a pointy formation. Beyond that I knew little. And the bottom guy didn’t speak English to give @ny explicit instructions. So I gently eased in my fingers and then my whole hand and the up to my wrist. The guy clearly wanted more and he tugged on my arm to go deeper, ever deeper. Eventually I was in up to my elbow which I though was pretty good for a novice. 
      My question is what else should I do? I wiggled my fingers a bit. I though afterwards that maybe I should have made a fist within him.
      i don’t think I’ll get another chance to fist but if I do I’d like to do a good job. any tips to share?
    • By cochred
      Looking for long heated, dirty sessions
    • Guest FatSnuffPig
      By Guest FatSnuffPig
      Do any other disgusting sub pig faggots here love being brutally fist/foot fucked or crave it so badly it's on their mind 24/7?
      I mean REALLY fucking hard and deep in the guts, preferably raw. Feeling those fingers or toes stretching you inside as the wrist/ankle tears your hole open horrifically. 
      But the guy or guys don't stop. They force arms and legs elbow or knee deep. Your screams coming out as whimpers. Your eyes rolling back in pain and pleasure. Knowing you'll be permanently damaged internally or the risks of all this going badly are very high and very real.
      But it just gets worse. Maybe things go deeper. Maybe it's a double fisting/footing. Maybe more.
      But you can't do anything to stop this...
    • By ffbareff
      Anyone going to FistFest Augusta end of April?  This will be our first time and want to hear others’ experiences and, hopefully, meet some nice guys. 

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