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Best hotel or bathhouse for cumdump bottom in Orlando?

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Planning to visit Orlando this November. Any tips on what are the best hotels or bathhouse, sex club for a raw size queen slut cumdump bottom who loves getting gang banged by Tops?? This is my first time visiting Orlando. Are bathhouse or clubs open during COVID-19 in Orlando?


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    • By Socalcumdump
      Currently living with roommates so I can’t ever host put planning on getting a room for a weekend before I fly out of LAX for the holidays.
      Planning on being blindfolded, ass up for anyone to unload in. Done it a couple times before in other cities but looking for recommendations for best rooms near LAX or other areas. 

    • By tomwills
      Hey 😈
      23yo cumdump taking loads at EasyHotel in Leeds Sat & Sun day and night.
      Door latched open, head down, ass up and lubed, lights off or on, blindfolded anon, up to you. Fuck, dump and go.
      Snapchat t_wills96 or will be on Grindr as Hotel Cumdump
      See you there 😉
      Tom x

    • By nastystephen
      cumdump bottom traveling in phx looking for loads of any kind prefer them shot in my ass, poz on meds cant host but can meet anywhere your place or bath house or public spot text only please 602 four three5 32 five eight

    • By Scottyrim
      I lay there in the dark. I could just see shapes in front of me. I was on a leather mattress, one of three next to each other. A guy I could see was lying next to me. Like me he had his ass open to the sky, to anyone. My ass was open to anyone as well. But it was open to Poz guys more than anyone else. I didn’t want to discriminate. But to me I needed Poz cum.
      Only 30 minutes before I was on my iPhone typing my position and area on my iPhone. The ad I placed in Barebackrt was very specific. “ Poz guys only to breed Neg guy not on Prep in dark room at Bathhouse. Please bareback Poz with the words not on Meds Poz” time and place. Here I was 30 mins later lying on my stomach  in the dark . My asshole was lubed. Every other minute I sniffed poppers. My cock was irrelevant.
      It is  an intense experience lying in the dark, sniffing poppers, watching shadows in front of you.
      The guy next to me was as still as a plank. Part of me wanted to check his pulse. When a guy came near him and start to fuck him, he hardly made a sound.
      You could feel men’s hands feel your ass and legs ,finger your hole. Random men . But I wanted something else . Something more . I waited. It seemed like forever and not long at all.
      A guy was feeling my leg in the dark. It was slow . He got to my ass and seemed to linger around my hole. Suddenly a voice came out of the darkness” Not on Meds , Poz” That was it . Nothing for a moment, as I breathed harder. Suddenly I felt wetness, Then I felt hardness. Then pain , then pleasure. Next to me the voice again.” You got more than you bargained for . Take that Poz cock.” He pushed it in hard. I had an intake of breath. We both stopped for a moment . Then a voice. “ “You sure you want this?. No turning back”  He almost impaled me and I answered almost in a scream. “ Give me your Poz DNA.” He breathed against my neck. “ Your a fucking slut” “ Yes” I responded. The guy fucking me laughed.  Then loudly he said to anyone in the room “ This slut wants to be fucked Poz, full of Poz cum. No self respect. He deserves everything he gets. Load him up with anything”. With his elbow he pushed me down. “I will be back”. He got off me. Emptiness.
      This was only for a minute or so . “ Fuck bitch you want fucking AIDS!!”  In short jabbing movements the next guy did not care. “ Been Poz 3 weeks you will fucking have this Pozzz” He trailed off. He had cum. So quickly. He managed to say “ Slut” as he  left me but he disappeared as quickly as he came. I felt myself smile.
      This is heaven.This is the meaning of life. Another voice. “ No meds, Poz”  this guy just grunted, again and again pushing into me. “ Fuck slut you are Poz “ He came abruptly. 
      Next to me the other guy being bottomed moved. He put his hand on my shoulder”. I need to cum “ He said. “  I have no idea what I am . If I have it or not. Never been tested”. “Please fuck me “ I replied.  He moved on top of me and started to pound hard my ass . “ I need to cum .Fuck this is so hot. Fuck you are so we wet. Fuuck!”. He had cum. He breathed against my neck. He stayed there for the longest time and then moved” Hope you get what you want” He said as he left.
      I was still smiling to myself in the darkness when I heard a familiar voice. Gruffly he announced to the shadows .  “Have you had your fill of Poz cum slut? “ “ Never” I replied. “Please fill me up with more” 
      He rammed into me hard.  I panted into the mattress. “I am close ,slut. You are going to be Charged Poz. Fuck you are going to have dirty seed in you. Take that Poz seed! “ 
      We both lay there. “You are going to have to go out of this Dark room eventually. People are milling around out the door to see who the Poz loving cum dump is. I smiled to myself. I had achieved wanted I was a Poz loving cum dump in a Bathhouse darkroom.
    • By Scottyrim
      I never understood what a Jacuzzi was, but to my translation it is a Spa basically.  I have always had a fascination with sex in them. I love the fact that over the bubbles and water two different things can happen. On the surface it can look as though you are almost bored but below hands are furiously working away, jerking off  yourself and others.
      Ever since I was a teenager I was obsessed with sex under the water. I would look for a spa in a Public pool and would always find a willing cock under the bubbles. As I got older I went from Public Spas to Bathhouses. Then I became more of an exhibitionist. I would push my head under the hot bubbles and start sucking cock. My biggest joy would be a mouth full of cum under the water.
      The day  this went to another level is the day  I would like to tell the tale of.
      I was in the Bathhouse on a Saturday. I was one of four in the Spa. Guys were wandering about around the Spa, casually looking in as they went to the sauna, the Steamroom or the Showers.
      Meanwhile I was jerking off a young guy with mousy blond hair and hairy legs. I was starting to finger his tight hairy hole and he was squirming but trying hard to look as though he was bored. It was harder for him as I was starting to finger his foreskin with my other hand . He was breathing heavily  and his tight ass was starting to let me push my finger further in his ass.
      Opposite me were two men trying to look as though nothing was happening in front of them . That was not happening underneath though. Each of the guys opposite were trying to play footsies underneath the bubbles. This was all about to change.
      Underneath the sign “ No sex allowed in Spa” ( whoops) two new guys hopped into the Spa. One guy obviously wanted to relax . He picked the spot near me ( whoops). The other guy sat opposite me , in between the two guys trying to play footsies. Everything stopped underneath the bubbles for a moment, except my finger sinking into the hairy asshole on the other side of me.
      While the guy next to me obviously really wanted to relax and closed his eyes. The guy opposite was completely alert to everything around him. He smiled at me in a knowing way. He didn’t waste any time. He was tall,I could  tell. This guy was not going to play any of the games that occurred in the spa.
      “ I want to fuck you” he said to me out loud.
      Everyone looked at me. 
      “I um” I stuttered out.
      He lurched forward towards me and with one hand put a finger up my ass. Then he swung me around. It was so sudden I had to stabilise myself on the the tiles of the spa. I felt his his large cock at the entrance of my ass. It was all so sudden that when he rammed into me I almost screamed. I lost complete control. 
      He laughed as he turned me around ,his bare dick rammed up my ass. It was so big . I was now staring at the two guys who looked astonished. 
      The blond I had been finger fucking next to me started to groan. The guy bare fucking me was also feeling him up with his spare hands. The tall top guy suddenly said to the blond twink.
      “ I want you to spread your ass in front of the slut’s face I am fucking  ,Now!!”
      Without hesitation the blond twink waded in front of me and spread his hairy ass above the hot bubbles in front of my face.
      This was the balance I needed. While this bare cock pushed further into me , my tongue pushed into the wet hairy blond ass , each hand holding this twinks ass stabilising me.  It was delicious and I was in heaven.The twink in turn trying to stabilising himself was now pumping the cocks of the guys in front of him. Both were madly smiling. One stood up so he could get sucked, which the twink promptly did.
      Meanwhile the guy who just wanted to rest was glaring at each of us and pointing to the sign with no sex allowed. We all ignored him.
      The guy pumping me with his bare cock became harder. He pushed himself further into me. “I am cumming “he yelled as he forced himself into me.He held himself there for a moment then took himself out of me while pushing my face further into the hairy ass of the twink. He then ,without a word got out of the Spa.
      This left a space where disapproving relaxed guy took the opportunity to flee out of the spa, muttering to himself. Quite a crowd had gathered around the spa to jerk and watch.
      Meanwhile with cum up my ass I now was fully horny. I took my mouth off the moist wet ass of the twink and without so much as a hello pushed my dick  against the twink’s hole. He pushed back against me and my cock started to enter him.
      Several guys at this stage, who had been watching, got into the Spa and hands started to go everywhere. I felt another dick against my ass and then a push into me. I was in heaven. I didn’t turn around to see who it was. I didn’t care. 
      I was getting close and I felt myself push forward. I  hardly could say the words out loud, it was so intense. “ I am cumming” As I breathed heavily I let go of the   Twink. He saw this as his sign to climb onboard the guy he had been sucking and soon was being fucked.
      I got out of the Spa and made my way to the showers.  For the next five minutes you heard groans and more people jerking off near the Spa, getting off on the action. Suddenly the bathhouse attendant walked in to where the Spa was “ Don’t you read the signs? No sex in the Spa !” People started jumping out and trying to disappear as quickly as they could. “ Don’t you know all the germs you can get from Spas?”  
      There was silence now. I walked with my towel around me past the Spa. Only one person was in it. The guy who wanted to relax at the beginning. He had a smirk on his face and when I passed ,he pointed at the sign. I smiled at him. I thought “ Fuckwit”
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