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College kid gets an anonymous load in his ass

anonymous college parks tearoom
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Posted 26 August 2008 - 06:52 PM


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I'm a young guy looking for loads. Depending on my class schedule and a few other things, I try to make it over to the park as often as possible. And that's what I did a few days ago.

On Wednesday, between classes, I walked over to this park near the campus. It's a large park with bushes, trees, BBQ's and 2 bath houses -- one is located near the entrance and the other is down by the lake.

I checked out the bath house by the lake and there were a bunch of guys hanging around, feeling each other up. But the action was largely limited to jacking off and sucking.

That was fine, but I was looking for something more. I hung around for awhile hoping to find a guy with similar interests, but all those guys were doing was pretty basic stuff. So I decided to walk back up to the entrance to check out the toilet there.

When I got there I thought the place was deserted and was about to leave when this guy, about 25, wearing only a tee shirt and jeans, approached. As he passed by, his hand brushed my ass.

Could have been accidental, I thought. I didn't make a move. I was playing it safe just in case. There've been cops and bashings there, so I wanted to be sure this guy was legit before I did anything.

But then he walked back toward me and stopped close by and a little behind me. Again his hand touched my rear. Nothing accidental about that.

I didn't resist. He became bolder. Through my corduroys I felt his finger probing my crack. Before I knew it he had his hand down my pants, and his rough finger entered my hole. In broad daylight. Out there in the open. I was a cool day, and most of the straights had stayed home.

Without saying a word, he pulled his hand out of my waist band and walked into the men's room. I followed.

We ended up at the urinals. He unzipped and pulled out his dick. Though not hard, his growth got me aroused. Meekly I stood beside him, surveying his privates out of the corner of my eye.

After what seemed like an eternity, his beautiful stream of yellow piss began pounding the back of the urinal. I could hold back no longer and reached over and wrapped my fist around his dick. His flow stopped abruptly, as he turned, dick hanging out, and messaged me through my still zippered fly.

I bent over to take him in my mouth, sweet dewlets of piss still clinging to his dick hole. He reached down my back to grope my ass. One thing led to another and we got kind of close -- balls, tits, mouth to mouth, the whole bit. Before I knew it my pants were down around my ankles.

Again he started working my crack. This time only a thin layer of briefs separated his fingers from my ass. I felt his finger and cotton being pressed up my hole. I'd hoped something like this would happen, and that I'd get what I was looking for.

A second later my briefs were down around my knees. Whether he pulled them down or I had, I don't remember. I get very cooperative when it cums to certain activities. He spit on his fingers and applied his spit to my hole.

I pulled my bottle of poppers out of my jacket. I always carry the stuff. You never know when you're going to need it. And in times like this it cums in handy. It pays to be prepared.

I let out an sigh of relief as his dick made its first pass at my ass. I reached behind me to align his dick with my hole. But his first attempt at entry failed cause I'm so damn tight.

He bent over and spit directly on my hole. By then I was wanting it bad and took several more hits of the poppers.

On the next try his dick slid in me. It felt so good! That was what I needed. A dick up my ass.

I felt his dick stretch my mancunt and felt him start to thrust back and forth inside me. This is what I live for, I thought.

I just wanted a load deep inside me. Pure white mancum, his seed, anyone's seed, deep inside me. Too quickly for my taste, but probably about 10 minutes later, he began moaning and pounding me harder. And shot.

When he pulled out I realized how sore my ass had become from having been had with only a bit of spit as lubricant. His dick, while not excessively long, was thick.

As we pulled our pants up, more to make small talk than anything, I spoke for the first time. I asked if he had cum. Of course I knew he had. But that's really important to me. To make sure I walk away with a load deep inside. He said "Yeah, you got a 7 day load in your gut."

As I walked back to the campus, and for the rest of the afternoon, I could feel his jizz dripping out of me, soiling my briefs. Must have been quite a load.

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