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    Dads Poz pigs pervs White only (just my dicks preference) Email me: Xinervae@gmail.com or Wickr @Pozcumcuntla
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Im looking for aggressive dom tops that are white and like to breed and poz willing holes. Open to all ages of pervs. Furry daddies tend to turn me into a no limits pig whore.

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  1. Hell yeah a young dude and a Daddy to bed me would be ideal. I almost have that at home.
  2. Damn the aids and blood play. I wish I was that guy. Fuck so hot
  3. Amazing you can feel the love between the two pigs. The cum collecting was so erotic made me want to take a road trip.
  4. Fuck I love trashy white rednecks. You’re hot as hell. 

  5. Hey there what's going on Sir? Check out my profiles on here OK. 

  6. Holy fuck that kept me hard. I wish I was him.
  7. Love to hit your sling for a try. Way hot to take HVL cum. 

    1. hornynow6


      fuck yeah man.. you got a number i can reaxh u at? you sound like fun.. i think we can have a good time

    2. lostsheol


      hell yeah lets make it happen asap text me at 3235779937

  8. Never been either but if you company let me know would love to go with you.
  9. Love to get your bugged up load in me. 

  10. I love how you can't nvdy the experience of fluid exchange as bonding and loving. Intense. Michael is an asshole. Lol.
  11. Love the drawn out dom/sub play. Very engaging to this sub. Woof daddy.
  12. I def can't wait to read the next chapter. I love dad/son play. Woof man great work.
  13. Great story. So different from the rest. It was suspenseful and erotica. Loved the Aryan theme with AIDS cum. Woof.
  14. You're response to Shy was hilarious. lol just thought I'd friend you for that. Woof sexy man. 

  15. looking for White  AIDS dads and masters to own and use me any way you desire. no limits pig hit me up. 3235779937

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