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    BB mates uk....newly Poz, looking to breed

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  1. dirtyjester

    Telegram usernames

    Any uk guys use Telegram ? my username is JayJayUK
  2. dirtyjester


    I’ll breed you, hvl here
  3. I’ll breed your ass, hvl here

  4. HVL here if you want it

    1. Bbbottomchaserslut


      For sure fella. Would love you to be the one to poz me. When are you next up in Yorkshire way?

  5. dirtyjester

    neg in london

    Sure I could help you out
  6. SE London and neg here, looking to be bred!

  7. dirtyjester

    Vault tomorrow

    I’ll be there Monday evening for the stripped session..
  8. hi dirtyjester want your toxic juice in me I'm in London 

  9. Hi fella, you said to message you! ;-)

  10. Vault is ways good for BB
  11. dirtyjester


    Tell me more...
  12. dirtyjester

    BBBH UK Kik group

    Really want to join this group...let me in haha
  13. dirtyjester

    Vault meets

    Going to be at the Vault from 6 on Tuesday, looking for hot younger guys to breed....anyone going to be there ?

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