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  1. Earlier this evening after picking up some take out I stored by my favorite ABS to cruise some dick, as soon as I arrived I heard straight to the back and checked out the first connected booth and saw this guy who though want hard you could easily well hung with huge nuts. I quickly fed the machine got down on my knees and took two big hits from two different types of poppers and took this guy's massive meat in my mouth and down my throat. He throat and face fucked me till he was to cum. And he came down my throat and partially on my chin. After licking my face clean I checked another guy and we headed into the booth he didn't want to get sucked or fuck but wanted me to talk dirty and nasty while he beat off so I begged him to fuck me and cum in me. I told him how I wanted him to fist my ass and then stick his finger in my mouth to clean them. As I talked he furiously beating his dick he rushes over to the slot to cum in my mouth. So not a bad evening
  2. It's the fact that this is considered taboo in American culture. Ultimately if you're not comfortable with it I say don't do it. Did they tell you that they're cousins or you sorta found out afterwards by chance. If they didn't I think they didn't want to weird you out. Plus cousins making out with each other is more common than people care to admit. First person I ever really made it with was my cousin which went on for a long while
  3. I've never been gangbanged but that's more due to no opportunity. I generally do not hold back and willing to go as far as their willing to. I've kissed, rimmed and gotten rimmed, fuck and been fucked, slapped and choked. Now cleaning up sometimes I was able then other times I went home with my ass dripping with some guy's cum. One time this guy shot a massive load in my face and it got in my eyes and they became bloodshot. The shit I've gotten myself into for dick
  4. Hey Dan here, hope all is well with everyone. So my topic today is desire and responsibilities, now I'm the first to admit I'm selfish to some extent especially under the my own survivability. But I recently noticed that selfishness is spoiling over to other parts of my life. Now I'm spending more time cruising for dick then taking care of business. Quite a few times last week I came home late because I'm sucking dick or getting fucked in the ass. Don't get me wrong I was enjoying every minute of getting turned out by random guys some I kinda know and others... But this behaviour is making the significant other suspicious and for the first time I'm somewhat at odds with myself. One part of me what's to maintain balance but the other part of me wants to give completely in to my piggy desires and wants. To be a wanton cumdump to anyone that wants to use me, to be fucked so often and thoroughly that my ass prolapses. To spend my weekends just pleasuring any man that shows up not caring who they are. Something tells me I'm not the only one here going through this. Other news playing a lot of PS4 games mostly Days gone which I'm enjoying immensely and Subnautica. So that my time in a nutshell playing games, playing with myself, sucking dicks and taking dick in the ass. Life is complicated but good
  5. My fuck flu was rather mild that truthfully I don't even recall it, I only found out due to choosing to be tested during a regular check up
  6. From what I understand missing like a day or two may not be bad (but then again depending on what strain one has plays a part?) But longer the period between taking and not taking increases the risk of it becoming drug resistant if memory serves me correctly
  7. Again that was the reaction to Aids epidemic during the eighties and early nineties. During that time Mayor Giuliani decimated the gay cruising scene in New York City that after over 15 years it still hasn't recovered.
  8. I agree with you that the younger generation on the most part ignores such bias , it makes me wonder how many that feel that way are on the side of the porn industry that could directly influence such as directors and producers. Sadly there's still a strong stigma in regards to bareback sex even within gay and bisexuals, but then you have those who like to put up the airs that they're all about safe sex until they get in the heat of the moment
  9. I personally believe the problem is old habits die hard. People are still in the eighties and nineties mindset especially in regards to gay sex. At this point the question should be asked "How come there's no studio that either uses or is comprised of actors who are poz undetectable?"
  10. My apologies LondonLegendUK this is all in nyc London is a leatherman / fetish sex shop. If your in NYC it's in the village not far from the Christopher Street station on the number one line
  11. Last night after work stopped by the video store and ran into this guy I've been blowing in the back of my car for sometime now. Since I didn't have my car with me I offered to pay for a booth so we can really get comfortable. He settled in the chair with his pants and underwear down I proceeded too suck him nice and slow. He comments about how well I suck dick and how he wants some ass. I moan with my mouth fill of his eight and a half inches in my mouth. He asks do I want it? And I moaned yes. He then goes "no say it!". I let his cock slide out of my mouth and I plead for him to fuck me. I strip out of my pants and underwear suck on his dick a little more to keep him hard and he slathered some lube on my hole fingered my hole and commented how tight I was. He then instructed me to get up on the seat and lower my ass. I did so and as soon as I lowered it I felt the head of his dick press up on my hole and before I knew he shoved hard and forced my ass open. He was going for those slow deep strokes. Saying how he wanted my ass from the beginning. I was in a delirium from a combination of his hard inches and the double scorpio. I was moaning and begging him not to stop but keep fucking me as long as possible. At some point he breathes in my ear you like being fucked? And I responded yes and gripped my waist and started pile driving my ass. For a moment my mind went blank from the assault on my ass and then he pushed up and came deep in my ass. By then my balls were aching for release and I begged him to choke me as I stroked off which he seemed more than happy to do I dressed keeping his jizz in my ass and headed home
  12. Last night after work I stopped by London to resupply on my double scorpio and decided to break in the new bottle by stopping at the video store. At first thought I might have wasted my time since besides me there were two booths being occupied. Right when I was about to leave of the booth guys left since the other guy stayed I peeked in through the slot and saw eight hard inches of cock. I quickly took a couple of hits of the DS feed the the machine and went to taking all that meat in my mouth. Sadly he had a rubber on but at that point I couldn't care less. This guy really starts getting into it and is pounding my throat but as he is fucking my face the rubber is sliding off and gagging me. Then before you know it slides completely off and I spit it out and continue. He doesn't stop and he shoots this big load in my mouth and I eat it up. Suddenly he gets upset that the rubber came off I'm thinking "you didn't notice?" But I apologize he asked for the rubber back so pick it of the floor he puts it back on as I'm about to leave he like "where are you going?" And I notice he as hard as was when I first saw him. So I take another hit and go for round two. So he is going to town in my mouth and I'm working on trying to keep this rubber on while sucking him. He's going balls deep and I'm sucking his dick and licking his balls like my life depends on it, not really thinking I'm sucking his dick with the condom that was on the floor of a adult video store. His balls starts to tighten and he pulls out of my mouth. I'm thinking he wants to Jack off instead her pushes hiss cock back through the slot so I can finish him off and he shoots a second load which was bigger than the first. He indicates he's not finished and I'm thinking holy s hit did Christmas come early. The third time he doesn't even bother with the condom. This time I'm on my stride, no gagging, no teeth scrapes, just lips,suction and wet throat. He then starts going for broke hip thrusts that the partition is shaking I reach my arm in and grab his ass and he grabs my to make really grab his ass and erupts a third large and final load into my throat which I swallow greedily. He leaves I jerk off and head home
  13. As time goes on online sites are becoming a necessary evil, well at least here in nyc of all places. Video stores are closing left and right and the few cruising places are filling up with overly aggressive hustlers. I prefer cruising at the adult theatre and video stores because I can't host oh well
  14. Stopped by the video store near JFK while our getting take out. First guy was this lean Hispanic guy seven and a half inches long uncut I started blowing him and he really got into it, I felt his birds tighten and his cock got even more rigid in my mouth and instead of just blowing his load completely he parsed it out in spurts some in my mouth others on my lips. Next was an older black guy I've blown before he likes his nips pinched while being blown, so I obliged him even slapped them while I sucked him and he came. Next was another Hispanic guy who had been getting blown earlier and was ready to pop so I sucked him til he shot his load on the lower part of my face. The last guy wanted to stroke in front of my waiting mouth while I jerked off and came. Not a bad evening next food then the Division 2
  15. Aww shit it's been awhile, I'm still here diving dick and trying not be one. Let's see I've changed locations where I'm working, I'm back in lower Manhattan after a year in Queens, I've gained weight and lost some of it, discovered the thrills of blowing guys in the backseat of my car and the frustrations of being aimless. Sex has been good since my last entry, I met a guy on BBRT that I was blowing on a weekly basis not to mention my random hook ups at the video stores, the only downside for me is it's been a long while since I've gotten a real good pounding but I've gave a whole lot of head plus I've been introduced to the joys of figging which is inserting a piece of shaved ginger root in the ass. Ok Sunday night stopped by the video store on Jamaica ave, almost turned into a bust. Right when I was ready to leave a thin older latin man came in took a look at me and decided I was the one he wanted. First we started at conjoined booths at first, but he pulled out his dick from my mouth and asked would I prefer to share a booth with him, I agreed we went into a booth together and as soon at the door was closed, he shoved me up against the and started to deep French kiss me. When he stored kissing me I took a deep hit of my poppers as he pulled his pants down. I'm guessing he was in his fifties, but his body was hard and lean like one of the guys from the aids bone thread. I got to my knees and swallowed and slobbered his cock as he fingered my ass. He slapped my face and said I was his boy and his bitch. I moaned yes and he slapped me again and corrected me told me to reply in Spanish. After regular intervals of kissing, sucking and getting fingered we were both ready for release. He asked how I want it and I told him a bitch doesn't have say so he fingered me with three fingers pulled out bent me over and thrust deep in my ass with his cock. He fucked me hard and furious to the point I couldn't hold it and shot my load up against the wall pleased with this he shot his load in my ass. He pulled out I cleaned his dick off with my mouth leaving him pleased as I headed to the bathroom tho clean up the cum dripping out of me before heading home

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