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Momma's Boy Gets Impregnated by the Neighbors

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The PA is a nice touch.  I love a PA inside my cunt.  I have a buddy who comes to town on business from time to time.  He eats my ass until I'm completely blissed out, then shoves his big, fat cock with a big, heavy PA into me and fucks me senseless.  The best.

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One of my dreams is finally coming true. Chuck is fucking me. His fat and pierced daddy cock is pistoning in and out of my boipussy. The burning sensation is subsiding funally after what feels like an eternity.

"Goddamn, your pussy feels amazing. Looks like your pussy it's ready for my baby makers to knock you up. Nice and torn. A little bit of blood mixed in with those loads of cum. Dont worry, well have plenty of attempts to make sure it takes. Let daddy Chuck and Mike take care of you. Knock you up and turn you out." He starts fucking me harder and harder with full deep strokes. I feel the weight of his piercing hitting the walls of my bowels.

He flips me over and ties my hands together behind my legs with his belt. My ass is now in the air, legs being held up by my bound hands. He shows me his blood and cum covered cock. As he runs it all over my face then plunges it deep into my now gaping pussy.

"Don't worry, Jamie. We will fully convert you into the sluttiest cumdump you could have ever imagined being. All of our friends want to help convert you. Would you want that?"

I enthusiastically shake my head as he keeps fucking me.

"Would you deny any man the use of your pussy?"

Aggressively, I shake my head no.

"Would you refuse any load in your mouth or pussy?"

Again, I shake my head no.

"I'll test that loyalty soon."

He pushes my legs back further, nearly folding me in half and methodically pounding my hole with deep, hard, thrusts. His hands are around the base of my neck pulling me onto him as he thrusts. He pauses and then makes out with me for a moment. The burning cines back briefly but I'm too overwhelmed by everything else to pay it any attention. He turns me onto my side and starts pounding into my hole. Creating new sensations I've never dreamt of feeling. He begins to plow into me like a machine. Deep, high tempo, skin slapping skin. His sweat dripping onto my used body.
He rolls me onto my stomach as much as I can with how I'm bound. He pulls on my head with a handful of my hair. He roars loudly as he cums deep in me. The burning sensation is back again. He slowly slides his phallus in and out of my opening. I feel his cum spreading through my bowels as his cock continues to twitch. This causes my cock to erupt onto my sheets again.

"Mmm. How my times did you breed our new slut?" A new and familiar voice asks. I'm unable to turn my head to see who it is in my position.

"Just two so far. Where was everyone else?" Chuck replies.

"They were finishing up and about to leave. Kayla said to have fun when I started up the stairs." The new voice approaches as he continues. "Damn, frothy bloodied, and slightly gaping. That PA is gonna work charms on his conversion. Let's continue shall we?" I am pushe into the bed away from the two men.

I feel weight on the bed on either side of my hips as a warm hard cock slides up and down my crack. The head gains entry into into my opening. My pussy is stretched again. I moan in agony as I know my ring's limits are tested.

"Dont worry little Jamie, it'll only take you a few minutes for that head to fully enter your pussy. Daddy Mike has a comically thick mushroom." Chuck tells me as he kneels on my bed in front of my face. I stair at his cum and blood coated PA. I swear I see bits of flesh around the ball ends of his piercing.

"You ready for my viral load, Boi?" Mike asks.

Again all I can manage is to nod my head in excitement.

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Fuck, I just found this story and I can't stop reading and has me so hard..  The fact Mom is a slut and knows and wants the kid to be one is extremely hot.   Can't want for him to find out what the tats mean and what they mean by knocking him up.  I kinda envy him, I've only taken undetectable  loads so far.  That I know of.   

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