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Double Conversion

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Part 1

Rob was excited as he boarded his flight to New Orleans.  He had really been looking forward to his week vacation and it was finally here.  It was time for some non-stop drinking and sex.  He knew of the cities’ reputation, and was ready to find some holes to sink his fat 8”cock into.  It’s not that he had trouble getting serviced at home; after all he was a 6’2” masculine and muscular 32 year old stud.  His dark hair, bright blue eyes and well defined muscles got him attention no matter where he went.  Every day in the gym there were always guys staring as he worked out and afterwards in the showers of course  He was sure it was no coincidence that whenever he showered at the gym that the locker room just happened to be full.  He’d play the cock tease and put on a show as he soaped up his defined smooth body, careful to pay special attention to his big cock and balls and well defined ass.  However, Rob was all top and he loved to dominate guys.  The only thing that got near his ass was the tongue of the bottom that was servicing him at the time.  At least in his mind it was degrading for the bottom to eat his ass so that made it hotter.  He did have to admit that being rimmed felt great though and made him even harder when he ultimately slammed the bottom’s ass.

Although his hometown was pretty good in size, the options to meet guys was somewhat limited. There were only two gay bars in town, one of which was populated mainly by older guys that weren’t his type.  He liked younger guys with tight asses. That bar, Renegade, did however attract a lot of guys into leather which was a fetish of his. So he’d go occasionally find someone acceptable for a quick fuck and leave.  He had been there enough that the regulars recognized his cocky attitude so it was getting harder to find a hole there.  The other bar, Dreams, was more of a twink bar.  Of course he got lots of attention there because of his looks but the guys there also recognized him and his reputation.  It didn’t help that Rob was fond of taking pictures of guys taking his cock for his collection and those pics occasionally had been used as blackmail when Rob was horny and didn’t want to spend a lot of time finding a hole to fuck. Although he didn’t do drugs himself other than poppers, he did find that a little G and/or X slipped into the bottoms drink made them more willing to do what he wanted.  It was especially useful in getting the bottoms to take his cock raw.  Raw was the only way he’d fuck, condoms were too restrictive and the felling of his raw cock pounding a tight ass was just so exhilarating.

Most of Rob’s conquests lately had been thru apps.  There seemed to be a lot of guys looking for cock on the side.  He also learned that pretending to be versatile got him more hookups.  He never gave his ass up but it did get him the connection in the door and once the guy was zoned out on the drugs and fucked he could leave with his own ass intact.  The problem with the apps was all the back and forth messaging that was usually required, Rob didn’t have the patience.  A drive to the a nearby college town always resulted in him finding a hole to fuck  but that 90 minute drive one way kept him from doing it too often.

As Rob settled into his seat on the plane he realized he was hard.  Damn he was horny, that asshole last night from Grindr stood him up and he needed to fuck someone.  Even though it was a Thursday he was confident from what he had read he’d still get some action tonight in the French Quarter.  He was so ready.  The male flight attendant noticed his bulge and gave him a smile.  Rob thought, “Another gay flight attendant what a surprise”.  He had met his share of them that were on an overnight layover in town and were looking for cock on the internet.  Most of the ones he had fucked seemed to have well used holes so he thought that probably was why they took the job in the first place.. He did like the NSA attitude they had though and it was always an easy fuck and go since they had to catch flights in the mornings.  Although, there may have been a couple of times where they missed the flights because they got a bit too fucked up when Rob was using them.  Rob’s attitude was “Oh well if they lost their jobs it’s their problem for being such cum dump whores”.

Fortunately the flight had no delays and Rob quickly caught a cab from the airport to his hotel in the French Quarter. Once at the hotel he checked in and immediately changed into a pair of tight worn jeans some black boots and a leather vest.  He was ready, his cock was ready!  He looked in the mirror, damn he looked hot.  That coupled with the fact that he was fresh meat here in New Orleans meant in his mind that he’d get his rocks off soon.  He was out the door and on his way to Rawhide.  He made a couple of stops along the way to at the bars serving alcohol to the street.  By the time he reached Rawhide he had already had 3 beers and was feeling slightly buzzed and very horny.  The bar wasn’t packed but it being only 10 p.m. he was sure it would pick up.  All eyes were on him, the “fresh meat” theory was certainly true here.  His ass was grabbed a couple of times, guess it was time to assert himself as a TOP.  Rob made a conscious effort to focus on assess, pat them, grope them, stare at them – surely people would notice what he was interested in.  He also casually mentioned to a couple guys standing next to him t at the bar that he was hoping to find a raw bottom to take his load tonight. As the crowd grew he figured it was time to head to the back, he knew from what he read on the internet, that there was likely some action going on back there.  Besides he had to piss like a racehorse as he was now on his 6th beer.

Here’s where all the people went Rob thought as he pushed his way thru the sweaty bodies and made his way to the urinal.  He unfastened his jeans, unzipped and pulled out his cock to let it flow.  There were a lot of eyes watching so he thought he’d put on a little show so he stroked his cock a few times to harden it up and shook the last drops of piss off it.  Almost immediately, a hand grabbed his cock and started slowly stroking it, someone behind him started nibbling on his neck and another pair of hands played with his nipples.  Soon a bottle of poppers appeared under his nose and Rob took a couple of deep huffs.  The hand on his cock had been replaced by a mouth which soon began to deep throat his full 8 inches. He was in heaven, but because he was so horny he shot his load deep down the unknown cocksucker’s throat within 15 minutes.  He tried to fasten his jeans but he was led to another room cramped with guys and another mouth began to massage his cock.  Over in the corner he saw a guy bent over a sink being fucked.  The whole room was full of the scent of sweat, poppers and sex. OMG he was ready to cum again. “This place is amazing!!!”  After he came the second time someone else was ready to suck his cock.  Yeah that would be nice, Rob thought but the site of the guy in the corner getting fucked gave him other ideas. He glanced down slightly and saw a nice plump lily white ass pointed at him, he reached out and fingered the hole .  It was wet and lubed so Rob pulled his cock out of the sucker’s mouth and plunged it into the hole in front of him.. The guy in front was caught by surprise to be impaled so suddenly by such a big fat cock and started to call out but Rob soon muffled his mouth with this hand.  There were so many people in the room and there was nowhere to go.  The guy was soon whimpering.as Rob aggressively pounded his ass while other fed him poppers and groped him all over.  Rob’s third load was shot deep in up the assaulted ass and as Rob pulled out another stepped up to fuck the bottom using Rob’s cum as lube.  Rob turned and his cock was cleaned by yet another awaiting cocksucker.  After all this action Rob needed to piss again but there was nowhere to go.  He couldn’t hold it so just started pissing down the throat of his current cocksucker.  Wow, Rob thought this was hot, he’d never tried WS. “I’ll have to add that to my repertoire” he thought to himself. 

Rob eventually go out of the backroom and feeling exhausted left the bar and made his way back home.  As he lay on the bed in his room he was grinning ear-to-ear.  New Orleans was just as he had hoped and it was only the first day of his trip.  He’d have to stop by one of the leather shops he had read about in the morning and check out some new gear and maybe some equipment for his basement. This was going to be a fantastic trip. 

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Part 2

Rob awoke refreshed but horny.  His throbbing morning wood reminded him it would need some attention soon.  First however, he needed to hit the gym and pump up.  That extra testosterone would make him even more horny and ready to fuck, but based on the action he got last night he was confident it would be no problem to get some release later in the day. The hotel gym was small but adequate for a quick workout to pump up his muscles and clear his head.  There was only one other person in the gym, some middle age business type. Rob knew the type as soon as he saw the wedding ring on his finger and the frequent stares at him as he worked his pecs on the machine.  “Geez these married guys, they are so obvious about wanting my cock they can’t even stare discreetly”.  Well time for a show; Rob stood up and casually gripped his crotch and rubbed it allowing the big outline of his cock to show thru the thin gym shorts. Rob thought the guy’s eyeballs would pop out of his head and was sure he saw a trace of drool as “Mr. Married Businessman’s” jaw dropped.  Maybe some other time thought Rob, I’m sure I can do much better.  He grabbed his towel and left the gym to go back to his room and shower.

After his shower, Rob checked his phone and had several message from the various hookup apps.  He had forgotten he had posted a travel ad to both A4A and BBRT. He quickly scanned the responses; they were the usual quick messages indicating they’d love to play while he was in town.  Funny there was one response on BBRT from a cocksucker that said he so enjoyed sucking out his load in the bathroom of Rawhide and he love to do it again.  Rob did not recognize the guy from his posted pics at all, but then again he only saw most of his cocksuckers last night from the top of their heads slurping down his cock.  Rob quickly replied; ”Sure, see you later this weekend, I’ll look for you on your knees”.  He was about to log off his phone when he got a message notification, this one from A4A.  It was another New Orleans tourist looking for some fun.  The profile wasn’t bad, the guy was 25, masculine looking and according to his location he was close.  Rob responded asking him to unlock his private photos as he unlocked his own private pics of his hard cock.  “Nice bubble ass!”.  Rob could almost feel the guy blush. The guy’s name was Matt and he was visiting from Texas, his profile said he was a versatile top and only played safe but Rob knew he could get the guy to rethink that.  Soon they had arranged to meet face to face at the bar OZ a short distance from them both.  “We can just grab a drink and get to know each other “ Matt implied.  Rob thought “Yeah right, the only thing that I’m going to get to know is the inside of your tight ass with my raw cock”.  It was going to be a hot humid day in New Orleans so no need for any underwear; he threw on a pair of well-fitting cargo shorts, a revealing white tank and a pair of flip flops.  He was out the door in 5 minutes and on his way to Oz.

Matt matched his profile pics well so when he walked up to Rob he knew immediately who is was.  He was possibly a bit shorter than the 5’9” his profile professed but with a little bubble ass like that it didn’t matter. Matt clearly took care of his body but he wasn’t a muscle stud like Rob. Now was the part of the chase that Rob hated, the small talk and pleasantries before they could get down to action.  “Do you wanna party and flip fuck” Matt finally quietly asked. “Sounds good what you got to play with?” replied Rob.  “I have some Molly with me if you want to sneak into the bathroom, then we can head to my hotel and play”.  So off to the bathroom they went.  Matt handed Rob a pill and then swallowed one himself with a quick chug of water.  Rob took the pill and with a small slight of hand acted like he swallowed it but actually pocketed the pill for later.  He figured it could be useful at a later time.  By the time they got to Matt’s hotel, Rob could tell from his eyes that Matt was starting to fly. Once in the room Matt had definitely lost his shyness and quickly stripped and was fondling Rob’s ass and cock.  As Rob stripped he pushed Matt to the bed and stuck his cock into Matt’s awaiting mouth.  He wasn’t a bad cocksucker but he needs to take it deeper thought Rob.  He then started forcing his fat cock farther down Matt’s throat.. He gagged but Rob was persistent, he did want to pace himself though and save his load for that bubble ass.  When Matt finally  came up for air he said “Suck my cock too, let’s 69”.  Rob begrudgingly wet his hand and stroked Matt’s cock.  It was a decent cock, about 7” although not very thick. “Hey buddy, why don’t do a shot of tequila from that bottle you have over there and really get down and dirty?”.  Rob nodded in agreement so Rob removed his shorts from around his ankles and went to pour some shots into a couple of cups. For Matt’s shot though he had an extra surprise, the other Molly tablet.  Using the tequila bottle he quickly crushed the pill and while blocking Matt’s view by giving him a view of his clenched ass, he swept the drug into a cup and added tequila.  He poured himself a shot as well.  “Bottom’s up!” grinned Rob.  Rob then straddled Matt and placed his ass in his face.  “Get my hole ready buddy – start licking”.   Wow, the tongue eating his hole felt so great he was dazed for a moment but then moved his hand to his prize, he needed to feel that tight puckered pink hole that was ripe for the taking.  He slid his finger in and Matt let out a slight yelp.  “There’s lube and condoms in the nightstand drawer”.  There was no way he was going to use a condom but a little lube would be useful.  As Rob roughly worked 3 fingers into Matt’s ass he shifted and pushed his cock back into Matt’s mouth.  It was almost show time.  Rob could tell by the mouth on his cock that Matt was really flying and almost completely out of it by this time. SUCCESS!.  Rob flipped Matt on his stomach and propped his ass up with a pillow and spread his legs to give him full and easy access to his hole.  “Condom” Matt whined.  “Of course buddy” Rob reached grabbed a condom and ripped it open.  He dropped the open wrapper next to Matt’s face so he could see it and paused a moment rubbing the condom between his finger to make it sound like he was actually rolling it on his cock.  On second thought, he did ask nicely so maybe I should give him a condom fuck Rob thought with an evil grin, so he barely put the condom on the tip of his fat mushroom cockhead and with that pushed the head into Matt’s awaiting ass. 

Even in Matt’s drugged state, that cock felt like it was splitting him open.  He cried out at the invasion, “More lube, pull it out!”.  “You’re a noisy little bottom slut aren’t you? You need to keep it down a little” Rob said as he shoved Matt’s underwear into his open mouth and placed a pillow over his head.   “There that’s better”.  He then pulled out his cock.  Magically the condom was gone, lodged somewhere just inside Matt’s ass. He spit on the open hole in front of him and then again on his cock.   “There’s your extra lube”  he sarcastically said as he thrust the entire 8” ball’s deep into Matt’s ass.  Matt bucked violently but he was no match for Rob’s strength that was pinning him down and soon he was quietly moaning as Rob deep fucked his hole. This guy’s ass was sweet, he loved how it gripped his cock and the sound of his balls slapping against the pale white cheeks was like music to his ears. Thirty minutes later he felt his balls churn and he shot a load deep in Matt’s ass.  As he pulled out Matt actually felt empty and could feel the air conditioned hotel air rush in to his stretched abused hole.  Rob could see Matt was still conscious by the way he wiggled his ass.  It was almost like he was begging for round two.  Matt’s ass looked a bit loose from the pounding it just took, but Rob thought “What the hell, my cock is hard again so might as well take advantage, this slut needs to learn he was meant to be a bottom”.  So with that thought he fucked Matt in every position possible for another hour and gave him 2 additional loads then jumped in the shower to clean up.

 Matt rolled on his side and reached back to feel and finger his abused hole.  A look of horror showed in his eyes as he realized it was gaping and that there was a mixture of cum and blood leaking out of it.  As Rob went to leave he saw Matt’s dazed look and simply said “Don’t worry buddy, that really is Neg cum, I only Top.  This will give you something to think about when you play next time now that you’ve realized what a pussy boy bottom you are”.  “Oh and at some point in time you will probably find that condom, it's lodged deep in your ass somewhere, enjoy the rest of your vacation”  With that Rob walked out the door.

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Part 3

Rob had worked up a thirst after that last fuck; it was time to check out another bar.  That was another great thing about the French Quarter; the bars were always open and you could actually walk down the street with a drink in your hand.  He didn’t usually start drinking this early in the day but he was on vacation after all.  Alcohol never really seemed to affect Rob’s ability to get rock hard and fuck as long as he didn’t get all shit-faced drunk. He was confident that he could pace himself and be able to keep drinking all day. On a day like today, Rob was happy to find an open bar stool underneath a ceiling fan and close to the open front of the building.  This was a perfect view of the street and he also was on display basically for anyone that passed by.  “Welcome, my name is Jesse, what can I get you to drink?”  “Hey man, my name is Rob; give me a Jack and Coke”. Rob was pleasantly surprised, the bartender Jesse was a masculine looking guy with a nice ass and defined body. Rob detected a few tattoos and could see the nipple rings under his tight T-shirt so Jesse was a little rougher looking than the guys he typically fucked but he’d make an exception in this case. He did get the impression that Jesse was probably another one of those gays that try to pawn themselves off as versatile but in reality was a slutty bottom. He could tell by the way Jesse carried himself.  In Rob’s mind, you were either a bottom destined to suck cock, get fucked and just be used or you were a Top like himself.  Guys were just fooling themselves if they thought there was something in between.  

“Here you go Rob, where you visiting from?” asked Jesse as he slid Rob his drink on the bar. “Ohio, is it that obvious I am a visitor?”  Jesse just smiled and said “Well I have worked here for a long time and pretty much recognize the locals.  Right now there are six locals in here and including you, eight visitors.” “It is also obvious that you aren’t used to this heat and humidity based on the way your tank is clinging to your pecs and the way those shorts are sticking to your ass cheeks and crotch”. Rob was a little taken back by how direct Jesse was speaking. Two can play at that game he thought.  “Well then can you also tell who is a Top and who is bottom?  What is my position?”  Jesse started laughing, “Easy, we bartenders have to be observant here in the Big Easy. It’s obvious from the way you have basically checked out ass since the minute you sat down, including mine, that you are all Top”. Rob just grinned and nodded, this guy was good.  Jesse continued, “I’m sorry to disappoint you though, I’m also a Top.  It’s why I like to work this shift, it gives me time to make connections and then play all night”. Rob raised his glass, “A toast to stalking your prey” and with that chugged down the rest of his drink.

Almost immediately Jesse poured another drink and placed it in front of Rob. Jesse motioned over his right shoulder “This drink, as well as the first, is compliments of the two guys over there by the cash register, they ordered them for you the minute you walked into the place”. Rob looked up and nodded but made no further eye contact with the strangers.  He leaned in and whispered to Jesse “I can do better than that, it’s going to take more than buying me drink or two for those old queen cocksuckers to get in my shorts”.  Jesse was not surprised by the comment at all.  He also was not surprised as Rob turned slightly toward the two men and slightly flexed his arms while casually running his hands across his chest and pinching his nipples until they hardened and strained against the damp material of his shirt.  He then turned his back to the men and looked out to the street for something more worthy of his attention. It did feet good to sit out the sun, casually drink and be lusted after by all the bottoms in the bar.  It was the way things should be.

When Jesse came back to refill his drink, Rob commented “ There seems to be a lot of activity in this bar for this time in the afternoon and I seem to be in a good spot as they all walk by me wiggling their asses to check me out up close and try to get my attention”.  “You do seem to be drawing them into the place“, replied Jesse with just a hint of sarcasm in his voice. “ Maybe you should be splitting your tips with me with all the business I am bringing you. Don’t worry man, there is plenty of bottom prey here to divide between us” chuckled Rob as he raised his hand to high-five the bartender.  It was at the moment that Rob’s phone vibrated indicating he had a message.  He actually had several notifications from his cruising apps.  Some of them must have come through earlier when he was plowing that tourist in the hotel room. An evil grin spread across his face as he thought about the fun he had using his cock to tear open” what’s-his-name’s” hole.

Rob quickly scanned the responses to his profile postings to see if there was anything of interest.  There were several from BBRT but the latest post from A4A is what caught his attention.  According to the Geo-location feature, the cocksucker was only a few feet away.  The pic didn’t show his ass but the face wasn’t bad.  He had nice thick “cock-sucker lips”. Rob glanced around the bar briefly and quickly spotted the guy, literally less than ten feet away. Although Rob could tell the picture posted on the profile was actually the guy in the bar, the picture was not recent.  The guy sitting there certainly was several years older than the picture and also had gotten soft.  Rob was about to delete and ignore the message when two letters in the interest section of the profile caught his eye -“WS”.  Rob downed the rest of his latest drink like a shot, glared briefly at the guy and typed a simple response “THIRSTY”?  “Hey Jesse, where is the bathroom in this place, I need to piss” inquired Rob.  Jesse pointed him to the back and Rob promptly got up and headed to relieve himself.

The bathroom was long, narrow, dimly lit and pretty filthy. It mainly consisted of a long trough for guys to piss in and a stained sink.  “They need some sort of air circulation in here” thought Rob as he made his way to the end of the trough. The room reeked, even with the ice that was thrown in the piss trough to control the smell. None the less, Rob’s cock was hardening as he turned toward the door and started counting to himself.  He got to seven, the door pushed open and the guy from A4A nervously walked in.  Rob opened the front of his cargo shorts and freed his hard cock. The guy bent over to taste the object of his desire when Rob grabbed him by the hair and said “No cocksucker; on your knees and open your fucking mouth. Whatever you don’t swallow is going all over the front of you”. With that he grabbed the guy by both ears, slammed his cock deep into the wet hole of a mouth and started streaming his warm piss down the cocksucker’s throat.  The guy struggled with the strong stream but managed to swallow most of it: only a small amount dribbled out the sides of his mouth. “You’re just a fucking urinal hole to hold my piss”, sneered Rob.  He emptied his bladder and pulled his cock out of the piss receptacle kneeling in front of him.  He then wiped the last drops of piss clinging to his cock off on the guy’s hair, tucked it into his pants, zipped up and went back to the bar.

When he got to the bar and sat back down, he ordered another Jack and Coke as if nothing had happened. Jesse however, gave him a knowing look when Rob’s recent conquest exited the restroom and quickly headed out of the bar in an effort to not have to explain to anyone as to why the knees of his faded jeans were now so stained and wet. 

When Jesse returned with his drink, Rob asked” Where is a good place around here to buy leather and fetish gear”?  Jesse raised his eyebrow “What are you looking for?”  Rob explained that he only had a few pieces and those didn’t fit right.  “I don’t have a lot of local options available back in Ohio, and the stuff I’ve ordered on-line hasn’t really worked out.   I’m sure you know how the sight of a Top in leather or latex gear just brings out the whore in a bottom.” Jesse nodded in agreement. ”It’s almost like giving them a party drug, so I was thinking maybe some shorts, jocks, a harness or two.  I really just want to try some stuff on to see how it looks before making a decision.” ”Some bondage gear as well so when I get an ass primed and partied up I can just keep it in place and positioned how I want  and then just focus on my pleasure rather than making sure the fucking whore doesn’t resist and try to get away.”  “Probably the best place for you to go is “Master Nick’s”, it’s just a couple blocks from here” Jesse quickly replied.  ”I’ve bought some great stuff from there.  Its high quality and they have a big variety.  They are good at helping you transform into your true self.  They do have a space to demo some of the equipment there as well. They carry everything from cuffs, collars and spreader bars to stocks, fuck benches and bondage tables in the store”. Rob was getting hard just thinking about the place as Jesse gave him directions to the store.

As Rob stood and prepared to leave, Jesse had one more question. “Before you go, would it be cool for me to get a selfie with you” asked Jesse. “I like to keep reminders of some of the hot guys that come through here.”   Rob of course in his mind interpreted that question as meaning he was correct all along and Jesse really was a bottom and did want Rob’s cock up his ass.  So when the bartender came around the bar to take the selfie Rob smiled, flexed and grabbed Jesse’s ass. Trying not to sound too insincere, Jesse looked Rob directly in the eyes and stated, “Thanks for the picture stud, I am sure you enjoy the transformational experience at "Master Nick's" stop by on your way back from store and let me know what you bought.”  “I’m here until seven-thirty tonight.”   Rob smirked and nodded his agreement as he headed to the exit.

As soon as Rob disappeared down the street, Jesse went to his phone and texted a message and attached the selfie with Rob he just took. “Sending a referral to the store that I think you’ll like.  He definitely has the cocky top attitude you look for”

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On 05/04/2018 at 3:44 AM, slavetoy4u2use said:

“Sending a referral to the store that I think you’ll like.  He definitely has the cocky top attitude you look for”


#slavetoywhore WELL DONE


...what an amazing story so far and we all are hanging here ...awaiting what you produce next and how you will turn this arrogant, self-centred TOP into a HUNGRY CUM-BUCKET BOTTOM .... 

and how his transformation in New Orleans will be continued when he returns to his home town ... 


all the revenge of all those he tricked and abused ... until he begs all those he ignored and insulted in the past to use him ... 



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