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Guest Azcumdump91

Cum dump finder

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Guest Azcumdump91

Hi all, I will be creating a kik group for tops and bottoms to easily find each other for fun. I will help verify tops and bottoms and add to the group. The idea is for tops and bottoms to text when looking to have a place to dump or take a load. Easy as that. All adults will be responsible for themselves. 


If interested please kik azcumdump91


Send basic info 

Name to be called


HIV status 

Top or bottom

Any kinks 


And if you can host or not 


Ask any questions, please feel free to share the kik with non breedingzone members to add to the database/group

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Kik: SourceParadigmPhx

bottom in central Phoenix. I prefer to host. I’m just south of Osborn on 7th St in the Brick Commons Condos. 

Poz friendly. Can be as mild or wild as you like. 

Also traing to be an FF bottom. I’m open to most things. 

Tend to be available late afternoons through the late evening during the week. 

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    • By Cutefunboi
      Visiting PS area Staying at CCBC. Not an event week, not sure where to find horned up bb Tops. Please advise 
    • By 1981virginia
      Hey guys. This story is inspired by my new SEXY buddy, TexasTwink . He's cute, and you should all write to him to thank him for this story idea. Thank you, TexasTwink. 😉 
      Please Use a Condom - Chapter 1. 
      A buddy of mine, Sam, has a penchant for corrupting young ‘safe sex only’ guys.  Over a few beers, he told me about this one guy he was planning on bringing over to the dark side.  A sexy twink from Texas met him in an airport bar and confided that he wanted to be used by several guys at the same time.  He fantasized about being taken raw by multiple men, but wasn’t quite ready.  He asked my buddy if he’d be willing to help him.  He told him he’d come up with something.  They exchanged numbers and boarded their flights.  They had kept in touch and the twink was going to be traveling back through town for work in a while. 
      My buddy told me that the twink was passing through in a few days and wanted to invite me to join in the festivities.  We were going to meet in a bar on Friday night and get the twink some liquid courage before heading back to my buddy’s playroom to have some piggy fun.  I could tell from the pics that Sam shared with me that the twink was beautiful, mid-20s, blond hair hanging in his face and over his ears, great smile, and a nice slim body.  His jeans showed off his curvy meaty butt. 
      I arrived at the bar first and was pretty sure the cute guy at the bar was the guy we were to meet. A few guys from around showed up before my buddy, and we were all eyeing this tasty-looking twink.  I saw Mike and Bill, two POZ guys I’d swapped loads with in the past.  There was an older bald heavy-set guy with a beer gut and a massive barrel chest who Mike introduced me to as Ron.  When I shook Ron’s paw, I saw a biohazard tattoo on his furry forearm.  A sexy Latin guy greeted Ron, who, in turn, introduced the two of us.  The Latin guy's name was Pedro.  No word or sign if Pedro was POZ or not. 
      The twink was clearly nervous as he downed two beers.  My buddy showed up and sat down next to him giving him a big bear hug before introducing us all to ‘tonight’s entertainment.’  We shared a few beers as the twink loosened up.  My buddy had his hands down the back of his jeans and was clearly fingering his hole.  The twink was squirming and cooing, clearly loving his fantasy coming true. 
      Sam took care of the tab, and we all headed outside to walk the short distance back to his place, arm in arm.  The twink was a little drunk, but still very much in control of what he wanted.  When we got to Sam’s place, he let us in and led us down to the basement playroom, complete with a leather sling, and a wall of toys.  We all helped the twink undress down to his jockstrap.  Just as Sam was about to help him into the sling, his eyes flashed wide.  He held up his hands as asked if he could have a moment alone with Sam.  The four of us went back upstairs to get undressed and get ready for some serious fucking.  Sam came upstairs to find me on my knees switching between the cock of my old and new friend.  
      "Bad news, guys.  Our twink friend is scared to take so much raw cock.  Now, he’s gonna let us fuck him, but there’s a condition:  we've gotta use a condom."
      Mike reached into his pants, puddled on the floor, and pulled out a wrapped condom and commented with a sly smile "I've been saving this for someone special." 
      Sam looked concerned and countered saying "Come on, guys.  If he wants us to use a condom, we should honor that, right?’"
      Sam took Mike’s condom and made sure it wasn't stale, and that the wrapper was intact, asking "You sick fuck didn’t stab this with a pin or anything did you?"
      Mike shook his head no.  My sense was he was being honest.  Sam’s concern devolved into a sneer.  He asked us to wait right there for a moment.  I went back to sucking cock as Sam headed back downstairs. H e reappeared a few moments later with a big grin saying "We’re in luck, pigs.  Our twink is into kink.  He gave me permission to try something raunchy.  We’re going to all fuck him.  With a condom.  This condom.  We all have to wear the same one.  And when it breaks, it breaks."
      The guys helped me to my feet and we headed down the dark steps to find the twink in the sling, blindfolded and holding a bottle of poppers to his nose.
      To be continued…
    • By BottmCumDump2019
      24Y.O bottom here would really like to be in a gangbang scene if youre interested/trying to film a gangbang scene please let me know.
    • By bentover4u1972
      Spent some quality time in Manhattan this past Sunday and Monday nights.  Set up parties on BBRT and got lots of good responses.  Still lots of flakes out there, but I succeeded in taking 4 loads in 2 hours on Sunday night and 4 more on Monday night.  One of the guys from Sunday came back on Monday and brought a friend.  Both had similar 7-inchers, and they took turns in both my holes, making me clean my ass of each of their cocks multiple times before they dumped their loads in my hole.  They left me dripping!
      Then, as if the night wasn't hot enough, an early-20s top stopped by, and I was his *first ever* bareback.  I think I converted him - he dumped two more loads in my hole before he left, and begged me to let him know next time I'm in town.  }:-)

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