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  1. Met a sexy spaniard at his hotel and we end up having a very hot fuck session. At the end of it i had 3 big loads in my ass. I got in a taxi to go home and started feeling some of cum dripping out while sat down. Soon my pants were getting soakee and i could smell the cum. Had to lean on one side so i didnt leave a stain, driver asked me if something was wrong and just made a bad excuse (think he figured it out). It was a quick walk to my place to make sure neighbours didnt see my wet backside.... it was so hot
  2. Hey. Can anyone advise which is best clothing optional resort at ft lauderdale for bb fun. Also best times to visit, planning a exxcape long weekend
  3. I was 35 when i started doing anon. One night was out and got bit drunk, ditched friends at bar and went to local sauna. Got a cubicule and decided to wait there with my ass up. Soon someone was touching my ass and door locked. Hand was replaced with a hard cock and with a push he was balls deep. Told me not to look back or raise my head. 5 minutes of hard fucking and he delivered a big load very deep. Stranger said thanks and left quickly. Soon i was raising ass up again for next guy.
  4. Hey. Which hotel is recommended in toronto dt for getting easy access for anon loading. Planning a weekend soon
  5. +500 since started bb. After that first intense breed (hung daddy bends me over, spits, fucks hard and bred me deep) always looking for more
  6. I am planning a long weekend in nyc mid feb. Which area is best to stay for hot anon breeding hookupa, i find guys moan about distance so trying to stay central.
  7. Getting a top to drop another load after cumming always turns me on a lot. One time this german too kept fucking me and loading me 7 more times, it was so hot. Whats the maximum u got from a guy in one session?
  8. New slutty bottom in town. Hot to meet horny guys in city for horny fun
  9. Hi Hungry ... thanks for the follow m8. Have a great weekend xx:*:2thumbs::drool:xx

  10. For me was one time at the nudist beach in ibiza.... was followed by a hot irish guy into woods and he slipped bare inside my ass. Soon 4 guys were around watching the show, all of them took turns inside my ass also bare. They started cumming while watching but for the last guy i kept ridding hard until he said he was going to shoot, i pushed hard and let him breed me deep.
  11. In HK for long weekend and looking for fun.... get in touch
  12. Hey... would be good to meet for some fun when you over here
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