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I'm a vers bottom BB fucker that really gets into Anon fucking. I like being facedown in my jockstrap with a blindfold.  I'm Interested in video filming a few of my Anon fucks for my own use, or trading with other guys on sites like x-tube. Anyone into this kind of home video?

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    • By LDNhungvers
      Anyone hung vers and up for B.B. fun?
    • By bbslut88
      Vers bottom looking to chat with guys with extreme fetishes/taboo ones along with meet guys in person who will violently rape my ass/pretty much anything else.
      If you send me condoms full of cum I will send you a video of me eating it or pushing it up my ass.
      Nottingham UK

    • By 1981virginia
      Jockstrap Party
      My boy and I have been having a lot of fun lately, very little of it safer fun. We hooked up with another couple a few weeks ago and had a blast playing raw. Jim and Dan are both a bit older than us, and both very vers. Jim has a sexy hairy chest and Dan is almost entirely hairless. Both of the guys fucked my boy raw and left big juicy loads in his ass. I was rawfucking Dan’s hairless hole at the same time as he bred my boy. They cradled my boy while I plowed their loads deeper into his hole before adding my own. We made a point to let the guys know we wanted to play together again. They invited us to a jockstrap party at a big warehouse bar on the outskirts of town.
      We went to work that morning, both me and my boy wearing sexy jockstraps under our slacks and dress shirts. The four of us met for a few courage drinks before heading to the warehouse. We stripped down to our jocks and shoes and checked our clothes before going into the main bar area. We had heard that things could get steamy there, and were more comfortable playing raw with friends than with strangers, so we tucked some single use lube packets into our socks and a few condoms. Dan said that might be a good idea as some of these guys were POZ and sometimes fucking happened at this kind of party.
      There must have been a hundred men there, some sweaty and rank, some squeaky clean. Jim and Dan knew a couple of the guys there and introduced us to some of their buddies. I assumed that they had all fucked around. They were nice, shook hands, groped crotches and butts, but were generally non-threatening. Jim went to the bar and brought back a stack of solo cups and a pitcher of beer. Dan pointed out a guy on the edge of their group named Sean. He told me he was a really hot top but to play safely with him… I assumed that meant he had some kind of bug or kink… Jim spilled some beer on my jock’s pouch while pouring me a cup. Of course, Sean made a bee line to me, knelt down and licked the beer, of course making my cock grow and stretch out the front of my jockstrap.
      Sean is pretty tall and beefy with a broad chest and massive nipples. He had on tall boots and a leather harness. He growled at me and smiled as he stood up thanking me for the free sip. As we stood drinking and chatting, Sean kept rubbing his crotch. I knew he must have had a big dick as his pouch kept filling more and more. Dan and Jim ran off to hang out with some friends on a private VIP roof deck, where I knew there would likely be some fucking action. We promised we’d head up soon. Sean leaned in and grasped me and my boy’s bare buttcheeks. He said into our ears, ‘Finally, I’ve got you guys alone!’ I laughed as we were hardly alone, there were at least fifty guys standing around. I knew he was flirting pretty heavily, but I figured we were safe in public. Plus, if we wanted to fool around, I remembered the condoms in my socks and thought how glad I was to have come prepared.
      I felt Sean’s hand getting closer to my crack, and I sort of whimpered, I guess. He grinned at me, then at my boy. He brought his hand to my boy’s mouth and inserted two fingers. My boy groaned and suckled them. This guy was clearly seducing both of us.
      Once his fingers were good and wet, Sean brought his hand back to my ass and started gently playing with my hole, sinking just his fingertips in, lubed with my boy’s spit. I must have thrown my head back, savoring the sensation of this stranger’s fingers teasing my hole, and closed my eyes. Before I could open them, Sean inserted his finger into my mouth. I sucked hard and he slipped two more fingers in all the way to his thumb. I thought I was going to puke, and gagged as he pulled his hand away. I knew it was going to go directly to my boy’s ass, and that I’d helped prepare my boy’s hole for whatever was about to happen. We stood face-to-face for a bit Sean he was really playing with our asses. He might have had two fingers in me a few knuckles deep. The way my boy was bucking, I knew he was deeper in his hole. My boy is much more of a bottom than me, and much looser, so it was all sort of going fine.
      Sean released his grasp on my ass and situated himself behind my boy, with my boy facing me. My boy was practically panting and shoved his tongue down my throat. He grasped my jaw with both hands and leaned into me. With his face in mine, I couldn’t see with my eyes what Sean was doing, so I let me hands wander. I put my hands around my boy’s slim waist and felt him grooving. He was driving his crotch into mine, but also his ass into Sean’s crotch.
      I slipped my hand into Sean’s jockstrap and felt a hefty drooling cock with a thick cold metal cockring at its base. My boy kept moaning as he felt that fabric-clad shaft grinding into his buttcrack.
      I pulled away from my boy. I tried to whisper into his ear that he was about to get fucked. With the booming music in the bar, I had to repeat myself, ‘If you don’t want to get fucked right here on the dancefloor, you should pull off!’ He might have misheard me and he just nodded. Then he shouted back into my year, ‘YES! Pull it out!’ I realized he thought I was asking if he wanted Sean’s raw dick as his hole.  I chuckled knowing that he was hungry for to get fucked like a slut in the middle of the bar. My boy’s eyes pleaded, so I freed Sean’s dick from his jockstrap. I jerked his massive thick tool a few times smearing his precum all over his shaft.
      Sean kept grooving, but had contorted my boy so he was sort of squating with his ass stuck out for better access. I’m not naïve and my boy wasn’t acting like he wanted Sean to stop. I raised my ankle up and got out a condom and some lube from my sock. With my boy leaning against me for support, I tore open the condom wrapper and tried to lower it on to Sean’s throbbing cock head. He was shimmying around so I couldn’t quite land it. He lurched forward and the condom fell out of my hand and onto the floor. He lurched forward again a few times as I got another condom out and unwrapped. My boy was pushing back against Sean, groaning deeply, as I was busy trying to get a condom on Sean. When my hands were where I thought his dick was, I realized it was too late for a condom.
      Sean had slid his bare cock all the way into my boy’s ass. I told my boy, ‘He’s in you raw. Is that ok?’ My boy nodded and wrapped his arms around my head, kissing me hard. He clenched his eyes shut and let Sean use his ass.
      I felt someone tap my shoulder. It was Dan back from whatever mischief they’d gotten into upstairs. I leaned back so he could say something in my ear. ‘Good thing you brought those condoms. Sean usually only fucks raw… and he shoots toxic loads.’ He pointed to the wrapper on the floor. I just nodded, knowing that Sean was about to breed my boy.
      Sean started grunting and plowing my boy’s ass faster and harder. My poor boy nearly lost his balance. Dan helped support my boy as Sean moaned, spewing his toxic spunk into my boy’s ass.
      Sean pulled back, his cock falling out of my boy’s guts with a wet plop. Dan realized that he wasn’t wearing a condom and moaned as he dropped to his knees. He grabbed Sean’s cock and swallowed it all the way. Jim showed back up and saw my boy leaning on my and his boyfriend blowing Sean. I spread my boy’s cheeks and Jim saw how opened and wet it was. He shrugged and also knelt, tonguing the POZ seed off and out of my boy’s ass.
      There must have been ten guys in a tight circle around us. A few guys were jerking their cocks and one stepped up to me asking, ‘Your boy takes loads? Can I breed him next?’ I nodded and my boy opened his eyes grinning. He said to me, ‘It’s going to be a long night…’
    • By Cutedelicategay
      I was always shy and submissive growing up. I secretly enjoyed watching naked guys after PE class. I used to work at gyms and stadium locker rooms. I had my first real experience with the son of my godfather who was 2 years older than I, at 14 yrs. Tasted his cum and later he took my cherry. All sex was always condomless. My godfather caught us in act and following  discussion he decided to have sex with me if I wanted to continue with his son. Eventually moved in with them for university. He was divorced by then. They both trained me to be a slut willing to take loads. I never learned what a condom feels like up my ass. Although I am on my own I am still proud of what they both taught me - sexual submission to a real man.
    • By 4BareCocks
      This past Wednesday night I was fucked and loaded by a couple who took turns putting their raw cocks in me.  I was laying on the round table in one of the basement playrooms at Club Philly.  Thursday night I was bare fucked by a twink in my room at Club Philly who deposited a copious amount of his cum in my ass.  He thanked me after he was finished fucking me.  Later a thirty something guy came into my room and started fingering and playing with my hole.  I still had the cum in my ass from my earlier fuck so his thick 9 inch cock had no trouble getting deep in me.  This guy was into rough fucking, pounded my hole, and loved pulling on my long head of hair while fucking.  After fucking me for about 45 minutes I also got his load.  I also sucked a lot of cock while I was there and can't wait for my next trip to Philly which will probably be in early June.

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