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Memorial Day was fantastic, but tiring😉 I even did something that I’ve never done before, but it was the right time. Thinking about it now I love just how debauched it makes me feel. I had fantasized about it, but never actually did it before. But it seemed the right time to take the plunge off the deep end. 😈

After hitting a few of the usual hotspots and servicing the servicemen who were there, I had made a plan to go into the center of town and drive slowly by the veterans wall memorial late at night (the city essentially has a small version of the Vietnam Vets wall, but it’s for all Vets of all wars that are from our town).

Previous drive-bys had confirmed that as the weather warmed up, there are a few homeless vets that hang out around the wall and sleep there, just out of view of the road, under the overpass. 

I wasn’t sure what ages I’d get - by that time of the evening I had already sampled a wide age range (from vets recently returned from a current tour all the way back to Vietnam).

I pulled off the road under the bridge and shut the lights off on my SUV. After my eyes adjusted, I found two homeless vets of the first Gulf War.

I had already prepared the back of the SUV with the seats down, along with drinks and a few other things they might want to use. 😉 I beckoned from my window, but they thought I was just mocking them the way so many do as they drive by, so I got out and walked over to them. My heart was beating out of my chest! These men were big and strong and they were not clean at all.

I lit a 120 and let it dangle from my lips, and reiterated my offer. When they said, “We aren’t fags!”, I pulled up my white blouse - I had left my bra in the car - so they could see my real tits.

That was all they needed. I took a deep drag and did a French inhale, and then turned to walk back to my SUV, telling them to follow me. But ummmm… they had other ideas…

Before I knew it, two strong marines had me down on a piece of cardboard under the overpass. I started to try to say something - “let’s go to my car” I think - but before I got the words out, the bigger vet had his strong hands on my neck. I was already in heaven. 😉

These two vets spit roasted me on that dirty cardboard where anyone could see if they wanted to for over an hour! They took turns slamfucking my tight pussy and abusing my throat as they squeezed my neck and pinched and twisted the hard nipples on my fat jiggly tits. I was in pure decadent ecstasy. They both gave me multiple loads in that time, deep in my cunt, blasted down my throat, all over my face and tits.

I think these two dirty homeless vets shot 3 loads in my unprotected cunt and 2 down my throat. I’m still wiped out and everything is still a little sore. 😉

I gathered my clothes and got up to leave. They asked my name; I told them It was Diana. They wanted more, so I gave them my full name - it’s only a matter of time before I make it fully legal anyway. As I walked away, one yelled - “Yo, Diana, don’t we owe you or sumthin, whore?”

I told them I went out to treat vets for Memorial Day, and if anything I owed THEM. I reached in my purse and immediately grabbed my plug and slipped it in my pussy - now capping off so much raw seed I could feel it inside me as I moved - and then walked back to my SUV. 

I told them I’ll see them again on Veterans Day, if I can make it that long. 😈💦💦💦

- Di ❤️


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