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Should getting HIV positive be the ultimate goal of a submissive bottom?

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our goal is only to submit to men and serve as much cock as possible. its the tops that wanna poz us or get us pozzed and what men say goes for faggots. thats why im on a steady diet of poz cum.high viral loads and unmedicated toxic cum gets dumped in me every day.i beg men with fullblown aids to cum inside me

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    • By Scorpion
      The Trainee
      ** Please remember to ‘like’ the story if you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment or to contact me via mail. Thx. **
      Working in a huge supermarket as a manager has some advantages.  Every time I’m bad tempered or feel some kind of pressure, I turn to one of my employees and take my bad mood out on that poor guy.  Building up the pressure by telling him to complete a job in a minimum amount of time; giving him work, which no one else wants to do; letting him do the late shifts all the time; fuck off his private life, by turning his down his wishes to get certain days off.  I always chose a guy, who is in dire need of the money and can’t afford to lose the job. They are taking this shit much longer, than an ordinary human being – they are simply the perfect victims.  The other guys at work don’t dare to interfere. They are so scared I could turn to them. Even if they think I am out of the line already, they turn their heads the other way and let that special co-worker suffer.

      I was in need of a new prey, since the last one got – well let’s put it this way: worn-out. So I had Betty put up the sign ‘Help Wanted’ at our entrance and we had quite a few applications.  For example the 79 year old granny who told me, she would give her very best to make our store a success. Her very best? Are you fucking kidding me? She can be happy, if she wears her underwear correctly.  Or the mom with 6 kids. Yeah right – can only work from 9 am to 1 pm; no check-out, because she is not good at math; no things pushing around, because of her sore back. Excuse me? Can I get you a cup of coffee and a piece of cake, while I pay your lazy ass for NOTHING?  The highlight was when she asked if the job would include health insurance for her and her kids immediately.  NEXT!
      Betty brought in another applicant.  Now this was someone I would totally prefer.  He was a slender guy. Maybe 18 or 19 at the most. He had dirty blonde hair, like those damn street dogs and looked at me with frightened blue eyes.  “Thanks Betty….” I said while she left my office and closed the door.
      I let the guy stand in front of my desk for several minutes and didn’t even offer him a seat.  First I finished my papers while he was standing there, feeling obviously insecure about this situation.  His smile froze into place while I was signing a few other documents.  Without looking at him I asked about his name.
      “Shane Myers” he answered with a croaking voice.
      I regarded him with a piercing look and the rest of his confidence shattered.  “Shane Myers… do you have another pair of Jeans? Or do you always apply for a new job, in such dirty and torn up jeans?” I asked him, noticing a tear in his pants.
      He looked down at his right knee and tried to apologize.  “My mom wasn’t able to sew it yet” he answered.
      “That doesn’t answer my question: Don’t you have another pair of jeans? I mean… come on… if you apply for a job, you want to make the best impression and I got to tell you: this is not a good impression to me” I said nodding at his torn pants.
      “I am sorry…. my other pair of jeans looked even worse” Shane replied meekly.
      Poor Shane, you could see he was humiliated by my words and his confession, to own just two pair of jeans.
      “Tell me about you. How old are you? What do you do? Are you still in school? Come on… time is money” I said harshly.
      “Well… my name is Shane Myers. I am 18 years old… what was the other question again?” he asked.
      I looked at him sternly.
      “Oh… yes. I am not in school anymore. I had to quit school, to help my mom paying the bills. She said I need to contribute, since times are bad and we struggle a bit.
      He was perfect! I wanted to squeeze him like a lemon.
      “We look for a full time employee. 40 hours the week. You need to be flexible. If I call you to come to work because someone called in sick, you jump into your torn up jeans and rush to my store.” I told him, adding “If you don’t finish a job in time, you do the overtime on your own free time. Got that?”  Continuing I told him “There are no bad jobs, just bad workers. Listen, I will give you the chance, but don’t disappoint me. I am a hard guy, but I am fair”
      Shane nodded at me. He smiles but I wasn’t a convincing smile.
      “You get paid by every two weeks and you get minimum wage. After a while, when you proved yourself, I might give you a bit more, but first I need to see, that you really want this job. I mean really… really want to be part of our family.”  and for the first time I smiled at him.
      “It would be great to work for you. I promise you won’t be disappointed. I learn fast and even without education I will give my very best not to fail. No matter what you need, I am your man!” he exclaimed.
      “That’s good to hear Shane. Now are you willing and read to start today?” I asked.
      “Today, like now?” he asked?
      “Is there a problem?”
      “No… not a problem at all. I just need to call my girlfriend and tell her that we can’t date later on, but I know she will understand.” he said.
      Girlfriend… Nice!  It would be so much fun to break this boy and turn him into a cock slurping, ass fucking faggot.  After he made his call I got up and my semi hard dick made a nice bulge in my slacks.  As any other dude Shane noticed my prominent bulge but didn’t stare or say something about it.  I went to a cupboard and opened it.
      “Here is your uniform. The pants might be too small, but we don’t have your size in stock right now.” that was a lie of course, but I wanted him to wear tight pants. I wanted look at his fuckable butt.  “Usually the male staff wears shirts, but since we only got over size shirts left at the moment, I would suggest you wear the stuff our female workers have to wear – which is a blouse” I fished out one in his size, with a nice collar and some ruffles on it.  He would look ridiculous.  I could see his shocked face and calmed him down saying “We will order the right things for you. Don’t worry. But we need to get you going for starters.” I said nicely.
      “So… what are you waiting for? Undress and get into your working clothes.”
      “Here?” he asked oblivious.
      “Yeah – I want you ready for the action. Don’t be shy.” I snickered.
      First Shane got rid of his shirt. His torso was simply beautiful, almost completely hairless. His wide chest with his little nipples invited me almost to torture him immediately.  I really had to control myself, not to jump up and twist his nipples forcefully.  Then he pulled down his jeans. He wore boxer shorts underneath. I told him with his tight uniform pants, he wouldn’t be able to wear those boxers.  He sighed that I was probably right.
      He made the conclusion and pulled his shorts down also, but before that he turned around, so I could admire those solid ass cheeks.  I didn’t care about the fags clit anyway. I was longing for his ass. I had to fuck him hard and brutal. Not only to put him into his place, but also to seed him with my venom.  Without turning to me he pulled up his working pants.  That was a sight. He really had to fight to get into these tight pants. Several times he had to bend his knees to get the pants up higher.  Every time he did that, he gave me a promise of his sweet ass.
      He cursed under his breath because he had so many difficulties to button up, but finally he managed to get into it.
       He turned around and tried to make a happy face.
      “Are you able to breathe?” I asked seriously.
      “Yes… but I don’t know if I can do a good job in those pants” he complained.
      In my mind I screamed: ‘YES, YES – you are doing a great job already.’
      “Well, let’s check it” I said and walked towards him.
      “Turn your back at me. Now bend your knees… Shut up… I need to hear if the stitches are ripping up”
      “Go deeper into your knees… okay…. now crouch before me and be quiet… I can’t hear anything ripping” I grinned.
      “Now get do some squats.”
      Since Shane was with his back to me I couldn’t help but to stroke my cock through my slacks.
      I had to push it further. I wanted to know how far I could go and so I ordered the twink to bend a bit and with my right thumb I followed the stitches down his ass crack. I laid my left hand occasionally on his left ass cheek and run my thumb again and again up and down between his ass cheeks.
      Shane yelped and tried to shy away.
      “Don’t worry – I just want to make sure this is really safe. Imagine you work outside and then all of a sudden your pants rip and you don’t even wear underwear.  We can’t risk that!” I explained to him as I continued asking in a professional tone “How does that feel?"
      “Good…?” Shane wasn’t sure what to answer.
      “It seems like your working pants are able to survive a nuclear war – now try the blouse.”
      What I didn’t tell him, of course we had shirts in his size. Hell - we even had blouses in his size, but I chose one that was also a bit smaller. He had the chance to turn down the job, if he had some dignity he would.
      Instead of that he grabbed the blouse and tried to wear it, and on the first try commented with a desperate if polite edge “I think it is a bit too small also."
      I couldn’t help but to agree.
      “This is only a compromise… don’t worry, we will change that in a couple of days” I assured him.
      Imagine – his top didn’t even match to reach his pants. If he would stack goods into an upper shelf you would see his bellybutton.
      Poor Shane hat a pants, that would reveal part of his ass cheeks while bending down. In the front some of his pubic hair could be seen.
      His blouse looked more like a belly top.
      “Can I be honest to you? I am a bit embarrassed.” Shane subdued.
      “Nah… you know, in these times you can’t ever wear something and be embarrassed. Today everything is possible” he calmed him down.
      I went to my desk and got a name tag out of my drawer. Of course it had not Shane’s name on it, but the word ‘Trainee’
      “This way, the customers will know that you are new to this” I smiled.
      “So? Are you ready for some action?
      “Yes Sir!” he tried to smile and thanked me again, for giving him this chance.
      When we made it to one of the department managers he looked a bit irritated to Shane, but tried to act professional.  I introduced Shane as the new trainee and co-worker and asked Mr. Brown to give him some work to do.  After he explained to Shane what he wanted, the boy started to arrange some stuff.  Mr. Brown walked a few feet with me and after he made sure that Shane couldn’t overhear our conversation he asked why the boy would be dressed like that. It was a bit revealing he remarked, adding  
      “He looks like a faggot!”
      I agreed.
      “You know – when I showed him our uniform he asked me, if he could have pants a bit tighter, because he thought he has a nice ass. After I handed him the shirt he mentioned the things our female workers wear would be so much nicer and so he got that one too. Maybe your suspicion is true – but who am I to judge” I lied.
      “You know how it is – only happy associates are productive associates” I added, giving Mr. Brown a wink.
      “Ooooh… I see. Well, since we are living in a gay friendly neighborhood, I guess this could actually help us attracting more customers.”
      “Exactly” I said.
      Once I would be finished with him, he would know every dick by name….

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