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  1. jimrs69

    New Owner

    Hope we see more soon. This has been such a great story!!!
  2. Thanks for the rep Jim xx:2thumbs::cool:xx

  3. jimrs69

    Bathhouse Pozzing

    I haven't written it yet, I just left some things set up for the next story that continues this one. I'll post here when i do start posting it.
  4. Thanks for the follow!

    1. jimrs69


      You are very welcum!  Love your profile!!!

  5. How many guys have you pozzed ?

    1. jimrs69


      None that I know of. I rarely top.  There was one guy i was fucking occasionally several yrs ago who became poz, but there's not telling who it was.  He was a cumdump.

    2. Willing


      Id be your cum dump?

  6. Your still so fucking hot to me? And I'd love you to poz me ?

    1. Willing


      Sucks they took chat off?

    2. jimrs69


      I didn't realize they did away with the chat.  I haven't been in here much lately.

    3. Willing
  7. Thanks for the rep Jim xx:*xx

  8. LOVE your profile!!!

  9. jimrs69

    Bathhouse Pozzing

    As Roger was leaving, the next guy stepped up to the sling. He had about a 6 inch cock, on the thick side. He was older and didn’t really say much. He pushed his cock in and started fucking. He fucked at a good, easy pace for quite a while, and then started picking up his speed. He finally slammed his cock all the way in and left it there, shooting his load. “UNGH!” He hadn’t cum in a while so he shot his poz jizz for almost a minute. As he pulled out and moved away, the next guy immediately stepped up and shoved his long thin cock in. He obviously needed to cum bad because he only fucked for a few minutes before he shoved in and held still, obviously cumming. The next guy had a little more personality to him. He was definitely more verbal. He came up to Alex in the sling and said, “You want this poz load?”. “Mmmmmm, you know it,” Alex replied. “Let me have that poz cock and your cum!” The top rubbed his thick, mushroom up and down Alex’s wide open cunt, getting the head coated with the cum that was leaking out of him. “Here it comes.” The new guy had a 7-8 inch cock with about average thickness. He got the head in with no problem and started fucking in and out, slowly going all the way in and then back out. “Fuck man, your ass feels awesome with all those loads in it. I’m going to enjoy adding another to it!” He settled in for a nice, easy fuck and didn’t seem in any hurry to cum. Alex laid there enjoying his latest poz fuck. Daddy Max stayed pretty much beside Alex the whole time he was in the sling, enjoying the scene, but also being protective to make sure no one took advantage. So far, the only one who had even appeared menacing had been a friend. And besides, he knew deep down, Roger was a teddy bear. A fucking hot, toxic teddy bear, but still. He mostly watched what was going on with Alex, staying semi hard from all the hot action, but occasionally scanning the room and the crowd outside the room. He noticed a big Hispanic bearish guy who was a few guys back in line who was kinda hot. He had an air about him, though, that made Max decided to keep an eye on him. He definitely looked like a tough guy, which added to his hotness, but he wanted to make sure he didn’t get too rough with his boy. He stopped and smiled at that thought. He was already thinking of Alex as his boy. They were definitely going to have to spend some time together and soon. He turned his attention back to the line and saw that the latest guy was still in Alex’s ass. He was amazed at the amount of sex he’d had tonight. Maybe he’d finally found someone who could keep up with his sexual appetite. The top fucking Alex had finally started picking up speed and was definitely getting close. “Man you’ve got a great ass,” he said. “I’ve really enjoyed this fuck. I can’t hold back much longer, though.” “Let me have it, stud! Give me your poz cum,” Alex replied. All the verbal poz talk had Alex’s cock rock hard again and he couldn’t resist playing with it. The top started fucking even faster, “Take my poz load, man, here it cums!” He slammed his cock all the way in and held it there, unloading inside him. “FUCK YEAH!!! TAKE MY POISON!!!” It didn’t take long for Alex to reach another orgasm, although other than some precum, his balls were dry. His ass still spasmed around the thick cock inside him, which made the top’s orgasm even that much more intense. He pulled out and did what guys had rarely done that night, leaned in and kissed Alex, “Thanks stud, that was a great fuck!” Daddy Max got his info before he left the room. Including his friend Roger, there were 4 guys from that night that they potentially to play with again. Max figured that was either 16 or 17 fucks Alex had gotten that night. There were 2 more guys and the Hispanic guy left in the room, so when the guy who’d just fucked him left, he went ahead and closed the door again. He would see how Alex felt after this group. He hadn’t indicated it, but his used cunt had to be getting worn out. The next guy to step up to the sling did something no one else had done that night. He knelt down and started licking Alex’s gaping asshole. He stuck his tongue in as far as he could and started sucking some of the cum that had been deposited there. Alex started moaning, “FUCK that feels good!” He continued eating him out for several moments, then stood back up and lubed up his cock. He put his uncut cock up to the used hole and slid it all the way in, starting fucking him. The guy was Asian and had a decent sized cock, but no hair. Max noticed he had a biohazard tat around his left nipple. He kept fucking Alex for some time, occasionally pulling all the way out and shoving back in. Pretty soon, he started fucking harder. “Gonna breed you, slut,” he said. “Gonna help poz your cunt.” “Fuck yeah, let me have it. I want it. Fucking gimme that poz DNA.” Alex replied. The Asian guy slammed his cock home one last time and started shooting his jizz. “UUUNNNGGGHHH!” When he finally pulled out, he again bent down and licked Alex’s used cunt, getting a little of the cum he’d just shot in him. He grabbed his towel and let himself out of the room. The next to the last guy stepped up to the sling. He was an adorable blond muscle cub. He had blond fur all over him and a nice thick 7 inch cut cock. He had a wicked biohazard tat between his shoulder blades. He put his cock head up to the puffy ass lips and slipped it in to the now loose hole. “I’m gonna breed you good, cumdump. I’ve watched guy after guy breed and seed you and I’ve been anxiously waiting my turn.” “Well don’t keep me waiting,” Alex replied, “Let me have that hot poz cock of yours.” The cute blond continued pushing in until he was balls deep in his juicy, cum filled hole. “GOD your hole is hot!” “Thanks stud, your cock feels amazing and you’re pretty hot yourself!” Alex countered. Max touched his shoulder with a quizzical look and Alex nodded. He would get this hottie’s info before he left. The blond cub started fucking the used cunt, muttering to himself as he plunged in and out. “Gonna poz this hole. I want to shoot deep inside you and infect you. My load is going to be dripping out of your hot cunt.” All the hot poz talk, plus the fact that the cub was such a stud, had Alex playing with his cock again. There wasn’t even much precum coming out of it this time. He started tightening up his hole on the cock fucking him, trying to make him feel good. “Oh yeah, that’s turning me on. Squeeze my poz cock.” The top reached down and started playing with Alex’s nipples making him moan, “OOOOOOOOH YEAH!” Alex spit on his cock to help with his jacking off and Daddy Max helped by pouring some lube on his cock. He knew he was going to be shooting blanks after the night he’d had, but he could feel his orgasm building. The stud had started picking up his speed, so Alex started jacking faster, determined to get there first. His hand was a blur on the lubed cock and he could feel it starting. “UNGH!!!” he yelled and even though it was a dry orgasm, he knew his asshole would be clamping down on the hot cock inside him. The hot stud felt the velvety ass he was fucking get really tight on his cock as Alex had his orgasm and couldn’t hold back any longer. He rammed it home one last time and bellowed, “TAKE MY FUCKING CUM!” as he shot over and over inside Alex. It was obviously intense for him as he had to hold on to the chains of the sling. Max went over to him and put an arm around him to support him should he need it. “You ok there stud?” he asked. “Goddamn that’s one fine ass your boy’s got,” he replied. Max looked at Alex with pride, “Yes, it is, isn’t it.” He helped the blond stud over to the bunk to sit down for a minute and to get his contact info. That left the big, rough looking Hispanic guy coming up to the sling. He had taken off his towel a while ago, but Alex had been so focused on whoever was fucking him that he hadn’t paid too much attention to anyone else in line. The guy was very muscled up and had tattoos all over. He had a skull tat over each pec and a very ornate biohazard tat between them. He had a little bit of hair on his chest and stomach and his legs and ass were pretty hairy. And he had an enormous cock. It had to be 10 inches long and as big around as his wrist. He was uncut and had a very large PA. “Oh yeah, I’m gonna love this,” he said in a low voice. “Even with as many cocks as you’ve had inside you, you’re gonna feel this one.” Alex wasn’t paying much attention to anything other than his daddy getting the blond stud’s phone# and showing him out the door. He didn’t notice his last top bringing his right hand up to Alex’s loose cunt, but he did feel it when he shoved 4 fingers in his hole and started scratching with his nails. “HEY, OW! GODDAMN!!!” Alex cried out, feeling the blunt insertion of most of the guy’s hand, not to mention it feeling like he was trying to tear his asshole from the inside out. That caused Max to turn back around from the door to see what happened. “What the hell’s going on?” Max asked. Before Alex could say anything, the top said, “Didn’t mean to be too rough with him. As you can see, I’ve got a huge cock and I just wanted to make sure he was stretched out enough. And since the whole point of this is to make sure he gets pozzed, I scratched him up a little.” He smiled at Max. Even though Alex had just met Max that night, he could tell he was pissed. But he decided to diffuse the situation and get this over with. As much as he was sort of glad his daddy had closed the door because he was getting tired and sore, he did want this one last fuck. This would be the biggest cock he’d had all night and he was definitely poz from his tattoo. “It’s ok, Daddy Max. It just surprised me is all,” he said. Max gave the top a look that said he was not going to put up with any more bullshit then looked at Alex and said, “Ok boy, if you’re sure.” He looked back at the top as he took his place next to his boy and said, “As you can tell, he’s more than stretched out enough for you.” The top pulled his fingers, now coated with bloody cum, out of Alex’s hole and slicked his cock up. He never stopped smiling as he licked his fingers clean. He put the PA up to his puffy, gaping pussy lips and pushed a couple of inches in. Even after all the cock he’d had that night, it was still a tight fit. He pushed the 2 inches in and out a few times, grabbed the chains of the sling, and said, “Get ready, going in.” He slammed all 10 inches in and started fucking hard. “UNGH!!!” Alex said through gritted teeth, but put his hand on his daddy’s arm. It definitely hurt, but wasn’t anything he couldn’t handle. As obvious as it was that this bruiser liked to hurt people, he was grateful he’d had all the cocks he had tonight before this one fucked him. He could only imagine what he would do to someone without all that prep. Then a strange thing happened. Alex got hard. He got rock hard, not only from the pain this asshole was causing him, but at the thought of what he could have done to him. As the guy kept rape fucking him, he found his hand on his cock, stroking it hard. It was insane that he was this turned on as much as it was insane that he was jacking off. His last orgasm had been completely dry, but he couldn’t stop himself. Daddy Max was watching the whole scene, making sure nothing else got out of hand, and noticed his boy’s excitement and his activity. He made a mental note for later and poured some lube on his boy’s cock to help him out. Alex looked at him and mouthed “Thank you Daddy” as he worked his cock. The Hispanic ruffian kept fucking his hole hard, slamming all 10 inches all the way in and bringing them out til just the head and the PA were still in before slamming them home again. Even though this guy wasn’t screaming like he was used to, he was still enjoying fucking him. It was obvious it was hurting him a little, but he was getting off on it, which turned him on even more. If the chaperone hadn’t been there, he would have been twisting his nipples by now, trying to go as extreme as he could. But he would be satisfied with unloading in his bloody cunt. He’d only been able to dig his nails in once, but he’d jabbed them pretty hard and he knew his PA would be working those areas. This was definitely a tame fuck for him, but what could you expect in a bathhouse with so many guys around. He really was a twisted fuck, he thought. He focused on thinking about some of his other encounters that went more his way as he started fucking even harder. Alex’s hand was a blur as he worked his cock. Max poured a little more lube on it for him. The pain in his ass made him so turned on, even though he wasn’t going to shoot any jizz, he wanted to cum bad. He could feel it building up and he knew he was going to orgasm soon. If he’d had any cum left, it would most likely have shot over his head after this. The top was still slamming him hard, stirring up all the cum that was in him, getting ready to add his own toxic contribution. He could feel himself tensing up, getting ready for his orgasm. Then it started. Not only did his cock start to jerk, shooting blanks, but he felt it in his asshole, too. He was having an anal orgasm. He’d heard about those from other guys, but he’d never had one himself. “OH MOTHERFUCK GODDAMN!” he yelled out as his body started convulsing. His asshole clamped down on the big man’s huge cock like a steel trap. He’d been close to cumming, but that pushed him over the edge. He slammed his huge cock in one last time and flooded the already full asshole. “AARRGGHH YEAH, TAKE MY FUCKING POISON!!!” Alex could feel himself getting fuller from all the cum the man was shooting. And as big as his cock was, it had nowhere to go but further in. His anal orgasm left him weak, but completely satisfied. The big man finally finished shooting and yanked his huge cock out of the used hole, inflicting one last bit of pain. Alex flinched, but didn’t say anything. He was too exhausted. Daddy Max had already picked the guy’s towel up, handed it to him, and showed him to the door, pretty much pushing him out and locking it. Once again, he helped Alex out of the sling and over to the bunk. He had a smile on his tired face as he lay there. Max stroked his hair with a smile on his face as well. “Looks like I’ve got myself a brand new boy,” he said. “You ok with that?” “Oh yes Daddy Max, I’m more then ok with that. I love it!” Alex replied. Max smiled from ear to ear. “You rest for a bit and when you’re up to it, we’ll go get cleaned up and check out, and then we can head to my place for the night.” “Sounds perfect,” Alex said. To be continued in a separate story……….
  10. Thanks for the follow, sexy!

    1. jimrs69


      You're welcum!  I'll give you a reputation when I have more.........

  11. jimrs69

    "Son... I'm HIV Positive."

    Great story! Hope there will be more........
  12. jimrs69

    Bathhouse Pozzing

    Alex got back in the sling and got himself settled as the next guy in line stepped up. This guy was muscled up with a shaved head and a thick goatee. And he was hot as hell. But there was something about him that seemed familiar to Daddy Max. He had a good sized 8 inch cock with a thick PA and both of his nipples were pierced. He also had a large biohazard tat around his belly button. The stud looked at Max, winked at him, and said in a deep, masculine voice, “Max, you look good.” It was the voice that triggered it. “Roger, is that you?” “You better believe it stud,” he replied. The 2 daddies laughed out loud and hugged each other. “It’s been years,” Max said. “Just got back to town recently,” Roger replied. “We’ll have to get together soon and catch up. This isn’t exactly the time or place for it.” “You’re right about that,” Max replied, “There’s a boy here in need of your poz cum.” “Oh, he’s getting more than that, I’m full blown now.” “Ooooooooh yeah,” Alex moaned. “Looks like you have an anxious boy on your hands, Max.” “He knows what he wants, and right now, it’s your big Aids cock and that thick PA inside him.” Max replied. “Let’s see what kind of damage I can do to that sweet boy cunt. Don’t want to leave this to chance,” Roger countered. He stepped up to the sling and used a hand to get some of the jizz that was running out of Alex’s well fucked hole. He slicked up his thick Aids cock and PA and said, “Hang on, I’m coming in.” He worked the PA and head inside the open hole, grabbed Alex by the hips, and slammed his cock all the way in. “GODDAMN!” Alex exclaimed as the thick cock rammed deep inside him. It wasn’t that it hurt, much, as it took his breath away. Roger started fucking him hard, slamming in every time and pulling back til just the PA was left in. He rammed in and out over and over, giving him a good, rough fuck. “UNGH, Fuck yeah, let me have it! Tear that ass up!” Alex said, letting Daddy Max know that the PA was probably doing some damage. He kept up that steady pace for several minutes, pounding him good. “You still good for a couple of loads?” Max asked Roger. “Oh yeah, I’ll dump a couple in your boy here, walk around for awhile, then probably dump one more before I’m done.” Alex grinned at that, then grimaced as he slammed his cock in him and obviously hit a sore spot. “Let’s just say it’s a good thing you just got double fucked, boy,” Roger commented. “You’ll bleed a little bit from this, but not like you would if I was your first cock of the night.” He could feel his first load building up and didn’t see any reason to delay it since he was going to keep fucking. “You ready for Aids load #1 boy?” “Oh yes Sir, please give it to me, please dump that toxic load inside me.” “Getting close boy, gonna breed you good, but it ain’t over yet. Not by a long shot.” He never sped up, just kept up the same pace, ramming in and out, but finally roared, “FUCK YEAH, TAKE MY AIDS CUM!!!” as he rammed home and stayed there, pumping his first load of the night. It was intense after such a hot, hard fuck. He stayed still for a couple of minutes letting his balls unload, then, with his cock still rock hard, started fucking again. He seemed to be taking it a little easier, but was still plowing in and out pretty well. He kept fucking in and out of Alex’s used cunt, churning up all the cum that was inside him, slamming his thick PA into the inner walls doing more damage. Alex’s cock was rock hard and leaking pretty heavily from all the abuse his hole was getting. Daddy Max noticed this and leaned down to Alex’s ear. “I know you’ve cum 3 times tonight, but all without touching yourself. Now that your hands are free, I’m sure you’d like to jack out a load.” Sensing he was whispering for a reason, Alex just nodded. “Since my buddy Roger is doing you such a favor by breeding you with his Aids cum, why don’t we make his 2nd orgasm something to write home about?” Again, Alex nodded. “His nipples are hard wired to his cock and if I get behind him and start working them, it’s going to turn him on big time. If you jack off and shoot while he’s fucking you, you’re asshole is going to literally squeeze his 2nd load out. How about it, you game?” Alex didn’t nod this time, he turned his head and kissed his daddy. “Good boy. Give me a couple of minutes to start working him, and then go for it.” He kissed Daddy Max again and started playing with his own nipples. Max stood back up and walked over to Roger, who was still plowing good and steady. “I do appreciate what you’re doing for my boy here.” “Your boy, huh?” Roger asked. “We still have to work out a few details, but yeah.” He reached up with both hands and turned Roger’s head to the side, giving him a deep kiss. While he was doing that, he started running his hand all around Roger’s chest. He broke off the kiss and got behind Roger, reaching around with both hands to his chest. He rubbed around some, then found both nipples and started playing with them. He had known Roger for a long time and knew what he liked. Hell, Roger was the one who pozzed him. Even before he got his nipples pierced, playing with them turned him on. Now that they were pierced, he was sure it was even more so. He pulled on the rings in them and pinched the nips, really working them. “OH FUCK YEAH!!!” Roger blurted out, obviously very into it. Alex knew that was his cue, so he used all the precum on his cock and started jacking off. He was so turned on by the 1st load of Aids cum, plus the fact that he was about to get a 2nd load, that he knew it wasn’t going to take long. Daddy Max kept working his nips and they could tell he was fucking harder now. “Oh yeah, give me that 2nd load! Fucking fill my cunt up with your Aids cum. Convert me you stud!” Alex said. He was getting close jacking on his cock, getting ready to shoot possibly his last neg load. He kept working his cock, feeling his balls draw up. Roger was plowing him good when Alex came. “FUCK, I’m cumming with your Aid cock in me!” he cried out. Same as last time, he had a couple of weak spurts from his cock and then some cum dribbled out, but mostly his cock jerked in his hand as if it was cumming. The important thing was he had a huge orgasm and his cunt clamped down on the thick Aids cock that was inside him. As soon as he yelled out he was cumming, Max clamped down hard on both nipples at about the same time Alex’s used hole clamped down on Roger’s cock. “AARRGGHH!” Roger roared as he unexpectedly blew his 2nd load into Alex. He just managed to slam his cock home one last time before he emptied his balls again. He pumped his 2nd Aids load deep inside Alex, knowing some of it would get in his system. When he fucked hard with his PA, they always bled. He’d lost count of how many guys he’d converted over the years. But it always turned him on, especially when they wanted it as bad as Max’s new boy did. He and Max had some good times when they were together. Alex was one lucky boy. When Roger’s load finally subsided, he slowly pulled his cock out. “Well, look there, I believe I see some bloody cum on my cock,” he said. He walked around to Alex’s head, “Care to clean my cock off for me boy?” Alex opened his mouth wide so Roger could feed him the cock that had just fucked him. He sucked on the softening cock tasting Roger’s cum and his blood and ass. Once his cock was clean, he leaned down and gave Alex a big kiss on his lips, then turned to Max and gave him a kiss as well. “We will definitely have to do this again soon. Give me a call once he converts and we’ll all get together for some more fun.” “You got yourself a deal,” Max replied.
  13. Thanks for the rep Jim xx xx

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      You're very welcum!

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