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  1. Stopped by the video store near JFK while our getting take out. First guy was this lean Hispanic guy seven and a half inches long uncut I started blowing him and he really got into it, I felt his birds tighten and his cock got even more rigid in my mouth and instead of just blowing his load completely he parsed it out in spurts some in my mouth others on my lips. Next was an older black guy I've blown before he likes his nips pinched while being blown, so I obliged him even slapped them while I sucked him and he came. Next was another Hispanic guy who had been getting blown earlier and was ready to pop so I sucked him til he shot his load on the lower part of my face. The last guy wanted to stroke in front of my waiting mouth while I jerked off and came. Not a bad evening next food then the Division 2
  2. Aww shit it's been awhile, I'm still here diving dick and trying not be one. Let's see I've changed locations where I'm working, I'm back in lower Manhattan after a year in Queens, I've gained weight and lost some of it, discovered the thrills of blowing guys in the backseat of my car and the frustrations of being aimless. Sex has been good since my last entry, I met a guy on BBRT that I was blowing on a weekly basis not to mention my random hook ups at the video stores, the only downside for me is it's been a long while since I've gotten a real good pounding but I've gave a whole lot of head plus I've been introduced to the joys of figging which is inserting a piece of shaved ginger root in the ass. Ok Sunday night stopped by the video store on Jamaica ave, almost turned into a bust. Right when I was ready to leave a thin older latin man came in took a look at me and decided I was the one he wanted. First we started at conjoined booths at first, but he pulled out his dick from my mouth and asked would I prefer to share a booth with him, I agreed we went into a booth together and as soon at the door was closed, he shoved me up against the and started to deep French kiss me. When he stored kissing me I took a deep hit of my poppers as he pulled his pants down. I'm guessing he was in his fifties, but his body was hard and lean like one of the guys from the aids bone thread. I got to my knees and swallowed and slobbered his cock as he fingered my ass. He slapped my face and said I was his boy and his bitch. I moaned yes and he slapped me again and corrected me told me to reply in Spanish. After regular intervals of kissing, sucking and getting fingered we were both ready for release. He asked how I want it and I told him a bitch doesn't have say so he fingered me with three fingers pulled out bent me over and thrust deep in my ass with his cock. He fucked me hard and furious to the point I couldn't hold it and shot my load up against the wall pleased with this he shot his load in my ass. He pulled out I cleaned his dick off with my mouth leaving him pleased as I headed to the bathroom tho clean up the cum dripping out of me before heading home
  3. Could I ? Yes because currently is not feasible nor realistic for me. But fortunately for me when I do, it makes up for those times when I don't
  4. Sunday night after work headed to the adult video store where I had two hard dicks to blow. The first guy was Asian with this nice 7 and a half inch dick. He enjoyed my mouth so much he helped pay for the booth. The second guy was Black with a hole wrecking dick it was pretty big, the gloryhole barely accommodated him. Sadly due to time constraints I couldn't suck him to finish
  5. Never laughed at the size of another man's dick because that's just rude plus I'm not well "gifted" so who am I to laugh. I've been laughed at once by one guy but that was kinda of a turn on
  6. Could be any number of things, body type, age, ethnicity, you're a new face or that was an off day for you
  7. SissySwallows I don't think that most HIV infection cases are from chasers and "Alpha poz tops" but from men who are on the DL and are afraid to get tested. As it stands ultimately one's own well being is their personal responsibility especially now there's so many ways to protect one self. Chasers and Gifters as far as I can tell are subculture which no one can tell for certain who truly prescribe to this lifestyle and those it's just a fantasy
  8. What I do roll a piece of tissue dip one end into the poppers bottle and get it damp and insert the the tissue in my nose
  9. Yesterday stopped by the video store ran into a regular I haven't seen in awhile, he's an older white guy with this big thick cock that likes to be blown with others watching. So I take a couple of hits from the poppers and get on my knees and start working his dick in the booth. He asks if he can open the door and I nod yes and we get quite an audience. One guy takes a bit of the poppers and suck on my guy's dick while I worked his balls after period of this my guy ask if he can shoot his load in my mouth and went yes. As I sucked his cock felt it get more rigid and his balls tightened right before he shot his load into my mouth. I washed up a little and the guy that blew him wanted me to blow him and suck his balls I did that and edged him to almost him cumming but he wasn't ready which I was cool with. Then another older guy came in and I started to suck him through the glory hole and he told me to come to his booth where he sucked my nipples, fingered my hole and and sliced said fingers in my mouth. He sucked me and then face fucked me till he came and them while I jerked off he shoved his thumb up my ass as he choked me till I came.
  10. I always say thank you or thanks mostly because I tend to be overly polite and I'm thankful that he chose me to use and receive his seed
  11. I made several attempts when I was about 16 with my friend who I was sucking but due to his size and my nervousness he never entered me jump ahead about five years my last year in the military I met up with a guy from a gay chat line went to see him to blow him. While sucking him he commented that I have a nice ass and could he fuck me, I wanted him to but explained I never did it before. He went easy and slowly till his dick filled my ass and he was riding me it was exquisite and thought this couldn't get better I was right until I learn about barebacking
  12. Last night was my first leaf swallowed for the new year. Went to my regular place after work where he gave me a almost two weeks worth load which I swallowed greedily
  13. Funny how those who cry about how bad bareback is and how nasty those who do it are the quickest to do the very things their "against" when they think nobody is looking
  14. I luv poppers because I get all piggy, a during hit puff poppers and I'm devouring that cock and not coming up for air as often. Plus inn begging for him to go deep and flood me with their cum
  15. Only thing I can stress is if you're going to chase look into your medical coverage if you have it. Will they cover meds and if so how much, also get life insurance now it's easier if you try getting it after conversion but it can get expensive. Get an inexpensive coverage that you could always increase if necessary. I think I've been poz for six maybe eight years and for me it's not that drastically different from life before except I go to the doctors more and I'm more acutely aware of my body. Sex I fluctuate frequently from getting piggy and taking almost any dick offered to the "naw I'm good son" and not hooking up at all Becoming poz may change more your lifestyle than actually yourself and for some people that's the most scary part not sure if you'll deal with stigma or downright discrimination and it's everywhere I've experienced a little off in NYC. But if it does happen know you have people like us online to embrace you and encourage you. I apologize for being long winded but know this whatever you choose it's your life and live best you can

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