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    53, good-looking, 5'8" 162 lbs in shape, furry chest, strong legs, great ass, lethal cock, totally versatile, groups, nasty and nice, pits, manscent, feet, spit, sperm, sweat, talk, kissing, rimming, fucking, assplay, titplay, roleplay, chemsex.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    USA with Germanic and Eastern European roots
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    parties, one on one, intensity, roleplay, long sessions, chem sometimes

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  1. nice stuff, hot fucker

  2. really excellent. thanks, you nasty beautiful fucker
  3. delicious, wicked, sexy, nasty, beautiful
  4. rawmansf


    nicest stuff I've read here in a while. thanks, man
  5. one of the best fucking stories yet on this site.....fuck
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  7. Sunday Aug 9 will be in town and want to set up some hot fun, chem ok
  8. really nice...i can taste his boy cunt already
  9. love a tina-coated cock but love a tina-coated hole even more
  10. ready when you are...let's do it

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