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What was your 1st experience with WS?


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My first experience....

I was 20, walking around a lake just outside of Cardiff when I saw 2 guys piss over each other, 1 kneeling, then the other. Had never seen anything like it before....

Went there a lot trying to see more etc.... And get braver and closer. One day I thought "fuck it!" And walked up to them to watch up close. They enjoyed the audience, and I was enjoying the show. Swapped numbers with them both (both late 50's married guys, who used to meet 3/4 times a week to do w/s and wank.)

A week or 2 later, I'm kneeling with one pissing over my cock as I stroked it. The other watching.

Next day the other, and he pissed a little higher, soaking my top as well. The other with his cock in my mouth having a blowjob.

Next day, i was kneeling mouth open swallowing what felt like a pint from each of them, before a double cum facial. Then walking back to the cars with them calling me "faggot piss boy."


Regularly did that then for a few months until the police started to crack down on the area.

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Was showering with a dude after a romp, and when we were both nearly done he made me get down on my knees. I thought he was gonna let me suck him off again. But then he just starts pissing all over me and called me a dirty pig. 

Piss slut, awoken. I remember he left before I even finished showering. 

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My first experience was with my transgender top friend. I stayed the night at her place she started fucking me with my legs in air off the side of the bed. She stops with her dick in me then I felt the warmth inside me. Was super hot then I drank her piss later 

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