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    totally masc poz breeder bear, recently discovered i like pozzing neg men. Only masc boys and men need apply.

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  1. Would love to have your cock buried in my neg ass. 

    1. rufftopsc


      Nothing hotter than poz fucking a neg guy


    2. TakenByBlue


      The rush must be fantastic as a neg bottom listens to a poz top moaning with pleasure as he cums deep inside his body knowing that this may be the time he gets pozzed. Soooo deviant and sexy!

  2. I would let you breed me anytime you want to

    1. curmud


      i wud host u 4 lunch. shud u Dcide 2 jump rape + convert me by sum-othre bbukin THE SHIT outta me, thats what'll happen

  3. rufftopsc

    Breeding zone & others

    I think the moderators should add Planet Romeo to their list of hookup sites. The list is VERY North American centric. I often work around Europe and Planet Romeo is my goto site and app. the have several Poz for Neg clubs and a ton of local bareback clubs. Its been the best bareback hookup site/app for Europe for me. Hands down.
  4. Cum FLOOD my holes!

  5. I'd love to get fuff fucked and blood bred by you, rufftopsc.  

  6. whats your bbrt handle?


  7. Im a virgin neg hole and would drop and kneel for you toxic cum?Then turn around and let you own me?

    1. Willing


      I love  a lot of hair on a manly body ?

  8. I would love to get raped by you.

  9. We have the same taste sexy bear

  10. pics always help. even if it is not a face pic. Stats also.

  11. love that ass shot. Glad to see you are turning into a cumdump

  12. rufftopsc

    Irish Want Gift

    you need to get to Dallas too!

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