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Do you remember the first guy that fucked you?

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On 9/29/2020 at 12:59 AM, VicBCtop said:

I told this story years ago. but Short version;

Drunk uncle (father's brother) slept over most weekends (or so it seemed) but alwasy when he was to drunk to drive back home - he alwasy slept in the 2nd twin bed in my bedroom. For many years 9-13? I would sneak a peak - he was naked so quite easy often - that led to sneaking a touch - a poke of the dick or touch of the balls.  Then I tried a kiss one day.  By 13 I was actually putting the head in my mouth and I noticed it would get bigger but he would never wake.  My first JO was with that huge cock head streatching my mouth.  And that led to my first time being fucked.  Drunk uncle woke up as I came I must have bit his cock head a bit - he as still drunk as a skunk - but flipped my tiny body over and fucked me raw rough and fast.  passing out after he came in me. That never happened again - I was terrified that I had made it happen so it was all my fault.  But it was less than 2 years before I had become a huge twink cumdumpster slut in our city park lol  - note: yes I am now a TOP at about 29 I  found out my fast cock was made for ass lol

Soo hot!  I did similar with sleeping Dad.....   

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Remember it well

Was 17 years old boy from next door and i was 8 or 9 

he came at some night in summer over the roof into my bedroom

my bedroom was next to his and in front of our windows was a flat roof so it was easy to walk over to each other 

didnt know what was happening , stepped inside and took off his undies and stepped into my bed next to me 

took off my clothes and started playing with me 

Hot summernights we played with eachother by moonlight on the roof  

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He was my first real bf. He was older than me but took me through my start as a Btm, my early cd , my first raw loads etc. He was a great lover and dear friend. I was sore for days sometimes after he had fucked me. I have had loads of cock up me since those days but I still think of him of one of the best. 

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