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Well done, excellent written story!   Hope there is another chapter.   Possibly where daddy had indeed tasted his boy's last neg load, and decides to go off PrEP without telling anyone and agrees to bottom at a much larger party!    

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    • By CagedBBoy
      Please be kind in your reviews and I really hope you enjoy it.
      The tags in the story will give you an idea of where I plan on taking it.
      Through the eyes of Scotty:
      I hear it again, the faint sound of the shower running, my heart skips a beat.
      Some people say they feel butterflies in life’s tender moments, for me that was the sensation I felt every time I heard my father’s shower running; knowing I’d be able to sneak a glimpse of him, water cascading down his amazing well defined body.
      I’d been spying of Dean, my father since I was 16 when I first came to terms with my feelings towards other men and realising I’m gay. Jerking off, while watching him shower and knowing he was totally unaware of me doing so made it so much hotter!
      My mum and dad married and started a family very young, Dean is only 37, to my 17 years.
      They had my brother Beau one year before me and I think I’m blessed to have a young Dad and Brother. Unfortunately I lost my mother when I was 12, she passed in a car accident on her way to work. Since then it’s just been us boys with dad doing an amazing job of raising us.
      Beau is already at university studying, so it’s just dad and I living together and Beau visits some weekends and during term breaks from University.
      Our living arrangements make it easy for me to secretly watch my dad and get my fix, so to speak.
      And he doesn’t disappoint, as I watch him now, his back is resting against the shower wall, water flowing down his delicious smooth abs, his fat 9 inch cock in his right hand, being stroked casually, his left hand slowly caressing his ass cheek while he strokes himself, moaning in pleasure.
      I never get tired of this view, peaking through the gap in the door from dads bedroom and his ensuite bathroom, my briefs to my knees, stroking my boyish 8 inch cock, my eyes feasting on the vision of my dad wanking, I know I won’t last too long and hearing my dad’s moans increase, I’m propelled to my orgasm even faster. I see my father, through the steam in the bathroom, abs contracting, grunting, shooting ropes of cum from his massive tool, onto the glass of the shower. Wishing his cum was being sprayed over me, or better yet inside me. It was all too much , I started shooting my load into my left hand, still staring at dad in the shower as he milks the last of his load out. Ugh, I’m in heaven, but quickly snapped back to reality as I hear the shower turn off and the shower door open and close. With my left hand full of cum, I quickly lift my briefs with my right hand and run to my room, so as not to get caught.
      I make it back to my room and lay on my bed, another successful trip spying on dad, with my heart still racing, my cock only just starting to deflate, I rub my load all over my quivering asshole, wishing, hoping that one day it’ll be a load on and in my ass, delivered by my hot dad Dean himself.
      A boy can only dream right?
      Through the eyes of Dean:
      Startled, I wake to my alarm blaring at 6am, with my morning wood throbbing, aching to take a piss, I lay there thankful its Friday with the weekend just around the corner.
      I hear music coming from my son’s room, so I know Scotty is already awake and no need to go and annoy him. He’s a good kid, great grades, excellent attitude and such a caring young man.
      He lost his mother early in life and he misses her dearly. He has applied himself at school to ensure he succeeds to honor his mother’s memory.
      He and I are more alike than he realises, you see I used to consider myself bisexual, however since the unexpected passing of my wife, I couldn’t bring myself to be intimate with another woman.
      So I started dating men exclusively and have never looked back. I’m actually somewhat of a perverted dick pig, versatile, with a thick poisonous 9 inch cock that makes guys go crazy and a hole that can take a damn good pounding, the harder the better, bareback of course, you see I’m a massive cum pig. I haven’t ever used a condom and that will never change.
      I say he and I have more in common than he realises because he’s been spying on me in the shower, I think for about a year or so. The first time I realised he was watching me he was 16 years old.
      He’s an amazing looking young man, six pack, smooth, cute as fuck and I think gay, or at least bisexual. I couldn’t believe I was the object of his adolescent desires, but be damned if I’m not going to get some enjoyment out of it and corrupt him in the process, like I said; I’m perverted.
      I’ve been putting on shows for him for a long time now, knowing he’s been watching me while I shower. I even set up a gopro camera in my room to film him watching me, so that I can focus on putting on a show and not taking a casual glance towards the door to see if he’s there. And to be fair, he was there pretty much every time I showered, stroking his hot cock, rubbing his abs while staring at me getting off. I always positioned myself in the shower so that my biohazard tattoo on my hip was clearly visible from his vantage point. I wonder if he’s put two and two together.
      He always blew what looked like a great load before sneaking back to his room after I’d climaxed and given him what he wanted to see.
      His 18th birthday is fast approaching and it’s something I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time.
    • By cymbear
      Long shot at short notice I know, but anyone heading to SOP this afternoon up for sharing more than just piss?
    • By PowerTopper
      No bleeding
      No scat
      The slut loves piss, lives in the village, frequently at steamworks, strangle, degrade, she doesn't care, no condoms
      Tell her PowerTopper sent you she'll thank me later

    • By Emzop
      Just finally made a Twitter and put some things up. Follow me and spread me around, maybe I'll get to get a bunch more loads from it. I'm a cumdumppig and hungry for loads all the time. Lmk I live in Central Massachusetts and go to surrounding bathhouses for loads. Hmu! 
      Twitter : @cumswirls 
      Bbrt : useNabuse
    • By eagerbeaverto
      Any hotels that are central, easy access without needing key for elevators? 
      Where to get poppers?
      Pig ass cumdump btm visiting for the first time - looking to for some hot breedings. 
      Eagerbeaverto@gmail.com if interested! Feb 22-24. 
      Also on BBRT - eagerbeaverto 

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