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Atlanta Anonymous Sleazy Dumping Grounds!!

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Taking loads at Manifest tonight.  red jeans and a black t-shirt.  probably find me stripped down and masturbating in the theater or face down, ass up in room down the small hall at the entrance to the club.  mention breedingzone when you drop your seed in me.

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    • By Jsr0675
      New.... someone let me jerk them off, let me milk your dick. I might suck and swallow too. 
    • By BBWhoreUK
      A few weeks ago, a guy I got chatting to on KIK was telling me about his experience with dogging, I'd had no real experience with it and as I'd hit a slight dry patch (lol), I decided to take him up on his offer. I asked him about bareback only sex to which he was fine with, he told me he was unaware of his status and I explained that this was also the same for myself. At first, I was a little unsure about outdoor sex, not that I don't like the idea of it, more I just couldn't be arsed with getting caught by people who don't wish to indulge in the fun.
      We chatted for a few days and he then picked me up late on a Friday evening and we drove around 40 minutes away. Luckily for me, he was very chatty and a nice guy, made the journey much quicker! Although we pretty much just chatted about sex, it was good that the journey to getting some raw dick wasn't too dull. He told me the place was always 50/50 for whether there were many other men there.
      As we arrived and parked up, I slid my jeans off and climbed into the back of his car, lubing my tight little hole up ready for him. He didn't waste any time, spitting on his dick and teasing my pussy straight away. I pulled him in closer and felt him push deep inside me. As he picked up speed and began to get more forceful whilst pounding me, I was a little more conscious of the car moving. Somebody tapped on the window and asked I he could have next, this filled me with such lust for cum, I begged the my current man to fill me deep with his seed, which he obliged with and shot deep into me.
      As he pulled out, he got into the driver seat and unlocked the car as the other man got into the back, undone his trousers and very roughly rammed his dick into me. He was very rough, with some light choking, slapping and really squeezing my dick and balls. It felt like he'd been starved of sex for years and was now using me as his personal sex toy. He didn't last long and came inside me within minutes. He got out the car and wandered off. I lay there, waiting for my next guy, but unfortunately there were no more offers, despite the 2 of us waiting some time.
      Before we left, the guy who brought me to this lovely little secluded area climbed into the back seat, I rode him like I was his wife, milking his cock dry of every last drop to get his babies inside me. We drove back and chatted a little more. It was at this point he told me about his girlfriend, how she was dull in bed and didn't do anal etc. I hope she enjoyed sucking his cock after it had been in my arse 😈
    • By bentover4u1972
      I was running errands on Saturday afternoon and as I drove by one of the local adult bookstores, I got a sudden and inexplicable urge to go in.  I hadn't gotten to the grocery store yet so I didn't have anything in the car that I needed to get home, so I pulled into the parking lot.  This bookstore has booths in the back including a couple of oversized accessible ones.  Bought a brown bottle at the counter, then paid my $10 to get in the back with the idea that I'd settle in and rub one out before I went home.  When I got back there I saw a few guys milling around - nothing out of the ordinary.  I'm a big chub so it's not often that the guys I see in bookstores are into me, and even if they are they're looking to suck cock or get fucked, same as me.
      The wheelchair-accessible booths were both available.  I like the bigger booth because I have space to stretch out (there is a chair in each that can be moved out of the way to accommodate a wheelchair).  I went into the first one and closed the door behind me, leaving it unlocked.  There was  a hot tranny video playing, showing a gorgeous while bubble butt getting plowed by a giant black cock.  As the camera panned out, I could see that this sexy gal was sucking on a big white cock while the black cock plowed her.
      I peeled the safety seal off my brown bottle but before I could sit down, I heard the booth door open behind me.  Turning, I saw one of the guys I had seen out in the hallway, standing in the partially-open door.  He was white, I'd estimate mid-40s (around my age), an average-looking guy.  But what hung out of his fly was anything but average!  He had a beautiful cut cock that must have measured 7 inches soft.  I hadn't planned on getting any action that day, but what the hell, if it's offered.... 
      I motioned him into the booth and he came in, pulling the door shut behind him.  Neither of us spoke.  Neither of us had to.  Ignoring the general state of the floor, I quickly got on my knees, took a big hit off my bottle, and took that big hog in my mouth.  Instantly he started to harden, and to my amazement his cock grew in length and girth as it swelled.  It had a slight downward curve that I knew would let it slide right down my throat, and I wasted no time in finding out.  I inhaled that cock down to the root, my tongue flicking at his shaved balls as he moaned quietly with pleasure.  I began sliding my throat back and forth on his shaft, gagging slightly as it hit what used to be my gag reflex, getting it nice and slick.  He undid his pants and let them fall to the floor while I took another big sniff, then he grabbed my head and took over fucking my throat.  I gagged and choked and struggled for air, and I loved every second.
      We were positioned such that he was between me and the booth door, so when the door opened again I couldn't see who was there.  Probably one of the other guys watching the action.  When I heard the door latch shut again, I assumed that whoever it was had moved on.  I was very wrong.  To my utter shock, not one but two more cocks appeared, one on each side of me.  The one to my left was another white one, this one smaller than the one in my throat, about seven inches, nice and thick, and uncut.  To my right was a 9-inch black dick, cut and glistening with precum.
      The guy fucking my throat acknowledged the other two, leading me to wonder if this had been planned, or if it was a happy coincidence.  I decided rather quickly that I didn't care, and grabbed the two newcomers' cocks with my hands, jerking them until they stood rock-hard and ready for action.
      The first cock pulled out of my throat and its owner stepped behind me as the other white cock appeared before me.  I didn't need to be told what to do.  I took another hit off the brown bottle, undid my belt and dropped my pants and underwear to expose my fuck hole, and opened my mouth to accommodate this new and thicker member.  This cock was musky, which normally isn't my thing, but today it drove me nuts.  I worked that cock with my mouth and tongue while I jerked the big black cock in my right hand.   I felt the first guy's tongue entering my hole, and I knew what was coming.  He ate my ass while the black guy explored - and occasionally smacked - my ass with his left hand.
      I heard shuffling behind me and then a slight pressure on my hole.  The first cock, still slick from fucking my throat.  But what was he doing?  He was pressing the head of his cock against my hole without applying enough pressure to enter me.  My head swimming, I thought "Fuck that" and pressed my ass against his cock until I felt the head pop inside.  From there it was easy to slide my hole down his slimy shaft until it was deep inside me and I felt his balls against mine.  He grabbed my hips and began slowly sliding in and out of my ass while I continued to work the other white cock with my mouth and the big black cock with my hand.  The guy standing in front of me began breathing harder and his cock got even harder in my mouth.  He grabbed my head and held me still as his cock began to pulse in my mouth, and I could feel and taste his load as it spilled onto my tongue and down my greedy throat.
      Spent, the uncut white cock was withdrawn from my mouth only to be replaced by the big black one as I heard the door open and close.  The first guy continued to fuck me in a slow, rhythmic motion.  Occasionally he would stop for a moment, and I could tell he was trying not to come.  Another hit from the brown bottle and I was spit-roasted again, the big black cock working its way down my throat as the other continued to work my hole.  I was choking and gagging again, and I hoped desperately that my handwork had not brought the black guy too close to the edge.  I desperately wanted his cock in my ass.
      The first guy's pace began to quicken and his grip on my hips tightened.  One final thrust and he held still, his pelvis pressed into my ass cheeks and his cock buried deep inside me.  I clenched my sphincter and as I hoped, his cock was jerking and throbbing, pumping his load into my hungry hole.  My ass muscles puckered as he withdrew his cock, and I felt his warm cum running down the back of my thigh.
      "My turn," grunted the black guy, as he took his cock out of my throat.  He stepped around behind me and in one motion, I was full again.  Using the combination of deep-throat slime and the first guy's cum, he grabbed my hips and thrust balls-deep into my ass like he owned it.  I must have gotten him close, because it took only a few mighty thrusts and he, too, was holding his cock as deep inside me as he could, filling me with his seed.  Withdrawing from my ass, he walked around to my head again and shoved his cock back into my mouth, forcing me to clean the cum and ass juices off before he pulled up his pants.  That taste was better than anything I would pick up at the grocery store!
      The first guy had stayed to watch, and waited for the black guy to get dressed before he opened the door and they both stepped out.  I was dripping with sweat and cum and as the door latched shut, I quickly hit the lock so I could catch my breath and do what I could to get cleaned up and dressed.
      As I stepped outside, the three of them were standing by a car in the parking lot, smoking and chatting with each other.  They stopped talking as they spied me coming out of the bookstore, and watched as I walked past them to my car.  Just before I was out of earshot, one of them said, "We're here most Saturdays!"
      I'll be back.
    • By Nipping420
      Thinking of going to CBC for cummunion on Saturday. Got about 13 loads in the dark room attached to where the bed is. Definitely want to try to get more than that! Anyone else thinking of going? Hmu! 
    • By RawVelveT4Toxic
      Got one load deep whonis adding more spread eagle and waiting for load after load none refused just keep adding Knights inn 5116 Georgia Highway 85 Forest Park rm 129 top handle opens 6468085567

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