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Straight Actor Branches Out

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(This first installment is set up. The bb sex will come in later installments I promise. In fact the story will need to finish in another category on this website. I'll keep the final direction a secret for now. Please let me know your thoughts. )

I'm a 27 year old straight actor. I've been moderately successful in the Art House short film genre. I've gained enough notoriety to have an agent. She had suggested I not consider auditioning for this part as a Male stripper. She feared the part would not look good on my resume and she had heard sketchy things about the type of films the director produced. 

I asked for more details. 

1) The male stripper would be having his first sexual encounter with a guy. Art House being progressive I didn't see how this could be problematic for my acting reputation. 

2) The script made it clear the character would have some nude scenes including full frontal. I'd already been nude in a few films before. I quite enjoyed the experience. 

3) The director often had actors film unsimulated sex scenes for his films. I'd performed with women in one short in my portfolio. Although I'd never been with a man I thought it sounded like a unique opportunity. I could at least audition and see where it goes. 

I'm not your dashing Adonis type, but have an attractive enough face and an okay slim body. My hair is medium length, full bodied, and curly. I considered it t and my thickly haired chest my most attractive physical features. 

The director must have been impressed enough by my professional shots because I was offered an audition. 

I wasn't sure what to expect so went feeling a little nervous; but, even more so, curious. 

As I arrived at the warehouse studio I met an attractive guy leaving. Oddly this relaxed me. In my mind since I was out of the running already I could just chill through this and not worry about anything but having fun. 

It turned out there was just the director and myself. He was very warm, welcoming and easily engaging. After a bit of general chitchat he asked if I was ready to get down to the audition. "Sure" was my enthusiastic response. 

"Why don't you start by undressing seductively for me? I'll play the role of the audience. We might as well get right to the point of seeing how comfortable you are with nudity. "

I thought; 'Oh this will be fun ' as I smiled and winked at him.

I was glad I'd warn a button down shirt with no undershirt as I slowly began undoing buttons while slightly swaying my hips. I undid my belt and the top of my jeans and gently pulled the shirt tails out of my pants. 

The director's smile was encouraging so I slowly pulled one arm out of my shirt, wrapped the shirt off my back and then slipped the other arm out tossing the shirt into the director's face. When he pulled it off his smile was even bigger. 

I seductively walked around his stool as I worked the fly down on my jeans. His eyes followed my every move. I also managed to kick off my runners. The cool floor felt great on my bare feet and the exhibitionist in me was in full gear with this solid grounding. 

Standing with my back turned to him I slowly slipped out of my jeans. I usually do but was particularly pleased I had followed my norm by coming to the audition commando. He was now able to inspect my naked backside. 

Seductively turning my head I could see him rubbing a growing bulge in his crotch. He winked at me and I quickly spun to flash him my Full Monty. I posed with hands on my hips. 

He motioned with his index finger for me to come closer as he gently asked; "Do you mind if I touch it?" I granted permission by shacking my head and stepping toward him and his outstretched hand. 

He took hold of my limp cock and fondled my hairy balls with his other hand. "You won't mind shaving these if I give you the part will you?"

"If it's what the part requires, no problem. "

By now he was on his knees and taking my cock into his mouth. I'd been blown by women, even on film, but nothing had so quickly aroused my erection as this guy's warm mouth. I reached my upwards curving six and a half inches in no time. Each time he pulled off he looked deeply into my eyes. I was mesmerized. Then with great enthusiasm he would bobb down taking me deep into his throat. No woman had ever been this enthusiastic. Best blowjob I had ever experienced. My balls were soon churning and I warned him I was close. 

He quickly pulled off, thanked me, stood and was removing his clothes; "Have you ever given a blow job? You do know the script asks you to do so?"

Although I hadn't I responded by getting on my knees and grabbing his growing cock. As I held his gaze my tongue instinctively licked the salty precum from the slit on his cock's head. 

"I'd like the co-star to watch this. I need the right chemistry. Do you mind?"

This entire scene was actually turning me on big time. I'm an actor and love an audience so just nodded my approval as I swallowed his tool as deep as I could manage. 

A handsome 60ish man appeared in the room and watched with apparent interest as I proceeded to fuck my face on the director's cock. The co-star spoke; "Very nice indeed!" Then he turned and left as quickly as he appeared. 

When the cock was removed I asked if he wanted me to finish him off. He told me he would actually like that but he had four more auditions to do and he couldn't cum for all six actors. 

However, he informed me he did need to see me ejaculate. Without asking permission he dropped and had me face fuck him. Quickly warning I was close he pulled off and said; "Just jerk off on my face. "

With very few strokes I climaxed and my cum was coating his beard. Before I finished spasming he had me back in his mouth sucking in the rest of my load. No woman had so eagerly and hungrily sucked down my ejaculate. 

As I caught my breath he started dressing and let me know we had concluded the audition. I would get a call back if I stayed in the running for the part.

I pulled on my jeans and sneakers, thanked him and left carrying my shirt. A tall, dark  classically handsome dude was approaching the warehouse as I left. Seeing him and the guy who proceeded me I didn't expect a 'call back'. 


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(One more setup chapter)

Imagine my surprise when I received a 'call back '.

This audition had myself the director and one other 'call back ' actor. The tall dark and handsome guy I had seen arriving as I left my first audition. 

Loud technobeat music was started and we were simply instructed to give our best stripping performance. 

We danced around each other like two proud roosters trying to win over the prize hen. The other guy slowly pulled his tight wife beater over his head tossing it at the director. In one quick pull I ripped every button off my shirt. After some playful dancing with my open shirt I slid it off my arms and deeply inhaled it's armpits. I then tossed it to my opponent who also sniffed and  then licked the armpits. 

We both slipped out of our shoes. He had to awkwardly get out of his socks. I grabbed the first of these and began to stuff it in my mouth. 

The director was loving this strip off competition and egged us on with cheers, whistles and cat calls. 

You would have thought we had rehearsed earlier as our belts were ripped off in one simultaneous motion. 

Together we undid the button of our jeans and slowly lowered the fly. 

I turned my back and teased dropping trou ever so slightly and then pulling them back up. 

My opponent was seductively out of his jeans quickly and dancing around in a pair of yellow bikini briefs which set off his dark skin perfectly. 

I had chosen to wear my sexiest 'Skull and Bones' jock so when I did finally drop my jeans the director had a bird's eye view of my hairy bubble butt. 

The director held up money so we both danced over so he could slip some bills into our briefs. He snuck a peek at each of our junk. My inner exhibitionist was in top form so my cock was already starting to harden. 

I dropped down pulling my opponent's briefs with me and began sucking his cock. As he was hardening in my mouth the director fished out his own hardened dick. 

I stood, removed my jock, stuffed it in my opponent's mouth all before dropping down to suck the director's engorged member. 

My opponent offered his now hard cock to the director as the director used his to face fuck me. Soon his breathing became erratic. I had every intention of finishing him off in this audition and before long I had my first taste of another guys cum flooding my mouth. I took him in deeper and instinctively swallowed every drop of my first man load. 

As he began to soften I allowed him to drop from my mouth and licked my lips in satisfaction. It took a moment but he regained his breath and spoke; "Well, I had not anticipated that! Thanks guys, but the audition is not complete. I need to see how well you do in front of the camera. You've inspired me. Let's bring in the camera man to film you guys 69ing. This short film is not a sex tape, but I do like to include some in my work. "

The camera man doffed his shirt the moment he arrived and saw us naked. 

We warmed up by deep kissing and then moved to the floor and assumed the 69 position. Fully engorged my opponent's cock was far thicker and longer than the director's. It was quite intimidating for a novice like me but I wasn't about to give up this far into the audition. 

Tall, dark and handsome had no trouble deep throating me and had me balls deep while I was still figuring out a line of attack. After licking his cock head and shaft while trying not to be distracted by his excellent oral ministrations I decided to go for broke.  I opened my mouth as far as I could while relaxing my jaw. I descended on his shaft with only a third going in. His moans of pleasure spurred me on and my next dive plunged 2/3's down my throat. Again he moaned and rather than pull off I just pushed on down praying I wouldn't choke. 

I chocked but I was quickly back on him with no less enthusiasm. We pounded and drilled each other's throats. Just as I was about to despair that I couldn't hold off my orgasm I felt his seed spurt past my tonsils. We both blasted about six spasms deep into each other's gullet. 

As we were dressing the director excused the other guy and asked me to stay behind. He told me the part was mine if I wanted it. He explained he worked from the script but also liked to collaborate creative ideas with the cast, as I'd just observed in this audition. The script included at least one unsimulated blow job, but the fucking was to be simulated. Film shoots would finish early enough each day for everyone to review the 'dailies' and give their input for the next days shoot. 

Then he asked if I would like to see the footage just shot. 

I couldn't believe I had just sucked down two guys cocks and loads. Harder still to fathom was my first guy on guy 69 had been recorded. Of course I wanted to see this clip. I definitely wanted this risque part with such a collaborative director. I left the audition amazed with myself and wondering where all this would lead. 

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16 hours ago, Tanbbottom said:

(This first installment is set up. The bb sex will come in later installments I promise. In fact the story will need to finish in another category on this website. I'll keep the final direction a secret for now. Please let me know your thoughts. )

Moderator's Note: Here are my thoughts. You need to decide where this thread is going to end up, and we will move it there. It's not fair to people who choose not to read other sections of this site for you to get them hot and bothered and then finish the story in a place they don't want to go. That's bait-and-switch, and your warning up front doesn't help those people out at all. 

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7 hours ago, drscorpio said:

Moderator's Note: Here are my thoughts. You need to decide where this thread is going to end up, and we will move it there. It's not fair to people who choose not to read other sections of this site for you to get them hot and bothered and then finish the story in a place they don't want to go. That's bait-and-switch, and your warning up front doesn't help those people out at all. 

Fair enough. Bait and switch was not my intention I mostly wasn't sure where the story would go when I got further into it. Your note helps me decide to leave it right here in general bb fiction. I will not bring in any other threads. 

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1 hour ago, Tanbbottom said:

Fair enough. Bait and switch was not my intention I mostly wasn't sure where the story would go when I got further into it. Your note helps me decide to leave it right here in general bb fiction. I will not bring in any other threads. 

Thank you! 😘

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I'm very committed to my acting craft and prefer to do thural research. Before filming was scheduled to start I got a gay buddy to take me to a bathhouse. I knew I was going to have to give a bj on set. Even though I'd given two impromptu  in auditions I wanted some practice. They called that part of the bathhouse 'the slurp ramp' and I got lots of practice on a half dozen cocks of various sizes and shapes. I found I quite enjoyed sucking down another four loads. 

My buddy was very enthusiastic about showing me around. I was amazed at how many guys we saw getting fucked bareback out in the open. In fact I didn't see a condom all night. I watched as my buddy took three raw cocks up his ass, two in his room, one in a playroom swing. As we were leaving he told me he was heading home with five loads absorbing into his gut!

As I was sucking one guy on the slurp ramp I  felt hands start to spread my ass cheeks. Next I felt breath being blown on my ass hole. Soon a tongue was rimming my hole before it started to probe inside. It felt utterly fantastic. When the guy stood and pushed his raw cockhead against my hole I was very tempted to let him continue but thanked him for pleasuring my ass and politely declined the fuck. 

The first day of filming was pretty mundane as we shot the scenes to set up the story line. My character was a financially strapped student talking his girlfriend into agreeing he would strip at a gay club to supplement their income. She was adamantly against it at first but reluctantly relents. 

The second day of shooting was the most fun. A crowd of guys were brought on set to cheer on my first strip performance. Unlike my audition I was asked to start the dance comically. I acted very unselfconscious and shy, even reluctant to take off my shirt. By the time my pants were coming off I tripped on the pant leg. The audience didn't care. They went wild with each article of clothing that hit the floor. When down to my jock strap I moved into the crowd as they slipped small bills into my waist band. Many sneaking a peek inside. As I was about to head back stage the crowd chanted; "All the way! Take it all off!"

Back on stage I played with my now hard cock in my jock as I danced. Every now and then my cock head teasingly peeked out over the waist band. Finally with the drunken demanding cries of the crowd I stepped out of the jock completely. I proudly danced with my hardon bobbing happily for everyone to enjoy. 

As we watched the dailies a couple of the crowd suggested they should suck my dick as I move about the crowd. The director likes this idea and commits to taking those shots to start the next day. 

Day three begins with the suggestion from the end of day two. The next scene shot I'm naked and hard prancing on stage. I jump back into the crowd to retrieve a hundred dollar bill from my handsome older co-star.  As I pull him onto the stage the crowd is chanting; "Suck him off."

Reluctantly I fished out his cock and tentatively took it in my mouth. With the crowds encouraging demands his full eight inches was soon nudging my tonsils. He grabbed hold of my hair and was soon giving me a forceful face fuck. He unloaded his first volley deep in my throat. Showing surprise I pulled off and the rest of his load shot all over my face. Everyone stayed for the dailies which were replayed frequently. Especially the climax. 

The scene for day four is in the chang room with the freshly blown costar offering my character increasing amounts of money to go home with him for more fun. My character demurs only reluctantly agreeing at $400.

The next shots are taken in his bedroom. Making out, disrobing each other and for the rest of the days shoot both totally naked. Many short shots are taken to simulate our fucking. I really struggled to get into this and figured I was getting the same vibe from my costar. My feelings are confirmed as we watched the dailies. Some ideas are offered to improve the shots but nothing is settled before we head home for a good night's rest. 

I had dinner and a good time with my actual girlfriend. Then I went home, booted up my computer and researched gay porn. 

The next morning I share my observations with the director and crew. As in the bathhouse I saw a lot of bareback porn,  probably 98%. Personally I was turned off by condom porn. 

"Shouldn't this film at least include some talk about raw sex?" I wondered. 

My costar agreed; "In fact I should keep offering more money "til he relents and agrees to bareback."

The director agreed and the spoken script was adapted. There was lots of argument about how to portray the fucking was bareback. Would they hire porn actors just for the penetration shots. Would the scene be improved if my costar and I actually fucked, hiding the condom use. On and on went the brainstorming. Mostly I watched and listened. We ran out of time for more filming. 

My girlfriend was 'out with the girls' so I spent my evening watching bareback gay porn. The more I watched the hornier I got. The hornier I got the more I remembered the pleasure of the tongue fuck at the bathhouse. I began to realize I regretted turning down his offer to 'do me'. I surprised myself by jerking off a huge load. I slept soundly and dreamt my best buddy was fucking and breeding me. 

When I arrived on set the director was clearly agitated by the lack of progress the day before. I pulled him and my costar aside for a private conversation. 

"What do you say if we just go ahead and do it. Fuck the simulated sex. It's going to look a lot better if you just do me. "

My costar was surprised and blurted; "Have you even been fucked by a guy before?"

"No, but neither has any character. You'll be getting my authentic first time reaction."

"Are you crazy? Shot back my costar. 

"No wait a minute, I think he has a point." said the director. 

"But bareback?" complained the costar. 

"Well let's not decide about that just yet. Let's shoot the dialogue with him thinking he might actually be agreeing to go raw. Let's see where we go from there." suggested the director. 

So that's how we shot the dialogue. Doing so thinking this guy might actually breed my ass kept my acting real and on edge. Everyone was pleased with the results and we now had to decide how to proceed. 

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      I ran my hand across my face, covering it with the strangers cum, and didn't hesitate to lick it, to taste it again, this made my own cock drip even more and I promptly lowered my hand to my cock and stroked it using the strangers cum as lubricant. It did not take 20 seconds before I was bucking my hips as I shot my load at the surreal event that just happened and the smell of cum and cock that filled my nostrils were a added stimulas. 
      Heading home with a belly full of a strangers cum I felt weirdly liberated, happy that I had finally found my purpose in life as a cock sucker. 
      Thank you for reading this story and please check my other stories in other categories, if you enjoy them leave a comment or hit the like button. 
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      My hands tapped anxiously on the steering wheel as I pulled off the motorway. I had met Josh through myCircle.tv a few weeks earlier. I had originally hoped to find a girl to hook up with (or at least fool around with), but alas, it was almost entirely guys on there. Luckily, Josh and I had come across each other and both talked about how we hadn't been laid in months. He lived several hours away, his roommate was gone for the weekend, so I suggested we get together and watch porn. He instantly agreed and gave me his address.
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      I had brought the few porn movies I owned; that I had bought in a porn shop a few years ago in Amsterdam, and a third that I had downloaded from the Internet. Josh had said he had a few movies, so I figured we were set.
      With some difficulty and nervousness, I finally arrived at the address. I knocked on the door and waited. After a few moments, Josh opened the door and invited me in. He was shorter than me, maybe 5' 9" compared to my 6' 1", but he was leaner than me, his muscles more well defined. He was wearing shorts and a white t-shirt. He showed me around his place and we finally sat down on the couch in the living room, the middle cushion empty between us. After a few awkward moments of silence, I suggested we start watching some porn.
      We started with one of Josh's movies. It was pretty good, got me nice and hard. We made small chit-chat about the movie, how hot the porn was, how hot and sexy it had been, etc. 
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      I suggested that maybe that we hadn't been laid in such a long time due to the lockdown it wouldn't take as much to get us aroused.
      "I just didn't want you to think I was getting turned on by you, or something," Josh murmured. "I figured you'd kick my ass because you thought I was coming on to you."
      I laughed. "Nah, it's cool. I'm hard as a rock too."
      "Really?" Josh leaned over and looked closely, pretending he hadn't glanced at it earlier. I adjusted my hips up to put maximum pressure on my jeans, making the bulge as big as possible. He kept his eyes focused on it for a good minute or two, during which I absent-mindedly rubbed my cock. Josh did the same.
      As the next movie played and before the first scene ended, Josh was now looking down at my crotch every few seconds, almost more than he was looking at the TV. I could tell he wanted to start stroking but was too shy to do so. In an uncharacteristically bold move on my part (I'm normally pretty reserved), I said, "Well Josh, I need to get off."
      The words hung in the air, unanswered for a moment. "Yeah, me too," he finally replied. He slid his hand into his shorts and began to awkwardly stroke his dick, not even unbuttoning his shorts first.
      "Well you can do it that way, but I'm gonna do mine out in the open." I stood up and took off my shirt. Without a moment's hesitation, Josh stood up and did the same. We stood there, looking at each other shirtless. My boldness suddenly evaporated as I waited for Josh to pull his shorts off. "Well are you going to do it?" I asked.
      "You first."
      I paused. "How about at the same time?" I offered.
      He considered for a moment. "Alright."
      "On three. One, two, three."
      We both dropped them at the same time and immediately stared at one another's cocks. His looked about the same length as mine, maybe a hair shorter, but definitely thicker. His balls hung low and were surprisingly big, but then again, so was his dick. We didn't say anything and just sat back down on the couch and began stroking. The TV might as well have been blank, because we were watching each other. A minute later, Josh leaned over the side of the couch and pulled out a bottle of oil. He poured some out on his dick and rubbed it in. He asked if I wanted any. I said I did.
      Now it was Josh's turn to be bold. He leaned over and squirted it on to my dick and then, without even asking, he gripped my cock firmly and stroked me, spreading out the oil nice and evenly. Once he was satisfied that it was on evenly, he gave my dick one final, slow, and agonizingly pleasurable jerk and let go. He went back to stroking his own dick, while I tried to catch up with what the hell just happened. Not to be outdone, I said, "You missed a spot." I began stroking his dick, not even bothering with the pretense that I was spreading lube on it.
      He scooted over on the couch, the sides of our asses and legs touching now. He began stroking my dick while I jerked his. It was incredible. We were both not experienced, but we both new what to do and it felt so good and so right. Josh was giving me a better handjob than most women I would normally hook up. It was feeling so epic.
      I started to notice that Josh's dick was getting a bit softer. I assumed it was because he was focused on me and I wasn't doing a very good job, but it was so hard to concentrate with him jerking me off. Eventually I just relaxed my arm and twisted my lower body to give him better access. He kept on, gripping my cock with just the right firmness, moving at just the right speed. 
      After only a few minutes, I came. My cock exploded, shooting a huge spurt of cum up Josh's arm, all the way to his bicep. Most of my cum wound up on his hand and arm, but Josh didn't seem to mind. After I caught my breath, Josh stood up to get a towel. His flaccid, but still sizable dick hung down, and I saw that his stomach and groin were covered in cum. Confused, I looked at the hand I'd been stroking him with, and it, too, was covered in cum. I'd been so into Josh's jacking me off, that I didn't even noticed he'd cum!
      After we cleaned ourselves up, we went into the kitchen and got some lunch. There was something really erotic about going about things casually, even though we had just jerked each other off and were still completely nude.
      We eventually went back into the living and resumed our activities. We wound up jerking each other three or four more times, each time getting a bit more adventurous and trying different positions, holding our cocks together and rubbing them which felt amazing we both agreed, playing with each other's balls also,etc. 
      Later in the day, after we had once again recuperated and were watching yet another porn movie but one with bi influence, Josh asked me if it would freak me out if he could give me head. I said that I wasn't really interested in giving him head (it seemed like a step too far for me), but I told him he was free to suck mine if he wanted to. I figured he would say forget it, but to my surprise, Josh immediately leaned over and began sucking me off.
      He was actually really pretty good at it, good enough that I wondered later if he'd ever done it before. Regardless, he licked and sucked my cock, hitting the right spots at the right times. His hands cradled my balls, massaging them gently. He couldn't take my dick in very far, but he definitely made the most of what he could do. I stroked his dick with one free hand while he blew me. It didn't take long before I had to cum again, and though I figured I had already cum so much that day that there wasn't much left, I still gave him the courtesy two-minute warning. He kept right on sucking. Not sure that he heard me, I repeated myself, this time louder, "I'm going to cum!" Josh didn't even pause.
      I came into his mouth, shooting more than I would have thought possible, nearly as much as I had the first time earlier that day. Josh sat up, wiping his mouth. "I'd always wondered what cum tastes like."
      "And? I asked"
      He shook his head. "Nasty, sweet, sticky and also salty."
      I laughed and he got up to get some water. When Josh came back, I had changed my mind. I leaned over and immediately began sucking him. I ran my lips up and down his shaft, sliding my tongue on the underside of his dick, just beneath the head. I had no idea what I was doing and before I could even get the hang of it, he was cumming. Not wanting to swallow, I pulled his cock out of my mouth, and just in time. I hadn't even stroked it once and his cock begun spurting out a ton of white hot cum all over both our stomachs, groins, and my face.
      "How did you cum that much? You've gotten off like five times today!"
      "Dan, you came just as much he laughed."
      Thoroughly exhausted, we both lounged around for awhile and watched TV, still nude. As night fell we both agreed that we had enjoyed our first Jerk off buddy experience, I got dressed and left to head home. We both agreed we wanted to get together again very soon but that is another story....

    • By TommiBiC18
      I was curious to know if the cum of inexperienced guys(virgins)tastes different from guys that fuck alot?
    • By sundevil5
      I was horny all day. Woke up horny, cleaned myself out, drank a smoothie, and drank coffee and water all day at work. My cock was sensitive when I peed and hung loose and long all day. My ass twitched now and then while I worked. I fairly bounced out to my car, I felt good, sexy, horny.  I hummed along with the radio as I drove to my favorite place, pinching my nipples as I maneuvered through the traffic.  I pulled into the parking lot and it was reasonably full.  A sexy black man in a gray track suit came out the front door and sauntered towards me, his cocktail swinging and bulging, visible to me as he walked and entered the car across from me. I watched as he lit a cigarette drew in deeply and exhaled through his nose and mouth. I was instantly hard as he did it again and settled his eyes on me and smiled and winked at me.
      I got out of my car and he followed me into the store. I bought some tokens and half listened to my sexy follower talking to the sexy clerk about "things looking up". I went into the booth with holes on both sides. I stripped and kneeled on the floor and started the movies. I pinched my nipples, played with my cock, rubbed spit and precum on my hole and fingered myself. I heard the door open in booth next to me saw a movie startup and heard the rustle of clothing.  A very nice cock came through the hole, shiny and big and black....my favorite. I licked and sucked on the head, up and down the shaft. Swirling, swallowing, sucking, liking and then....it disappeared. And then he fed me his balls, one at a time. I loved them too. And then his pretty asshole. I ate it, tongued it, slobbered all over it until he gave me back his dick. My nipples were extra sensitive and swelling by now, my hole twitching, my cock leaking precum, I was so turned on. A voice behind me then whispered,  "stand up boy, back dat ass up over here". I looked and saw a big wet black dick behind me. So I stood bent over and backed up onto that beautiful dick as I kept working my man's dick in my mouth. I sank down to the wall on that dick behind me and heard him moan. I myself moaned around the cock in my mouth and just lost myself in pleasing these men.  They came inside of me within seconds of each other after stretching my holes for what seemed like joyous hours. I slaked my thirst for cum on both ends. Got dressed and with a full belly and ass I sauntered back to my car. I smiled at the clerk and the sexy tracksuit man as they blew smoke my way while they leaned on his hood. I rolled down my window and said," see you soon I hope" as I drove past those sexy men with their sexy dicks bulging in their pants.
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