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Well finally things are starting to look up on the fuck and breed front in Sydney with last weekend being a watershed moment for me after a very bleak and lean period by my normal standards. Pre-COVID the world was great but things ground to a halt very quickly. As restrictions ease, the reticence to fuck again seems to be vanishing. For months I have the normal regular session on Friday with my Indian FB and spasmodic breeding here and there plus a young guy I suck off whenever he comes around while he watches straight porn, but last weekend was like the floodgates opened. I met my Indian FB for a session on Friday evening and after getting bred twice, left there horny as hell as usual. In normal times I would head straight to the backroom for more cock and seed. Sadly they are no more, just vanished one by one during this crisis. I hooked on to the BBRTS app and within 10 minutes was offered some raw cock a 15 minute drive away. I was straight there and this plumpish middle aged guy gave me a good doggy style going over.


I headed for home and texted a semi regular top who just loves fucking when I am pre lubed with cum, told him I had three loads in me and he said he would be at my apartment in half an hour. I got home just in time to light the candles and get the towels ready and he was there. We never talk much except for his dirty talk calling me a slut and a whore and a cumpig while he hammers away. He bolted in me, I cleaned his cock and balls and he left. A different Friday night for a change.


Between Friday night and Sunday night I managed to get bred 15 times, which was just heaven. It is the first time in a long time I went to bed with my cunt cock sore and puffy, and it was just a wonderful feeling. I hope we don’t get a second wave as I have a feeling the world here is starting to spin in the right direction again. Even at work on Monday my hole was sore sitting at my desk, just the way I like it. For me a gaping, sore and puffy hole is my reward for a great weekend.

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      CHAPTER 1
      From my earliest moment of sexual awakening, I knew something was happening to me.  My body was maturing and my mind was taking on thoughts of sex as well as assembling, processing, and storing what I saw in my family, relatives, and even in the public be it in person or via television.  I continued to process and refine.  I finally knew without a doubt that I was a homosexual--gay.  My seeing certain if not most men stimulated my psyche and libido.  I became aroused realizing that my pulse had increased, my breathing came in shallow draws, a light sweat appeared on my body, my balls rolled around in their home, my cock pressure intensified on my underwear, and my eyes transfixed on my latest man of desire for the moment.
      At this same time, I had heard the catcalls and teasing given to perceived gay boys my age.  I had heard the sneering remarks and ridicule given to my own kind.  As tactfully as possible, I dissuaded most of the crowd with which I ran to turn to other matters at hand such as class assignments when at school, moving on to our intended destination (movie, swimming hole, ice cream, etc.), and athletic events when at competitions.  I was a member of the cross country and swim team at my high school.  Nothing of a super star--just an average runner and swimmer that allowed me to exercise and rid myself of some frustrating times.
      I was still growing but at a slower pace hitting the six-foot mark with muscles from running and swimming but also from the work that I did on my family's farm.  I kept 160 pounds permanently marked on our bath room scales.  I'm sure that part of that was from the black hair I sported all over my arms, legs, and chest.  (It was not for nothing that several classmates called me "hairy ape" and "Neanderthal".)  The full mat of black hair that covered my pubic region looked like The Black Forest with a darkened cut eight-inch slab of meat containing huge veins running along the top of it.  It all went well with my blue eyes, dark skin--no one seems to know how that happened--short cropped hair, and the seemingly ever-present stubble of black hair on my face which hid my dimples mostly.  I tell you all of this not out of pride necessarily, though I am proud, but to give you an idea of who I am.
      Of course, during the summer I wore very little as I worked around the family farm.  This only enhanced my dark skin.  The work also improved on my muscles and strength.  One of the three ponds on our farm gave me the opportunity to swim to keep up my skill for competition but also was a problem in that they never contained clear water and didn't have the sides allowing me to push off to serve as my end of a lap.  No complaints; just making an observation.
      So, once I hit high school, I found that there was a rumour mill that gave information to anyone who was plugged into it.  Naturally, everything reported was always the truth--even when it wasn't and could be proved to be less than factually accurate.  There was always some new topic that would pop up and make the rounds though.  One had to decide for one's self if such was true as there just wasn't any real proof one way or another.  Which led to a topic that got started about mid-year.
      The grapevine got all noisy late January.  No one knows or admits to starting the information around the school.  The topic was the local YMCA which was located downtown of course.  No one could explain--nor did anyone ask--how the information was obtained but the word spread that the Y had a steam room where queers would hook up and suck cock.  Now, that both excited me and made me skeptical as usual of the accuracy of the information.  I just could not fathom that as a reality.  The rumour kept up for about a month with it slowly fading out in importance to other more pressing high school factual rumours.  However, I filed the information away for possible future reference and investigation if the opportunity arose.
      So, here I was a relatively new admitted gay male who had finally found out a meeting place for other males like myself.  I had no clue when I could act on such information but knew that the first opportunity that availed itself for such I would investigate.
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