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Hi all--Im a 26 year old extremely masc, bearded FTM in the sf bay area. work out very regularly, have had top surgery but no bottom surgery. I am a total bottom and very submissive. I have a maaaajor pregnancy risk kink and I'm looking for any and all loads I can get. I'm fertile and so the risk is real, but it would be no risk for you since you can stay anonymous if you want. I'm not in SF proper but I can travel (or host in my part of the bay). Only looking for tops at the moment but I'm open otherwise to any age/ethnicity/physical appearance. Also love being tag teamed/group fun. Have hosted several "pussy parties" before too--some guys who are curious about trying pussy, me naked on a bed or table with a blindfold on and earplugs in, and anyone can use my pussy as much or as little as they want to find out if they like it.


I can get into some very rough shit but I'm also down for just regular hooking up too! Only strict requirement is no condoms ever. I've never had one inside me and I never want to.

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P.S. my account isn't old enough yet so I can't reply to messages or make more than a few posts a day, but check out my profile for other ways to contact me!

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Mmm that is hot 

I did it once with a ftm it was great 

it was a sloppy seconds 

so nobody didn’t know if or when 

mmm it was great


good luck keep us informed 

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Very nice, I'm on the opposite side where I had a full hysterectomy and I am celebrating not being at risk to get pregnant. I am determined to fill the void with every man who cums across me. Love this. I'd love to chat sidebar with you sometime. It's fascinating that  a ftm has a fetish for the thing that had me struggling with my masculinity the most. And if you ever want a tag/back up pussy let me know. I'm East Bay and I will totally go to the mats with ya. T oh and I am new too so you were my post for the day. Well spent!

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    • By BrumBttm82
      Last summer, when the first UK lockdown eased I was desperate to get out of the city for a few days so booked myself a pitch on a campsite. I got there late evening so pretty much just threw my tent up, ate and went to bed. The next day I got up early and took myself for a long walk. It was so lovely to be out in the countryside, particularly as it was a hot day and there were loads of cute guys with their tops off also out for a hike. I got back to the campsite at about 6pm and was really sweaty from a day of walking so I decided to go for a shower. The campsite has a shower block with a big gang shower for the men that would probably normally have enough showerheads for 10 guys. But due to Covid restrictions we were only alowed in 2 at a time. I waited my turn and when I finally got in there there was one guy already lathered up in the shower. I stripped down and took a shower as far from him as possible so we didn't break the rules. He was in his mid 30s, chunky but strong looking and hairy all over. I started soaping up and as I turned round to rinse off, I noticed he was staring at me with a big grin on his face and his fat hard cock in his hand, stroking it slowly. I got hard immediately! I gave him a little show and bent over to show him my hole so he could be sure what I wanted. There was a long queue outside so he asked which tent was mine and if he could come by later, when it was dark. I wasn't going to say no to him, I really wanted his big dick in me! We both dried off and went back to our tents. As I walked back to mine I noticed he went back to a group of tents with 4 or 5 other guys standing around them. I stoop outside my tent for a couple of minutes so he could be sure which one was mine and then made a quick bite to eat.
      After dinner I got inside my one man tent and read for a while. It was a warm night so I lay ontopof my sleeping bag in my briefs. It got dark around 10pm and I was reading by my head lamp for another hour before I heard footsteps outside my tent and the zip starting to move. He quickly moved inside and I turned the headlamp off to avoid giving the campsite an x-rated shadow puppet show! Before the light went out I saw he was just wearing a t-shirt and shorts. He whispered that I had a hot arse and he couldn't wait to fuck it. I got on all 4s and pulled my briefs down and he took no time grabbing my hips and shoving his face between my cheeks. His stubble felt great against them and his tongue was lapping at my hole. He kep stopping to spit on it and then worked it inside me with his tongue. It felt amazing! I was reaching back to pull my cheeks apart so he could get deeper inside me and he reached round and started to wank me off with my own precum as lube.
      After a while he stopped rimming me and I could hear him taking his clothes off. It was really dark by now so I couldn't see much. He told me to lay on my side and he lay behind me, spooning me. His cock was rock hard and rubbing between my arse cheeks as he rubbed his hairy body against my back and felt me all over. He asked if I was ok with bareback and I told him I wouldn't do it any other way. Then he lined himself up against my hole and pushed inside me. I was well lubed from the rimming and so desperate to have him in my that my hole put up no resistance. His dick was beer can thick and felt amazing in my hole. He fucked me really slow and deep for a while, pulling my head round so he could kiss me really deep and wet, with loads of tongue. Eventually he started to speed up and his breath got really heavy. He whispered that he was going to breed me deep and the rammed inside me, making me yelp! He convulsed for what felt like five minutes as he emptied his balls inside me. He kept holding me really close and didn't pull out. He stayed hard and asked if he could go again. I begged him to breed me again! This time he had me on my back and came again pretty quickly. He the played with my loose, cummy hole for a while with his fingers and kissed and me wanked me until I came. We fell asleep together, all cuddled up on top of my sleeping bag.
      When I woke up in the morning I was alone, still totally naked, with cum dried onto my arse and the tops of my legs. I reached round and fingered myself until the remains of his cum started to drip out of me. I collected as much as could and licked it all up off my fingers.
      Once I'd had breakfast, I went off for another walk. I hadn't had a shower do must have stunk of sweat and cum! I had to walk past his camp on my way out of the campsite and he was sat with his mates eating breakfast. They all gave me a round of applause and whooped as I went past, so he must have told them....I loved it!!
    • By yngslutpupp
      Total bottom here in Orlando looking to host a sadistic top for a long rough fuck session. I love being used and abused hard while taking a nice cock and I'm open to most things usually the kinkier/rougher the better. 
      Please hit me up if you're interested would love to get together today but future sessions are also cool.

    • By Loadluver310
      Gonna be visiting Vegas for a couple of days. Will be there on Tuesday. Looking to try being a cumdump on Wednesday night. Can't host at my room, however I can travel. 
      Kik: BD3288
    • By Ozpig
      Last Sunday I saw an older top for the third times. We met of Grindr and the three times i have been to my place has been sensationally pleasurable. He has opened the door, naked, rock hard and he can fuck for a good 40 minutes before he comes. He has a perfectly proportioned thick as cut cock, loves changing positions and he certainly can fuck. As i was playing with his balls and cleaning his cock on Sunday night the thought entered my head that made me wonder just how many bottom men's mancunt he has thrilled with that great cock. I simply asked him while I was holding his manhood "I'll bet this has thrilled a lot of bottom boys over the years." He looked quite serious and said "not as many as you might think" I was married for 40 years and very rarely played around. "What a waste I thought".  I am more than willing to help him catch up for lost time.
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