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I stood at the entrance of club Orlando and was mixed with both fear and excitement. I had heard of this place many times before and was fixed on going when I did my research and saw it was a gay bathhouse. I had read many stories of times there and I wanted to go so badly to have as many cocks and loads shoved up my ass and down my throat. Most of all I was so hoping that I could find someone there to take my poz cherry. I went inside and paid for my membership and for a room and went in. Once I found my room I started to take my clothes off and took a moment to admire myself in the mirror on the wall. At 21 I stood at 6ft 2 and was 230 pounds of muscle thanks to the 6 years in the army. I kept my blond hair cut short out of habit but still managed to catch the eyes of anyone and everyone who looked and admired me. I wrapped my towel around my waist and made my way through the club to see what was going on there. I came on a night of a lights out party so the inside was dimly lit. I brushed by allot of thick hard cock and got my ass felt up many times as I ventured further into the bathhouse. I saw the theater room and the dark room they had there and caught a twink getting pounded on the table in the dark room. I stood there for a little while stroking my cock enjoying seeing the twink squealing for the bear that was fucking him to go harder and faster. The bear let out a mighty growl and yelled that his pussy was about to get his toxic load and I had to stop and walk away before I came myself since I didn't want to cum just yet. I made sure to make a mental note of what the bear looked like so I too could possibly take his toxic load in my ass too. I made my way out to the pool where I saw a nice cabana next to it lined up with many chairs to enjoy the time by the pool but there wasn't much there for me to get into. I walked back along and saw two guys making out in the hot tub and decided to keep on moving on. I saw the room that was in the far corner and decided to go in and see what was going on and if I could join. There was allot of guys milling around in here all in different stages of fucking. I saw the twink I saw in the darkroom earlier in the sling getting fucked hard by a monstrous man. I stood there admiring what I was seeing, the man was at least 6ft 4 and very muscled and covered in tattoos. I could see the biohazard tattoo at the top of his back and two of them one on each asscheek. I couldn't help myself any longer and went to kneel on the floor behind him and spread his ass to devour his hole. I could taste a few loads that he pushed out into my willing mouth. The mix of the cum and his ass juices made me moan. I tried to shove my tongue as far as I could and didn't even realize that there was another guy that got right behind me and started to thrust into my ass. It went in without any resistance and they went in balls deep right in making me moan loudly into the ass I was eating and with a savage hunger I went in deeper into his ass. The guy who was fucking me was holding no bar against plowing my ass and it felt so amazing. He reached around and grabbed my nipples and started to twist them making me moan even louder. Get ready bitch you're about to get my fully charged up aids load he whispered in my ear. Hearing I was about to get my first poz load of the night with hopefully more to come I dug my face in as deeply as I could into he ass in front of me as the guy slammed into me one last time and I could feel his pent up aids load gysering up into my rectum making me feel full and warm as ever. I kept up on feasting this guys ass and could feel his ass clench onto my tongue and I knew he was loading up the twink in the sling with a nice load of poz cum and I hoped I would be next.

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10 minutes ago, negtopozbb said:

Would be nic to be able to read it. Black text on black background does not work.

Fixed it

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I'm not sure if I'm reading it wrong, but the part mentioning the age and weight (description)...  says 21yo but attribute the great body to the 6 years in the Army, so going back 6 years would be 15.  Other then that I'm loving where this story is going, keep it coming  =)

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guys at club o never get into the dirty poz talk when loading me. its happened like twice. still hot. alot of big cocks at club o

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Part 2

When the guy fucking me pulled out his cock from my ass it was instantly replaced with another one that felt allot longer and thicker than the first. This guy bottomed out instantly driving me crazy and made me moan while still on the hot ass in front of me. The hulking man pulled out of the twink in the sling and I rushed to start lapping his diseaed hole not wanting to miss a drop. His load tasted amazing and from the cries and moans from the twink I knew I was doing a good job cleaning out his sloppy ass. The guy fucking me was starting to pick up more speed  in my ass pulling out and slamming it back in making me dive into the twinks hole deeper and deeper. 
I was getting the fresh loads of the bear and the guy who just finished filling this hole and i was loving all of it. I looked around real quick and saw about 12 guys surrounding us including the bear from earlier and the hot hunk that just filled him up. My hole felt amazing and i could feel it getting thicker telling me this guys was about to let loose another load up my ass. To my joy he yelled that he was about to fill me with a fully loaded Aids load so I knew I was going to get my wish after tonight. I felt the warmness of this highly toxic load splatter the walls of my anus and it caused me to cum as well. I pulled my mouth away from the twinks ass and to my surprise there was a guy under me with his mouth open to catch my last neg load and I didnt see or hear him get under me. 
I got up from the floor and motioned for the Tall hink to follow me into the dark room there along with the rest of the group and said that I wanted to be double penatrated if anyone was up for it. Everyone was happy to hear it and the hunk climbed up onto the table that was in there ready to get the party started. I climbed up on top of him and made sure to clench as tightly as I could while sitting on his cock that I could feel him tearing the walls of my anus to make sure that I would convert. After bouncing on this great piece of man flesh for a bit I leaned forward to let the next guy up to add his diseased cock to my ass. I could feel that the next one had a thick PA and it felt amazing sliding up next to the other cock that impaled me.
They both started to rock in unison and I was on top of the world. The guy beneath me offered me a bottle of poppers and I gladly accepted them to add more to this amazing feeling. With my head spinning, I didn't pay attention to the tourniquet that was being wrapped around my right arm and the needle being inserted into my vein. When I started to realize what was happening the guy beneath me pushed down on the plunger and injected me with a vial of his blood into me. When he told me this I was so happy and I started to make out with him as out other company started to fuck me with much gusto. 
I could feel both of them cum in unison and I was on a cloud as another hit of poppers was administered to me. The one who was fucking me started to go soft and started to pull out of me while the one I was riding remained hard so I stayed on his spear of a cock and could feel our next fucker climb up and add his cock to the mix. This went on for what felt like hours and I was sure that I had just about all the guys that were in the club at the time fuck me and load me up with their seed. I was ready for a brief break and went to the counter to buy a butt plug to help keep the loads I had inside for as long as I could. 

When I got to the counter the guy that was manning it asked to bend over and show him my hole so he could find one of the right size for me. I climbed up onto the counter and let him inspect my ass. I looked around and saw him as he was poking his finger in my puffy hole and I could see some of the cum with a pink tint knowing I bled a bit and he licked his finger clean. He went over and grabbed a nicely large butt plug and he said he would pay for this himself if I would let him add his toxic load to the mix already in me. I smiled at his offer and accepted it gladly. He pulled me into the back room and layed me on my back onto the desk. I watched him strip as fast as he could and I was wide-eyed at the biggest cock that I have seen in a while and surest would be the biggest I will have taken so far tonight. 
I begged for him to be as rough as he wanted to be with me and as he lined his cock up to my hole I caught a glance at a nice red biohazard tattoo right on the head of his cock. As promised he was rough with me and I loved it. He kept on slamming right on into me with no mercy and kept me drugged up with a fresh bottle of poppers it was amazing. I loved the sound of his balls hitting me and the feeling of his large cock hitting my prostate it made me cum all over him and myself. He didn't miss a beat as he scopped up my cum and lick it up and feed it directly into my mouth. His tongue pushed in deep transferring all of what might just be the last neg load I will shoot and I couldn't wait for a taste of my load when I was truly infected. I clenched my ass as he made out with me and it was enought to send him over the edge with one final thrust.
Once he was done breathing hard he grabbed a larger butt plug than what he had chosen earlier and inserted it straight away once his softening cock slid out of my hole. Man you are a great fuck and whenever you decide to come in next just give the person at the desk my name if i'm not at the desk and they will let you right on in. Turned out his name was Alex and he was one of the owners of the franchise for the club. I walked out of his office feeling well fucked and greatly filled with poz cum. I went around to the other spots in the club and enjoyed everything I saw looking forward to getting ready for the next round on my ass to begin.

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Part 3 


I had Alex write on my back asking for anyone who is reading this to fuck me no matter what I am doing no limits before I started to walk around the club some more. A few times while walking I had a few guys who read what was written come right up to me and bend me over right there and fuck me just how I wanted it. Once I had a few more loads up my ass and the plug back in I decided to go and lay down in my room for a bit and keep the doors open for anyone to walk in and fuck me while I slept.
I am a very heavy sleeper and I have had plenty of guys fuck me while I slept and never woke up so I was very excited to see what would happen now since I'm here. I almost instantly fell asleep as soon as I hit the bed in my room with my ass fully exposed for anyone who wanted it.
3 hours later
I woke up in enough time to see two guys at either of my arms and I could see both of them holding needles in their hands. One had a syringe that was red so I knew I was going to get some more toxic blood in me but didn't know what the white substance was in the other's hands and before I had a chance to ask both of these guys pushed down on their plungers sending what they had flowed into my body. I started to cough after that and my head swam more than any bottle of poppers that I have ever tried before so I judged that the white stuff in the needle was some hardcore drugs. 
In my drug haze, I could feel it. I felt the largest cock I have ever felt force it's way all of the way into my ass making me moan very loudly. Once this man was balls deep inside me he picked me up from the bed and carried me out into the theater room bobbing me up and down on his cock as we went sending me into a whole new experience that I never knew was achievable. A bottle of poppers was offered to me and I inhaled greatly in which made my high even greater than I thought possible.
While I was being pogo fucked by this massively hung man my cock was being shown a lot of attention by the crew that formed around us. I had about six mouths on my cock and balls and just as many hands on my nipples as well. I started to feel a burning sensation in my piss slit and I looked to see a man shoving what looked like a shard of glass in my hole. I started to protest but then felt that high rush again and decided to let it happen. The monster that was fucking me slammed me down hard on his cock screaming that his aids load was about to impregnate me and I was rewarded by the sweet warm feeling of his seed filling up my guts. 
I lay there for a while until his hardon finally went down plopped out of my ass and I felt my new butt plug get pushed back inside of my abused hole. He carried me out onto the front desk area and asked Alex who saw me with him to make an announcement asking if there was anyone here that did any body piercings. I was both scared and excited that he wanted to have me pierced since it has always been a fantasy of mine and when he made the announcement and there was a sexy toned man walking up with a swinging cock between his legs and as many piercings as you could imagine I was totally on board for what was going to happen.
My mystery man talked to this sexy pin cushion asking him all sorts of questions if he had his tools with him and what he could do. It made me happy to hear that they decided on getting, my nipples, my cock, my balls, and my nose pierced all at once and then two biohazard tattoos on my ass cheeks and one on the tip of my cock was going to be awesome and I was so psyched about it all. The payment for all of this was to my liking as it was for him to use my body for his pleasure for the rest of the time he was there. I was more than happy to accept those terms and was excited to see what happens. 

So this guys name was Tyler and for the rest of the night, I was his sex slave. He had a red leather collar put around my neck and pair of clamps on my nipples to get them tender and sore for when it came time to pierce them. Tyler instructed me not to speak unless spoken too and led me around the resort making sure I service everyone that we came across and wanted to use me. I had so many cocks in me and my hole housed all of there loads making me feel so full when they reinserted my butt plug.
The announcement that Tyler's time here up came and he led me to the front desk and Alex said he could still pierce and tattoo me before he left. Tyler led me to Alex by the clamps and asked him to watch me while he went and got everything set up in the main room. Alex was more than happy to watch and fuck me with more of his toxic load while we all waited for the main event. Tyler came back just as Alex slammed another round of toxic cum into my ass. Once his cock fell out he grabbed a newer larger butt plug in my hole and made the call for anyone who wanted to come and see me get tatted and pierced to make their way to the center room.
Tyler grabbed the nipple clamps and took me to the center room where I saw a black leather table with straps on the sides of them. There was a hole in the center of the table and a large cock poking through it. I looked and saw someone under the table being raised and locked in place for his cock to stay still. Tyler had me climb up onto the table and made sure the cock was in place before strapping me down. "Now the fun can begin" Tyler said. I was told the guy that had his cock in me had the most viral strain that they have had in the club and that while I was getting pierced he would be unloading that diseased load right into my abused hole.

Tyler walked away and came back with a tray of tools poppers and black gloves to which he snapped them on and picked up the needle.


Thanks for all of your comments, I am happy to hear from everyone and am glad you are all enjoying this story

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As one who has 8 body piercings it’s a lot of fun you can have with them in BDSM and the look when you pull out your dick and they see the PA is priceless. 

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            The following day we talked some more and he ended up sending me a link to his Facebook profile. I added him and we continued our conversation there. I decided to take a little stroll through his photos while he was telling me how he'd like to meet, have some fun, how he'd like to hold me in his arms and force me onto his bed... His words combined with his Facebook profile being filled with pic after pic of his muscular body, at the beach, in the gym, etc, got me hard and horny again. That's when I saw something strange in his photos. There was a picture of a what looked like maybe a white lab coat (he was a fashion student, go figure) on it was drawn, presumably by him, a very muscular male with a Mickey Mouse head and a gigantic, veiny cock. And coming out of the cock was a heart inside which were written the words "AIDS Forever". I couldn't quite understand what it meant. I was just about to ask him but as I opened the Facebook conversation a pic was waiting for me. His muscular legs in gym shorts with a clear view on his Adidas Y-3 sneakers and the message "Just came home from the gym. Been training all morning and those babies are quite sweaty inside. I think you'll love the smell ;)" At that moment I felt harder than I'd ever been before, forgetting all about what I wanted to ask him. His next message came in: "wanna come over?". And then his address. 20 minutes by bus from where I lived. 
           I was ready to leave home 30 minutes later. 30 more and I was in front of the address he'd given me. I rang the doorbell and soon the door opened. He looked even better than in his pictures. He was a bit taller than me and had a warm smile on his face. We said hello and then a powerful arm was around my shoulders, gently but firmly pulling me inside the house. I was feeling completely hypnotized by him. His presence, the manly scent of a guy who'd just come home from the gym, his beautiful, deep voice, the way he looked deep into my eyes. We were sitting on his couch having a casual talk... which quickly evolved into casual making out and before I knew it his muscular arms lifted me from the couch and carried me to his bedroom. All the way he was carrying me he was looking me in the eyes, the most beautiful smile on his face. All I could do was smile back. 
      "Shhush, baby, we're going to have some great fun" he said gently and he laid me onto his bed. Next thing I knew I was naked and he had stripped his sweatpants and t-shirt, leaving only his boxers and those sexy Adidas Y-3 sneakers on. Then he removed his boxers to reveal the largest cock I'd ever seen. Long and veiny. And then I remembered the picture I'd seen earlier on his Facebook profile. I sat up on the bed and said: 
      "Hey, I saw this strange pic on your Facebook this morning", I said, looking up at him. 
      "Oh yeah, which one, baby?"
      "Well there was this Mickey Mouse with a big cock and out of it..."
           He interrupted before I could finish.
      "Oh... you mean that." He caught my gaze with his beautiful eyes, and with a gentle smile on his lips he continued:
      "It's because I am poz."
      "Poz?", I asked, "As in HIV positive?"
      "Yeah. But don't let it bother you." I was still caught in his gaze, rock hard.
      "Let's just have some fun." Then he started kissing me before I could answer him.
      "Can't you just use a condom?" I asked when we finally broke the kiss.
      "I really like you but I don't wanna get infec..." 
           My protest was met by his warm sneaker as he pressed it, gently and firmly, against my face covering my nose and mouth. All I could do was inhale his manly scent and moan. He hadn't been lying when he'd said they were sweaty and smelly. As the heavenly, warm, masculine scent was assaulting my nostrils I felt his breath in my ear. 
      "Shuuush, relax, baby. Don't worry, we don't have to do anything risky. Just relax and enjoy what you came here for. I've been getting them nice and stinky all morning in the
      gym just for you."
           After saying those words he started gently and slowly maneuvering me, getting me laying on my belly on his bed, face buried in his sweaty sneaker breathing deeply and moaning
      every time I exhaled. He then laid on top of me and before I could think anything of it his warm breath was once again in my ear:
      "Shush, it's ok, baby. Do you like my smell? Yeah, that's it, just relax and keep inhaling my smell."
           I was so horny and turned on by everything he did and said and by the smell I couldn't stop myself from breathing that I barely noticed his cock-head gently starting caressing my hole.
      "Shuush, shuuush."
           He continued to coo in my ear as his muscular body started to rub against mine in a gentle and rhythmic fashion. Soon it wasn't just caressing my hole - now the cock-head was starting to gently push against my hole, demanding entry.
      "Just relax and open yourself to me baby." Was all the motivation my body needed to relax and let him enter me. With slow thrusts he penetrated deeper and deeper into me until his full
      length was inside me. That's when he stopped and his breath was back at my ear.
      "I am deep inside you now baby. My poz cock is buried deep inside you. Unprotected. Every thrust has been peeling away the fragile defenses of your gut. Once I cum in you I'll infect you."
           He said those words in a warm, tender voice but it was enough to finally bring me back to reality. I didn't want to get infected. I didn't want to get AIDS. I didn't... Before I could finish that thought his hand found my own rock hard cock under me and squeezed. This time his voice was powerful and dominant, no longer whispering.
           And I did. I breathed in the sweaty smell of his sneakers as the thrusting resumed, this time faster, more fervent.
      "Breathe in the smell of the man who is about to infect you with AIDS. Relax like the good boy you are and breathe in deeply."
           There was nothing I could do but obey. I had revealed my turn-ons to him and now he was using them against me. I didn't have the strength to fight him. 
      "That Facebook pic you were worried about. Don't worry. It says AIDS Forever in the heart because AIDS is love. I am about to give you my love." He was starting to grunt as he was talking now.
      "My love you will carry with you forever. Ahh, yeah, breathe in my foot-sweat as I infect you!" 
           With that I felt a warmth spread somewhere deep inside of me and knew he had infected me. He collapsed on top of me and continued fucking me, slowly and gently, massaging his seed
      into my gut with his still hard cock, making sure not a drop would be wasted. I was vaguely aware that I lay in a pool of my own cum, I didn't know when I had orgasmed. We soon drifted 
      to sleep. 
           I woke up several hours later. Silently collected my clothes, got dressed and left.
           Two weeks later I had a severe case of flu. A month later I went for a blood test and tested POZ.
           His name is Maxime and his love will forever be inside me.
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