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I was in High School when this all went down. It was the summer, and I had just turned 18. I was looking forward to basketball camp at a University about 40 miles from my home town. This was the type of basketball camp where we stayed in the mostly empty dorms for the 5 days we were there. The first day was a hard one, the instructors were tough. My group was paired off with a freshman University player. He was tall, of course, maybe 6'7" or so. He was very good looking and mixed race. He looked like he might have been 1/3rd black or possibly half black. He wasted no time in shucking his shirt, and wow...his body was ripped. You could see every muscle in his body. He had a tiny bit of hair in the middle of his chest, which I found very attractive since I barely had any hair except my pits and crotch.  I noticed his ass and crotch as he demonstrated moves for us. His ass was the definition of a bubble butt, I swear you could probably bounce a brick off of it and he was no slump in the crotch department, his bulge was prominent. I don't know why I was noticing all of that. I have a girlfriend, maybe it's because I hadn't seen such a well developed man this close in person and about my age. He also worked with us one on one and every time it was my turn it felt like he was deliberately making sure his skin touched as much of my skin as possible. The smell of clean fresh sweat was extremely intoxicating and I was glad I had worn my jockstrap to keep my cock down. Why was this turning me on? I guess it had been two weeks since I got to hookup with my girl. She was at church camp and my basketball camp overlapped her camp by a day. I was blessed with a pretty decent sized cock, about 7.5 inches, cut and quite thick. I could also cum multiple times in a row without going limp and I was a shooter. So not having been able to fuck in over two weeks was beginning to take it's toll on me.  

We finally had a lunch break and we broke off into our groups to eat, our instructor, Jerol, sat with us, more specifically, sat right next to me on the grass. We all laughed and talked. Turned out his dorm room was in our building with the rest of the guys. By the end of the day we all were fast friends, including Jerol. We all retired to our dorm buildings, and settled in, and began readying for a much needed shower time. I was on the phone with my girlfriend while everyone else went and showered. She kept me on the phone for at least 45 minutes and I finally convinced her I had to go or there'd be no hot water left. My three other roomies were already back in our dorm talking to their girlfriends or family. I got my stuff together and went to the shower area. It was locked up! Why would they lock up the shower area at all? I didn't understand, I thought this area was open 24/7. Just then Jerol came down the stairs and saw me standing at the door holding all my shower gear. He said,"sorry man, I didn't know anyone was left, but hey, there's a shower area on my floor and they keep it open all the time for us that stay over the summer. I followed him up to his floor and he showed me the shower area, it was actually a lot nicer than ours. He started to undress in front of me, which was cool by me, I've seen plenty of naked bodies. I was shucking my clothes as well. That's when I saw out the corner of my eye his huge cock. It had to be 7 inches soft and thick as a coke can. I couldn't stop glaring at it. I broke out of my trance when he started walking towards me with his monster swinging at my eye level as I sat on the bench trying to cover my thickening cock. 

"Come on man, let's get some soap on our ass and balls," Jerol said while patting my face. I reluctantly got up carrying my towel in front of me to hide my growing erection. He started the showerhead first and while his eyes were closed I was able to put my back toward him and hide my dick. 

It was a "hard" situation to shower next to this hung god and hide my erection the whole time. Once we were back to the locker area drying off Jerol began putting oil all over his body. He said,"most black guys have to use lotion or oil on our bodies after a shower so are skin doesn't get ashy." I told him I had to do that during the winter myself. 

Jerol asked, "Hey man, can you get my back and shoulders, I can't ever get to all of it," I said "sure, but you'll have to sit on the bench, because you're kinda too tall for me to reach your shoulders." We both laughed and he sat down, still naked. I had gotten my underwear and shorts on at least. 

As I rubbed the oil on his back and shoulders he let out a light moan. It took my by surprise and I froze. "Man after today's workout, your hands just feel so good on my sore muscles, do you think you could massage me?" Jerol asked. 

I was reluctant, I hadn't ever touched another guy like this, but I desperately wanted to keep touching him. His skin felt like velvet stretched on top of tight muscles so I agreed to massage him. He quickly stood up and grabbed his stuff and said,"come on, let's go to my dorm room so it's more comfortable."

I just did what he asked and followed him. Once we got inside, he pulled off his shorts and laid down on his bed in just his underwear. He told me to straddle him and work on his shoulders. I did as commanded as if in a trance. His hands eventually started rubbing my thighs as I massaged his shoulders, I was hard as a rock and there was no hiding it. I thought,"thankfully he can't see my erection about to bust out of my shorts." It was at that exact moment Jerol flipped over lifting my body easily on his ass and as he turned over my ass slid across his butt, then hip, and rested right on his crotch. I was frozen in fear as he saw my erection and I quickly tried to put my hands over it. Jerol laughed and said,"relax man, you're not the only one enjoying this," It was then that I realized I wasn't just sitting on his crotch, I was sitting on a steel rod of about 10 inches and thick as my arm. 

Jerol smiled a Hollywood smile at me as his hands went to my bare hips and began stroking my exposed skin, he wasted no time fishing my cock out of my shorts and started jerking my cock with his oily hands. "You're pretty hung for such a young white boy," Jerol complimented me. I was shaking I was so nervous, I pushed myself off of him and blurted out,"I'm not gay, I have a girlfriend! That's why I was late to the shower."

Jerol smiled that smile at me again, and grabbed my hand, pulling me back toward him next to the bed. "It's cool man, I've got a girl too, she's back in her hometown for the summer though, and men like us have needs. We're just helping each other out." Jerol explained. 

I couldn't say anything as he slowly pulled my shorts and underwear down to my knees where my raging hardon was right in front of his sculpture like face. In one swift movement he took my whole cock down his throat. My knees buckled and I almost lost it. I'd never felt anything like that before. To be deep throated in that manner was something completely new to me. His large hands practically covered both my ass cheeks as he used them to pull my body forward causing me to throat fuck  him. He was going at such a speed I suddenly realized I was about to cum. I grabbed his head and hoarsely said,"SHIT! I'm gonna cum!" I unleashed a torrent of cum, blasting down his throat. He kept sucking me and swallowed every drop. I was weak as my cock was still lodged in his throat. He gently moved me to the bed and slowly pulled off my cock. I was still rock hard and out of sorts. Confused by what had just happened. Jerol stood up and yanked off his shorts and underwear, he got onto the floor on his knees in front of me, and quickly pulled off my clothes. He went down on me again, sucking in my hard dick down to my balls. He was a pro, I'd never had anyone suck my dick all the way down and certainly not at this speed and expert level. He made his way down to my balls and began  licking and sucking them as his oily hand stroked my boner. I was in heaven, I just laid back and let him pleasure me. Every time I felt like I was about to bust another load, his hand would slow down or stop as he continued to lick my balls, his tongue was so long it was stretching out and licking my taint even. That felt good too. He lifted my legs up so that my ass cheeks were almost resting on his thick muscular shoulders, one hand wrapped around my thigh and continued to stroke my cock, he used this position to suddenly push my hips up and within a second his tongue was on my asshole! Holy fuck that felt good. I began to relax even more as he licked my hole, he would flex his tongue and start to dart it in and out of my loosening wet hole. I was beginning to leak precum steadily. He pivoted my body so that instead of my ass hanging off the bed I was now on the bed with my legs up and he crawled up onto the bed between my legs with his tongue still inside my hole. He grabbed the oil and poured a bunch on his huge cock, I was amazed at how incredibly thick and long it was. His dickhead looked like golf ball on the end of a extra long beer can. He crawled up to where our cocks were rubbing against each other, he was jerking both of us off at the same time. He grabbed my hand and put it on his dick. This was the first time I'd touched it. It felt oddly satisfying and strange to be stroking another guy off, let alone masturbating a cock that my hand couldn't even fully reach around. I could see little pearls of precum popping up out of piss slit and saw a tattoo of a 4-leaf clover on below where his waistband would've been and below that some sort of tribal design, it looked like something from Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. It's cool he's a gamer too! But currently I was mesmerized by how beautiful and big his cock was in my hands. He pulled my legs up to his shoulders and began to thrust his monster against my cock and balls as he leaned over my and his face got closer to mine. He was telling me, "damn, you're so hot, you're making me so horny with your tight white body." This strangely turned me on even more as he thrusted his body against mine. 

Eventually I noticed that his thrusting movements had somehow changed our position a bit and his gigantic cock was now rubbing up and down my ass crack. Occasionally his cockhead would catch on my hole and apply some pressure. It actually felt amazing. I didn't know my asshole could make me feel so good. It was making me think I might cum again. More and more his cockhead would catch on my hole and more and more it felt like it was beginning to penetrate my hole. Just a little bit, like the outter ring maybe. It hurt, but with all the oil, it was still feeling more good than bad. He was breathing hard and when I looked at his face, his mouth was open and he was panting as he thrust onto my hole. I was beginning to feel like a piece of meat, and I'm embarrassed to say it made me hornier. At some point during one of the times his dick caught on my hole and slightly penetrated me, he pushed harder with his weight, and I felt his cock enter me, just about an inch or two, but it had hit something extra tight right inside my butthole. I felt like I had just been ripped open. I screamed but his massive muscular body held me tight in that position. I pleaded, "oh fuck, take it out man. It hurts to much. Pleeeassse take it out."

Jerol said,"if I take it out right now, it's gonna hurt way worse, just don't move okay? I didn't mean to enter you, I'll take it out in a minute when your hole relaxes." I did what he said, I just laid there, not moving a muscle. He stayed still with his huge cock lodged a couple inches inside me. Tears began to leak out my closed eyes from the pain. I opened them and looked at him. His face was full of lust and it looked like he enjoyed seeing my tears. "Jerol, please take it out, it hurts so bad," I begged. It was actually beginning to loosen up, but it still hurt like hell and I didn't want to tell him there was "less" pain now. 

"I'm sorry," Jerol replied,"I didn't mean for it to go inside you, I promise when you loosen up and relax, I'll take it out."

His hips began to gently rock, not really thrust or anything, but his cock was moving inside me, but not going deeper. I was beginning to feel better, it still felt painful, but not like the initial pain. I told him I thought it was loosening up and he could probably take it out now. He said,"okay baby boy, let me put some more oil on it so that it will come out easier." He grabbed the oil and liberally poured more all over his cock and my hole. He laid on top of me with his face buried in my neck, he started to kiss my neck and as I relaxed more, I felt his cock actually go deeper inside me! 

"Ouch ouch ouch! Jerol! Please, this hurts so bad, you're going deeper." I pleaded. 

His kisses became more frantic as he worked his mouth up my neck and to my cheek, his thick soft lips locked onto mine. This was the first time a guy had ever kissed me, and it felt so good. He had some thick lips and as they worked my lips, his tongue opened up my mouth, I immediately let his tongue enter my mouth and I began kissing him back, hard. I was in so much lust. I felt myself break out in a sweat as I kissed back with all my might, when I realized his cock was going in deeper again. I was moaning into his mouth from the pain when all of a sudden his pushed his weight down on me and my hole broke open, he sank about half his cock into me. I cried out loud, but he had his hand on behind my head and my mouth was locked onto his mouth. I screamed into his mouth as he began pumping his huge cock in and out of my torn hole. 

I was hitting his shoulders and sides with my fists, but they didn't seem to phase him at all. He finally broke our kiss and grabbed my wrists, yanking them above my head. "Listen here bitch, I haven't fucked in a week, and you gave up your pussy real quick, so relax, I need this," Jerol commanded. 

I was crying now as he held onto my wrists and was pumping 4-5 inches in and out of my incredibly stretched tight hole. I cried to him,"Please Jerol, take it out, it hurts so bad." He replied by reaching for his phone and setting a timer for 5 minutes, Jerol told me,"Just let me go for 5 minutes, I'll take it out then okay?" He continued fucking his cock in and out of my hole, and kept going deeper. At some point, he was deep enough he hit something, I guessed it was my prostate. It felt really weird, like I had to piss or cum or both. I have to admit that when his gold ball cockhead hit me there it sent shockwaves through me. I resigned myself to letting him fuck my hole for the remainder of the 5 minute timer because, well, it did feel really good when he hit that spot even though I felt like my hole was being torn a new one. 

I looked at the timer and it had been 4 minutes, he somehow had worked all ten inches into my tight hole and now my prostate was getting a constant barrage of pleasure despite the pain I felt in other places. The timer finally went off, and he reached over to cancel it. I sighed in relief while he was still balls deep in me. He said,"fuck man, I'm almost ready to cum, just let me go a little bit longer, I can tell I'm hitting your g-spot now, you can't hide how much you like my cock hitting your good spot. 

I replied,"No, I mean, yes, you're hitting something and it feels fuckin good but it still hurts in other places, you're just too big."

Jerol continued,"Please, I'm so close to cumming, just give me a few more minutes? Please? You're so hot, and your hole is the tightest I've had, just a couple minutes?"

He said all this while gently flexing and pumping his cock against my prostate, making me shoot a tiny bit of precum onto my belly. I counter negotiated with him, "If I let you go a few more minutes, you gotta put a condom on if you're gonna cum."

He smiled like he'd won. He said,"Okay man, I'll put a condom on, but you gotta let me cum in you, it's the only way I can bust."

"Okay, but go slow when you put it back in and just cum if you have on a condom." I said. 

Jerol grabbed a condom, and gently pulled out of my hole. I felt very empty, and although I felt relieved, I also really missed that feeling my prostate had. Jerol wrapped up his cock and spread a ton of oil onto his cock. He positioned it on my hole and slowly re-entered me. It was slick and still felt tight as hell. I reached down and wrapped my hand around his cock and felt his ten inches slowly sink into my battered hole. He bottomed out and began to long dick me. I still had my hand on his cock as he piston fucked me, he was hitting my prostate at a much faster speed now and my eyes rolled back into my head as the intensity built up. 

He was pounding my ass now I felt his huge cock fucking past my hand right into my hole so deep and fast. I felt my asshole hairs in between my fingers and hands as his cock pounded away. I didn't have much hair on my asshole though, maybe I was feeling his pubes. 

Jerol was panting and breathing hard,"You want my cum bitch? Say it. Tell me you want this nigger cum in your white boy pussy."

He was wrecking my prostate so good, I just went with it and started to tell him, "fuck my white boy pussy, I want your cum deep in me." 

We kept trading filthy talk which made me even hotter, I was feeling his monster fuck my hole with my hand and suddenly I felt another orgasm racing through me, I couldn't even talk, I tried to say I was cumming but couldn't, I blew a pint of cum all over our bodies. My cock was spraying our naked bodies when he slammed balls deep into me and roared. I felt his cock become even thicker against my straining anal walls as it was shooting cum like a fire hose into me. My hand on his cock felt it blasting through his shaft and out his cockhead buried deep in my bowels. He started to pump his cock in and out of me again, faster this time. I said,"didn't you cum?"

Jerol replied,"fuck yeah, I unloaded and bred you good, but I've got one more for ya so hang on."

He was fucking the hell out of my now limp body. I took my hand off his pistoning cock and as he slam fucked my hole I looked down at my hand to see it slick with oil but also ten or twelve pieces of rubber stuck all over it. I realized the condom hadn't just broke, it was shredded. "Jerol! Stop! Stop! The condom broke!"

He was fucking my weak limp body so hard now he didn't pay attention to me and blew another huge load inside me. I laid there and let him cum inside me having no strength to fight his large muscular body. 

He began very slowly pulling out of my hole. I told him again,"Jerol, I told you to stop, the condom is shredded,"

Jerol, looked at my hand covered in condom pieces, and said,"Yeah I think it broke when I was putting it in your hole, you were just too tight man."

I looked at him in shock. "Why didn't you say anything?"

Jerol responded,"We made a deal, you said I could cum in you if I had a condom on." 

I asked if I could use his toilet, as I needed to try and shit out his cum. He told me his didn't work, I'd have to use one in my dorm or the ones in the shower area. I put my clothes back on as he laid naked, his cock half hard slick with oil and cum still on his dick head. I don't know why I did it, after feeling so used and worthless, but I went over and sucked his cock clean, he pulled my head off his cock and told me I'd better get back to my room because it was curfew. I went down to my floor and it dawned on me I couldn't use our dorm bathroom to shit out Jerol's cum. I tried the shower area again, but it was still locked. I stuffed a bunch of toilet paper in between by crack and just went to sleep exhausted, I immediately knocked out. 

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The next morning we woke up to a knock at the door, it was Jerol. It felt weird seeing him and hear him telling us we had an hour to get ready, especially after what we did the night before. The boys all headed to the shower, while I waited for them to leave, and pull the cum soaked toilet paper from in between my ass cheeks out and flush down our toilet. Another knock on the door. I opened it with just my towel on thinking one of the boys forgot something. It was Jerol again. He said,"hey, sorry I was a little rough last night, but it'd been a week since I've gotten my cock wet." His hollywood smile made me soft and I said,"It's cool man, I just wish you hadn't cum in me." That was embarrassing to say out loud. He smiled at me and hugged me, our skin touching like that, made me hard again! What the fuck!? Why? 

He felt my dick harden against him. He pulled my towel off and I was rock hard standing straight up. He asked,"Did you shit my cum out of your pussy last night?"

"No," I replied,"I couldn't do it with the guys all in here and the shower area closed off."

"Good," Jerol responded, "get on your back on the edge of your bed, we have about twenty minutes."

He pushed me toward the bed, and I did as he told me to, all the while telling him we couldn't fuck, he was too big, and I was too sore, I didn't like it.

He lifted up my legs and started eating my hole. I was in bliss, as my battered hole was getting some relief from a tongue massage. I heard a "click" and saw he had oil in his hand. I guess he'd had it in his shorts pocket the whole time. He was stroking his third leg as he ate my boy pussy. I mean, my ass. I was beginning to feel relaxed and almost felt like I might cum. He got up on his knees and placed that huge cock on my hole. 

"Jerol! Please don't! I can't take it."

He retorted,"I'm just going to rub my head on your hole okay?"

I let him. I just laid back like a slut as he rubbed his cock on my hole. He started stroking my steel hard cock with his hand and as I relaxed more he applied pressure to my hole and he started to sink into me. I guess all the cum inside me and the oil he'd poured all over his dick was enough lube to enter my tight hole. It still hurt like a fucker, but kinda felt good too. Having this tall, gorgeous young man put such a huge cock into my tiny hole. I felt so dirty, so wrong. It was so wrong to let this guy push his huge thick cock into my ass. He was sinking more and more of that beautiful cock into my butthole when he hit my inside spot again. Precum started pouring out my pee hole. I was grunting it hurt, but also I felt the pressure against my prostate and fuck...I think I might cum. Why did it hurt so bad too though? 

He put my legs up onto his shoulders and grabbed my hips as his began slamming his cock into my little hole. I was breathing hard as I felt myself about to cum. He railed on my hole. 

Jerol began talking gross to me again. Telling me my white boy pussy was his to use and breed as long as I was at camp. He said he'd fuck all of his loads into my bitch hole whenever he wanted and I'd better learn to take his poison loads.  

"Poison loads???" What did that mean? 

Precum was leaking out all over my abs. I told him to hurry before the guys got back. 

"Hurry what?" Jerol asked

"Hurry up and cum in me before they get back," I said.

Jerol smiled and began ramming me hard, his hips slapping against my ass cheeks...pow pow pow rapidly plowing my hole. I couldn't take the pressure or pleasure any more and my cock started exploding between us. I didn't even touch my dick this time! I was blowing my last load out onto my face as he drove his truck sized cock into me and I felt again how much thicker it got as he blasted my insides with his cum. He pulled his dick out unceremoniously and dropped my weak legs to the floor. He pulled up his shorts and put the oil back in his pocket. "Get to the showers before the boys get out, or they'll see you covered in cum and might see my loads leaking from your used up pussy." Jerol warned me. 

I quickly covered up with a towel and practically ran into a shower stall so no one would see my shame. I felt a little bit of Jerol's cum leak out of my hole for the rest of the day. Why did I let him fuck me again? It hurt so bad the first time, I wasn't ever gonna let that happen again. I guess it wasn't as bad the second time, but still! 

I can't believe I came without even touching my cock...I came sooo hard and so much...

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Tight white pussy can’t say “no” to big, black dick. 

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The rest of the week was about the same as the first day and morning. Jerol fucked my tight hole 2-3 times a day and would always leave it dripping. It was embarrassing that I was letting this massive hung jock use me like his personal fuck toy. I always told him "no" and that it hurt too much but somehow he would convince me to let him "just rub his cockhead on my hole" or "just lick and tongue-fuck my butthole" which always ended up with his cock pumping ten inches in and out of my ass and him cumming in me. I became more quiet with the guys, they noticed something was wrong, but obviously I couldn't tell them what was really going on. 

On the last day of camp we'd all been let out early to do whatever we wanted. I went back to the dorm with the rest of the guys, they showered while I talked to my girlfriend. She was telling me that she couldn't wait for me to get home and eat her pussy and fuck her. She'd gotten an implant before she went to camp and wanted me to cum inside her as much as I could. I was so hard and horny now. 

The guys filed into the dorm room, and asked if I wanted to go to the mall with them. I spent all my money on camp, so I really couldn't.  Besides my girl got me too riled up, I figured I'd stay back and jerk off a few times while I had the dorm room to myself. 

As soon as the guys left I began jerking off, I came once, but it was difficult for some reason. I kept jerking my diamond hard cock, and as I relaxed more I began to feel myself up. I eventually had my hand running through my crack, hitting my tight pink boyhole. Next thing I remember I was fucking my hole with three of my fingers and blasting a huge load all over myself. Hmph...I didn't mean to finger myself. It just happened. 

I decided I better hop in the shower, when I came out of the dorm room, I ran into Billy, he was in the dorm room across the hall. He was about 5'5" and super quick on the courts. He was part Latino, his skin and complexion would get anyone to look twice. He was really lean and muscular, with quite an ass on him. I bet his waist was only 28 inches around which made his butt look all the more poppin. I said,"hey, you didn't go to the mall with the rest of the guys?" Billy wasn't a shy guy, but he looked down and mumbled something about having to stay back and clean up the gym and he was going to get ready for a shower too. 

I went on into the shower area, and had a nice hot shower. As I was drying off I heard a "clink" at the door. I didn't think anything of it, so I finished drying off and was putting my clothes back on when I heard someone try to get into the door. That's odd, it seemed like it was locked. I grabbed my shower gear and put on my shoes and when I got to the door, sure enough, it was locked. Why did someone lock the door so early and while I was showering? I unlocked it and peeked out into the hallway. There was Billy at the end of the hall talking to Jerol. 

Jerol had his hand on Billy's shoulder, I heard Jerol say,"yeah, sometimes they lock up early, but you can use the shower area on my floor..."

What the fuck!?!?! Jerol is the one that locked the door that first day! He set that up so he could get me up onto his floor, use his shower, all with the intentions of busting my straight boy hole cherry. That fucker. I felt a pain of jealousy. He was fucking other boys besides me??? Wasn't I enough? He fucked me several times a day too. Ugh. I should be glad Billy was going to relieve me of some of my duties. But I felt, mad, and jealous. Why? I don't like it when Jerol fucks me, it hurts and he just uses my hole...but I do blow my loads multiple times while his cock pounds my prostate. Fuck, maybe I like it. I don't do I? Me cumming so hard and so much is just my body reacting to something so huge slamming my prostate, right? 

Fuck this shit. I'm going to follow Billy and Jerol and find out if he's really doing what I think he is. 

I snuck up the stairs and quietly opened the door to the shower area on Jerol's floor. I heard moaning and I froze. "Damnit, shit, it's true."

I made my way toward the sounds, and hid behind a locker and peered around the corner to see Billy sitting on the bench while Jerol was on his knees sucking Billy's cock and balls. Damn, Billy had an incredibly thick uncut cock. I couldn't believe such a thick cock would be on such a tiny boy. Jerol was deep throating him too! I watched as he used his mouth on Billy's cock and balls, and then taint, and my eyes widened as Jerol lifted up Billy's legs and dove into that perfect sweet ass. Jerol was eating Billy's pussy hole like it was the last hole on earth. I suddenly realized my hands had migrated to my hard cock and was stroking off to this scene. What was I doing? As Jerol ate that bubble butt, he reached into the shorts laying under the bench and pulled out a bottle of oil. He began slathering it all over his huge member. It was dripping in oil. He turned Billy around on the bench and got up on it with him, and began rubbing his cockhead on Billy's hole. Billy was saying,"just don't put it in okay? I've only had my girlfriend's fingers in me, and you're so much, just way too big."

I already knew what Jerol was about to say,"it's cool man, I just want to rub it against you hole for a minute."

I watched everything play out like it did for me on day one. Jerol ended up slowly working  and running Billy down until he had about 8 inches pumping in and out of Billy's tight hole. Billy asked for a condom several times, he asked Jerol to stop several times, but in the end Jerol blasted his load inside Billy and Billy blew his load twice while getting rammed by that monster. I also shot my load onto the floor three times. I felt so sad though. I just walked out and went back to my dorm. I cried a little. I don't know why I felt really alone all of a sudden. I was exhausted too. I really didn't feel well. I laid down and fell to sleep immediately. 

When I woke up later I was soaked in sweat, I was burning up. I definitely had a fever, and fuck...I barely got my head over the trash can while I vomited. Oh my god, why do I feel so horrible? My entire body ached. Thankfully, there was just a few more hours until my parents came to pick me up and take me home. I fell asleep again, and woke up to Jerol shaking me. 

Jerol was asking me,"Hey man? Are you okay? You seem really sick."

I told him I had a fever and had thrown up. I felt like shit. 

Why was Jerol smiling? Jerol consoled me,"you'll be okay buddy, let me take your clothes off you and get you cooler." As his hands pulled my sweaty clothes off I suddenly said,"NO! Fuck you Jerol! I saw you and Billy, you're the one that locked the shower area doors and you tricked me into letting you fuck me! And you do the same shit to every boy that walks in here don't you?"

I was too weak to stop Jerol from undressing me. He responded calmly,"Look man, I'm a horny guy. I don't fuck everyone, just the special ones. Guys like you and Billy, with little waists and big asses. You're just so hot. It's just sex man. We all got girls back home, we're just helping each other bust our nuts while they're gone, ya know?"

By this time he had me completely naked and was stroking my hard cock. I don't know how I was hard, I was so sick. I laid there, while he fucked me again. I didn't have the strength. I just let him do whatever he wanted. He smiled at me a lot, telling me to be sure and take care of myself and go to the doctor when my parents picked me up to make sure I didn't have the flu. He blew two loads in me. I guess Billy's ass wasn't enough for him, he had to take mine too while I was sick. Jerol put his number in my phone and told me to text him next time I was in town. hmph...yeah right, he wishes. I'll never let someone fuck me again.

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Moderator’s Note: This post contains a brief non explicit mention of straight sex. 

My parents picked me up, and could tell I was really sick. We went home and Mom took good care of me. I started to feel better after three days. I was still sick for sure, and really weak. My girlfriend was pissed I had come home sick. She kept texting how much she wanted to finally feel me shoot all my loads inside her pussy. I was just too sick. Mom had to go back to work today and I was out of school being sick. My girlfriend came over to check on me and bring me a burger. I was starving. I hadn't been able to eat real food in days. I devoured it. I think it made me feel even better. My girl got my take-out trash and said she'd be right back. 

My girl wasn't the only one texting me and concerned about me. Jerol was also texting me. I don't know how he got my number, I guess he texted it to himself when he put his number into my phone. I didn't respond...much. He kept asking if I'd gone to doctor yet. I told him,"nah, I'm already starting to feel better." He sent a video of himself jerking off that huge monster cock. I admit I jerked off to it a few times and somehow ended up fingering my tight ass every time.

My girl came back from downstairs and walked back into my room, shut and locked the door and got naked in about 10 seconds. I was stone hard seeing her body. I was still weak, but that didn't stop her from riding my dick and me pumping three loads into her pussy. I was wrung out, she got dressed and left, while I passed out. 

I woke up with my phone dinging repeatedly. It was Jerol again, asking how I was. I told him I'd bred my girl several times just a couple hours ago. He seemed surprised. I told him,"Look, I don't know why I let you do...those things to me. I'm straight. I love my girlfriend, and she got the implant." 

Jerol asked,"So when you say that you bred her, you mean you came inside her without a condom?"

"Yes," I responded,"I'm not gay, I need pussy." Jerol was oddly quiet. He asked again, "so you didn't use protection? You came inside her?" 

I told him yeah, that's what boys and girls do! He sure was acting weird. I got showered, and dressed and had dinner with my parents. Late that night Jerol texted me another video of him stroking that huge cock of his. I tried to ignore it, but I found myself jerking off to it. I texted him a short video of me fingering myself...

He surprised me when he started face-timing me. I wasn't sure if I should answer, but I was so horny again that I caved in and answered. The first thing I see on the screen is his Hollywood smile. He was clearly naked and jerking his massive cock. He immediately told me to show him my boy pussy. I did. "Finger your hole slut," he commanded. I did. "Fuck your hole with four fingers." Jerol told me. I told him I could only get three inside me. But he kept pressuring me, "I don't care what you can and can't do, I TOLD YOU to fuck yourself with four fingers."  I did. It hurt so bad, but, it felt like Jerol's cock was inside me now...Jerol kept talking really dirty to me, telling me what a useless young man I was, sick and weak, letting him fuck my hole and poz me up. Taking his huge cock up my ass raw and letting him breed me every day. What a whore I was for letting him pump my ass full of his toxic seed. I had my whole hand inside my ass now. How the fuck does that fit? I was hitting my prostate like Jerol does, he kept talking filthy to me. "Blow your poz load boy, just like when you pozzed your girlfriend earlier today. Fuck yourself on this big cock and take my dirty cum." My eyes rolled back in my head as I shot a fountain of cum all over myself. I watched through blurry eyes, my phone screen as Jerol shot his own huge load. He said,"Thanks, see ya soon." and hung up. I drifted off to sleep covered in my own cum. What did he say about poz? What does that even mean? Did he think I got my girlfriend pregnant? I told him she had the implant...zzz

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After a week or two my girlfriend ended up getting real sick too. I guess she got whatever I got. At least she wasn't pregnant, she'd had her period. Whew, the implant must work. 

I got a call from Jerol's university, they were offering me a scholarship for basketball and wanted to know if I'd come up that weekend for a campus tour before school started back. I was excited to be offered the scholarship and embarrassed that I was kinda hoping to run into Jerol. No, I hope I don't run into him. I guess it wouldn't be bad to see him though, maybe grab a coffee or something. I texted him with the details. We'll have dinner when I get settled in. 

I packed up and they actually were letting me stay the weekend in one of the dorms. Once I got up there they took me straight to the dorms so I could put my stuff somewhere before the tour. Huh, looks like the same dorm building as the one I stayed in during camp. They lead me up to Jerol's floor! Gosh damnit, I remember this area a little too well. I started to throw wood in my shorts. I've been wearing jockstraps a lot lately now, because I can't seem to keep my dick down. Plus it kinda makes me horny knowing my ass is exposed. I don't know why that turns me on now. I guess it's because of Jerol and the way he used me back there. 

I got to my dorm, it was at the end of the hall from Jerol's dorm, I was glad I wouldn't be next to his room. I didn't want to hear any sex noises from the boys he tricks into getting inside there. It's whatever. 

I opened my room up and there was Billy! He was in just his shorts, putting away a few things. Damn. He looked a little more muscular, still had that tiny waist and shit, look at his ass. Man I'm glad I've got my jockstrap on. Billy turned around and said,"HEY! Oh man, I'm glad to see ya, I was afraid they'd stick me with some weirdo or nerdy fag." I gave him a big hug. I probably shouldn't have hung on so long. It's just, he smelled. so good. And his skin felt, so soft and warm. 

We caught up a little bit. Turns out he got real sick about the same time I did. Guess the flu came around to a few of us. The more we talked the more I liked Billy, he and I were a lot alike. Everyone once in awhile I'd remember seeing Jerol slam his cock up that perfect bubble butt and get flustered. 

Jerol texted me making sure we were still on for dinner and asked if a buddy could tag along. I responded,"Sure thing! Can I bring someone too?" He said "of course, who did I know at campus though?" 

I told him I ended up being in the same dorm room as my camp buddy, Billy. He laughed and said, that's who he was inviting to come to dinner with us. Ahhhh, now I see what's going on. Jerol was getting his two conquests from basketball camp together for dinner. I wonder what else his sneaky ass was planning. Gosh damnit, I wish Billy would stop bending over in front of me. His shorts cut right into his crack inside those gorgeous fuckin globes of meat. Shit I'm hard again. What would it be like to be inside an asshole? I could fuck an ass without a condom too, I bet it'd be tighter than my girlfriend, would it feel the same as a pussy? 

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If anyone is upset by the girlfriend parts, I can delete the thread. I don't want to cause any limp dicks on here! Lol. Just lemme know.

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50 minutes ago, cgreg2033 said:

If anyone is upset by the girlfriend parts, I can delete the thread. I don't want to cause any limp dicks on here! Lol. Just lemme know.

Moderator’s Note: That brief non explicit mention of straight sex is okay. I put a notification on the post. 

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