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    Neg cunt that cant seem to be pozzed. Wanna try all the chems out there. Feel free to message me. Never had a black guy cum in me. Only had a black cock for 3 strokes.
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    Toxic Cock and Chems.

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  1. I am looking for someone in the Dallas Texas area who will turn me out. Trainer has to have no morals when it comes to sex. Uncut a real +. Please read all of my profile on here and on BBRT, it explains what I crave. Cant host but can meat at club Dallas or motel.
  2. If your cut it can take a very long time for it to grow back. I have been tugging it since 2013. So im pretty obsessed with cock hoods. My goal is a 1 inch overhang.
  3. I am currently restoring my foreskin. It does make a difference. Im in Richardson really close to Dallas.
  4. You look pretty cute. 

  5. I got 5 points for something I posted to find a way to make poppers last longer and stronger. The paddler said I encouraged drug use even though it was in the right place. I got slapped 2 years after the post. I don't think its fair at all. Some of us really do enjoy this site. Some of us don't try to break rules. This is how I feel.
  6. I am looking for Poz training vids. How to be a obedient neg cumdump, with subliminal messages so I can become a relentless Bug Chaser.
  7. Please keep going this is so fucking hot. Im in Dallas Texas if anyone wants to do this to me im very Neg and has been chasing for way too long.
  8. Fuck you are so hot im a bottom too lol

  9. I am thinking of getting a job at Club Dallas. I need the second job because of rent and no chance for overtime. Has anyone ever worked at any of the Club bathouses. Are staff allowed to have sex with staff. What kind of pay can I expect. I know this sounds like a joke but its not. Please let me know what you guys think.
  10. I am really looking forward the Rob being turned into a Meth whore.
  11. Good deal I always use your stories to pump out big loads.
  12. Was hoping someone can add more chapters to this story. Please feel free to post what happens next OR what Aids daddy wants to do next. I found this story this isnt mine. If you want to send me a continuation of this story that is so nasty that is isnt allowed thats go too. I jerkoff to this story and shoot huge loads to this.
  13. Totally awesome story. Many many loads shot reading these masterpieces.
  14. I know this story is from my favorite site a while back I don't remember the name. Could someone please add a chapter or make it a hot pozz/chem series. I wish I could but my fiction/sex writing sucks. Please think it over. To many stories are unfinished and we all need good pozz/chem stories.
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