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    Atlanta, GA
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Half Samoan / Half Puerto Rican but fully blown EVIL!
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    If you can imagine it, then I've probably have done it.
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    The most sickest twisted poz to be my AIDS SOUL MATE
    All I ask is to genuine. If you're are reading then Im assuming you know why you here.

    When I finally tested not only poz but having a super charge med-resistant strain of AIDS. That was the true first day of the rest of my life. And adopted a motto; No apologies... No regrets.

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  1. PozSpandexJock

    The Cumdump Network - Locations & Phone Numbers

    Hey I used to live in San Antonio.l I wanna move back there so bad!!! 404-917-6952 Marco
  2. Thanks for the follow!

  3. Thanks very much for following - you're a HOT guy!

  4. PozSpandexJock

    Bbrts Profiles

    Oh FUCK YES!!!!!!!! Just what I needed and wanted to read...... <HAIL>
  5. Thanks for the follow stud!

  6. gracias por seguirme mi Rey

  7. thanks for checking me out and following me stud

  8. Thanks for the follow stud!

  9. My viral load has reached 2.5 million. FULL BLOWN AIDS!!!   I fucking LOVE IT, wish I had someone share my wasting life with.

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    2. Wildstudbbfun


      i would love to waste away with u.....say the word and illl cum to u...can u help me get thatsck?:)

      WIN_20180214_17_15_45_Pro (2)_Moment.jpg

  10. hello sir :) neg college athlete. not on prep. I love your muscled bod and massive alpha cock in your profile pic. would love to let you rough up my tight neg muscle butt. no mercy. do whatever you want. never had a poz load and i bet they're real good coming from a monster like yours


  11. I wish I could be your AIDS SOUL MATE

    1. fisterm8


      id let you both breed me with poz loads

    2. curmud


      wanna be the licker of b'oles when Ur truly + well finished

  12. Would love to take that dick!

    1. curmud


      t Man's competent thighs can get his arse deep cleaned right here: anytime

  13. 404969 2583  Lets be ALL about AIDS

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