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Brotherly Love

Hi my name is Liam, I’m 18 years old and have a secret: I have worshiped my brother for as long as I can remember and whilst he is only 3 years older than me he, Ben, always acted and looked much older whereas I knew from early on that I am attracted to guys Ben ogling over shirtless men on TV, internet search men’s underwear pages and sneaking a peak in the school locker rooms.  Ben’s naughty boyish smile that got attention wherever he went and could have any girls or boys he wanted as they couldn’t take their eyes off him.  He always had a ready joke and was a prankster and clown at heart, always doing something to make himself laugh, usually at the expense of me.

Sex was never spoken about at home, but I guess Ben realised my preferences as he always looked out for his nerdy bookish sibling when being called out “Gayboy” when being the last to be picked for school sports. 

In my fantasy I suspected my brother maybe Bi, if not gay because when he had friends to stay they shared his room, the guest in his bed and Ben supposedly on a put-you-up alongside. When puberty hit my cock had a mind of its own and I discovered wanking…now it made sense what those sounds in the next-door bedroom were all about.

One-time hearing tell-tale sounds from within I burst in the room on the pretence of retrieving a book I had lent him to find them in bed, the friend on his back and my brother on top…” Fuck’s up with you?” he shouted as I stood open mouthed, “Can’t you see we’re practicing wrestling?”

I shot out of the room and never mentioned it again, too afraid to ask for rear of the consequences but when they went out to the Park to play football I darted into his room went straight to the laundry hamper and there it was, a balled up old T-shirt with the now soaked in evidence of last night. I covered my face in it trying to smell and absorb Ben’s essence through the material, but to my disappointment, all I could smell was the intoxicating scent of his deodorant and washing detergent so I licked the damp patch for a taste of his salty cum and got an instant boner!

I grabbed the shirt tossed on my bed and covered it under the duvet to become my cum-rag trophy.  Throughout school and college Ben brought home a succession of girls but seldom for a second time and all dad said was, “That’s my boy!”  I tried to hide my sexuality but think mum knew as I always batted away the question of “do you have a girlfriend or someone special yet?” with an answer of “I don’t want to disrupt my studies.”  I got my thrills from catching Ben in the shower or bath and glimpses of him in his tight white boxer briefs that showed off his bubble butt and package brilliantly.  I could never be quite sure how if Ben made a ‘show’ on purpose or I was just incredibly lucky catching him naked or semi-naked so often.

However, when Ben left college, got himself a good job and moved into a small house with a work colleague for a housemate we saw less and less of one another.  Occasionally Ben would come home for a good feed up and sometime brought Olly his housemate along too.  They were always fun together, easy and relaxed in each other’s company and I remember once when mum asked Olly if Ben was getting into trouble playing the field with the girls in the office he replied, “Don’t worry Mrs Hart I’ll keep him straight!”  Ben burst out laughing and behind mums back showed him his middle finger to Olly…but I saw it all.

On my way to college I had to pass one of the skankier public toilets in town and quickly found out the joys to be had within as you could always get a good look at what’s on offer whilst standing at the urinal and being young I was always popular to be wanked or sucked off, never daring to going any further.

One day on a free period I thought I’d spend the time in the cottage, but only found older guys who looked wolfishly at me.  I was scared and ducked into the one empty stall available…and found a largish gloryhole.

Immediately as I unzipped and dropped my trousers my cock sprang to life before I even sat down…I saw movement from the other side as a gorgeous veiny 8-inch uncut cock is pushed through. A primal feeling took over. I dropped to my knees without a hint of hesitation, eager to get close. I brought my face as close as I could, feeling the heat radiate off it, the strong masculine scent that suddenly pierced the air.  The hard flesh moved lightly up and down with his breathing, excitement brewing as a pearl of pre-cum rose from the piss-slit and enticingly there was just enough space of the gloryhole for me to see some of his heavy shaved balls too.  I was in heaven.

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2. Thanks for the positive  feedback guys, here's part two for you to enjoy

My eyes were drawn as he peeled back more of his foreskin to full reveal the mushroom head, “Suck it” I was instructed from the other side and instinctively I stuck my tongue out, he moaned lightly as my tongue grabbed the little bead of precum, my lips wrapped around his dick-head, and my mind went into sensory overload. The taste; both the salty sweet taste of his precum, “Ummmm delicious….” I unconsciously murmur.  I licked up and down his shaft, eager to trace every vein and fold of his foreskin and fat precum leaking mushroom head.

One thing I had not learnt so far is how to orally deal with a big thick cock, but damn I was hungry to learn...his cock felt warm and heavy in my mouth, but it was tasty and perfect and I felt elated especially as for a newbie like me.  I was able to move my head back and forth getting more and more in without gagging, but drool and slobber was running out of my mouth as I battled to take as much cock as I could down my throat.

“That’s enough, pull off and turn around” he instructs.

“Why have I done something wrong?” I worriedly ask.

“No mate you keep doing whatever you're doing I shoot and I don’t want to cum just yet and certainly not waste it down your throat! Now do as I say, turn around and push your arse up tight to the gloryhole, dummy..."

Whilst I’m saying, “I’ve never been fucked before….” I’m doing as told and for some reason just wanting this connection, wanting this cock and his cum.

As soon as my butt was pushed up against the partition wall he tenderly gave my cheeks a few kisses before parting them as best he could and suddenly the heavens parted with them as his tongue hit my hole.  I felt a jolt of electricity hit my body and course through my body like never before scoring a direct hit to my cock and balls which jumped and spat out a huge gob of precum.

“Holy fuck, holy, holy shit, fuck holy fuck shit fuck damn.”

The man had very strong rim skills, he poked and prodded, licked and sucked, kissed and ate, spreading my ass cheeks wider, eager to get in deeper. Ravenous, he treated my ass like a starving man’s buffet, eager to make sure he got every taste of me as I felt his sexual appetite rise to fucking insane levels.

I felt his warm breath on me, in me, as he took a small break to breathe. He dived back in with renewed energy, digging deeper, harder, faster, stronger with every flick of his tongue! I couldn't feel where my hole ended and his tongue began, I was enjoying every single moment of it.

My hole sent every wave of pleasure straight to my dick, and my right hand was immediately magnetized to it, while my left arm had to brace myself against the opposite partition wall as I knew my body would give in without support.

It only took a few strokes and I was shooting cum all over the wall and floor. Fuck! It was like I had drenched everything with a gallon of my cum. My mind went blank.


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3. the fun continues...

Reality came back in a shock.  A finger was jabbed in my well lubed hole to send yet more tingling waves of pleasure through my body keeping my cock rock-hard. I feel him add two fingers that are now scissoring apart with his tongue now in between.

“Ummmmmm sooooooooo good” I whimper despite the scratchy feeling which I guess is normal when being fingered like this for the first time, right?

“Gonna stretch your hole beyond belief” a he scratches and digs further in my virgin hole.

“Oh yessss” I hiss not really knowing what I’m letting myself in for, “Yes I want this!”

“Good boy, good answer, you were going to get it whatever the answer was bro’”

I could feel precum oozing out of my dick and I couldn't help but smile…bro, if only it was…And then nothing, no fingers and no tongue until I feel a warm bluntness of his dick-head pressing at my entrance.  He took no time splitting me open rearranging my guts as he bottoms out in one go.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck” I scream out loud as pain explodes throughout my fuck canal straight to my brain, he eases back to set the fire within my bowls off again and presses forwards once more. He groans as he slid himself in further, stretching my ass walls as they had ever been stretched before.

“Yeah, Good boy, so tight, I’m enjoying this, God your ass is like a vice clamped around my dick” says the disemboweled voice from the other side of the wall as he picks up his rhythm, “Yes! Gonna make a man of you and wreck your hole” as a slap, slap, slap sound comes from his balls repeatedly smacking the wall and in no time at all he was pounding the shit out of me. So much so I was barely able to keep upright. I winced a bit in pain but kept taking his cock.

“Yeah, take my dick, bro. You’re my little bitch, right?”

“Fuck yeah,” I moaned.

“Say it”

“I’m your bitch.”

“Louder, they can’t hear you outside!”

“Oh yes! I’m your bitch! Fuck me, yeah fuck me HARDER!”

He increased the intensity of his thrusts and I moaned louder as his dick rapidly pumped back and forth as sounds above alerted me to the skanky old guys leering over the top of the partition watching me lose my virginity below.

Now he was the one letting out low guttural growls as he pounded me peppered every now and then with snarling dirty talk.

“Fuckin’ dirty little freak,” he said, laughing. “Positively take IT.”

Encouraged by the audience with a chorus of “Knock him up” , “Mark him with your cum” and “Hope it takes” all left me bewildered with what they were talking about.

Out of nowhere, excruciating pain shot through my ass, as his cock popped through to another level within my guts and began pounding me harder and faster than ever before!  I screamed in agony as he tore into me. The pain so intense that I was forgetting where I was. The only thing that existed was that giant cock brutally raping my hole and the pain I felt.  Now he was screaming at me, shouting profanities as our flesh slapped together with wet, sloppy smacks.

He had stamina like I didn’t think possible as he was able to pound long and hard until his breathing became ragged and I felt his dick swelling inside me.


Enormous jets of red-hot cum blasted out of his cock and as I closed my eyes I heard him groaning loudly as several more ropes of sperm spewed out of him.

Finally, his breathing slowed, “That was so hot bro, something to remember me by for the rest of your life eh?, Buddy.”

He pulled out but I was too exhausted to move only to be surprised as another cock pushed in, “Ummm sloppy seconds…..you are a right little slut, you're the fucking whore, aren't you? Chasing any cum loads, as many as you can get" as he too began to thrust in and out, after a few minutes he shoved as deep as he could and shouted "I'm gonna cum! Gonna be knocking you up good!”

I felt his cock throb and throb as he spurted the second cum load ever in me, then is telling me “what a good boy I was”, and as he continued with tender little thrusts a sense of euphoria hit me knowing I did a good job taking their cocks and cum. I’d found my place in life as a bottom boy.

I was spent. They were spent.

I cleaned up with toilet paper and saw smears of blood in with the excess cum leaking from my hole and as I looked shocked at the red stain it was only then that I though, “What had I done?”

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Thank you for the love for this story with plenty more to cum...

4. The reveal

That shock paled into insignificance when I opened the toilet door only to find my brother Ben laughing, with another guy about his age at the hand basin, talking about the dumbfuck they had just Pozzed.

“Ben!” I screamed, “was that you…..?” I couldn’t finish what I was saying as a tsunami of emotions hit me.

“Fuck!  Liam what the fuck are you doing here, in there, Oh shit, fuck, fuck, fuck.  Bro I’m sooooooooo sorry I never…..”  He too couldn’t speak, red faced and too angry to get the words out.

Ben turned to his mate, “Dan you better go. Liam you have to come home with me…we have to have a talk.”

We didn’t say a word to one another on the walk to his car and “Get in” was all that was said before we got to his house.  My brother quickly ushered me indoors and sat me down in one of two black leather settees, “Beer?” he asked I simply nodded yes.  While he was in the kitchen I scanned the room, white, bright and minimalistic with everything in its place, the total opposite of when he was at home.

“Here drink this, you’ll need it.”  And before I could finish one sip the front door opens and in walks the man I know to be Olly.

“Hi Love, home early for once" then scanning the room looking for Ben says, "…Oh Liam….I didn’t expect you to be here too!  Sorry I didn’t mean it the way that sounded!  Oh shit, let me start again…Good to see you and welcome to our home.”

“Well done loverboy you managed to insult my brother and ‘out’ us all in one go!” snapped Ben to Olly.

“I’m sorry.  Ben what’s up? It looks to me like something is seriously wrong by the looks on your faces, d’ya want me to leave so you two can talk about it?”

“No, I think you had better stay and hear this.” Then turning to me confessed, “Just in case you hadn’t got it, Olly is my boyfriend, my partner, so yes I am gay just like you.  I love Olly….” And then smirking says, “I’m a size queen, so maybe soon you’ll see why I love him so.”  Then Ben proceeds to tell Olly about our toilet adventures with Dan.  I was surprised that Olly wasn’t angry but appeared to be turned on by the huge lump that was showing in the front of his suit trousers.  “Other than keeping it in the family…the problem is?” a smiling nonplussed Olly asks.

“We’re all Poz and unmedicated but it was Liam’s first time.” Ben spelt out.

“Wow! You took your own brother’s cherry you lucky bastard” replied Olly totally missing the point.

Ben’s protective feelings for me broke out once again as he dropped into the seat next to me, gave me a hug and said, “You OK with this?”  I didn’t know what I thought, it was all too much; getting fucked for the first time, getting fucked by my own brother, not only that but by someone I had for years fantasized and wanked off over, finding out he is gay too, finding out he has a boyfriend, finding out they are both HIV positive all as I sit here with two Poz loads soaking in my ripped-up guts.

It was too much and I snuggled into his chest and burst into tears, sobbing loudly.  “Hey, hey, we’re here to support you.”  Olly said reaching over to rub my shoulders, “We can get you to the medical centre for some emergency Prep to stop your exposure to HIV if you decide that’s what you want to do, we didn’t, but it’s up to you, your choice.”

Truth be told I didn’t know what I wanted, my red eyes smarted but I pulled myself together and asked about their life, how they got Pozzed and how they live with it.  I also was intrigued as if they were together why Ben was in a toilet with this Dan chap.

I sat enthralled by their tale of how Ben got infected, gave it to Olly when they got together and Dan was a mate of theirs who was chasing the bug to get it and move on so he can enjoy fucking whom he wants, when he wants.  I took it all in.  “Is it wrong that that’s what I want too?” after hearing all about this made my cock throb, swell and leak a huge wet spot in my trousers…it didn’t go unnoticed.

“Looks like your little brother likes the idea of being knocked-up, see his cock has made his mind up for him” as a big shit eating grin spreads across Olly’s face, “Am I right, or am I right?”

“You got me, yeah I think that’s what I want, but only if you help me through it.” I said lightly punching him on the arm.

A collective “Yes!” erupted from both Ben and Olly as they caressed and cuddled me as for the first time I literally felt brotherly love.


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5. The journey continues

“I think it’s time we showered and went to bed don’t you?  I’ll call mum and tell her we ran into you and you have come to stay over for a catch-up, OK?” Ben informs me.  “Yes please bro, I’d love that.”

We group showered and the hot soapy water washed my cares away as both Ben and Olly soaped me up paying particular attention to my cock, balls and gently played with my battered ass crack.

Refreshed and reinvigorated we lept on to the bed in a heap, kissing and caressing as I extended my gay sex education from my brother and his partner and eager to learn more secrets spots as well as have more of his special cum from Ben doing what I always wanted him to give me. I felt a small pressure on my head, feeling his hand guide my head towards his straining cock and balls. Well, time to properly try this out...something I had dreamed about since I stole his used cum-rag T Shirt.  I open my mouth to properly suck off my brother and feel the spongy texture of his dick-head as I ran my tongue over and around it, savouring the deep smell of pure Ben as I inhale... I was in heaven, hell, and everywhere in between.

"Wow...no teaching required in giving head"

Ben's face had a mix of pleasure and happiness to it, enjoying the playful humour mixed in with my spirited exploration of every part of his magnificent cock.  I tried to mimic what I had seen in gay porn videos, but damn...his big fat cock seemed bigger than it did in the toilets but I must have been doing something right by the way Ben moaned to himself, the way he grabbed and played with his nipples, his knees mixing between being steady waving open and closed and trying to buck under the pressure of pleasure. What I lack in skill, I guess, I make up for in vigour. And vigorous I was. I doubled my effort to move on to his big bull sized balls to lick, kiss, suck and taste every inch of this dangling sack this delicious taboo and depravity. It was Ben and it was perfect. So hot to the touch, I could almost feel his balls move with me in tandem to every lick. I sucked each of them in, savouring them and I could tell it was driving Ben crazy.

Apparently I was a natural at playing with balls...

"Damn fucking damn... I'm already close..." Ben whispered to me, I guess I was good... Or perhaps the emotions of playing with his brother that got the better of him.

“Me too” piped up Olly, who I had all but forgotten about as my life long fantasy played out in real time, a quick glance confirmed he was jerking off watching us two brothers enjoy one another.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked looking up lovingly at Ben

"Just... " His eyes were shut tight, riding each wave of ecstasy in his mind. It was so hot... I went back to bobbing my head on his rock-hard dick. I could taste a mix of my own saliva and his delicious precum and I just fell into a comfortable rhythm. My head and tongue moved in tandem with his thrusts, and I could see his body stiffen.


And with that feeble whimper of warning, Ben climaxed, grabbing my head tight feeding me every drop of cum he could muster. And what cum it was. I could feel my mouth filling up, gush after gush, till I was forced to stop savouring and start swallowing. But the taste. Different from his precum, but still perfect... It was so hot, slightly sweet mixed with a bitter aftertaste but in a sophisticated, fancy restaurant type of way.

"Fuck... fucking fuck... Damn..."

Ben's knees buckled but thankfully he never toppled over. He leaned back and rested against the bedhead, catching his breath, his body flush red. He wiped his sweaty brown hair out of his eyes, his breathing slowing, coming down from the rush.

"Well... I'm... impressed bro. You aren't half bad... Not bad at all." Ben laughed lightly patting the top of my head.

"Oh! Wow, fucking wow, that was soooooooooooo HOT... damn!  Look at me." I opened my eyes and looked across at Olly as he smiled devilishly as jet after jet of poisonous jizz painted my face and hair, thick gobs of HIV laden cum dripped down from my hair, stinging in my eyes, I scooped as much as I could in my right hand and slurped on the bitter tasting spunk as I made sure to clean up every drop.

“Fuck that was awesome bro, but no more wasted cum going down your throat or over that pretty face…we gotta share you with Dan, Rich, Mark and a few other friends to make sure it only goes in your hole so you convert and join our own special brotherhood.

After ordering in a takeaway we all clambered into bed and following my sexploits I quickly went to sleep tightly snuggled up between Ben & Olly as they text or spoke to their pals. 

During the night I dreamt in full technicolor of every detail of the day’s events partially thrusting back as it felt for real like I was being fucked once more…in fact I caught myself moaning out loud and was afraid I would wake the boys.  When I came to, I realized I wasn’t dreaming, it was Ben spooned up behind me, nuzzled into my neck and whispered, “I’m so glad you’re here, I couldn’t help myself, I just had to claim your hole as mine.”

“He’s mine after you’ve finished you dirty dog, remember we share everything!” said a wide-awake Olly and with that Ben groaned as he filled my boycunt with his special brew.

Olly threw back the duvet and presented me with his huge dick which was very thick and, in the half-light, looked dark and menacing with protruding veins that gave it a gnarled appearance.

“Jeez I glad I’m lubed up with Ben’s load coz’ I think my hole is about to get its biggest challenge yet!”

“On your back boy.” Olly authority demanded and as I rolled on to my back Olly knelt before me and pushed my legs apart.

“Push some of that thick Poz spunk out” he instructed and as I did so a torrent of cum flowed out on his hand which he them smeared over his cock and pushed the rest of Ben’s jizz back in.  Olly placed his dick-head at my hole and pushed the puckered skin open and continued pushing, inching his ever-thickening shaft in further pushing my internal flesh aside as his cock slid in gliding on Ben’s DNA.  I let out a blissful groan as I felt Olly bottom out with his hot heavy balls resting on my taint.  Now he was all the way in he lifted my legs up over his shoulders and leant forwards and began easing in and out.

“Fuck me Ben, this is one fine pussy your brother has here.” As Ben switched on the bedside light to fully watch his partner have his way with me. 

I whimpered not in delight but in pain as not only Olly’s pace changed but the direction varied too further stretching and tearing at my internal skin as the hammering assault continued.

I didn’t know what was happening next as Olly got Ben to move over and see his cock sawing in and out of my ass but he suddenly had a look of total satisfaction on his face as he intensively stared straight in to my eyes. Then punching in hard between each word, then says,

“you’re torn up and bleeding-which-should-guarantee-your conversion-our-boy” and simultaneously upon hearing this my cock exploded in jets of negative cum that splattered up my stomach, neck and face.

As my climax fired off my sphincter twitched and gripped hard around Olly’s monster dick which set off a train reaction; first his breathing becoming ragged, then his body shuddered as he then punched in soooo deep, roared as his virulent  load flooded my intestines.  He slumped over me and tenderly kissed me, a loving kiss as he gently pumped his still hard cock in my battered hole, “Welcome to the club kid.”


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      George came in the room now with out shorts on. His thick cock swinging as he walked in.  
      "Men can I have your attention, Ok so the tops are a bit randy to get things going shortly so this is the plan. Each of you will go on your knees and put your asses in the air. Each top will come in and fuck you three pumps. We will go to the other room and choose which bottom they want for their first fuck. Then they will take you to another part of the house, either one of the four bedrooms or the two in the basement. They will be the first to breed you." After a pause, George said "Bitch's get into your positions and put those pussies in the air"
      We all got into position. I was third one in. I felt a dollop of lube put on my hole, and a thumb push it in. Still felt a bit dry. I also felt a marker go on my left ass cheek. We heard the door close. We all waited. A few minutes later the door opened again. I could hear a muffled sound as the first bottom was penetrated by a cock. Followed by three quick slaps of flesh on flesh. It repeated again beside me as the same top penetrated the young twink. Then it was my turn. The top was rather thick but not overly long. I felt him take the three required stabs at my pussy. The second top bottomed out, but didn't quite hit the second sphincter. The third top was a decent size. The fourth top was thicker than the first top who fucked me. The fifth top was thick but average. However the sixth top was both thick and long, and he almost made it into my second sphincter.  This continued on for about a half hour. At that point we were allowed to get up stretch our legs and wait for the tops to come claim us. George came in and gave us number cards on strings around our necks. I was number 3. 
      The tops came in and went to their desired partners for the first breeding. George took the twink that was beside me. All five of the guys left leaving only me in the room. That is when the door opened and my top came in. He was tall mid fifties hairy chest. A bit of a belly. But his cock was a wonder unto it's own. 
      To be continued
    • By dirtycumlover
      I knew early on I was gay. Back before the internet all we had was magazines to look at. I remember getting Penthouse Letters for the first time and reading just the gay stories in it. As I got older I kept my homosexuality a secret from everyone. I so wanted to suck cock and get fucked but I had no idea how to go about it. One day during the summer as I was out driving I noticed a grey and pink building in a not so good part of town. Just the colors said this building was different. I parked my car and just watched the men going in and out. Adult video and theater was on the sign outside and this peaked my curiosity more. After hearing about a certain celebrity getting caught in a place like this had me wondering what exactly goes on inside a place like this. So I decided to check the place out. I walked up to the door and on the outside was a sign that said you had to be 21 to enter. I being 18 decided I would push my luck. I entered the building and it had everything you could desire. Magazines, videos, adult toys, and of course the theater in the back. I noticed several men strolling by the entrance just staring at me and I knew they wanted me by just their looks. About this time the cashier asked for ID and I lied saying I lost it by getting a DUI. She knew I was lying but she didn't stop me. I asked about the theater in the back and asked her what could I do back there. She shocked me by saying I could do anything I wanted to do. Upon hearing this my cock was hard and leaking precum bad. So I made my way to the back and let my eyes adjust to the darkness. I saw a big theater room playing straight porn and probably 30 private booths for enjoying other videos. The back was crawling with men. I found an empty booth and deposited my money and started flipping through the channels to find a video I wanted to watch. After settling on a hot gay video of an older guy fucking a younger guy I pulled down my pants and started jerking off. After a minute or so something caught my eye. Sticking through a hole in the wall, which I now know as gloryholes, was a cock. Ok I'll admit I was a bit scared because I didn't know if it was a setup. After several more seconds he withdrew his cock and stuck his finger through. He asked if he could suck my cock which for some reason I didn't have a problem with. So I stuck my cock through the hole and he started sucking me. God it felt great. I had found the answer to my prayers. His mouth felt great. After a few minutes I withdrew my cock and he slid his cock back through. This time I didn't hesitate. I got down on the dirty floor. It was sticky and smelled but for some reason I felt right at home. I jerked his cock a little bit and then licked up his precum. And the moment came. I put a cock, his cock, in my mouth for the first time. Oh how wonderful it felt to be sucking a real cock for the first time. I knew I  had found my calling and the place to unleash my desires. I sucked him the best I could and being on my knees felt so right. After sucking him for a while he withdrew his cock which left me disappointed. He then asked if he could come into my booth to continue our fun. Oh God I got nervous but agreed to let him in my booth. He came right over and as soon as he locked my booth door I got a good glimpse of the man. He was around 30 and was a bit taller than me. Nice toned body with no facial hair. His cock was around 7 inches but not to thick. He sat down on the bench and took his cock back out. I got back on my knees and started sucking his cock some more. I was having so much fun. Then it happened. As I came up for air he put his hand under my chin and bent down to kiss me. I was a bit shocked but I soon returned his kiss. He then asked if he could fuck me. I asked if he had a condom because I didn't want any disease. He said he only fucked bare and I was not having a cock inside me without protection. He looked disappointed but I had my standards at the moment. He then produced a bottle of something and held it under my nose and told me to inhale. I did as told for some reason and I felt strange. Hornier than I had been and I started sucking his cock with gusto. After several minutes he told me to inhale again. I was starting to lose all my inhibitions. He told me to strip and after another time of inhaling I begged him to fuck me. He obliged. He took off his pants and got behind me and slowly slid his cock inside me. It hurt but whatever I was inhaling also had me to where I didn't care. He got all of his cock inside me and just let my ass adjust to his cock. After a few minutes he slowly started fucking me. He had me take another whiff of what he had and I lost it. I was now begging him to fuck me harder. I must've been a bit loud because he hushed me by covering my mouth with his hand. God his cock felt wonderful. I was glad I found this place. Here I was on a dirty floor with some strangers cock inside me raw. After several minutes of fucking me hard he started cumming. The whole time I was hard and I didn't even touch my cock and I started cumming as well. After his cock went soft he took it out of my ass. He kissed me before getting dressed and said welcome to the club. I didn't know what he meant. He asked me to stay naked that I would be popular today. He handed me the bottle of what I was inhaling and he told me it was poppers. I had never heard of them but I loved them. He said there were several guys waiting in the hall just like him. He then said he was HIV positive and before I could react he had me take another hit. And to my surprise I told him let the fun begin. 
    • By DutchBBfucker
      CHAPTER 1:
      Tyler dad made a fortune with the exploitation of swingers sex club. In the weekends the club was packed with straight and bi couples. After Tyler’s mom died his dad blocked all emotions and was only busy working. Tyler had a friend at school to talk with, but when they grew older the conversions mostly were about girls. A subject that didn’t do much for Tyler. When he was online he came across a link to a gay porn website a world opened up. When he was 18 he discovered Grindr and after his first time having sex he wanted more. Within a few month he frequently visited sex parties. At one of these parties he met a few guys that introduced him to chems and took him to other more intense parties. He saw boys taking load after load and begging to become part of the brotherhood. Tyler knew right away that he wanted to be one of them. A few months before turning 19 he got the news that he was POZ and to celebrate he took a biohazard tattoo on his dick. In the next few years he started to cover his body with tattoos.
      After coming home from a POZ party he found his dad lying dead in the hallway; A heart attack. Tyler was heartbroken but determined to turn this into something positive. He closed and stripped the swingers cluband after a few months re-opened as a gay bathhouse. Tyler hired 12 good-looking young boys as staff. He only hired boys he knew from the POZ parties. The only thing the boys wear while working is a leather harness with a cocking with an anal plug attached. The harness has a lock and can only be removed with a key. Only customers with a green or red wristband are allow to touch the staff. All other customers without a special wristband that touch the boys without consent is banned. The bathhouse is open from 11:00 in the morning until 3:00 at night, but for customers with a wristband can stay 24/7. The red wristband are members which Tyler personal invited. You can only become a member through another member and when you are young than 40, POZ and not on meds. Boys between 18 and 25 get a green wristband. Every night after 3:00 the bathhouse is change into one big POZ party hosted by Tyler. Anyone that wants to use condoms is asked to leave and chems are allowed. Before the party starts the boys with the green wristband Tyler likes are offered a drink secretly laced with G.
      Last week Tyler saw a boy that he wants to convert into his personal slut. The boy was 20 years old with medium-long blond hair that was tied together tight in a small tail. His body was athletic and hairless. Everyone without a wristband is asked to get dressed. The blond boy also walks towards the lockers. Tyler stops him and ask “You don’t have to leave”. The boy replies “I’m here with my brother and he’s 26 so he has no wristband”. Tyler grabs a wristband from behind the counter and says “Now you can both stay”. The boy smiles and nods. After 5 minutes he’s back with his brother. “You could be twins” Tyler says before asking their names. The youngest is called Zack and the oldest is Dane. “Want a drink boys?” asks Tyler while handing them a laced drink. Both boys nod. Tyler tells two of his staff to keep refilling when the glasses are empty. In total 11 boys and 17 members stayed. Most of them took of their towels showing their big dicks. Some boys can’t hide their lust and move towards a group of black guys with huge black cocks sticking out. The first 2 boys get worked down on their knees and 2 others automatically get down. You can hear the boys gagging on the monster cocks. Tyler walks towards the brothers. Zack say “It’s getting warm here”. Tyler replies “Let’s lay down over there”.
      The boys lay down on the huge bed in the orgy room. Tyler removes his short and shirt. “Wow! Love the tattoos” says Dane. “Yeah they look good on your ripped body” Zack adds. Tyler thanks both boys. “Your bodies are also hot… why not remove your towels” he replies. Both boys remove the towels revealing two huge cocks. Tyler’s cock starts to grow. “He likes what he seeing” Dane says to Zack pointing at Tyler's growing dick. Zack moves down and swallows Tyler's cock. Dane begins to move away. “Where are you going?” asks Tyler. “We never have sex in a threesome” he replies. “Are you afraid of competition??” Tyler says laughing before asking one of his staff to bring him his pipe. “This calms your nerves” Tyler says. He lights the pipes and starts to inhale. The boy that brought the pipe whispers in Dane’s ear. Tyler grabs Dane and pulls him closer for a kiss and gives him a shotgun. After 10 seconds he exhales. Tyler repeats that twice and then does the same with Zack. “What is that?” Zack asks but Tyler doesn’t respond and pushes Zack down again. “Suck that cock” Tyler says pushing Dane towards the boy that brought the pipe. Dane swallow down the cock while tyler starts to suck Dane’s dick. Tyler get a small tube of lube and places it at Dane’s hole. The small nozzle enters his hole with easy. He squirts a load of lube inside. Dane moans. “Yes it burns a bit but in a few seconds it will stop” Tyler replies. Tyler know that the lube contains enough Tina to transform him into a perfect slut. He asks Zack if he want to squirt some lube in his ass before asking him to turn around. Zack also moans when the lube begins to take effect. Both boys start to moan louder.
      “This will make the feeling more intense” says Tyler as he starts to blindfold both boys. “My boy will fuck you Zack and you will fuck me and i will fuck Dane” Tyler explains. But instead of doing what he said he lays down manoeuvres Zack onto his dick. Zack slowly gets impaled by the big cock. “Next” Tyler says. One of the others boys helps Dane To manoeuvre on top of his younger brothers dick. When the whole cock is swallowed by Dane’s hole he starts to ride the pole. “Your ass feels amazing Tyler” moans Zack. “His dick feels even better” says Dane. 4 people are filming how both brothers fuck each other. After 10 minutes we switch position. After removing the blindfold Tyler says “Dane i would love to see you fuck you younger brother”. “What?! No way… I will be the worse sex ever!” Dane shouts. “No i’m sure you’ll both enjoy it” Says Tyler with a grin. “Never” replies Zack. Both boys are handed a phone playing the video made earlier. Their eyes are wide open while fingering their holes. “You want my cock in your ass Dane? Then you know what to do.” Tyler adds. Dane can’t hide the urge for cock. He trows his brother on his stomach and positions his dick. Zack struggles a bit. “Stop struggling. I’m the oldest so you do as i say.” Dane growls before slamming his cock deep inside his brother. Tyler gets in position behind Dane and slips his cock in Dane’s ass”. They fuck as an well-synced machine.
      Tyler gives a sign and two boys grab Zack’s arm tie a rubber band around it. Before Zack knows whats happening a syringe enters his vein and the Tina enters the bloodstream. “Take a good look and see him change in a horny slut” Tyler whispers in Dane’s ear. The rubber band snaps off and Zack starts to cough. Hie begins to moan while his body starts to pulsate. His ass opens up and Dane’s dick sinks deeper inside. Dane feels the head of his cock passing the second ring. The second ring begins to tighten around the swollen head. Dane tries to pull out but the right tightens with every attempt. A warm feeling begins to build op in Dane’s balls. Zack begins to moan louder when he feels his brothers dick swell up. With a deep animalistic grunt he starts to shoot thick streams of cum deep inside his young brother. After 3 minutes he pulls out and falls exhausted besides his brother. Tyler gives another signand before Dane can act the rubber band snaps off and he start to couch.
      Tyler yells “It’s time boys” and within 20 seconds all 12 boys working for him are gathered around him. “Like you all became brothers these 2 will also brothers. So dump as many of your loads containing my toxic dna deep inside them”. After Tyler’s speech he flips zack on his back lifts his legs and begins to pound his ass using Dane’s cum as lube. At the same time the first of his boys begins fucking Dane. Tyler begins to fuck harder. Zack begins begging for more. “Yes Harder… Give me more…”. Tyler begin to laugh and says “I want to hear you beg for my cum… beg me for my POZ cum..”. The Tina turned Zack a fuck slut without a will of his own as he start to beg Tyler to POZ him. “Yes fuck me harder… I want your load… your dirty POZ load… make me yours…”. Tyler gets turned on by these words he feels his cum boiling in his balls. He looks at Dane and sees how one of his boy shoot a third load in his ass. Tyler grunts deep and shoot a huge load in Zack’s ass. As he pulls out the cum comes gushing out the open ass. Quickly one of the boys takes his place. After shooting a huge load in Dane’s ass Tyler walks back to the bar area.
      His cocks begins to get hard when he sees how a slim twink boy slowly sliding on to a black monster cock. The whole 12.5” disappears inside the boy. “Did you cover your dick with crystals?” asks another black dude. “Yes… i can feel his body giving in… wanna try if he’s ready?” says the one with his dick deep in the boy. He pulls the twink close to his chest and wraps his arm around him. The other positions him self behind the boy and starts to push his 11” cock besides the other dick. The boys body start shaking and the boys begs to stop. The second dick slowly stretches the boys hole to the max. Slowly the dick sinks deeper until it’s completely disappears. Slowly he starts to move his cock in and out. Faster and Faster. The boys is moaning from pleasure. “I’m close” the first black guy yells. “Me too” replies the other. They both ram their cocks deep inside, This is to much for the young boy and passes out. Both dicks unload deep in his ass. One pulls out as a third black cock takes it’s place. “I will wake him up!” and rams his big cock inside. The boy body twitches and with a loud cry he’s comes back. The cum gets fuck out of his ass. The boy gets pounded hard for at least another 15 minutes before getting a third load planted deep in his ass.
      Tyler smiles and is glad to see that another boy is converted into a POZ cum slut.
    • By BottmCumDump2019
      24Y.O bottom here would really like to be in a gangbang scene if youre interested/trying to film a gangbang scene please let me know.

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