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    Looking for guys who enjoy raw fun with off meds top (vers with right scene/person). Your status is not important to me but it should be known that if I'm shooting my load, it's going in you.
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Versatile Top
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    Off meds since 11-2015. Single with little desire to change that.
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    I watch a lot of porn, does that count?
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    Random hookups, but only due to simplicity. I find arranging something is almost certainly always more work than it needs to be, and results in a lackluster scene if anything actually does develop. Incredibly open minded when it comes to play and fetishes. If it doesn't involve women (or femininity), children or blood it's a pretty good guarantee I've done it, want to do it, or willing to strongly consider doing it.

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  1. Doublelist is the new CL personals
  2. Unless it's extremely strong morning or chem piss, it's likely safe to drink. The actual usable liquid (water) in piss will be slightly less than the total quantity since your body will filter out a lot of the waste from the piss, there is still plenty of water for your body to absorb. You will certainly need food, but for hydration, piss should be perfectly fine for that. On the rare opportunities that I've had to serve as a urinal in the past, I do know I pissed a lot more frequently and never felt "dehydrated". If anything, I felt bloated by the large quantities of liquid. Similar to how I get when I drink iced tea on a hot day like it's going out of style.
  3. There is another CL style site called doublelist. Also sniffies seems to be gaining a little traction locally.
  4. very hoy if you have adam im cumandbare there or email bareboypr@gmail.com

  5. How did your weekend go? I'm headed there next weekend and also staying at the Days. Aside from the incredible sleaze factor the motel oozes it's also a great value. Any suggestions you might have to increase my chances of a successful trip would be welcome as well.
  6. Heading to Vegas on Sunday the 10th and staying until early afternoon on the 12th. Looking for locals and visitors looking to dump a load. All loads accepted. Staying at Days Inn behind NYNY. I will message with room number when I check in. Anon preferred and will bring blindfold to use if requested.
  7. Thank you so much for the time you spent fixing chat! It's working on my end again. I think I speak for everyone when I say "Give that man a beer and a blowjob!"
  8. We all feel you, but we should be grateful RT is doing as much as he is. I for one certainly miss chat, but I think we too need to realize it's one guy making all this happen. Unfortunately complex issues take time to diagnose and repair. It seems from what minor updates we've gotten it indicates the issue is more involved than initially suspected. The good news though is that it also seems to look like 1-on-1 may be making a comeback soon, so that said I'm willing to stick it out for however long it takes in order to have a fully functional and full featured chat returning. Considering chat is a dying medium, or rather an under utilized medium I am more than thrilled to have it available here.
  9. This is exactly why I never did women. They're so needy and only think about what they want.
  10. Lucky you. Mine is giving the following message. I'm currently using google chrome. IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Browser ID could not be determined. Your login cannot be verified.
  11. The chat icon does come up, but it takes a couple minutes after the page loads.
  12. Yes, chat has been down for many of the members. Apparently some lucky few have had no issue but RawTop is investigating why so many of us are having that message. I'm anxious to see it back up but I also realize that problems like this do take time and I for one am grateful we have someone taking as much time as RawTop does to keep this site operating as well as it does.
  13. I too am getting a similar error to your test case. IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Invalid Login Hash Y6zIhbrPFwLbCGox9AnHQSsmEdKHF7JI8ddAkYW7RNw= Edit: Thank you so much for the work you put into this site. I realize problems are the last thing you want to deal with, and we share your frustration, but realize that we all appreciate the hard work and dedication you put into trying to keep things running smoothly.
  14. hope to get to Slammers in Jan.  BB BOTTOM here and can be fresh meat for them  Hope they use it well

    1. pozpig


      You should have no problems finding guys to breed you at slammer. Fresh meat usually attracts quite a few guys. I'd suggest during the week rather than weekends as there tends to be more action and less guys just wanting to watch. 

    2. bbpoznow


      hey thanks     will do and thanks for the  info . As a BB BOTTOM chaser hope to find lots of TOXIC cock 

  15. Managed to make it down to Slammer last night after a 2 month hiatus. Glad I did. It wasn't too busy or slow with just the right mix of guys. Got a couple guys to suck on me in the dark room, and one guy had a very talented mouth and used the right amount of teeth on my cock. I hate when guys try to be gentle, so it was very refreshing to actually feel something. Managed to slide my raw unmedicated poz cock into a couple holes, unfortunately the most they got from me was tainted precum. The high light however was a hot stud with a handlebar mustache. This guy was incredible. I was standing near the dark room and this guy came right at me like he was on a mission. When he got to me he put his fingers through my open fly, grabbed tightly and pulled me into a nearby room where we both got somewhat aggressive with foreplay. He pinching my nips while I chewed on his. I managed to suck his cock which was nicely thick and reasonably long. A nice mouthful to be honest as I'm not good at deep throating but long enough just to initiate a little gagging. We repeated the nip play/cock sucking scene a few times until he felt he'd had enough teasing, roughly turned me around and pulled my pants down while telling me he needed to rape my hole. At this point I found myself a little nervous as it has been months since I last bottomed. I've been enjoying the effects of Viagra and reacquainting myself with being a top. He proceeded to spit a little on his cock, and was generous enough to put a little on my hole as well before sliding, or rather shoving his cock in without regard to my pleasure. The first few strokes were quite painful, but not enough for me to stop the play. He worked my hole on his terms for a few minutes. During this time I'm getting used to the intrusion and simultaneously hoping he'll cum quickly so I could get a little extra lube, but also relishing in the feeling of this stud taking me with no regard for anything other than to get off. He eventually shoves balls deep and I can feel a good size deposit being made and verbalized that I'm hoping it's more than just cum he's giving me. After he pulls out, I bend down and make sure to clean his cock and thanked him for giving me an incredible fuck. He returns the compliment before leaving the room with the promise that he plans to rape my ass again before he leaves. About 45 minutes after this, my "rapist" returns for a second fuck. This time I'm lubed with his first load and welcome his intrusion, though a bit of discomfort occurred again. True to the first time, it was only about him and he proceeded to hammer my hole for several more minutes but wasn't able to give me a second load. Although I never straight out asked status, I did make several allusions that I hoped he was toxic, and he returned in similar cryptic terms, leaving me somewhat uncertain but definitely craving to run into him again.
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