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words for cum


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So many words, some make my mouth water and some make me chuckle like a small boy finding naughty words.  
As for favourites?  I like it simple, to the point;

Sperm, spunk, spooge, seed, cum, jizz.

Single syllable words that convey everything you need. Nothing fancy or florid; just the juice I crave.

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Thanks for sharing that exhaustive list of semen-yms.  Love that play on words too.

Some very creative ones in that list.  The only ones in he list I don’t like and would exclude are any of the ones connoting something gross or negative.

Some of them were rather humorous too.

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On 6/15/2020 at 10:20 AM, Loveitraw said:

So many words, some make my mouth water and some make me chuckle like a small boy finding naughty words.  
As for favourites?  I like it simple, to the point;

Sperm, spunk, spooge, seed, cum, jizz.

Single syllable words that convey everything you need. Nothing fancy or florid; just the juice I crave.

That reminds me of a car I once owned which had the number plate SP03 OGM - my colleagues called it the spoogemobile! 😜 They were unaware of my cruising activities…ahh the irony!


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    • By DianaTSSlut
      She Knows
      I have a fairly hyperactive immune system… I have autoimmune issues, which are a common complication of Klinefelter’s Syndrome (47, XXY). But on the plus side, I don’t get colds, like ever. And even with all the guys that have dumped their bare loads in my tight pussy, I’ve never gotten an STI - at least not that I know of.
      And that’s good… because there have been at least 3 times (that I know of) that I’ve had a poz load shot into my tight hole.  All 3 times, the guy wouldn’t say anything (and I *never* ask first as a rule - I need that risk), until they’re about to unload in me… then they will say something like “here comes my poz load you fat slut”… or “does my poz seed feel good in your pussy,  whore?”
      One time, this hot guy was just fucking me soooo hard… I was being used… if people we’re watching they might think I was being raped (and believe me, I know what rape is… but that’s another story). The way this guy slammed into me, forcing himself so deep into my bare cunt, with so much force, brought back memories of how I was used by my uncle and dad growing up.
      His buddy was roughly fucking my throat, and he’s holding my wide hips as he just keeps pounding me as hard as he can. His buddy keeps forcing poppers on me, and I’m just in heaven - floating on a cloud of debauched pleasure.
      Suddenly, there’s a knock at the booth door. The guy in my mouth throws open the booth door without missing a beat, and a guy outside grabs it, and shoved something under the door to keep it open. Now there are 4 or 5 guys in the hall jerking off as they watch me get spit roasted hard by these two guys.
      The guy in my mouth grabs the chain that’s clamped to my fat tits and pulls… HARD. My nipples are already sore from not pumping my milk before I got here. I try to scream around his big cock, but can’t even get any air. The pain in my tits runs right down my spine. It’s intense and exquisite (my body was taught from an early age to view pain as pleasure). 
      I struggle for air; this moment seems to go on forever, the lack of oxygen intensifying my pain and pleasure. Just then, he grunts and starts unloading, his cock head pushing at the back of my throat and filling my belly with his hot seed.
      He says to his friend as he pumps down my throat… “FUCK yeah this dumb slut can suck cock… you ready to knock up the fat slut?” The guy in my pussy says, “Oh FUCK yesssss… I’m gonna make this stupid fat cumslut pregnant!” His animalistic grunts are followed by his hard cock starting to twitch in my cunt. His friend pushes me back hard against him to make sure I can’t get away.
      Suddenly, he says, “You want my POZ load, don’t you, you dumb fucking white trash whore?!” I’m high from the poppers and lack of air, and his friend is forcing me back against him… I couldn’t speak if I wanted to… his friend’s cock still hard in my throat even after he came..
      The guys in the hall are stroking furiously, cheering him on. “Fuck yeah knock that slut up”; “rape that fat cunt”; “give the slut what she wants”. One guy stays out in the hall, looking around them back in as he strokes. The other two come into the booth and get on either side of me…
      I feel the guy in my pussy tense up. His friend puts his hand on my throat and squeezes, and says, “Show everyone what a fucking filthy slut you are, you stupid fat cow…”
      I look in the hall quickly and see two more guys jerking off and recording with their phones… I just push my hips back hard and squeeze my pussy muscles to try to milk the cock in me while I stare blankly into the cameras…any judgment I once had long ago replaced by the depths of depravity I’m being forced towards. His friend notices me pushing back and says, “Look at this bitch beg for poz seed! What a nasty fucking slut!”
      I feel him suddenly tense again and I push back one more time; I feel the first rope of his (potentially) dirty seed splash my cunt wall.. just then, his friend yanks the clamps from my fat udders… my eyes roll back and tears streak down my face… the two guys on either side of me from the hallway add to my tears, spraying their loads all over my face and trying to hit my swinging milk jugs, which a few shots manage to do… 
      My poz stud spurts rope after rope of his dirty seed into my womb.. I’m crying and covered in strangers’ cum… I’m sooo fucking high I don’t ever want to come down… I take every drop of his seed in my tight pussy… my eyes are blurry from tears… 
      The guy in the hall walks in jerking and recording with his phone… he puts it close to my face and temporarily turns on the flash, blinding me while making sure there’s no doubt who is getting this… my eyes were rolling and must have been bloodshot because he says, “Look how high this bitch is!” I can’t even speak because the guy’s friend has one hand on my neck now and one over my mouth and nose. He allows my nose to open momentarily, and as I try to suck air in, they both hold a bottle of poppers to each nostril. My attempt to inhale oxygen just pushes me higher and higher as the poppers flood my big Italian nose. 
      I feel the pressure in my fat tits release as they start spraying milk on the floor of the booth… the last guy hands his phone to one of the other guys to keep recording, and slips behind me… as the guy who just dumped his poz seed in me pulls out, this guy slams his big dick right in my wet pussy…
      This triggers a huge orgasm from me. My girlcock shoots my cum all over the floor… I try to lower myself down to the floor, but the two other guys in front hold me so I can’t move… the guy inside me says he’s gonna cum in my freshly pozzed cunt…
      The realization that I’m being raped by these five guys pushes me down to the depths of decadence that I seek out, and I cum again… my eyes roll, and I’m force fed another big Italian nose full of poppers… they push me back against him as I spray the floor again with cum and milk.
      My mind goes blank. My eyes glass over. This is the feeling I seek out over and over. When strangers have the guts to force a mindbreak… I will do anything…
      I’m floating; time slows to a standstill; I can barely hear the guy in the booth who’s recording me now narrating, something like… “she’s about to get her last poz load!”
      I’m stunned by the realization that they’re all together… I took a poz load down my throat, one in my cunt, and got two sprayed all over my face and tits. The last guy finally unloads, pumping his load even deeper inside me as I’m held there, forced by this poz rape gang… his words swirl around in my mind…
      I AM a dumb fat white trash cumslut… I AM a stupid whore… and now, I’m a poz rape slut. And I want more. I need more.
      My neck is squeezed, my mouth is covered, my nostrils are pinched closed… a final, airless orgasm wracks my abused body, destroying me. They all let go of me as I slump onto the floor of the filthy booth… down into my own puddles of cum and milk. I pass out.
      I am finally shook awake. As my eyes focus, I can feel a tight pussy wrapped around my girlcock, and someone bouncing on me as I lie on my back on the floor of the booth.
      My eyes finally focus enough to see that the cute young girl from the front counter - who’s young enough to be my daughter easily - is bouncing on me, her sweet little tits jiggling as she does. I watch her alternate between her cigarette and the leftover bottles of poppers strewn across the dirty floor of the booth.
      The booth smells of cum and sweat and piss… and so do I. After I passed out they must have pissed on me… further degrading me. I’m sure they laughed at me as they all recorded me getting drenched with their golden streams.
      The girl leans down and whispers in my ear, “I’m sooo fucking high right now…” as her little body bounces on top of me. She moves down to my tits and starts to suck on them; when my milk squirts into her mouth, she moans and starts to bounce faster, impaling herself on my big thick girlcock. 
      It suddenly occurs to me that when the booth doors are open, the security cameras in the hallways can see in. She saw the whole thing. She watched as 5 men raped me into unconscious bliss. And now her tiny pussy is trying to milk the last of my cum from my balls.
      The thought of this young girl watching the whole time pushes me close; I reach up and grab her little tits. I take a puffy nipple in each hand, realizing how young they make her look. I yank them down as hard as I can, impaling her on me. I feel the momentary resistance of her cervix as I push through…
      And I erupt… I force myself up, pushing as far into this little slut’s cervix as I can, and I fill her womb with every last drop of cum I have left. My tits explode and she leans down and nurses from them as I breed her. She starts to shake as her orgasm takes over.
      She screams, “YESSS KNOCK ME UP!” as her body convulses on top of me. As the wave passes, she collapses on top of me. Eventually, she picks her head up and whispers in my ear, “I’m not on birth control…”
      I whisper back, “they pozzed me.” She looks into my eyes and smiles.
      She knows. 

    • By camelblue
      Accepting that I'm a cocksucker has given me purpose. I grew up with a lot of social anxiety and I've always beat myself up for being shy, being cowardly, not speaking up for myself at work, not talking to the girl I really want, not being "alpha" enough. These things can make you feel terrible inside, like you're worthless, not good enough. 
      I've always felt like I'm not brave. I'm afraid of a lot of things. I'm not the type of person to jump into a freezing cold pool. I'm not a person that will just take the plunge or do something in the moment. I've never been in a fight. If someone was bullying me, I won't defend myself as best as I could. All of these things make me feel insecure, weak, cowardly.

      But at a certain point I realized, I shouldn't feel bad about being this way. I should just accept that this is my nature, this is who I am. So I'm a beta and not an aggressive dominant guy. I feel inferior to other men. So What? There's nothing wrong with that. I only began to become comfortable with this realization after I began to accept that my role and purpose was to be a cocksucker.

      Once I let cock have power over me, all of these things that made me feel bad about myself began to sexually turn me on. All the times I was bullied as a kid by other boys, that feeling of being inferior to other bigger stronger boys, with cocksucking, I like being bullied. I like to feel inferior, to be overwhelmed by that dominating male energy. 
      When I'm sucking cock, I'm at peace and feel comfortable about who I am. I want to be submissive, I don't want to speak up for myself. I want to be told what to do. I want to be bossed around by a cock. I want a more powerful guy to bully me around, make me feel beneath him. That big penis ramming my throat is where I belong and what I deserve, and I love it. Going out on a Friday night and putting myself under pressure to hit on a girl and try to take her home just seems stressful, uncomfortable and a lot of work. Compare that with going straight to a man's bed and feeling that big fleshy mushroom head in your mouth and getting fed a warm salty load, it's pure enjoyment and all you have to do is just be a cocksucker.

      Ultimately, I feel like we're most alive when we give up control. We try to control everything in our lives, and that's how we stay in our comfort zones and never end up truly living. It's when we give up control that we are brave, fighting against our fears to do something. Everyone does this in different ways in life, but for me, that's pleasuring men and sucking cocks. That moment a man's pants come down and I first see his cock, it's an act of bravery putting it in my mouth, pushing away all the fears and worries about what society thinks about it, what my friends and family would think etc. It's brave just to give into your desires, to give up control and let this man and this cock give you a purpose. Once I take that leap and touch his cock, my only purpose is to do anything this guy wants to make him feel good. The cock comes first, I come second. This cock controls my world until it cums.

      When he demands I open my mouth and stick my tongue out, that's my version of jumping into a cold pool. I'm not brave enough to jump in a pool or out of a plane, or to go talk to that girl, or fight the bully, but I'm brave enough to open my mouth for his load. Straight men aren't brave enough to do something like this. They'd be cowards compared to me. That makes me feel worthy and valuable. This is a way I get to feel powerful. It takes guts to allow yourself to be used, to give up your free will and do whatever this guy needs to get his maximum pleasure.

      In the end, I feel like men give me purpose. Sucking their penises gives me a reason to be who I am. Making them cum gives me a goal, even if it's just small a 20 minute goal. Being submissive and eating their sperm lets me feel brave and fearless. In reality, I'm not weak, inferior, or worthless; I'm just a good cocksucker 😄
      Curious if anyone else feels this way, I know we all suck for different reasons...

    • By Taggedslut
      Is anyone else into taking frozen cum? I love anon breeding meets, taking a load from a complete stranger and recently discovered the sheer sleaze and excitement of taking a guys frozen cum. I now have several guys harvesting and saving their loads up ready for either a sloppy fuck session or a horny pour. Is it just me or anyone else really get off on this? 
    • By Josh1959
      The title will make a little more sense as you read on. I got pinged the other day while on Manhunt. The guy said he liked my look. I immediately pulled up his profile and he had a few face pics and described himself as 27, 5’10” and 180 and Puerto Rican. 
      His profile was also one of those professional profiles that massage therapists use so I texted back and asked if he was looking for clients. He said “Not today.” His profile said nothing about what he was into and for some reason, I didn’t feel comfortable asking. The guy was certainly super-hot according to his stats and frankly even though I prefer to bottom, I’ve been known to throw a hot fuck from time to time. We set up a time and I jumped into the shower and got cleaned up preparing for the unexpected.
      The address took me to a duplex. I started getting the familiar butterflies in my stomach when I’m about to fuck someone I’ve never seen or met. There is the possibility that this was a bogus address or a bogus profile. I took a deep breath and knocked. I feel my nips harden and my cock twitch in anticipation.
      When the door opened, I was stunned. Before I could process anything, he ushered me into the house and closed the door. He didn’t look like his profile pics. I’ve heard buddies tell stories about people misrepresenting themselves with their profile and when they meet and learn the truth, it’s an awkward hot mess. I’ve been lucky in that I have only had one such gross misrepresentation. 
      As my brain was processing the “disconnect,” I realized that the issue was that his profile pictures weren’t flattering to him.  This guy was an unbelievably beautiful human specimen.  He looked almost identical to Enrique Iglesias but more defined and muscular. 
      He looked like a high-fashion model. If you saw him on the streets, you would embarrass yourself by staring.  He had dark short hair and a well-groomed 5 o’clock shadow. He was wearing a pair of gym shorts and nothing else. His nipples were the size of quarters and deep bronze in color. His chest was perfectly pronounced with a very deep sternum line dividing two huge pectoral muscles. 
      There was no question that this guy was out of my league. I searched my brain for a dignified way to get us both out of this situation. There was no doubt in my mind that he had made a mistake. Think. Think.
      He walked me from the door, through the living room and gestured for me to move into what I suspected would be a bedroom. Once inside he closed the door. This wasn’t a bedroom at all. It was dark except for glowing reddish lights coming from different parts of the room. Soft music was playing and candles were lit. I could smell something that reminded me of jasmine. We were in his massage room.
      Enrique turned to me and wrapped me in his muscular arms and whispered in my ear, “You are perfect. You have no idea how much I’m into your look.” I was dumbfounded. It’s not that I have low self-esteem, in fact just the opposite. I take good care of myself. But this guy was mesmerizing. It was like looking at him cast a spell over me and that made me nervous.
      Enrique began to unbutton my shirt and immediately started licking and sucking on my neck and worked his way down to my tits. I moaned in appreciation and he switched to the other tit and began to unbutton my pants. When they feel to the floor he reached around and grabbed one cheek in each hand and used his expert trained hands to massage my glutes moving them around and spreading them apart. I have big ass cheeks and he moaned in appreciation. 
      It felt great. He released my tit from his mouth and looked at me and started deep kissing me. I moaned from inside his kiss and we ground our faces together exchanging saliva. I ran my hands all over his body. Everything was perfect. I reached to his crotch but he had a jock on so I couldn’t figure out what he was packing. It didn’t matter. This guy was a fucking god and I was going to enjoy every inch of him.
      He moved me over to his massage table and had me lay on it face down. Next he moved down between my legs and spread them. Again he massaged and kneaded my ass with steady strength. I pushed back to let him know he could work my butt as hard as he liked; that I could take it. He received the message and intensified his grip. I felt his hand move down through the ditch of my ass and graze my hole. He spit on it and rubbed his finger all around it. 
      He spit some more and inserted his finger and finger fucked me for a few minutes.  I slowly began to realize this guy was a top. He was ass obsessed. His finger retreated and was replaced with his tongue. He didn’t start slow like most guys do. He buried his tongue to the hilt and began to dart in and out of my hole all the while delivering copious amounts of saliva into my ass. Much of it spilled over onto his chin and my balls, but it was certainly getting me hot and beyond horny. He started trading off between his fingers and his tongue. He had eventually worked three fingers in and out of my ass-cunt. 
      Enrique said very quietly just above a whisper, “Push out.” I didn’t hear him and asked him to repeat it. “Push your cunt out.” He said a little louder. This was music to my ears. I crunched my abdominal muscles and pushed the ring of my ass outward like I was taking a shit. 
      “Yeah, dude, just like that. Stay right there.” Next I felt him suck my hole into his mouth causing a vacuum and then use his teeth to encase my rosebud and lightly bit down. The sensation was awesome. No one had ever done that to me before. He continued to trade off between sucking and nipping. “I moaned, “That feels so fucking good. Please don’t stop.” For the next 5 minutes or so, he continued to worship my hole like that. When he let go, my rose bud snapped back inside my ass and began pulsing.
      At this point he walked around to the front of the massage table and I could see through the face cradle that he had taken his shorts off. Enrique had one of the biggest cocks I’ve ever had. He was super hard and uncut. His foreskin naturally retracted to the base of the head and was the same color as the rest of his cock. 
      His jet-black bush was perfectly trimmed and clear goo had bubbled up to the tip. This had to be a 10-inch dick. It was perfectly straight and was about as fat as a golf ball. I reached out and held it. The heat radiating from his rod was exhilarating. He helped me down off the table and I hit my knees and opened my mouth licked the pearl drop from the tip then descended down his magnificent rod. I got about halfway down and his cock got stuck at the back of my throat. 
      I pulled back delivering profuse amounts of saliva to coat his fat monster to make it easier to work with. Enrique could tell from my behavior that A) I was a cock slut and B) I was hungry for dick. I couldn’t help it. I needed this cock in my mouth. I blew him for about 10 minutes this way. I had saliva everywhere. It was running down my chin and onto my chest and then onto the floor and down his shaft and onto his balls and then onto me.  I had tears streaming down my face and cock snot coming out of my nose. I was not about to give up.
      Enrique stopped me and had me stand up. He gave me a hand towel to wipe up my face. “Let’s try this.” He patted the massage table. “Jump up here and get on your back.” He helped me up and had me slide my head completely off the end of the table.  
      He had at some point removed the face cradle. He opened a bottle of poppers and gave me a hit in each nostril. My head was upside down so it was tricky, but as I began to fly, I really appreciated the offering. With my head hanging off the table I was in the perfect position for him to slide his cock into my mouth. I immediately felt this was really comfortable. 
      His cock was thick, but I was confident that with enough patience and willpower we could do this. As he fucked in and out of my mouth, I reached around to his butt cheeks and pulled him into my throat a little bit more. I could feel his cockhead at the back of my throat as before. He continued to fuck in and out, but going no further than the back of my throat. 
      With the poppers relaxing me I opened my throat, took a deep breath through my nose and again pulled him a little deeper. This time his cock head popped through the ring at the back of my throat. We both moaned at the same time. I kept pulling him into to me and felt his shaft sliding further down my throat and moaned. I was in cock-sucking heaven. 
      I pulled him more and more until his tightly trimmed bush was scratching my upper lip. I pulled one last time as far as it would go and I felt him bottom out. My boy gasped and said, “Holy fuck. You’ve taken my entire cock into your throat. Not many people have ever been able to do that.” At this point I wanted to ensure he knew I was deep throating this massive cock so I lightly took my teeth and bit down ever so slightly on the base of his cock at the pubic line.  Then I released the pressure on his ass and pushed him out of my mouth and away from me. I was gasping for air trying really hard not to convulse. 
      I sat up and wiped the snot, saliva and pre-cum from my face and took a long slow hit of poppers and assumed my previous position. This time, when I grabbed Enrique’s butt to pull him into my mouth, I took him all the way to the balls in one stride. I needed to conserve oxygen. 
      Again he groaned.  I pushed him almost all the way out and pulled him back in again sending him the message to fuck my throat. He got the message, grabbed my tits and started thrusting all the way in and back out again in rapid succession. “Oh my god, suck my cock, deep throat the fucker. You are one good cock-sucker.” This went on for as long as I could hold my breath. 
      When I started feeling light headed, I pushed him out gasped for oxygen and forced his cock back in again. We did this four or five times before Enrique pulled completely away from me and said, “Oh fuck, Oh fuck, not yet hot man. Not yet. Whew!”
      Again I wiped my face clean and scooted back onto the massage table to catch my breath.
      Once revived Enrique said, “Turn over.”
      I did and took a hit of poppers. He jumped up onto the massage table with me and I immediately arched my back and stuck out my ass. He started eating; and eating, and eating. The more he ate the hungrier he got. Then he scooted up onto my back and I could feel the heat from his cock in the ditch of my ass.
      “Of fuck yeah,” I heard myself say.
      His cock head docked at my cunt lips and he pushed forward and I pushed backwards and within seconds Enrique busted through and slid in all the way to his balls. I felt his breath next to my face and lifted up my head and we started kissing and making out while moaning and humping each other. His tongue was all over the inside of my mouth and I couldn’t get enough of him. We continued little fuck motions with him buried balls deep in me while making out. 
      He whispered, “I’m not going to last long this way. Are you ready to fuck?” Through my gasping for air, I told him I was more than ready. But he came back with, “No, I mean are you really ready to fuck? I want to tear your cunt to shreds. Are you up for that?” All I could come up with was, “Give me everything you’ve got stud. I’m fucking yours.”
      With that, Enrique pulled his mouth off mine and grabbed me by my hair with both hands and pulled his cock almost all the way out and using my hair for leverage, slammed back into me. This gradually picked up speed, but he never let go of my hair. I began to moan incoherently and started jacking my cock. This hot Puerto Rican started to talk dirty to me, “Take that fat Latin dick you fucking slut. 
      I can’t believe you’d let a complete stranger fuck you raw like this. You’re a nasty mother fucker.” I reached between my legs and could feel the abundant amounts of dick and ass goo coating his cock, my ass and both of our ball sacks. I reached further back and touched his dick as it would piston in and out of me. The heat coming from it was astounding.
      He pulled out with a nasty plopping sound and abruptly turned me over and replanted his cock so fast I hardly knew what was happening. The sloppy squishy sounds my cunt and his cock were making were so nasty. You can only make those kinds of sounds when you have abandoned all fear and given into pure lust. His eyes were so intense and filled with hunger. He deep kissed me again and pulled back and whispered, “Do you like that raw stranger cock fucking your white slutty cunt?” I babbled, “Yes, fuck me. Please fuck me.” With fire in his eyes he said, “I’ve only just begun.”
      For the next 45 minutes or so, Enrique removed any semblance of sanity from me. I no longer had language to express myself. All I had was the guttural animalistic sounds that naturally escaped my vocal chords. He fucked me on my back, fucked me on the floor, he fucked me doggie style. 
      He had me ride him and he ate my ass out again then shared our combined fluids by making out with me.  It was a constant fight for oxygen, poppers and cock. When he finally rolled over onto the floor next to me, he asked if I wanted his load. We were both still huffing and puffing trying to catch our breath and I couldn’t breathe much less talk.
      He took that as a yes and had me get up on the massage table doggie style. He hopped up onto the table with me and told me to take a hit of poppers. I did. Within seconds his cock was buried in my swollen cunt. He started fucking me like a mad man; grunting every time he bottomed out. 
      We were both working extremely hard to give each other the fuck of our lives. More poppers and I reached around and pulled my ass cheeks apart to give him better access and me more friction. He loved that. I moved my fingers closer to his cock and my cunt lips. A little further and I slid two fingers from each hand inside my ass alongside his cock. Enrique yelled, “OH fuck that is so hot. That looks so fucking hot and feels un-fucking-believable. Fuck you man. Fuck you.”
      My eyes rolled to the back of my head and I pushed back onto him. I was so stimulated that I could tell that pee was escaping my cock involuntarily. Enrique froze and remained completely still while he injected 6 or 7 jets of hot Latin cum into my fuck hole. I swear at this point I saw god. 
      It wasn’t until then that he let out a primal warrior cry that I’m sure could be heard in the duplex next door. He started fucking again, this time with his spooge mixed with ass cum splashing out and coating our balls yet again. Slowly he calmed down and pulsed his cock a few times.  I could feel his heartbeat through his dick. I squeezed his cock to get the last drop out and it was then when I realized I hadn’t peed,  I had shot my load, hands free. 
      We both fell on the table and tried to catch our breath. After a minute, Enrique jumped up and left the room. I sat up, but couldn’t seem to catch my breath. I had cum all over the front of me and in my hair. I jumped off the table and cum was running down my leg. I sat on a bench but still couldn’t seem to catch my breath. I tried taking deep breaths through my nose and out of my mouth, but couldn’t normalize my breathing. I may have been hyperventilating.  
      Was I having a heart attack? Do people get heart attacks from fucking? I put my head between my legs and tried to control my breathing. It didn’t seem to help. Enrique came into the room with a bottle of water and left again. Just as panic was setting in, I took a desperate drink of water. The cool water seemed to spread through my body and my vital signs seemed to return to normal as did my breathing. 
      Enrique came back in and apologized that he was dealing with a client. He offered me a shower, which I desperately needed, and another bottle of water, again much needed. Before I left he looked me in the eye and said he had a great time and that we should do it again. I looked at my watch and was astounded to learn we fucked for 3 solid hours without any breaks. I couldn’t wait for the next time.
      I get off on your comments.
    • By SimiSucker
      Got a message on a hookup site. Dom Top was in the area working, deliveries. Wanted his cock sucked by a Faggot.
      I'm a faggot and I love cock!
      So, he told me where to meet him. I arrived at the local strip mall and saw the white delivery van. As I walked up, he came out of a store. I walked up to the van and he asked if I was the fag that was going to suck his cock!
      We got in the back of the van and he pulled out a folding chair and pulled his pants off and sat down. Nice juicy cock, no hair, tattoos all around the base.  Massive cock ring.
      I started down to my knees and he stopped me. Told me only naked faggots got to suck his cock.
      So, in the middle of a busy parking lot, I quickly stripped down and knelt in front of him.  His cock was already hard.
      I worked his cock with my mouth and hands, licked his balls. He grabbed my head and used my mouth as a fuck hole. Wasn't trying to fuck my throat, just control his pleasure.
      He constantly asked me if I was a fag, a cocksucker. A slutty bitch.
      And then he drowned me in cum, just filled my mouth. I didn't spill a drop.
      We got dressed and he told me I was an excellent faggot cocksucker!
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