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On my way home one night, i had been jogging at the high school track to try and burn off stress and energy, i was driving slowly through my neighborhood in Philly with the windows down cooling off as i drove. 
I saw a sexy pair of legs in high heels attached to a fine looking ass. She was walking on one side of the street, strutting like the hookers on Broad street. I slowed down and drank in her sexy ebony body and she suddenly stumbled. I stopped my car. I dont know why i got out to see if she was ok, but i did. “Are you ok?” As i bent over her to help her up. She looked up at me with her pretty green eyes and smiled, “yes baby, im ok. Just a little buzzed from a party.” Let me help you up i said as i averted my eyes from hers, and as i grabbed her hands my eyes went to the top of her legs. She had perfect legs and as i helped her up her skirt jacked up even higher and i wasnt sure what i saw in a quick flash. “Whats your name sexy man?” She said. Bobby i said. “Can you give me a ride home? I thought i could walk home from the party but after that I shouldn’t.” Her eyes drank me in, her hands still held mine and as she teetered over me in her stilletos, her essence washed over me. Her breath smelled like booze and cigarettes and she was close enough to stick her tongue out and lick my forehead.  “I’d love to give you a ride, what your name baby?” Chen-Chen she said in a sexy kind of growl.   I walked her to the car, opened the door for her and before she got in she touched my cheek and said, “ i love sexy gentlemen who know how to treat a lady”. And she sat down and swung one leg at a time in the car, giving me a glimpse way up her thigh. I thought i saw a cock swing into my car before the second leg and as i shut the door her eyes met mine and then she saw that i was hard in my running shorts.

i got in, and asked her “where to baby?” Chen-Chen said she lived near the train station. So i put the car in gear as she leaned over and changed the radio to a jazz channel. She lit a cigarette and blew the smoke out of her nose as she scooted across the seat to put her hand on my hard on. “Ooooh Bobby baby what do you got for Chen-Chen?” She rubbed and i moved to give her more access. We stopped at a stop sign and she pulled my dick out and as she blew smoke out of her nose she kissed me. She smiled and said “drive honey”, then she dropped her head to my cock and started licking and sucking. She worked my cock and balls and at another stop sign she pulled my shorts off. I moaned loudly as she sucked my balls into her mouth and she squeezed my dick in her hand. She moaned back and said she loved sweaty balls and ass like mine. She dove deeper and lifted my ass off the seat ass her tongue dug into my ass. I moaned and writhed. I pulled over by the train station when she stuck a finger into my ass. She sensed we had stopped and looked up. She sat up and squeezed my hardon and told me where to go as she slowly jacked me. She directed me into an alley and we parked by a dumpster and a fence. I turned the car off and she pulled my head down to her lap and then i sucked that beautiful brown dick into my mouth. She leaned back against her door and put her legs on my shoulders and as she stroked my hair she encouraged and directed me as i devoured her cock and balls. She arched her back and her slick hole met my tongue. “Eat Me baby!, get my pussy ready for that big dick of yours”. Her hole was wet and smelled like cum, her cheeks were sticky and i was in heaven! I could hear her mumbling and mewing from between her thighs and then she pulled me up, turned around and said “FUCK ME BOBBY”!!!  She slammed back onto my cock and i fucked her as hard as i could. I grabbed her hips and pounded her hole for all i was worth. She moaned and moaned and bucked and squeezed and finally i burst and came with a primal yell! My dick was pumping on every heartbeat, my eyes saw stars, and i collapsed and her back in a sweaty grinding moaning being. Her ass was milking me and after what seemed like an hour my cock plopped out like a champagne cork. Chen-Chen leaned back and sat in my lap and reached an arm around and pulled me in for a kiss. My hands began to roam her body, i pinched her nipples and one hand stroked her wet sticky cock.  When she broke the kiss she purred, “Damn Bobby! I need some more of that!” I mumbled sure and she said let’s continue this at my place around the corner. As i pulled away and we headed in that direction she lit a cigarette and as i slowed under a streetlight she scooped some cum from under her package and raised her fingers to my mouth to lick….

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