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Tyler's Summer Job

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My name is Tyler. I'm am a 20 year old gay college kid. Since I don't have a lot of money, I'm home for the summer in Texas. Not only do I not have to pay rent, but my uncle runs a construction business and as a favor to my dad, he's letting me work there to earn some cash. 

The problem is, I'm not exactly that useful on a construction site. I'm skinny and can barely lift a hammer. It's also hot as hell and I can't stand to be outside very long at a time. I don't exactly look the part of a construction worker either. I'm short, dirty blonde hair, diamond studs in my ears, and two  chains around my neck. My clothes are tight and leave little to the imagination.

But since my uncle promised me a job, he finds something for me to do: support the workers. You see, he hires a lot of these big, strong Mexican guys to come over the border for a few months. He says they're the best workers and they never complain about the heat. He pays them well and they stay in motels while the construction projects are going on.

My uncle told me that my job is to help these guys out. If they ask for something, I give it to them. This is a challenge because many of them don't speak English, but we find ways to communicate for things like food, water,  etc.

While the job is going okay, it's not that exciting. I spend a lot of my time in the air conditioned trailer while these guys work their asses off in the summer Texas heat.

After a couple of weeks, it seems like the guys are starting to get depressed. They are still working hard but something is wrong. My uncle notices too and instructs me to fix the problem. After all, keeping them happy is my job.

I notice Luis, one of the guys who speaks English decently, sitting alone in the trailer on a break. So I join him and start a conversation. It takes some prying, but I get him to admit what is bothering the guys: they are lonely. They're here working long days and not seeing their girlfriends and wives. 

But missing their faces isn't the real issue. When I suggest FaceTiming their women every day, Luis says that wouldn't solve the problem. Bottom line: these men are horny. They haven't had any sex since crossing the border, unless you count their hands.

Hmm. This challenge will be harder than finding them food and drinks. What am I supposed to do? Hire some hookers? That would be expensive and illegal. If only they were gay, I'd help them out myself. I have a thing for the strong masculine type. 

I text my college friend Hector about the problem. He's gay like me but also Hispanic. After beating around the bush, he comes out and says it: I should let them use me. Hector knows I'm always horny for cock, so why not? 

Hector tells me something I didn't know: in Mexican culture, it's not considered gay to fuck or be sucked by a man. Only the man taking the cock is considered gay.

Luis is still breaking alone in the trailer. It's time to test what Hector told me. I get down on my knees and climb under the table Luis is sitting at. He hasn't noticed because he is scrolling through his phone.

He nearly jumps out of his seat when my hands begin to massage his crotch. He quickly looks down and smiles with approval.

It takes mere seconds for his cock to grow rock hard. I am afraid his jeans are going to burst open. I gently unbutton and unzip his jeans. I am shocked when his massive meat springs out. No underwear! 

I put my face near his crotch and soak it all in. His cock is big and thick, attached to two meaty balls that are surely full of cum. He smells like a combination of testosterone and sweat.

Luis' hands reach under the table. One grabs his meat and the other pushes the back of my head toward it. I know what to do.

Since he only has a few minutes left in his break, there is no time to waste. I put my mouth around his cock head and begin sucking him down, inch by inch. He moans and says some things under his breath. I can't make it all out, but I hear "white whore" at some point. 

I bob my head up and down as his breathing and moaning pick up. He pushes my head all the way down on his cock. Then he lets out a roar as his cum begins splashing the back of my throat. I swallow every drop and continued to suck him until he goes soft and removes his hand from my head. 

He fastens his jeans, stands up, nods, and heads out the door. I smile and climb back to my feet. 

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Part 2

It's noon, and I have the men's lunch order ready for them on the big table, just like every day. This is their hour to cool off in the trailer and get away from work.

The door opens and here they come. All eight of the sweaty Mexican men. Some are older, some are younger. All are in good shape and much bigger than me. 

For some reason, they're not making eye contact with me. Then Luis comes in, closes the trailer door, and locks it. That's a first.

"Luis, what's going on? Don't they want to eat lunch?" I ask, afraid I've upset them.

"No, they want you. I told them you were a white whore and what you did." Luis says.

"My job is to make you guys happy. I'm here for you," I respond.

Luis then says something in Spanish and the men jump into action. A couple of them approach me while the others start removing the food wrappers from the table.

The two who come over to me smile. They grab at my clothing and start taking it off. First my tight tank top. Then they pull off my sandals. Now they grab my shorts and yank them straight down and off, exposing my pink jock strap. I always wear a jock because it feels natural and I want to be ready in case a situation arises for action.

The men are talking about me in Spanish. I don't know what they're saying but I can tell it's about me.

Then the two men who undressed me lift me up. My scrawny frame is no challenge for them. They carry me over to the now bare table and lay me down on it.

I notice that while I was being undressed, some of the other men were taking off their clothes too. Just seconds after I feel the cold tabletop on my back, I am surrounded by cocks. Some are large, some are thick, some are both. They all have one thing in common: they're attached to balls that are loaded with cum. These men need relief and Luis told them I was going to give it to them.

"Get to work." Luis shouts from across the room. I open my mouth wide and a man shoves his meat right in. There's no easing in. No foreplay. I almost gag at first but I'm distracted as two men grab my hands and wrap them around their cocks. I start to jerk them off and their cocks grow in my hands.

If that isn't enough excitement, I feel more hands feeling my ass. It doesn't take long before a big Mexican finger is penetrating my hole. I moan around the massive cock lodged deep in my throat. 

Now I have two fingers in my ass, then three. They waste no time preparing me for their cocks.

My attention goes from my ass to my mouth as the man lets out a moan and blows his massive load down my throat. I don't even taste it because it's straight down into my stomach.

He then pulls out of my mouth and it only takes seconds for another cock to replace it. This one tastes like sour sweat. He wants to fuck my face and I let him.

Then I feel a hot splash on my chest. One of the guys I was jerking off blew his load all over me. The men prepping my hole reach up and scoop the cum off my chest, using it to now lube my hole and I assume their cocks. 

As I continue to get face fucked and jerk off more cocks, I feel my legs raise up in the air. Then I can feel the heat and pressure of a large cockhead at my hole.

I can't help but gasp as the cock enters me with force. These men know what they're doing. I get distracted again as the man fucking my face starts to shoot his load in my mouth. I can taste this one before I swallow it. Just in time for another cock to take its place in my mouth. 

As another hand job recipient shoots his seed on my body, the cock in my ass bottoms out. I can feel his big meaty nutsack against my smooth boy skin. He's pumping away at my hole like it's the last one he'll ever fuck. I realize there is a line behind him waiting for their turns so he needs to hurry.

As I continue to suck and jerk off cocks, I feel the big one inside me pulse and shutter. The man empties his load deep inside me and is rushed off by the others. Before I can relax my ass, another big Mexican cock slides right inside. This one is much less painful but just as big, if not larger.

As another man shoots his load in my throat and pulls away, another cock replaces it. But this man looks familiar. He's the one who fucked my ass first. He's ready to be cleaned off, so that's  what I do. I can taste the combination of his seed and my ass. Mmmm.

Soon, another load is dumped in my guts and that man pulls out. I am losing count of how many loads I've taken. Then I hear a familiar voice yell, "Stop!"

It's Luis. He approaches the table and smiles. "My turn," is all he says.

Some of the men help me sit up and reposition me so my stomach is down on the now cum-drenched table and  my ass hangs in the air.

In this new position, I'm surprised to see  the other men are pulling their pants back up and grabbing their lunch. This will be their entertainment. A couple even grab their phones and are clearly filming me.

I know from earlier that Luis has a massive cock. He's got to have the biggest one here, which explains why he's basically in charge.

With no need for lube, Luis lines his cockhead with my hole, then grabs my hips. He swiftly yanks my hips and drives his monster cock inside me. I can't help but let out a squeal. The men cheer as I do. I've never felt this full of cock in my life.

Luis stars pumping away at my ass. He's calling me a white whore and then all the men start to cheer it. "White whore! White whore!"

I try to take it all in but my main concern is not breaking in half. It seems like he will never finish. This isn't just him fucking me for pleasure. He's showing his dominance to the others and they are loving it.

Finally, Luis grabs my hips again and pulls me in as far as I can go. My cock is clearly in my guts at this point. Then he lets out an animal like growl and shoots his load inside me. I can actually feel the sperm filling my insides. 

He leans forward and lays on top of me with his cock still plugged in my hole. He holds up my head and places his on top. He says something in Spanish and one of the guys comes close to takes a photo with his phone. 

"Smile!" is all Luis says to me. I do as I'm told and pose like an animal that's been hunted.

Luis pulls out of me and a gush of cum seeps out of my hole and onto the table. He grabs my head and moves it down to the table, my face eye to eye with the cum pile. I lap up the pile of jizz like a dog and the men cheer again.

The lunch hour is almost over, so the men finish their meals and head back outside. I'm left with a sore mouth, sore ass, and lots of cleaning to do.

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Part 3

I am exhausted when I finally return home after work. I manage a quick shower and jerk myself off before falling asleep.

The next morning I awake to my phone buzzing. Shit, did I oversleep? No, it's Saturday. So why is my uncle texting me? His message says he wants to meet for lunch and talk about how the job is going. I'm just glad he doesn't want to have breakfast.

I lay in bed and replay yesterday in my head. I can't help but rub one out. This is the bed that I masturbated in thousands of times as a teenager. The bed where I first started putting things in my hole. Where I first watched porn. Now look where I am.

I arrive at my uncle's favorite diner and find him waving from a corner booth. We quickly order and get down to business.  

"So it seems like you've figured out what was bothering the guys. They were in great spirits yesterday afternoon," he says.

"Uh...yeah I guess so." I respond, not sure where this is headed.

"Tyler, I have to show you something," my uncle says as he slides his phone across the table. I pick it up and can't believe my eyes. There on his phone is video of me getting gangbanged on the table by eight Mexican studs.

"Uh, how did you? I can explain..." I said in panic.

"No need to explain, Tyler. You were just doing your job. I told you to do anything to keep them happy and you did just that. Apparently you didn't notice the security camera on the ceiling when you were laying on your back," he says with a chuckle.

"I was a bit distracted. Wait, so you're not mad?"

"Hell no! You are just what those men need. Look, I knew you were a homo. I don't care, more chicks for me that way.   You finally found a way to use your skills on the job site."

"Hehe, I guess so. Well, I promise it won't happen again."

"The hell it won't! You've gotta give your body up to these horny men every work day now. I know I'm asking a lot more work from you, so I'm increasing your pay by 50%. These guys are motivated and are working harder and faster than I've ever seen. So in a way, you're saving me money," my uncle says.

"Are you gonna tell my parents about this?" I ask worriedly.

"I won't tell anyone. Though the videos and pictures those guys took of you could get around, but not by me."

"Oh, you saw that part too huh?"

"Yep, I couldn't look away." my uncle responds. "They really don't care that you're a boy. They use you just like a girl."

As we eat our meal, he rambles on about business. I'm shocked that he's fine with all of this. When we finish up and it's time to pay, he pulls two credit cards out of his wallet.

"Here, this is your new expense card. Go buy what you need to keep these men happy."

"Like, what do you mean?" I ask.

"You know, sex stuff. Whatever they're into. Oh, and don't worry, I'm having a small bed installed in the trailer so you don't have to spend all your time on the table." 

"Thanks," I say as I take the credit card from him. This is one of the oddest conversations I've ever had, but also one of the most exciting.

We leave the cafe and go our separate ways. Not sure what to buy, I text my friend Hector again. After all, he's the one who got me into all this.

Hector is so jealous when he hears my job is to be a fuckboy for Mexican men. He recommends sexy underwear, skimpy outfits, lots of lube, poppers (especially for me to keep up), and something I never considered: a chastity cage. I told him how horny I've been by all this and how I can't stop jerking myself off. He says if I'm going to handle eight men a day, I need to be at full hornyness and not pleasure myself. Plus it will show dedication to the men.

Hector also recommends coming up with a schedule so the men don't have to all use me at lunch. This will give them more time to fuck and me more time to recover in between. I draft up a schedule on my phone. All eight men will get a 15 minute break with me each day. Four per day will get to fuck my ass and the other four will get blowjobs. Then it will rotate the other days. 

I spend the rest of the weekend shopping and resting. The real challenge starts on Monday and I can't wait.

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Part 4

My alarm goes off bright and early Monday. I've never been so excited for the weekend to end. I hop in the shower and scrub down with some girly soap that Hector recommended, then do a thorough cleaning of my hole. 

Once I'm out and dry, I attach my chastity cage. I got a pink one so it will remind the men of a clit. Next, I put on fresh panties and one of my new outfits that screams slut. 

When I arrive at the trailer, I'm happy to see a small bed in the corner, as my uncle promised. I start to lay out the supplies on the table when I hear the door open. It's Luis and he looks pleased.

I share the rotation plan with Luis and he is fine with it. But he demands that his shift be over lunchtime every day. I'm guessing that's so he can have more time with me. Good thing there's a privacy curtain to divide the bed and the eating area.

As Luis compliments my outfit, I lower my skirt to show him the panties underneath. "You got a boner?" he asks, pointing at the hard intrusion underneath.

"No...we'll kinda, but look," I say as I drop the panties to reveal my locked away boy cock.

"Fuck yes, White Whore!" Luis exclaims. I'm not even sure if he remembers my name at this point, and I don't care. "Where is they key?"

"Oh, it's in my pocket. But don't worry, I won't..."

"Give it to me," Luis says. I obey and hand it to him. He removes the gold chain from around his neck, threads it through the key ring, and puts it back on. "You belong to me now," Luis says with a smirk.

As hot as this is, I'm not sure how long I can go without cumming. I planned to be locked up at work, then go home and release my sexual feelings. But I'm not about to argue with the king of Mexican cock.

"See you at lunch time. And be ready!" Luis says as he heads out the trailer door. 

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Part 5

My first appointment arrives at 8:30. It's one of the younger guys and he says nothing. He drops his pants and sits on the bed. Then he starts playing straight porn loudly on his phone. I know what to do. I put his cock in my mouth. I suck it, lick it, swallow it, anything I can think of to get him off. After a few minutes, his breathing picks up and he lets out a big sigh. A nice warm load to cum fills my mouth. Seeing that doesn't want to acknowledge me, I take my time slowly swallowing it down. It's a tasty load and I didn't eat breakfast this morning.

At 9:30, my first fuck of the day arrives. He's an older guy, maybe the oldest here. What he does shocks me: he kisses me. Hard and deep. None of these men have even acknowledged my mouth other than it being a cum receptacle. Then he slowly removes my clothes and lays me on the bed, just my frail pale skin and a locked away dick. He fingers my nipples, then sucks on them like they're tits. It feels amazing. 

He works his way down my body, kissing every part. He even kisses the head of my penis through the cage. Then he lifts up my legs and dives his big hot tongue in my pussy. Fuck! I did not expect any of this at all. 

Once I'm well lubed with saliva and moaning like the whore I am, he inserts his cock. He fucks me missionary style and stares deep into my eyes. He keeps calling me Maria, maybe that's his wife's name? Finally, his whole body shakes as his cock erupts inside me. He collapses on top of me and kisses me again, the taste of my pussy on his lips and tongue. I wish this never had to end, but his break is over.

By 10:30, I am recovered and ready for more. The next man is no lover. He wants to fuck my mouth, and that he does. I choke down his cock as his big hairy nutsack slaps against my face. He cums violently down my throat and it's hard not to choke, but I manage. Good thing I've practiced so much on black football players back on campus.

I get a break from the fun part of my job to set up for lunch. I know Luis has plans for me, so I need everything ready early. When the clock strikes noon, the door opens and eight sweaty Mexican men pile in the trailer. Some look at me and others don't. They make their way to the table to eat. 

Luis is last in the room. When he approaches me I ask, "Do you want to eat or fuck first?"

He gives me an evil grin and says, "Both." He pulls out a chair, drops his pants, and sits down. Then he grabs a sandwich from the table and starts to unwrap it. "Get to work," he says.

"Right here? We have a bed now. Maybe we should..."

Luis lifts up his gold chain and jingles the chastity key as the room starts to fill with laughter.

"Yes sir," I say as I approach his chair. 

"Fuck yourself," is all Luis says. I take it from there.

I drop my skirt and panties and face away from Luis, so all the men can watch as they eat. How I wish I had those poppers that are sitting by the bed right now. Thankfully I'm opened and lubed from the lovemaking session earlier. 

I start to lower my ass onto Luis' cock, which is standing straight in the air. I grab his cock and direct its head into my opening, my hands not able to wrap all the way around it. I start to lower myself into it and wince in pain as his head enters my hole. The men are loving it. Chants of "white whore" start up again, which motivates me to keep going. And of course some are filming it.

As Luis eats his lunch, I work my way down until I'm fully impaled on his cock. It feels amazing yet painful. I can feel him poking my guts. I pause to let my hole get used to the feeling, but Luis' deep voice quickly reminds me, "Fuck yourself, boy!"

With that instruction, I begin bouncing up and down on his cock. It feels amazing, like I'm being probed by a Mexican god. Every time I'm all the way down, I feel the heat of his enormous balls, full of seed. In this moment, I wonder if Luis has any children and think of how jealous I am of any women he's knocked up.

I continue to fuck myself and Luis shows no sign of cumming. The men continue to eat their lunches, stare at me, and shout things to each other in Spanish. Fuck, this feels so good. Then, it happens.

Out of nowhere, I have the most intense orgasm of my life. I moan like the whore I am as boy cream erupts from the piss hole in my chastity cage. I've never cum without touching myself and am shocked this is happening.

This only makes the men laugh and cheer harder. As exhausted and euphoric as I feel, I know I can't stop until Luis breeds me. I keep pounding my hole over his cock until I finally hear that familiar growl and he starts to erupt inside me. 

He taps me to indicate he's finished and I slowly stand up and remove his massive tool from my stretched hole. Luis then commands me to "clean up the mess you made." I get down on the floor and lick up the pile of my own boycum. As I do so, my open and cum filled hole is on display for the men to enjoy. 

I feel humiliated. I feel used. But I feel right. I have the best job in the fucking world.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Part 6

The next few weeks fly by. My life consists of serving eight Mexican men with my mouth and pussy. Some fuck me like I'm a piece of meat. Some love me like I'm their spouse.

Of course, Luis has to put on a show every day at lunch. I don't know which he enjoys more: using me or being a godlike figure to his fellow men. He always comes up with a new way to show off. Sometimes it's sitting his bare sweaty ass on my face for an hour while I lay on the lunch table and eat him. Other times it's fucking me in positions I've only seen pornstars do.

This summer has been incredible and I don't want it to end. I've been so busy inside the trailer that I failed to notice the construction project is wrapping up.

One night, I get a text from my uncle. "Jordan, I can't thank you enough for your hard work. Thanks to you, the men worked extra hard and finished the project! Take the last couple weeks off to rest before you head back to school. I'm sure you need it!"

It takes me a moment to process what this means. It's over. My days as the White Whore are done, just like that. But wait a minute, I'm still locked in chastity! Luis has the key around his neck. Fuck!

I frantically text my uncle back and ask him for Luis' phone number. Thankfully, he provides it. Hopefully Luis isn't back in Mexico already fucking his wife while my chastity key dangles from his neck.

It feels like he will never respond. I start to Google ways to remove a chastity cage when his reply comes in.

"I didn't forget about you, WW. I'm leaving town tonight. I'll swing by and give it to you, what's your address?"

I text him my address and breathe a sigh of relief. I won't have to take a hacksaw to my crotch after all.

Later, I get a text from Luis that he is on the way. Thankfully, my parents are away for the weekend. I don't need them meeting the man whose been fucking me all summer.

The doorbell rings. I open the door and there he is, that amazing dark skinned god who towers over me. He's not covered in sweat or wearing work clothes today. He's well dressed and clean shaven.

"Thank you for swinging by, Luis. It looks like you're in a hurry so we can make this quick," I say.

"Ah, ah. I'm still calling the shots here, White Whore," he says with that devilish smile I've grown accustomed to. "You want this key, you gotta earn it."

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Part 7 

I say, "Follow me," and led Luis through the house to my bedroom. It wasn't until I turned around at my door that I noticed he wasn't alone. Standing behind Luis was a beautiful Mexican boy, about my age. But was no lightweight like me. He was tall and built of muscle. He looked a little nervous but also excited.

"That's Junior, my son. It's his birthday and we're celebrating before we head back to Mexico." Luis says.

"Oh, well he can wait in the living room while we do things," I say.

"The hell he will. I've told him about you. You're his birthday gift." Luis says. I now see that same familiar evil grin on his and his son's face.

We go into my bedroom, the place where I grew up, where my walls are still decorated with teen boy obsessions. Luis instructs me to strip. He says something to Junior in Spanish and he takes his clothes off as well. 

"You want your key back? Worship my son." Luis commands as he sits down in a chair at the side of the bed.

I waste no time getting to work on this beautiful man. He may be my age or even younger, but he is more of a man than I will ever be. First, I use my mouth and lick his body. I start with his neck and move down his dark and smooth skin. I kiss and suck on his hard nipples, which makes him erupt in moans. I continue down his body, feeling his manly chest and kissing each ab.

Now I'm on my knees and face to face with Junior's amazing cock and balls. He certainly has his father's cock. The smell of pure man drives me wild as I begin to suck down his meat. He moans more. Luis instructs him in Spanish and he gets more aggressive, placing his hands on my head and starting to fuck my face. His balls are slapping against my mouth as I swallow his cock down my throat. As he lets me come up for air, he leaks precum into my mouth. It tastes as amazing as he looks.

Next, I focus on his balls, first taking each into my mouth, then both at once. He continues to moan and his body shakes. 

His father again says something in Spanish. Following orders, Junior turns around, leans on the bed, and sticks out his ass. I know what to do. I dive in mount first. His hole tastes amazing. I wonder if any Spanish bitches have ever eaten his ass like I am. I use my hand to jerk his cock while I continue to explore his hole with my tongue.

Finally, Luis gives another command. This time it's in English and it's to me. "Stand up!" he orders. I remove my mouth from his boy's behind and stand up to face him. He's holding a roll of duct tape and has that look on his face again. 

Soon, my arms are behind my back and my wrists are taped together like I'm in handcuffs. Then Luis takes a large piece of tape and places it right over my mouth. 

Next, it's time for Junior to penetrate me. There's no lube, no spit, nothing. I'm just layer down on my back on the bed with my legs spread. Junior lines his cock up with my hole and starts pushing it in. I can tell by his facial expressions that it feels good. After a summer of taking Mexican cocks every day, it's good to know I'm still tight enough to please.

Junior bottoms out as his big nuts rest against my ass. He waste no time and starts pumping away at my pussy. I can tell he loves it. I moan under the duct tape to encourage him to pump away. After a few minutes of fucking, I can tell Junior is close to cumming. Apparently his dad is also aware because he says something in Spanish. With a reluctant look on his face, Junior pulls out of me.

Soon Luis is instructing me to stand up, which is not easy with my arms taped behind my back. Junior helps me up to my feet as Luis strips down and takes my place lying on the bed. His cock is already rock hard and standing straight up. "Get on," he commands me.

Junior helps me back onto the bed and I'm lays on top of Luis, facing toward the ceiling. Before long, Luis is shoving his cock into my hole with no mercy. I'm use to his roughness and size by now but it's still a bit jarring. His cock works its way into my familiar guts as I begin to bounce on it like it's a pogo stick. Fuck, I'm going to miss my Mexican God's cock after tonight!

Junior stands near the bed and watches as his father fucks me deeply. He seems fascinated and can't help but jerk himself.

After a few minutes, Luis tells me to stop bouncing. He then looks at his son and says, "He's ready." Junior makes his way to the edge of the bed as I realize their plan. I've taken a lot of cock this summer but never two at once. I've never been double penetrated and I don't want to be for fear of how much it will hurt.

I begin to squirm and attempt to yell from behind the duct tape. Luis is too strong for me. He just holds me tighter and Junior lines up his cock next to his father's and begins to insert. It doesn't go in easy but they are determined to make it happen. I scream as both cocks impale me. I think I'm going to pass out from the pain, but after a minute it gets better. I've never felt so full. But also like I could literally split in half.

Now both father and son's cocks are fucking me. It feels like the dicks are fighting for control of my insides. Who will break me? Who will impregnate me?

After a few minutes, Junior starts to make those indications again that he's going to cum. He holds off until his father says, "Now!" At that moment, they both orgasm inside of me, their bodies shaking and moaning as I can feel jets of semen shooting deep into my guts. They continue to pump away as their orgasms subside.


The next thing I know, I wake up in my bed alone. My ass is on fire. I'm naked. It takes me a minute to remember what has happened. The tape is gone from my hands and mouth, though they're still sticky from the residue.

I gently stand up and walk to the mirror. I look rough as hell. But fuck was it worth it. Then I notice something: Luis' chain is hanging around my neck with the key attached. I guess I earned it after last night. Now I can wear his chain every day to remind me of him and motivate me to be the White Whore he turned me into.

With all the money I made this summer, I'm thinking a spring break trip to Mexico may be in order. 

I grab my phone and text my uncle: "I'll be back next summer."




(please let me know what you thought of the story by commenting below)

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