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  1. Planning to visit Orlando this November. Any tips on what are the best hotels or bathhouse, sex club for a raw size queen slut cumdump bottom who loves getting gang banged by Tops?? This is my first time visiting Orlando. Are bathhouse or clubs open during COVID-19 in Orlando?
  2. As an aspiring cumdump gangbang bottom, I want to ask other more experienced bottoms on this site - what do you eat or drink during an all night orgy? I assume you stop eating several hours before the start of the gangbang and then you clean yourself thoroughly, douche very very well. But then what do you do to fuel your body or get some energy during a 12 hour or even longer orgy session??? Do you drink lots of Gatorade? Some favorite energy drink? I assume solid food is out of question??!! Any one can give me some advice?? Thanks!
  3. I am going. Anyone wants to split the cost of the room?
  4. Where did you find that picture of John Sullivan? Is that really him in 2018? Does anyone have a link to his facebook page??
  5. I love @PERVERSATILEcomment about whoring out bottoms. its totally HOT even if not entirely legal or whatever. He must be great at whoring out cumdump bttms.
  6. Hey PERVERSATILE are you on bbrt? 



      I might be from a long time ago-

    2. Cumdump9876


      Couldn’t find your bbrt profile! Mine is same timbb9876 on bbrt.

  7. Loved your scene in TIM’s Fuckholes! Love what a hot nasty cum hungry bottom you are. Are you going to be at IML 2019 Chicago?? I think I saw you posted in another forum about that. 

    1. Marc Short

      Marc Short

      Hey buddy, wish we had been in the same scene together in Fuck Holes!   

  8. Anyone from Michigan attending IML 2019 in Chicago? What about CLAW Cleveland ?? Looking for a buddy to go with.
  9. I’ve the same question. Who is Master Jerry?? I have seen a twitter account by that name. Is that a real person? How does one become a Master Jerry cumdump? What do you have to do - other than being a cumdump and taking loads?? Does this happen only in LA or there are Master Jerry cumdump gangbangs in other places ?? And does this Master Jerry take pics and vids of the cumdump while he is getting bred???
  10. Anyone going to IML 2019 Chicago or CLAW 2019 Cleveland from Detroit Metro Area? Anyone from detroit metro area going to IML 2019 or CLAW 2019? wondering if there are others interested in going there and probably attending a bb party in one of the rooms. https://www.clawinfo.org https://www.imrl.com
  11. I have seen John Sullivan in Treasure Island and some of those Chicago productions. Always liked hs vids. Is he really working as accountant in Chicago these days? From what I saw in Ryan Sullican's documentary (available on Treas Island) it wasn't clear what happened to john sullivan. Ryan is his brother, so he should know. it seemed as if he just disappeared or something (hope he is alive and well! but I don't know.)
  12. Can someone tell me about good hotels or motels or location for a visiting cumdump in New York City? I was wondering if I should be staying in a Manhattan hotel or plan on a hotel in Bronx or Queens or near the airport. Thanks,
  13. BZ Detroit is a desert compared to Steamwerks Chicago or even Flex Cleveland. You might find a BBC top on a lucky weekend night but mostly its pretty deserted.
  14. Hey Kewldude89 you are from miami. isn't FTL good for some raw fun? I can't say much for europe or other places but chicago during IML and DC during MAL weekend is great for raw fun. ATL is great for BBC. NYC as well. BZ Detroit is a desert.
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