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Soccer Boy's Screen Test

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5. Getting Home

"Quarter gram of crystal. Dissolved in piss." Tiago had knelt down and whispered it. Fabien doubted that James had even heard it. He placed the used pipette in a nearby trash bag, then took the handle of the speculum from Fabien. "It'll take a few minutes to soak in," he continued.

"Who's piss?" Fabien asked. He wasn't even trying to hide how he was stroking his cock.

"A random stranger. I have no idea."

"That's nasty."

"Yeah. Now. You wanna take him home?" Tiago released the catch, and the blades of the speculum slid back into place as it closed up. James moaned.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck," James grunted, as his ass closed up around the booty bump. "It's so warm," he said. "The cum." Tiago wondered what James thought the booty bump was. But he would find out soon enough.

"Fuck yeah," Fabien said. "He can definitely suck dick."

"He's great to fuck as well." Tiago smiled. "Especially once he's opened up." He slowly pulled the speculum out of James's anus. Not a single drop of the tina-laced piss dripped out. 

Fabien watched James's hole close up, even after all the abuse it had undergone. He wanted to feel it around his cock so badly. He wanted to feel James squirming under him, knowing that his thick black cock was the cause of James's discomfort. "You? You've fucked him?"

"Over the weekend," Tiago said. He stood up, put the speculum aside, and handed the swabs to Fabien. "That's it," he said, resting his free hand on James's thigh. "Take those. Fill out a kit 86 for them."

"86?" Fabien asked, raising an eyebrow, but smiling as well. 

"Yeah," Tiago said. Fabien took the swabs, and stepped out of the room, closing the door behind him. Tiago turned to James, still standing between his legs. His hand moved up, along James's thigh, until he was able to run his finger around James's asshole.

"Mmmmm," James moaned. It was quiet, and he was calm for a change. Without Fabien there, he felt better. There was something almost predatory about the black man, and it made James nervous. "I'm sorry," James said. "I didn't mean to cry."

"No. I'm sorry. I'm sorry this happened to you." He undid the straps, and lifted a still-naked James upright, wrapping one arm around him. He kept massaging James's asshole with his other hand.

"I'm scared," James said. 

"It's OK to be scared," Tiago said. "It's a natural reaction. But don't let fear dominate your life." He pulled James closer to him. It was close enough to feel the heat radiating from the boy. The G had definitely kicked in. "It's good to talk about it. To share it with people who care about you. To remember it. All of that helps. It helps make it easier."

James had pulled himself closer to Tiago, but had also spread his legs as he did so. James wanted to feel closer to Tiago. Let him make the decisions for him. He was crying again. "Scared," he finally managed to say.

"It's fine," Tiago said. "You going to be able to be with someone tonight? Someone you can trust?" James shook his head. He was still new in town. "Maybe Tim?" Tiago felt James's asshole pucker when he mentioned the man. "Or maybe Fabien?" James's heart started to race a bit. "You can trust Fabien, can't you?" 

James bobbed his head. It wasn't a nod yes, but nor was it a shake no. "Fabien," he said. "I'm just scared." Tiago could feel his shirt getting wet from James's crying. He wanted to fuck the boy, and see how much he cried then. But that would have to wait for now. There would be plenty of opportunities later. 

"This is good," Tiago said. He gently pressed the tip of his finger into James's hole. The boy moaned in pleasure. The G was now in full effect, and the crystal was just starting to kick in. "Fabien is your friend, right? He's going to help you do what's best for you."

"Fabien," James moaned. "Big cock," he finally said.

"You don't have to take it," Tiago said. "But sex. With someone you trust. Like Fabien. That would help. Help you feel good. Feel natural. Right?"

"Feel good again," James said. The crystal was definitely taking effect. His head was spinning again, and it was hard for the young man to put together words. "It's going to be ok."

"I just want you to talk, remember, and share. It's what you need. It's what is going to make you feel better." As Tiago spoke, the door opened. The two men made no effort to push apart. "Take care of it?" Tiago asked Fabien.

"Yeah. It's in the biobin in the lab. That's the right place, yeah?"

"For sure," Tiago said. "You have plans after work tonight?" he asked Fabien.

"No. Nothing."

"James could use a friend tonight. He's new here. You could hang out with him."

Fabien smiled. He could still remember exactly how James's throat had felt around his dick. He remembered the stories James had told. How consent was malleable and changeable, and how sometimes it just did not matter. "Yeah. I'd be happy too." 

"That's good, right, James?" Tiago asked. There was only one right answer.

"Yeah. Get an Uber to get home."

"I can order one for you," Tiago said. "But first, we've got to get you dressed." Tiago pulled himself apart from James, and took James's clothes. He carefully went through the pockets, removing his phone, wallet, keys, and some change. "We've got to keep your clothes. It's evidence."

James started to protest, but Tiago continued speaking. "I've got some clothes you can wear. I'll be back." He took the bag, and stepped out of the room, closing the door behind him. It was just James and Fabien.

"That was intense. That story you told," Fabien said. "I want to hear more about it."

"It was hard," James said. "And I hate thinking about it. It's scary."

"I bet," Fabien said. James tried not to stare at the black man's crotch. He knew how big Fabien's dick was. He remembered choking on it. With each memory, the relentless helplessness came back to him. He didn't want anyone to see him like this.

"I'm scared," he finally said.

"What are you scared of?" Fabien asked.

"I don't know. I just want to be home. Safe."

"We'll get you home soon enough," Fabien said. "I'll be there with you." The door opened, and Tiago came back in. He was carrying some clothes, and a small bag. 

He handed the clothes to James. "They should fit you," Tiago said. "You're about the same size as my receptionist." James realized that the dark blue underwear was actually a jock strap; he put it on, conscious of how the straps accentuated his ass. 

Tiago handed the small black bag to Fabien. "This should have everything you'll need." Fabien opened it; there was a pipe and a torch, along with a bottle of G and a measure. There was also a bottle of poppers, and some lube.

"Looks like fun," Fabien said. He watched as James fumbled with the thin running shorts; even when he finally had them on, the jockstrap was clearly visible under the sheer fabric. 

James put on the shirt. Written across the front of the white t-shirt was "Swan and Ox Rape Oil." There was a drawing of a naked woman and a swan; the wings of the swan made the drawing just barely suitable. The back read "Lubricating the Unwilling Since 1988." James put it on; it was a little too small and he felt it stretch and pull around his body in rhythm with his breathing.

"It's what I could find," Tiago said by way of explanation. "It's just to get you home." At least Tiago let James keep his socks and shoes. As he put them on, Tiago continued. "What's your address?" he asked. "I'll order you an Uber."

"3804 Hyperion," James said. Tiago tapped on his phone. "Two minutes," he finally said. "Driver's name is Omar."

"Ready?" Fabien asked. "We'll be at your home soon."

"Yeah," James said. Fabien motioned for him to follow. Tiago followed the two.

"Wait," Tiago said, as the three of them were in the hall. He disappeared into another room, and emerged with two juice boxes. Both had "1.5" written on them in black marker. "Be sure to get enough to drink," he said to James as he handed one to him.

He took the juice box. He knew he should say something, but it was getting more complex to speak. Finally, he managed to say something. "Thanks," and immediately felt dumb for something so simple.

Tiago gave James one last hug, and whispered in his ear. "I'm sorry. It's going to be hard," he said. "But I know you can do it." He handed the other juice box to Fabien. "Do what you think needs to be done," Tiago told Fabien. He leaned in. "Don't be afraid to push him. And use what I gave you."

The waiting room was empty when Fabien and James left; James was glad not to encounter the man that had heard so much about his life. It wasn't until they got to the elevator that Fabien spoke. "That was so intense," he said. "Hearing you talk about what happened. When we get home. You're gonna have to tell me more."

"I guess," James said. He raised his head, and looked at Fabien carefully. The black man had buzzed hair, a thin, yet muscular body. James could see the outline of Fabien's thick cock. "It was hard," he said. He could feel the tears starting to well up in his eyes. "I don't know."

"It's all good," Fabien said. "We'll get home first," he said. "It's just a short ride away." He opened the door; both men blinked rapidly in the bright sunlight. Luckily, the car was waiting right there for them. They got in the car, and the driver pulled away.

In the car, Fabien took his juice box, and opened it. "You too," he told James.

"Not that thirsty," he said.

"You need the liquid," Fabien said. "That was what the doctor told you." 

"Ok," he said. It was strangely hard to open the juice box. James fumbled with the straw, and then there was a piece of tape over the foil opening. James realized it was there to keep it closed when a bit of juice splashed out.

"Cheers," Fabien said. "To sharing."

"Sharing," James said. The juice was good. It was cold, and James didn't even mind the weird chemical taste. He drank it all in the few minutes it took to get home.

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6. Safe as Homes

Fabien watched James quickly drink the contents of the juice box. He knew that there was another 1.5ml of G in each one. Unlike James, Fabien nursed his drink, suddenly having to chug it as the Uber pulled in to the curb. "Here," the driver said. "You boys have fun," he said, smiling. "Don't forget your bag," he mentioned to Fabien.

"Thanks," Fabien said. He reached back into the car to grab the party bag Tiago had given him.

"Gonna fuck him up?" the driver said. "Your friend?" Fabien noticed the driver for the first time. He wasn't that tall, but he had a tight, muscular body. He had dark hair, and a thick, Arab beard. He wasn't that bad looking.

"Hell yeah," Fabien said. "Rape him good."

"Well. If you need any help, let me know." He handed Fabien a card with a number scribbled on it. Fabien stuck it in his pocket, grabbed the bag, and closed the door. He wondered how James would look if he were impaled on Omar's thick cock. 

"Where are you?" he asked James. 

"This way," James said, and lead him through the gates to the apartment complex. 

"Where did the guy live?" Fabien asked. He could see James shiver. He wondered what memory the question had brought back. His dick throbbed at the possibilities. "Sorry," he said, "I mean, if it brought back anything bad." James stopped, and Fabien put his arms around him. "It's good," Fabien said.

"It's hard," James said. "I just. I don't know what to do."

"You don't have to do anything at all. It was something very hard for you."

James was crying again. Fabien wished his cock wasn't quite so hard. "Thank you." He pointed at a corner several floors up. "There," he said. "4F. I can't forget it." 

"How does it make you feel? Seeing it now?"

"Angry. Mad. Helpless. Scared."

"Let's go," Fabien said. "Get you in your apartment. Probably don't want to meet him right now."

"No. No. It's not going to happen," James said, panic in his voice, almost like he was once more face to face with Conrad. "I just can't. No."

"Where are you?" Fabien asked. "Get you somewhere safe."

"Yeah. Safe." James was shaking; Fabien wondered just how much G was in the juice box. Not to mention what he had taken earlier, and he couldn't forget the booty bump. "Please. Safe."

"Where?" Fabien asked. Finally, James began to walk towards a distant door. It was off a hallway from the central atrium; the hallway was lit with a flickering florescent bulb. James fumbled with the key, but eventually got the door open. The apartment was spare; it was mostly filled by bed in one corner, a worn sofa in another, and the  battered table and two wooden chairs by the small kitchen area. 

"Home," James said. "I dunno. I don't want to hurt."

"Let me hold you," Fabien said. "You don't have to do anything. You can just share with me." James nodded, the tears in his eyes. Fabien took off his shoes, watch, and emptied his pockets. James did the same, leaving his phone on the floor next to the bed. The two men climbed into bed.

"I can't forget his laugh." James finally said. "It's what I remember most."

"His laugh?" Fabien asked. 

"When I told him to stop. He laughed at me. Then just said, 'But I haven't cum yet,'" 

"What did you do?"

"I was tied up. Blindfolded." James paused; he was starting to sob. "I couldn't do anything. And he knew it." Fabien's cock was stiff. He wanted to adjust it, but he wanted to hear what James would say next. "He knew it. And he just laughed."

"Did he cum in you?" Fabien asked. "After that?"

"Yeah. He did. Twice I think."

"You think?" Fabien asked. 

"I was blindfolded. And there were other guys there too. Watching me. Laughing." 

"How many? Guys there, I mean."

"Three? Four? It was hard to keep track."

"Did they all fuck you?"

"I think so." He sobbed quietly, not wanting Fabien to know just how weak he was. "I don't know. I couldn't do anything to stop them." James's phone buzzed. He reached down and grabbed it. It was a message from Tim.

"Tiago said you had a bad night?"

"I should answer this," James managed to say. He turned back to the phone. "Yeah. Made bad choices."

"There was so much cum in your hole," Fabien said. "Earlier. When Dr. T had you open." 

James's phone buzzed again. "We all do that. You just have to learn what you did wrong, and make better choices in the future." Tiago continued to type. "I've got a meeting. But Tiago said you have a friend there. I'll come by your place in an hour. You can tell me what happened."

"Sure," James wrote back. "I guess." He wasn't sure if he wanted to tell another person about the dicks that had forced themselves into him. "Sorry," he said to Fabien. "Friend. He might come over later."

"That's cool. Just a friend? Or have you guys fucked too?"

James hesitated. He hated how every question Fabien asked made him seem like even more of a slut. 

"Don't worry," Fabien said. "I know you've done a lot. You said you liked to party. And Tiago said he fucked you. It's cool."

"Yeah," James said. "He fucked me. A lot. And.."


"He and Tiago shared me." 

"Damn. That's hot. Were you high?" 


"Did the guy give you drugs too?"

"He did. More than I wanted."

"That's intense. Did you pass out?"

"I...I..." James stammered again. "I can't really remember. There's gaps. I don't remember. And then I do."

"You don't have to remember anything you don't want to," Fabien said. "Just remember the good things, right?" He was nodding, just like Tiago had taught him; James started to nod as well. "Hey. Let's smoke a bit, ok? You already got some. I need to catch up."

"Yeah, I guess," James said. He was lying down, but he wanted to get up and move around. He felt warm, and happy; there was even a bead of sweat on his forehead. His hole was itching, and as much as he hated it, he wanted to get fucked. He wanted to feel Tiago hold him. He looked up at Fabien. He had found a glass pipe, and was heating up the bowl.

"Do a few hits with me," Fabien said, and then started to inhale deeply. James remembered how the clouds had tasted and good he had felt when Tim had shared it with Tiago and him. But as soon as he remembered that, he remembered how Conrad had forced him to inhale the crystal clouds. 

James tensed, his body twitching, remembering what had happened. "You ok," Fabien asked. "You tensed up." Fabien inhaled from the glass pipe.

"Just. Memories. It's hard."

Fabien exhaled. "From last night?" James nodded. Fabien smiled. "What happened," he asked. "I want to hear it." Fabien inhaled again. It was a long, slow draw.

"I was tied up. Blindfolded," James said. "I could hear him. Hear him hitting the pipe. He did massive hits."

"Do one with me," Fabien said. He leaned in, and pressed his lips against James's mouth. Before he knew what he had done, James had opened his mouth. Fabien took immediate advantage, and exhaled his cloud directly down James's throat. "It's so good," Fabien said, kissing James. "This feels good, doesn't it?"

James nodded. "Yeah," he finally said. The crystal was warm and made his mind spin.

"He did massive hits?" Fabien asked, reminding James of his tale.

"He forced it into me. I was too high, too tired to do anything. I had to take it."

"It's better now," Fabien said. He handed James the pipe. It was warm and smoking. "You can do a hit on your own," he said. "Remember how good it can feel?" James nodded, and let himself take a slow hit from the pipe. "That's it. No worries. Enjoy it."

James felt his lungs fill. His head was filling with familiar, sleazy thoughts. The memories came with them. He gasped, a bit of smoke escaping. "You ok?" Fabien asked.

James paused and held the smoke in. Fabien took the pipe, and heated it up again. James exhaled. "Just. Just another memory."

"I'm here," Fabien said. "Tell me what happened." Fabien inhaled again. 

"He put some tina on his cock," James said. "I didn't want to get fucked. I didn't want more drugs. I told him no."

"But?" Fabien said, before returning to the pipe.

"He did it. He fucked me. It hurt. Like my ass was on fire."

"He didn't take no," Fabien said. James nodded. "Take another hit." Fabien passed the pipe to James. "Smoking will help you. Get you in a better headspace."

"Yeah?" James asked. "I just want to forget." Fabien nodded, and James started to suck on the glass stem. 

"Just let yourself feel good for a moment," Fabien said. He watched James hit the pipe. Fabien saw how James was staring at him. Fabien smiled, but let James take a huge hit before gently nodding his head. James held the hit for nearly thirty seconds, before finally exhaling a thick cloud of smoke.

"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck," James said. "Fuck."

"Feeling it?" Fabien asked.

"Yeah. I am. It's. It's"

"It's good," Fabien said. "It's really good for you." He held up the torch, and lit it. "Now. Do another hit. And tell me another story about last night." 

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Just a heads up/ reminder for anyone new on the site and hitting on this story- this ties in to  to a previous story line, mentioned just above- Soccer Boys Spiral, which will flesh out the back story to this story line. . 

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7. Clouding Over

James knew he shouldn't hit the pipe again. He was already fucked up. His mind was frantic. He couldn't stop thinking about Conrad. He hated the memories. He didn't want to be out of control like that, but the drugs weren't helping.

"Maybe..." James started to say. He wanted to wait. He didn't want to do another hit. He wanted to calm down. Not think about Conrad's raw cock sliding in and out of his hole. He remembered Conrad had told him something while he had been fucking. It was important, but he realized he couldn't remember anything about what it was. "Just..." he muttered.

No matter how hard he focused, he couldn't remember what Conrad had told him. He was trying not to freak out. He needed to remember it and all he could remember what how Conrad's breath had been warm and his cock had been hard and dripping. He gasped again. 

"It's good," Fabien said. "Just do the hit," Fabien reminded him. The pipe was right there, the friendly tendrils of smoke coming out of the bowl. "It's going to help you. Make it ok."

"Ok," James said, and finally wrapped his lips around the pipe. He took a long, slow breath in. The chemical filled his lungs. He had done this with Conrad as well.

"He got you high, didn't he?" Fabien asked. James nodded, still huffing away at the glass pipe. Fabien wanted to tell the boy to hurry up and finish the hit. His dick was hard, and he wanted to hear more of James's stories. "It's good you're doing more. It will help you get through this."

James just nodded. His lungs were practically bursting now, but he no longer cared. He just wanted to feel good. He could feel the crystal smooth out the edges and filter out the worst parts. "Ahhhhh," James moaned, as he finally exhaled the hit.

"Did you like it? Getting high?"

"Yeah," James said. "He put some crystal up my ass."

"Fuck? Yeah? How did it feel?"

"Nothing at first. Then it burnt. Then I needed to get fucked." James handed the pipe back to Fabien. He took it, and re-heated the bowl.

"And?" Fabien asked. "Did you ask him to fuck you?" Fabien took a long hit from the pipe. The tina had put him in a mood; James's story had only made it hotter. His dick was rock hard, and he needed to fuck a hole. 

"I was so high man. So fucking high. I can't remember what I said. But I asked him to stop. When it hurt. And he didn't." James trembled. He was starting to cry again. "He laughed at me. Laughed at me."

"How did it feel? When he was fucking you?"

"Fat cock," James said. There were still tears in his eyes. "Hard. It never felt good. Inside me."

"Even when he came?" Fabien asked. He reached down and adjusted his dick. It was straining against his pants. 

"His cum. It was hot. Like it burnt me." 

"Goddamn. That's so fucking hot," Fabien said. "Fucking getting me boned up. Your stories." He reached down and rubbed his hand over his crotch. "You mind if I unzip?"

James's head was spinning. He wasn't sure what was going to happen next, and he was starting to get scared. He hated that he had gotten high again and that he had lost control. "Uh," James hesitated. He remembered what Fabien's cock had tasted like. He licked his lips involuntarily. 

"You're feeling it too, huh? The crystal?" James nodded. "Good. Want you to feel good." Fabien reached down, and unzipped his jeans. He pushed them down just low enough for his cock to flop out. James couldn't stop staring at it. "Gotta unleash the beast, you know?" Fabien laughed.

"Damn," James finally managed to say. It looked even bigger than he remembered. It had stretched open his throat and it had choked him. He wanted to run away, but now this was in his own home. There was nowhere to go, and he wanted to be alone. He wanted ta taste Fabien's dick again. He wanted to gag on it, and get him off. 

"Ahhh," Fabien moaned. "Feels so good. And those stories," he continued. He reached down and jacked his shaft a few times. James couldn't help but stare, consumed by fear and lust. "Fucking hot." 

"Um. I mean. I'm not sure." He tried to finish his sentence, but Fabien interrupted him.

"It's good," he said. "Nothing we don't want to do. Just help you feel good, right?"

"Yeah," James said. He tried to relax. Just because Fabien was naked and hard didn't mean he wanted to have sex. Besides, Tiago had told him it was all right to have sex. This was going to be fine. He knew Fabien. He rolled over slightly, now facing Fabien in the bed. 

"Feel good," Fabien said, leaning in to kiss him. It was surprisingly tender, and not what James had expected. "Just what we want to do, right?" 

"Yeah," James said, between making out with Fabien. The black man wrapped his hands around James, pulling him against his muscular body. James felt Fabien's cock pressed between their bodies.

The thick shaft was a snake, insistently invading their private garden. James tensed up. Conrad had said something about his cock. "A poisonous snake," he had said. James shivered with the memory. He needed to remember it, as much as he hated any part of it. 

"Ummmm," he whimpered.

"You ok?" Fabien whispered in his ear. His hands had moved down to James's ass, and he was working one hand under his waistband. 

"Just a bad memory," James said.

"You want to tell me about it?" Fabien asked. Between the two men, Fabien's cock twitched. It was a sleazy thing to say, but the drugs were now in control of both men. 

"I don't want to think about it." 

"I know. But talking about it. It makes it good, right?" Fabien kissed James again. Despite his thuggish exterior, he was turning out to be surprisingly sweet and gentle in bed. "Let's do things that are good."

"I just..." Fabien kissed James again. He nodded. "His dick. When he was pounding me." James paused. His eyes were teary. "When he was laughing," he choked out. "He called it his poisonous snake."

Fabien kissed him. "It's good. This is good. Remembering. Being close." He kept one hand on James's firm ass, and with the other reached between the two of them. With a practiced hand, he undid James's pants, and pulled down the zipper. James jerked, startled at the move.

The black man held James closely, not letting him escape as he caressed James's cock through his open fly. "You've been sharing so much of your spirit," Fabien said. "You should share your body as well."

"Share," James choked out.

"Yeah. Share. With me. With your friends."

"It's hard," James said. "It's scary."

"I can imagine," Fabien said. "But you're brave."

"Brave?" Fabien had worked both hands under James's waistband, grabbing the boy's hairy ass. 

"You were so brave in the rape exam. Spread wide. Showing off all that cum." 

"I didn't want all of those men. I said no." James was shaking, remembering all those cocks, penetrating him. He had lost control of his body. "I felt so helpless."

"You're not helpless," Fabien said. "You can do anything you want." Fabien kissed James again. "You want another hit from the pipe?"

"I shouldn't," James said. He could feel Fabien's hands running over his ass, spreading his cheeks. He knew what Fabien was looking for. It was the same thing that Conrad had raped. He didn't want to have sex. Not with Fabien. Not now. 

"Mmmmm," James moaned as one of Fabien's fingers traced the outline of his asshole. James struggled with the memories. Conrad had done that. So had Tim, and Fabien knew exactly what to do. James struggled, but finally it was too much. "Fuck me. Please," he said.

Fabien smiled. He rolled onto his side, and grabbed the pipe and torch again. "You can do anything you want," Fabien said, and heated up the bowl of the pipe. "One for me. One for you, ok?" 

James nodded. "Yeah," he said. He was already missing the warmth of Fabien's body next to him. He was shivering, although it was not particularly cold. "Just promise me one thing?" Fabien nodded as he sucked down the thick clouds. "Just stop when I ask? Please?"

Fabien nodded, but kept his lips wrapped around the glass pipe. When his lungs were filled, he passed the pipe to James. The young man took it, and started to inhale. Fabien exhaled a thick cloud right in James's face. "Of course. We don't have to do anything we don't want to. Now. Do a big hit for me. Make me proud."

Now it was James's turn to be silent. The crystal was strong, and it helped him forget. "Let's get naked," Fabien said, jumping off the bed, and quickly stripping off his shirt and pants. His dick hung down slightly, it was too full of blood to stay upright. Fabien's body was mostly smooth, dark skin, with a tattoo over one of his pectorals.

"Come on," Fabien said, as James handed him the pipe. "Get up and get naked with me." James stood up, a bit reluctant and unsteady on his feet. He took off his shirt and let his pants fall to the ground. He stood there, swaying slightly, just in his underwear. "You've shared so much already. Let's see where we can go further."

"I just…"

"Want to see you naked," Fabien said. He smiled. "You take them off, and I'm going to do a hit." James slowly took off his underwear. His dick was soft and limp, and hung down over his balls. Fabien inhaled deeply from the pipe. 

James stepped out of his clothes. He stood in the middle of his small apartment, naked. James could feel himself shaking, and it brought back a memory. "Oh fuck," he whimpered. 

"What's wrong?" Fabien asked, taking a short break from the pipe. "It's good. You can tell me about it."

"It's scary. I was standing in Conrad's room. He had my legs spread. I was blindfolded." He paused for a second. He looked down. "Around me. I could hear them. These strangers. Jerking off, staring at me. And I couldn't see any of them."

Fabien exhaled. He put down the pipe and torch. He spit on his dick and started to jack off. "Go on," he said, finally exhaling the fat hit. 

"One of them grabbed me. Bent me over and slammed his dick in me." James closed his eyes. He remembered the fat, long dick. "It hurt. So hard." His body shook. "I screamed. It was a red-hot poker. It hurt so much. And he laughed."

Fabien stepped behind the naked young man; his cock was nestled between James's ass cheeks. Before he knew what he was doing, James pressed back against Fabien, trying to get the black man to penetrate him. "Did he cum in you?"

"Yeah. He did." James was still shaking. Fabien brushed his fingers over James's cheek. There were fresh tears there; Fabien was glad that James was still grinding his ass against Fabien's dick. James was a hot man and his stories were even hotter. Fabien wanted to hear James begging him to stop.

"Fuck. That's hot," Fabien said. "I saw his load in your ass. During the rape exam." James whimpered slightly, but didn't pull away from Fabien. "Let's get back into bed. Feel each other."

"OK," James said. "But. Just so you know. I'm not sure I'm up for anything."

Fabien whispered into James's ear. "We can do whatever we want. Nothing that we don't want to do." He led the young man to the bed. The two were a study in contrast: Fabien was smooth and dark; James was hairy and white. Fabien was confident and sure; James was scared and nervous. Fabien was erect and hard; James was limp and soft.

Fabien pulled James close to him. "How many guys fucked you again?"

"I don't know. I don't even know who they were." 

"So you let strangers fuck you. But you're not sure if you want me to be intimate with you?" 

"It's not that. I want you to fuck me." James was now straddling Fabien, and rubbing his ass against the black man's cock. "I want you to fuck me so badly." He moaned as Fabien's cockhead found his hole. "Inside me."

"The way we should be connecting," Fabien said. "And those stories. Just so hot."

James reached back, and felt Fabien's dick. "So big though."

"It wants to get inside you," Fabien said. "It feels so good when I'm fucking." 

"I'm scared." James whimpered. Fabien's cockhead was pressed against James's hole. It wouldn't take much for it to slide in. But, before that could happen, there was a knock on the door.


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