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Since OnlyFans and others such as Flirt4Free have come to the scene there has been an uptick in amature (not to mention very sexy) gay porn. My question for everyone here, if you were talking to someone on Grindr, A4A, Scruff, Manhunt, etc and he mentions he has an OF, F4F, etc account and is looking for guys to film with would you do it? This would assume that he accepts any and all precautions you may have (face covered/not shown, no names/fake names, etc). 

Note: I wasn't sure where to put this so I figured bb porn would fit, if it's in the wrong category, I apologize 

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Not exactly JFF/OF but In the age of (generic non-branded) video conferencing platforms anyone can put themselves out there to be watched or filmed. I love it, and get a real kick knowing guys are watching me getting fucked and bred. It isn’t for everyone and Ive found some tops are up for it, only to get stage fright when the cam is on. When it works it’s horny as fuck. I love reading the messages that come in through the chat box…usually telling me what a filthy whore I am .

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