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    Whoring out sluts, gangbreeding, piss, love group sex and love o suck a used cunt clean.
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    My Rules for a fuck:
    I ONLY top
    I ONLY bareback
    I ONLY fuck sloppy creampies!
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    None, love to film though
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    Bareback Only Bttm Slut, cheating bf

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  1. Love the profile you nasty bastard. I will be a nasty sissy whore for you to fuck. If you need my hole spunk filled before you spunk inside me invite a friend. X trixie

  2. Hiya .. thanks for the rep! xx:*:2thumbs:xx

    1. mmason3


      All good stuff there! x

  3. I feel the need - the need to breed!


  4. mmm love to feel you slide up my seeded hole xxx

    1. mmason3


      Not as much as I want you in those boots and to be sliding up your seeded hole after some anon guys I bet! x

    2. angel-xxx


      That sounds just like my sort of thing. I do love to be creamed xxx

    3. angel-xxx


      The more the better ............

  5. Would make one hot hubby :-)

  6. I fucking love this! I have three rules: I only top, Only Raw, and only after someone else has dumped a fresh load in there
  7. I've not been, but was thinking of taking a female fuck buddy, she only takes it raw
  8. This would be prefect, and i'd mach the other loads one for one!
  9. Interesting thoughts, and the landline story smells of bullshit! Lol On a serious note, the BFPO postmark is your certificate of authenticity hence only be able to offer to Brits. Still, I think it would be a nice and different idea!
  10. Hi guys, I'm a Brit serving in Afghanistan. A lot of the guys do charity efforts for stuff like help for heroes and wounded warrior projects. Stuff like rowing the distance between here and home and cash collections and the like. I was thinking about making a positive out of not having any sluts to use by selling my spunk by post in aid of charity. It'll have the military postmark on the envelope as the sign of an authentic product and be contained in a zip-loc type bag. I have two questions. Would cum survive the long journey by post. Would any of you guys be interested in getting army spunk by mail? I imagine using it as a novelty lube! How much would people think is good to donate for charity? Any thoughts really appreciated!
  11. My ideal relationship would be with a slutty bottom. i'm away a lot with work, so he'd be going out and constantly cheating getting cock or having random guys come round our house and loading him up. I pay the bills, he's just a slutty housewife. i'll only fuck him if he's dipping with cum. i'll ban him from using condoms but he'll not mind that anyway. When I come home from being away for 3 months with work, there'll be some guy climbing off him for me to get straight on!
  12. /There's a sauna where women love to be fucked? Where?

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