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  1. I was tempted but didn't go. Wish I had now! lol
  2. 18 loads for me at a TeamPig party in SIlverlake in LA. Was the hottest thing ever. Wish it had been more than that but it was only over 2 1/2 hours. Hope things keep going back to normal as I miss those days!
  3. Meh, I never really care about the size, more that I am getting a good fuck and a nice load. I've had small to huge dicks that feel amazing and small to huge dicks that hurt. It depends on how the guy uses it and fucks, if he knows how to press my buttons and make me feel like I'm high when I don't do drugs. Size honestly doesn't matter unless it's like a night when you are specifically looking for something, and even then, what are you looking for. Anyway out of the big ones, give me girth any day over length unless they REALLY know what they are doing lol !!!
  4. Nothing, no symptoms, but I get tested every three months so if and when I rarely get something, I just treat it.
  5. Fully Vaccinated. tomorrow will be one full month since my second Pfizer shot!
  6. Lay back, take a hit of poppers and think of England!
  7. I'll take it the week after, lol
  8. Coming down to SD this weekend and wanted some anon sex in like Bookstores and at a motel. Finding it hard to determine which bookstore to go to, Any ideas?
  9. Yeah but I think that just means undetectable as there is no option for that. It's just positive or negative
  10. Yeah it is so sad. That was a total institution. I hear the owner is looking for a new venue to reopen however not sure if it will be a full on motel/club/bar or just a bar
  11. I think one of my best nights was at Parliament House in Orlando. Unfortunately due to Covid it has shut down and I was so looking forward to heading back there. I took around 15 loads that night EASILY!!!
  12. Wouldn't bother me if we work as partners in the other ways, however what would be ideal is a top who wants to go to sex clubs and parties and fuck me everywhere and have others fuck me everywhere we go as well as get some other ass himself too.
  13. If I am in the mood to take as much cock and cum as possible, I bend over. And besides, who am I to judge? Not everyone is into anyone. We all have types, some people might find me gross, others might find me hot, same for anyone. But as bottom, when I go to a sauna or sex club or party, it's how many loads can I get shot as deep as possible in me!
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