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Trucker BBC

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Was horny as fuck Saturday AM, this trucker hit me up on GROWLr said he was coming through kcmo and wanted to fuck. Was into hairy bear (that’s me). We chatted. I sent him ass Picts and then agreeed I would meet him and fuck in his sleeper truck. Got cleaned up and went to meet. My heart was racing. I had never done anything like this. Parked in front of his truck and climbed in the passenger side.  He was sexy as fuck. Nice 9.5 thick cock. I stripped, sucked him for a bit while he fingered my hole and then I got on all fours and he proceeded to use my hole for his pleasure.  Thank god I had poppers.  He fucked me for a good 20 min and then I could hear his breathing pick up and I knew I was I’m for a huge load. He grabbed my hips and had one last thrust and bred my ass good.  


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    • Guest LoveBBC
      By Guest LoveBBC
      I just want to share my belief that a true cumdump denies no one with the exception of bad hygiene.  Too many cumdumps reject the few that still insist on wearing a condom. While it is a valiant effort to seduce the man to remove his condom, if he makes the decision to continue to wear it, respect him and allow him to continue.    I usually say the condom is starting to hurt and then 1/2 of those men will remove it because they are caught up in the moment and the ecstasy.  
      For those that cum in the condom, I simply tell them to leave it in my room and then I will either lick and swallow it from the condom or scoop it out and insert in my hole.  
      Either way, I’m still getting the load and I’m staying true as a cumdump there for the pleasure of ALL men. 
      It’s not our place to negotiate with the top, it’s our jobs as true cumdumps to let the tops have their way with us.  Remember, it’s about them and not us. The more we please them, the more pleasure we’ll receive in return  
    • By sundevil5
      I was in Philly for a meeting one day and stopped in to a bar in my old neighborhood for a drink after driving around. I sat outside in the sunshine as I sipped and people watched. I was drawn to the sounds of a ballgame down the street, so I paid the check and wandered down to the field. I sat in the stands and watched a high school game. Love to watch the big players in their tight pants. As the game ended I followed the spectators out to the parking lot and struck up a friendly conversation with the umpires. As we chatted, we headed to the far corner of the lot and then down an alley where their cars were parked. 
      Frank and Juwon were both about my age and about 6 foot, good looking black men with a little beer belly in front. I mentioned that this alley is a great place to get robbed, and Juwon opened his minivan hatch and said, "or get laid!"  We all laughed and the umpires began to undress from their gear.  We were chatting about baseball and stuff when Juwon stripped naked and bent in front of Frank and me. Frank ran his hand into Juwon's crack and he moaned. Me? Instant boner, drooling. Frank looked at me and dropped his pants too. Both umpires had nice big dicks. Frank was shaved bald....I love that.  I got down on my knees and started slobbering all over Franks dick and smooth balls. Juwon came over and helped Frank out of his shirt and began kissing him and playing with his nipples. We were all moaning. Frank started thrusting balls deep into my throat when Juwon twisted his nipples hard. After several deep thrusts he buried his cock in my throat and just as I grabbed his balls with one hand and stuck a finger up his ass, he came. And came. And CAME. Frank moaned loudly, Juwon twisted and nibbled his nipples and I tried to swallow it all. It was so much cum, and very sweet tasting.
      I stood up and stripped quickly and Frank went down on me as Juwon kneaded my ass from behind. He kissed his way up my back to my neck. Slowly dragging his tongue across my skin. I arched my back as he pulled me back into a long kiss and Frank slid a couple of fingers up my ass as he began to bob quickly up and down on my cockhead. Juwon's hands were so big and warm as he began to rub my chest and pinch my nipples.  I was in sensory overload. Moaning and groaning. Then Frank stood up, and on cue, Juwon bent me over. His huge dick had rubbed precum all over my ass checks in the last few minutes...and then he rubbed his big wet head on my hole.  "Nice", uttered Juwon....and Frank said, "suck my dick faggot", as he waved his mostly hard cock in front of my lips. As I took Frank in my mouth, Juwon punched his head into my asshole since I was pushing back on his insistent pressing. I let out a cock muffled groan just as Juwon loudly proclaimed,"fuck yeah white boy, take dis big dick". Frank began pumping in and out of my mouth and occasionally pulling out and making me eat his balls. I wrapped a hand around his nuts as he fucked my mouth. Juwon meanwhile, he started slowly long dicking me and then as he gripped my hips he picked up tempo. My own cock became hard and my balls began to swing as Juwon got into a rythum. The heat and fricton in my ass was intense. I could feel Juwon drooling into my ass. Frank buried his cock to my nose and Juwon went to another speed...and then.....I lost it, I saw stars, my ass started convulsing, my cock started cumming and my balls were on fire.  Juwon yelled..."Aw yeah, take my nut boy"...and my legs began to shake. Frank then came, again. He pulled out and shot on my face just as Juwon jammed deep, grabbed my hips hard and began moaning and grinding his load into me. Deep.  
      We stayed like that for what seemed like a half hour....and then Juwon pulled out. A huge river of cum ran down my leg. Frank and I sat on his car bumper as we watched Juwon get dressed and drive off. He gave me his cell # and said he had to get home. Frank and I talked for a while and then we made out for awhile before we got dressed and exchanged numbers. He told me I should become an umpire and join their crew...we could have lots of fun times.  Training starts next week
    • Guest HornedBottom
      By Guest HornedBottom
      Cheating Bear in Baltimore - can’t get enough Black Cock - no reciprocation let me suck you off and swallow your load

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