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  1. Hemorrhoids

    Going through bad hemorrhoids right now. I had a fissure/hemorrhoid in the past that lasted 2 years... I was gagging for sex being a bottom. Didn't do surgery and it healed. After that I was a total whore for about 2 to 3 years and now last week, BAM!!! The hemorrhoid is/are so bad again. Hate going to the bathroom and I don't go once a day... I wish, I go a few times. I'm thinking consulting a colorectal surgeon about my options. I can't be dealing with this long term. I love sex way too much.
  2. Gay Sex Bucket List - What's Your Score?

    310 so far. Although not sure it will go up by much... What the hell is Sploshed? And are any hard drugs considered chem sex?
  3. Arab Breeders

    LOL as an Arab that's so not what I look for in a top, hehe....
  4. Untreatable gono is here

    It's funny that the conversation went to possibly having to go back to fucking with condoms.... uuuummmm, you can get it from oral sex just as easy so what's the point of wearing condoms for anal sex? This sucks though.... (pardon the pun)
  5. Poz Guys - Do You Like Being Poz?

    My doctor says there is a pill that is an easy cure for Hep C, or at least the way he put it, it sounded like an easy cure. He said the insurance would cover it the first time but then after that they wouldn't and it is expensive!
  6. Best city in the world for bareback

    Never been but really? More so than LA? That's tough to believe....
  7. Right? I mean, forget the wrongness of it all or how excited some of us get by the thought of being stealthed by a gorgeous guy with an amazing dick that the combo makes you cum without touching yourself. I'm not condoning what he did but if you do that sort of thing in a society where you can go to jail for it, who the hell then sends texts? I mean the guy is as dumb as a box of hair! For that alone he should to be locked up and frankly, thankfully, not breed a new generation of brainless planks of wood!
  8. Was this in school?

  9. Best age for starting sucking cocks

    7 for me, with my teacher
  10. Sorry for all those who messaged me on Wickr, somehow I had deleted it by mistake. Back on. ocelot2000
  11. Mixing Cum and Lube

    I have a small bottle of lube that I always fill up and take with me to places. I have half a bottle left of it and was wondering. Can I fill the other half with actual cum? Would it mix? Would it last? Or would it just go bad before I even went out a couple of nights later?
  12. Accepting incest like a positive thing

    I started when I was very young with many men but only one was incest, my uncle.
  13. I could get hooked on TRIMIX!

    Trimix.... hhhmmmm, I might try the gel even though I'm a bottom, lol
  14. Yeah I'm getting the same thing. No user by that name. ocelot2000 on wickr
  15. perv/taboo chat

    Ocelot2000 on Wickr, but can't seem to make it work. My actual name is on KIK so I'd rather not use that unless someone can tell me how to change it.

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