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  1. Thanks for following. Hit me up on bbrt. Would love to get piggy some day. 

  2. Love to play, but C19 has really shutdown the opportunities.

  3. Yeah boy, what u need i,will,doreceived_694362724827542.thumb.jpeg.25c045924507baa17c4518aa7f2af105.jpegFB_IMG_1600771879957.jpg.197efe8c7e5719a10ff8745a5c70a6dc.jpg

    1. Bicycledude


      Yeah, fuck me, sexy😈🐷💦

  4. Love poz guys not on meds!

  5. I've tried it here in NY. Used it for a night (barely). And deleted it in under a week. It's a different interface from the more popular chat apps. I didn't get much opportunity to see if that is a good or bad thing because of Thea app's biggest issue: very few other users to interact with. Maybe you'll have better luck in GA?
  6. Hotel cumdump hosting today. Send me a message for details.
  7. I feel your pain, man. On the up side I've been moving into Vers mode lately
  8. Thanks for following me!


  9. Name: cunt, pussy, fag Cell number (for texts) : 914.487.3076 Location: NYC, Manhattan, 10001 Times you're generally not available: week days during the day. Age: 34 Height: 5’7” Weight: 169 Ethnicity: White
  10. Thanks for the follow!

    1. RawFuckHoleNYC


      Right back at ya, pig!

  11. Thank you for the follow. 

    1. RawFuckHoleNYC


      Right back at ya, bud.

  12. Thanks for the follow!!

    1. RawFuckHoleNYC


      You too, pig! Nice hole ya got there

    2. jimazoid04


      thanks man! Oink

  13. @1stimebare [think before following links] https://www.lucasentertainment.com/scenes/play/andre-donovan-pounds-alexander-volkovs-rock-hard-ass
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