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  1. London . want your cum, mate.

  2. According to the website: "Agelimit during the summer to 35 and under; after Summer the age limit is 42" Apparently voted No.1 in France....by whom?
  3. Love having my nipples played with real hard...seems to be a direct connection to my dick....harder the better....
  4. Top4CumSwop


    Hi mate, yes....it is a men only hotel.... Tried to message you but says your inbox is full....
  5. Top4CumSwop


    Stayed there a couple of years ago...after a night out...walked naked round the place in the dark...got fucked & loaded and returned the favour a few times in the corridor and various rooms...def suggest staying there again...
  6. Top4CumSwop


    Def stay at the ANCO HOTEL. When are you going? I was planning a trip there as well....
  7. I'd love to get pozbred by u when u come back to San Diego in 2014.

  8. The saunas don't show bb DVDs. The HOIST plays bb DVDs for their SBN nights (SBN=Stark Bollock Naked) so boots only. Lots of bb happens at saunas if the crowd is up off it....
  9. Most places sell them...in London just about all saunas sell them with the exception of a chariots in Liverpool street. Any of the gay shops in Soho will sell them openly at gage cash register...
  10. Anyone go last night to CumUnion London? How was it?
  11. LoL..."clean"....yes I shower twice a day....and after each fuck in the sauna....lol
  12. my kind of pig.. that hole needs some raw fucking

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