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Soccer Boy's Screen Test

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5. Getting Home

"Quarter gram of crystal. Dissolved in piss." Tiago had knelt down and whispered it. Fabien doubted that James had even heard it. He placed the used pipette in a nearby trash bag, then took the handle of the speculum from Fabien. "It'll take a few minutes to soak in," he continued.

"Who's piss?" Fabien asked. He wasn't even trying to hide how he was stroking his cock.

"A random stranger. I have no idea."

"That's nasty."

"Yeah. Now. You wanna take him home?" Tiago released the catch, and the blades of the speculum slid back into place as it closed up. James moaned.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck," James grunted, as his ass closed up around the booty bump. "It's so warm," he said. "The cum." Tiago wondered what James thought the booty bump was. But he would find out soon enough.

"Fuck yeah," Fabien said. "He can definitely suck dick."

"He's great to fuck as well." Tiago smiled. "Especially once he's opened up." He slowly pulled the speculum out of James's anus. Not a single drop of the tina-laced piss dripped out. 

Fabien watched James's hole close up, even after all the abuse it had undergone. He wanted to feel it around his cock so badly. He wanted to feel James squirming under him, knowing that his thick black cock was the cause of James's discomfort. "You? You've fucked him?"

"Over the weekend," Tiago said. He stood up, put the speculum aside, and handed the swabs to Fabien. "That's it," he said, resting his free hand on James's thigh. "Take those. Fill out a kit 86 for them."

"86?" Fabien asked, raising an eyebrow, but smiling as well. 

"Yeah," Tiago said. Fabien took the swabs, and stepped out of the room, closing the door behind him. Tiago turned to James, still standing between his legs. His hand moved up, along James's thigh, until he was able to run his finger around James's asshole.

"Mmmmm," James moaned. It was quiet, and he was calm for a change. Without Fabien there, he felt better. There was something almost predatory about the black man, and it made James nervous. "I'm sorry," James said. "I didn't mean to cry."

"No. I'm sorry. I'm sorry this happened to you." He undid the straps, and lifted a still-naked James upright, wrapping one arm around him. He kept massaging James's asshole with his other hand.

"I'm scared," James said. 

"It's OK to be scared," Tiago said. "It's a natural reaction. But don't let fear dominate your life." He pulled James closer to him. It was close enough to feel the heat radiating from the boy. The G had definitely kicked in. "It's good to talk about it. To share it with people who care about you. To remember it. All of that helps. It helps make it easier."

James had pulled himself closer to Tiago, but had also spread his legs as he did so. James wanted to feel closer to Tiago. Let him make the decisions for him. He was crying again. "Scared," he finally managed to say.

"It's fine," Tiago said. "You going to be able to be with someone tonight? Someone you can trust?" James shook his head. He was still new in town. "Maybe Tim?" Tiago felt James's asshole pucker when he mentioned the man. "Or maybe Fabien?" James's heart started to race a bit. "You can trust Fabien, can't you?" 

James bobbed his head. It wasn't a nod yes, but nor was it a shake no. "Fabien," he said. "I'm just scared." Tiago could feel his shirt getting wet from James's crying. He wanted to fuck the boy, and see how much he cried then. But that would have to wait for now. There would be plenty of opportunities later. 

"This is good," Tiago said. He gently pressed the tip of his finger into James's hole. The boy moaned in pleasure. The G was now in full effect, and the crystal was just starting to kick in. "Fabien is your friend, right? He's going to help you do what's best for you."

"Fabien," James moaned. "Big cock," he finally said.

"You don't have to take it," Tiago said. "But sex. With someone you trust. Like Fabien. That would help. Help you feel good. Feel natural. Right?"

"Feel good again," James said. The crystal was definitely taking effect. His head was spinning again, and it was hard for the young man to put together words. "It's going to be ok."

"I just want you to talk, remember, and share. It's what you need. It's what is going to make you feel better." As Tiago spoke, the door opened. The two men made no effort to push apart. "Take care of it?" Tiago asked Fabien.

"Yeah. It's in the biobin in the lab. That's the right place, yeah?"

"For sure," Tiago said. "You have plans after work tonight?" he asked Fabien.

"No. Nothing."

"James could use a friend tonight. He's new here. You could hang out with him."

Fabien smiled. He could still remember exactly how James's throat had felt around his dick. He remembered the stories James had told. How consent was malleable and changeable, and how sometimes it just did not matter. "Yeah. I'd be happy too." 

"That's good, right, James?" Tiago asked. There was only one right answer.

"Yeah. Get an Uber to get home."

"I can order one for you," Tiago said. "But first, we've got to get you dressed." Tiago pulled himself apart from James, and took James's clothes. He carefully went through the pockets, removing his phone, wallet, keys, and some change. "We've got to keep your clothes. It's evidence."

James started to protest, but Tiago continued speaking. "I've got some clothes you can wear. I'll be back." He took the bag, and stepped out of the room, closing the door behind him. It was just James and Fabien.

"That was intense. That story you told," Fabien said. "I want to hear more about it."

"It was hard," James said. "And I hate thinking about it. It's scary."

"I bet," Fabien said. James tried not to stare at the black man's crotch. He knew how big Fabien's dick was. He remembered choking on it. With each memory, the relentless helplessness came back to him. He didn't want anyone to see him like this.

"I'm scared," he finally said.

"What are you scared of?" Fabien asked.

"I don't know. I just want to be home. Safe."

"We'll get you home soon enough," Fabien said. "I'll be there with you." The door opened, and Tiago came back in. He was carrying some clothes, and a small bag. 

He handed the clothes to James. "They should fit you," Tiago said. "You're about the same size as my receptionist." James realized that the dark blue underwear was actually a jock strap; he put it on, conscious of how the straps accentuated his ass. 

Tiago handed the small black bag to Fabien. "This should have everything you'll need." Fabien opened it; there was a pipe and a torch, along with a bottle of G and a measure. There was also a bottle of poppers, and some lube.

"Looks like fun," Fabien said. He watched as James fumbled with the thin running shorts; even when he finally had them on, the jockstrap was clearly visible under the sheer fabric. 

James put on the shirt. Written across the front of the white t-shirt was "Swan and Ox Rape Oil." There was a drawing of a naked woman and a swan; the wings of the swan made the drawing just barely suitable. The back read "Lubricating the Unwilling Since 1988." James put it on; it was a little too small and he felt it stretch and pull around his body in rhythm with his breathing.

"It's what I could find," Tiago said by way of explanation. "It's just to get you home." At least Tiago let James keep his socks and shoes. As he put them on, Tiago continued. "What's your address?" he asked. "I'll order you an Uber."

"3804 Hyperion," James said. Tiago tapped on his phone. "Two minutes," he finally said. "Driver's name is Omar."

"Ready?" Fabien asked. "We'll be at your home soon."

"Yeah," James said. Fabien motioned for him to follow. Tiago followed the two.

"Wait," Tiago said, as the three of them were in the hall. He disappeared into another room, and emerged with two juice boxes. Both had "1.5" written on them in black marker. "Be sure to get enough to drink," he said to James as he handed one to him.

He took the juice box. He knew he should say something, but it was getting more complex to speak. Finally, he managed to say something. "Thanks," and immediately felt dumb for something so simple.

Tiago gave James one last hug, and whispered in his ear. "I'm sorry. It's going to be hard," he said. "But I know you can do it." He handed the other juice box to Fabien. "Do what you think needs to be done," Tiago told Fabien. He leaned in. "Don't be afraid to push him. And use what I gave you."

The waiting room was empty when Fabien and James left; James was glad not to encounter the man that had heard so much about his life. It wasn't until they got to the elevator that Fabien spoke. "That was so intense," he said. "Hearing you talk about what happened. When we get home. You're gonna have to tell me more."

"I guess," James said. He raised his head, and looked at Fabien carefully. The black man had buzzed hair, a thin, yet muscular body. James could see the outline of Fabien's thick cock. "It was hard," he said. He could feel the tears starting to well up in his eyes. "I don't know."

"It's all good," Fabien said. "We'll get home first," he said. "It's just a short ride away." He opened the door; both men blinked rapidly in the bright sunlight. Luckily, the car was waiting right there for them. They got in the car, and the driver pulled away.

In the car, Fabien took his juice box, and opened it. "You too," he told James.

"Not that thirsty," he said.

"You need the liquid," Fabien said. "That was what the doctor told you." 

"Ok," he said. It was strangely hard to open the juice box. James fumbled with the straw, and then there was a piece of tape over the foil opening. James realized it was there to keep it closed when a bit of juice splashed out.

"Cheers," Fabien said. "To sharing."

"Sharing," James said. The juice was good. It was cold, and James didn't even mind the weird chemical taste. He drank it all in the few minutes it took to get home.

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