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Since starting PrEP, I’ve been more open to have the kind of raunchy sex I’ve always fantasized about. My boy, on the other hand, decided that PrEP wasn’t for him anymore. While we started it together, he went off of it a few months ago when his last prescription ended. And that hasn’t stopped him from having risky sex, which is a huge turn on for both of us. 


Usually, we play together. A couple of times since he stopped PrEP, we hooked up with Charlie, a POZ guy off his meds. Charlie is a fuck buddy and mostly bottoms for us. My boy will suck him off while I rawfuck him with my PrEPed cock, filling him with cum which my boy eagerly licks out. My boy did bottom for Charlie once before he stopped PrEP, and I think he missed the thrill of riding that bare toxic dick. It might have been the excitement of taking Charlie’s POZ load that made him want to go off PrEP. 


Last weekend, Charlie invited me to a conversion party. He and two unmedicated buddies were going to rawfuck a bottom hungry to take POZ loads and convert. The plan was for him to take four loads, three POZ ones and mine the only NEG, sort of a cum-roulette. He asked that I not tell invite my boy about it since he wasn’t much into topping and would upset the one-out-of-four odds. I agreed and told my boy that I’d need to work on Saturday afternoon. My boy was a bit upset that I’d be away for part of the weekend, but told me he’d see if he could get up to some naughty fun of his own while I was ‘working.’ I knew he suspected that I’d be having some naughty fun myself. 


Friday evening, Charlie texted me to let me know that our bottom had flaked. I was disappointed. My boy and I were watching a movie on the sofa so I was cagey texting back and forth with Charlie. He told me to hold tight and might be able to organize another guy hungry for some fresh POZ cum. Not a minute later, my boy’s phone started dinging . He read a text then got up and went to the bathroom. He was in there a few minutes and came back sporting a bulge in his shorts and a little dark spot that looked like a dab of precum to me. He settled back next to me and nuzzled. My phone buzzed and Charlie let me know that we were on again after all, adding that the new bottom wanted to blindfolded so he didn’t know when he was full of POZ cock or not… 


The next morning, my boy and I slept in and lazed in bed. We fooled around a little making out until I started eating and fingering his hole. He moaned as I lined up my cock and slid inside him. I was horny thinking about the fun I was going to have with some cumdump’s ass that night and my boy’s eyes were tightly clenched, lost in his own fantasy. I asked him if he was thinking about Charlie’s big POZ cock and he started muttering, ‘Breed me!’, ‘…dirty seed…’, and  ‘fill me up!’ I was only too happy to oblige with my PrEPed cum. I shot deep inside him and stayed there until my hardon went down. 


An hour or so passed quickly and I showered before heading out ‘to work.’ My boy kissed me at the door and told me to have fun ‘working.’ He said he might have a surprise for me when I got home. I hopped in the car and texted Charlie that I was on my way. He replied back to take my time as our bottom was running a little late. 


I got to Charlie’s and had a beer or two with him and the two POZ tops he’d invited. Both were mid-50s but looked older with wasted faces and sizable bellies. Both had stopped meds but years of treatment had left them both looking sick. One had was bald, in fact hairless nearly everywhere except a white mustache. The other was tanned all over having obviously sunbathed nude. They both also had massive cocks already plump with anticipation. The bottom texted Charlie that he was outside and Charlie escorted us to his bedroom. We clinked our bottles and jerked each other off a little while Charlie met the cumdump at the door and blindfolded him. 


I’m sure you’ve figured out already that my boy was the bottom hungry to take three POZ loads. 


Charlie winked at me, knowing that the other two tops didn’t know that they were about to knock up my own boy. Charlie pushed my boy to his knees and led his head to one of the top’s cocks. While my boy was slobbering on our dicks he whispered to me, ‘Keep your mouth shut. He doesn’t know that the only NEG guy here is his man…’ I nodded and grinned. 


I’ve shared my boy’s holes with guys before, but never toxic unmedicated tops. Seeing Charlie and the two POZ strangers manhandle my boy got me so hot. They used him rough, forcing his head onto their big cocks, force-fucking his mouth, spreading his cheeks apart and driving their fingers into his ass. 


The mustachioed guy with the biggest belly flopped my boy onto Charlie’s bed and went to town eating his ass. He pulled off with spit and my morning’s load all over his white mustache grunting, ‘This pig has been primed already. Fresh seed is leaking out!’ He pulled back and I watched my own cum ooze out of my boy’s ass. The tanned guy walked up shaking his big dick and slapped it against my boy’s crack. He used my seed to slide balls deep in one go. Mr. Mustache spread my boy’s  cheeks wide so he could get in as deep as possible. Charlie smiled at me knowing I was loving the sight. ‘You like taking that raw dick, boy?’, the tanned guy asked. My boy moaned and begged for his cum. Charlie grabbed his phone and started recording my piggy boy rocking back and forth taking that dick. The tanned guy roared and shot his load as deep as it would go into my boy’s guts. 


He backed off and Mr. Mustache nodded to me that I should go next. Without a word, I slid into my boy. He felt so velvety smooth and wet. My cock was slimy with POZ cum as it rocketed back and forth. I was so hot I knew I could cum at any moment. I pulled out and Charlie took his turn next.


Charlie grabbed my cock and smeared as much cum off as possible, lubing his own with it. He handed me his phone and I started recording. He slammed hard into my boy and pounded him until my boy’s knees gave out and he was flat on his belly. I kept the video going as he hammered my boy into the mattress. He screamed as he came, so happy to be breeding my boy with his charged seed. 


He pulled out and nudged me forward. I dipped my dick into my piggy boy now stretched out and leaking two POZ loads. His hole felt so much more open than I’d ever felt it, practically ruined. I wanted to last as long as I could, so after churning what looked like butter in and out of my boy’s ass, I pulled out and let Mr. Mustache take his turn. 


My boy laid flat on the mattress as he bravely took Mr. Mustache’s impressively thick cock. He had the biggest dick, so maybe that’s why he went last. I eased myself next to my boy on the bed and watched as that POZ stranger’s thick dick practically sucked my boy’s hole out from his boy. He would slowly pull nearly all the way out and them quickly slam back in. I knew he was about to get his nut. His pace quickened and he bred my boy deeply. Charlie flipped my boy onto his back and started kissing his mouth. The two strangers each held a leg up and I lined up with my boy’s ass. 


He was so stretched out and so wet with seed. I felt like I was dipping my PrEPed cock into him more than fucking him. Each time I slid in, my dick came out more and more smeared with POZ cum. Knowing that Charlie and my boy had willingly gone behind my back to get him Poz-bred made me so hard. I tried to last as long as I could, but after a few minutes of slow fucking, I fired off my load. My pubes were matted with more cum than I’d ever seen in real life and my balls were soaked. Mr. Mustche dropped to his knees and cleaned my cock off. He tongued my boy’s hole fingering as much cum into his gaping hole as possible. He worked four fingers in and out of my boy. He was practically fisting my boy, with his hard dick boucing up and down. Without a hand on it, he shot his own load. Of course, Mr. Mustache scooped it up and fingered it into his sloppy ass. Charlie handed him a buttplug and it plopped right into place. 


I knew that there was a chance that before his hole returned to normal, that the POZ seed seeping into his guts might have already taken effect. Charlie held up his finger to his mouth signaling us to stay quiet and ushered my boy out of the room. 


I heard Charlie thanking him for the use of his ass and told him to get dressed. He suggested he keep that plug in overnight and let as much of our cum stay in him as long as possible. 


My boy got dressed and left pretty quickly. The other two guys went to the living room and cracked open some more beers. Charlie checked to make sure I was okay and then suggested I take a quick shower and head home to check on my boy. 


I did just that and headed home a few minutes later, leaving my POZ buddies lounging around and talking about how hot that cumslut was and asking Charlie when they could use him again. 


By the time I got him, my boy had showered and changed. He smelled like fresh soap instead of sweat and cum. I wondered if he still had that plug in his hole. I tried sneaking up behind him in the kitchen, but he scooched away before I could press against his ass. I could see some bruises forming on his neck and legs where the guys had roughed him up. 

My boy ordered pizza and we ate it on the sofa watching another movie. I kept trying to sneak my hands down to his ass to see if he was still plugged or not, but he was squirmy and played coy. When we got ready for bed, instead of sleeping naked like we normally do, he went into the bathroom and came out in his gym shorts. I knew he must still ne absorbing all of those loads. I let him spoon me with his hand wrapped around my hard dick. We fell asleep like that, me hard thinking of him being willingly POZ-bred, and me having loved watching and participating. 


My boy was up before me and started making breakfast. He was naked in the kitchen, with his ass hanging out. As he leaned over the table, I could see how red and tender his hole looked. I pinned him down and lined my cock up. With nothing but spit, I pounded him into the table. He winced and grimaced saying that his hole must be out of practice. On the contrary, it felt loose and still wet inside. I bred him good adding my PrEPed seed to whatever POZ cum hadn’t already been absorbed into his guts. We ate naked with my cum leaking out of his ass and onto the chair. Of course, he bent over to lick it up when we were done eating. 


As I started doing the dishes, my phone buzzed. Charlie had sent the video clips to me with a message. ‘Hey stud! Look what me and my POZ buddies got up to last night. I knew exactly what I was looking it and played coy. Of course, I showed the videos to my boy, and he got so hard. I handed my phone to him and he watched as he laid on his back, legs in the air, right on the kitchen table, and I fucked another load into him. 


I knelt down and suckled his cock. I’d bob up and down and ask, ‘Hot cumslut right!’ Then I’d suck some more, ‘That lucky whore taking that POZ cum..’ Then back to sucking him again. ‘Think you’d ever be up for something like that?’ He roared and shot what might just have been his last NEG load ever deep down my throat. 

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Love this.  You stay on PrEP but get your boy whored out and converted.    Both me and my partner have a Master that has cuckold me and is whoring out by parter to get converted.    It's real intence knowing that the one I love is getting poz loads and is most likely to get POZ him self.

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Fucking hot steve-tmq . I hope you both know what you're in for. Very sexy scene man. I encourage you to write about it here. I know guys will blow loads all over the world knowing that your man is following someone else's very risky orders. A POZ bull is a terrible thing to waste. 

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Fuckin sizzlin...the fuck flu is roaring down the track...lucky  boy whore!! Oink!! ☣️😛🐷

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      I spun round, pressed my cum-filled and re-lubed ass against the hole and I felt his fingers go inside me. Awesome, a good prelude. He stopped for a moment, then I thought he slipped more fingers inside me and I thought wow, not often I let someone put more than two in… I think he’s got four in there, maybe he’s gonna fist me? I’ve been curious about FF recently so I thought okay, go ahead, but again he stopped. Then he seemed to put his four fingers back in, but when I reached round it was his cock… hang on, why didn’t I feel that? I reached round again to confirm my suspicions and yes, felt the condom. What the fuck?! I tried to pull the condom off a little bit but he just pulled away. Take the condom off, I called through the hole, but when I turned around, he just slipped his rubbered cock in me again.
      No. I am not doing this. Pulled myself away, and without another word left the glory hole and him unsatisfied. Not my ass, boy. No rubbers in there.
      I went back to the clothed guy who’d fucked me three times already and he commented very appropriately ‘Oh, how boring!’ He turned me round to fuck me properly as neither of us wanted to think that the last cock inside me had not been bareback.
      Such a shame about the chavvy guy, but indeed… how boring!
      Well I managed to get two more loads in my ass that night… for a total of seven that I definitely knew of. As well as several loads down my throat that I was tempted to mark on my chest, but thought better to keep it strict.
      One Dom Alpha guy bears mentioning, towards the end of the night, but it’s a beautiful story of its own so I’ll put it in a new thread in the Cocksucking section. Also the last load in my ass that night was really special, but you’ll have to go to the Backroom to read about that  

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