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  1. Staying at Holiday Inn near an airport tonight in a smaller city. Checked out bbrt, a guy is 104 ft away and he’s a top. After a couple of message he comes over. Short, below average looking guy but what the hell, he was right down the hall from me. After a bit of making out I sucked on his average uncut dick. He was hard as a rock and totally turned on. This guy was not my type at all but decided to go for it. We exchanged oral, he gave me a nice rim job. Next thing he’s fucking me and breeds me nicely. We make small talk and he tells he’s married to a woman and is an airline pilot. He get dressed and walks down to this room.
  2. Hi Pozbtm4breeding: .thanks for liking my comment in ever being filmed.

    can I ask if you ever consider trying to stop your meds?



    1. Pozbtm4breeding


      I might consider it. 

    2. cardoc49


      hey: and thanks for very cool and honest and reassuring reply - please let me know if you need any help or support



  3. Hey guys - I am going to Cum Union on Wednesday at Manifest. Anyone else going?? 😈
  4. I think it depends on the situation. If I am going to a Cum Union or baths I will do a thorough cleaning prior to going. I think most tops going to a place or event like that expect for bottoms to be clean. However, if it’s a spontaneous hook up (which I have most often) I think it’s different. If it’s a deal breaker for the top, he should say so up front and both can decide if this hook up will work. Funny I have been hooking up with this semi-straight guy for a couple of months now and because these are “on demand” hook ups I don’t have time to do any prep. He doesn’t care at all, and said once “shit happens”. If the top is well hung, he should expect there is a higher possibility. One thing I try to do is keep my fiber intake very high (Pure for Men works!) which makes my hole cleaner. However, when a dick is going into an asshole there is no guarantee of no mess.
  5. Just got home from cruising at park. Swallowed a BBC, guy jacked off and shot on my ass and another. He fucked me and shot his load in my ass. 

  6. THIS IS A TRUE STORY..... There is a local park near my house that I frequently cruise during the weekdays. It’s usually busy around lunch time and after 3pm. As you’d expect all kinds of different guys go here from gay to straight married DL guys. The park is very run down and has been known for this type of activity (straight & gay sex) for years. I have been cruising here for over 2 years with pretty good success. It’s a pretty large park with a elevated pavilion that is positioned so you can you see anyone approaching from a good distance away. Also there is a boardwalk that has been closed for years for repairs. However there is only a sign saying “closed” so guys go back there and fuck often. Including me. Several months ago I followed a really hot guy back to one of the wooded areas. He was in great shape and when he pulled down his pants he was sporting a 8+” beautiful cut cock. Since most of the “straight” guys only want oral, I bent over and started sucking. Soon he grabbed my ass and said the word “nice”. I asked if wanted to fuck me and he said “hell yeah”. I bent over and without asking he slid in with no condom or question. He pounded me pretty good and said he was going to breed my ass just as he shot in me. We cleaned up and left. A month or so later i arrived at the park and saw this same guy’s pick up truck. As soon as I parked, the stud got out and started walking back to the same area as before. I saw him look back so I followed. This time the sucking was a much shorter time period and the fucking lasted longer with me leaving with another load in my ass. As we walked out he said he would like to exchange numbers with me and that he could host sometimes. He told me his text would be short and vague since he had a “chick” living with him so he had to be discreet. We exchange numbers and I assumed I would never hear from him. About a week later I got a text from him saying “Available”. I asked “Where” and he sent me the address which was about 15 minutes away. I was nervous as hell, this guy is hot but he’s also very muscular and could easily beat the hell out of me. When I got to his house I texted “Here”, his reply “Ok”. When i got to the door it opened and he was standing naked behind it will a raging boner! He pointed toward a bedroom where he had a towel on the bed and lube. I knelt down to suck his dick and must have given the impression that I was going to try to rub or kiss hm because he took a step back. I started to suck his dick and he was groaning in pleasure soon. I could tell he was close to cuming so he told me to bend over the bed so he could breed my hole. I did as told and soon his beautiful cock was inside me fully. He grabbed my hips and started to pound me good while slowing down to keep from cumming. After a few minutes he pounded me with no hesitation and grabbed the back of my neck as he filled me with his seed. He pulled out, pointed to the bathroom and walked into the other room. I wiped my ass with toilet paper and went back to put on my clothes. When I got ready to leave he was waiting at the door with a semi-hard on and said “see ya”. Since that day, I have been back over to his house 4-5 times, another time we met at the park. Each time it’s the same ritual. Text message “Available”. I literally drop what I am doing and become this guy’s cum receptacle. He doesn’t care if I am clean or not. I am pretty good with fiber and diet so I am never super messy. Either way he doesn’t care. He only touches me on the back of head during oral, my hips and neck while he’s fucking me. He will now let me play with his nipples after a couple of sessions. He talks dirty to me while he fucking me telling me he wants to “breed my hole” and he “fuck my ass hard like I like it.” Or to “take that cock”. He told me one time that I “can take his dick like a champ”. Once he cums he leaves the room and waits for me to clean up and get dressed. No small talk after, he won’t look me directly in the eye. He opens the door and I leave. I have never been in this type situation before and usually need a little more responsiveness. But this guy is one of the hottest guys I have ever been with so I am good with what ever pleases him. And apparently my ass does the trick.
  7. A week ago I got fucked at the local cruise park by a really hot guy. This was the second or third time we have seen each other there. Each time he fucks me in the woods, pumps his load and leaves. Until last week, we have barely spoken a half dozen words. The guy is super hot, very straight looking/acting, with a beautiful 8” cut cock. After we were done last week, he gave his number and said he wanted to host me so we could really take our time fucking and avoid a potential arrest fucking in a public park. We exchanged numbers, I never thought I would hear from him but I have several times. His texts are one word “available”. So this morning I texted him “available until 4”. He replied and gave me an address to meet him at. I jumped up got dressed when he said he had to cancel. DAMN! I texted back “how about the park instead”. In 15 minutes I pulled into the park, it was slow but I saw his pickup truck. We walked back to our usual spot, I dropped and sucked to him fully hard. He said he couldn’t wait any longer and spit on his dick and slid in me fully. I leaned up against a tree as he began to fuck me fast and slow. I could feel his dick getting really hard, like he was about to blow and he would immediately slow down. He was enjoying the blistering he was giving my hole. He kept saying how much he loved my tight hole. He pulled out completely and spit on his dick once again and told me to bend over and stick out my ass as far as I could. When I did, he rammed his cock all the way in, grabbed my hips and pounded me as furiously as he could. I could feel his dick swelling but this time he didnt slow down. Couple of minutes he’s panting and says I am gonna breed your hole right now! One final thrust and he held on has his load splattered my insides. He pulled out and as we cleaned up we (finally) made some small talk. He told me that he has a “chick” that lives with him. But that he will keep in touch and wants to keep fucking my ass whenever we can meet. He left as a few cars were arriving. A young Hispanic guy and regular showed up and smiled as we passed. He fucked me months ago - maybe a year now - but nothing since. As we passed I could tell he was looking back so I turned around and smiled. By now, lots of guys are cruising since it’s lunch time. I walked away and passed a young hot black that fucked me a few weeks ago but again it was pretty busy so not easy to connect. Finally the other cruisers were in different parts of the park and the Hispanic guy motioned for me to follow him into a very wooded area off the path. Just so happens that the black guy also follows. The 3 of us are standing behind a pretty large tree that is surrounded by brush and mangroves. The Hispanic guy grabs my ass and spits on his dick and slides in. His cock is average 6” or so and uncut but he’s obviously pretty horned up the way he starts to pound me. After a couple of minutes he pulls out and a gob of cum from the other guy leaks out. I turn around and he says I am not done yet. He slides back in and takes little time in shooting his load inside. The whole time the black guy is watching and slowly jacking off. Once the Hispanic pulls out the black slides right into my cum filled two load hole. This guy’s cock is probably 7” or so and thicker than the last one. He doesn’t waste any time in pounding me. I see another very old man cruising and he is walking towards us but neither of consider stopping. The old man can’t see or doesn’t notice us but he is only a couple of hundred feet away! With a couple of more thrusts my black stud makes a loud groan and releases his load into me. The cum is now pouring out of my ass, my jock is completely soaked in cum. I tried to clean up but realized there was too much cum for a napkin so I left. I took 3 huge loads in a little over an hour. Pretty efficient use of time.
  8. Just took two loads up my hole at cruise park. One redneck older guy with a ponytail was breeding me when another guy walked up. He took a turn dumped his load and left. Redneck dumped his soon after. Hubby will be home soon and I will be especially happy knowing I got 2 strangers seed in my hole. 

    1. rawbudddy


      Woof--hope hubby enjoys adding his load to the mix!

  9. Tuesday I went to my local cruisy park and it was dead. Only a couple of cars in the parking lot but I got out and walked toward the pavilion. Once I got close I saw a guy standing there alone which means he’s looking. As I walked up another semi-regular walked up to the pavilion behind me. UGH, although this guy is nice looking he never does anything. One of those guys that stands around and fucks up cruising for the others. After looking at the first guy, he looked familiar but he kept his back to me and the other guy. After a couple of minutes the semi-regular guy left. When he did the guy turned around and started walking toward me. This guy is 5’8” tall and probably weighs 135-140 lbs. so he’s a pretty small framed man. As he is walking he unbuttons his pants and pulls out a massive cock! It was at least 9” and it curved upward with a large fat mushroom head. The base of it tapered down so that it was much slimmer at the base that at the head. It was one hot cock! I slurped it down my throat as best I could although he didnt need my mouth to get it hard cause it was like a rock! As I took a break from sucking we would lightly kiss until he reached around and felt my hairy ass cheeks. Then he really started to make out heavy with me. I asked if he wanted my ass and he said yes. I was nervous about taking this massive cock with no lube and just spit. But never one to not try, I spit on my ass and spread my ass cheeks apart as he slowly entered my ass. He was fairly slow at first but once I got past that fat mushroom head I was ready to go! With one gentle push he was balls deep. He wasted no time and pounded me profusely. To get a better angle, I bent over a picnic table and held on to the sides so he could pump as hard as he wanted. We saw a car pull into the parking lot and he said we should stop. I told him to keep on fucking me that we had a couple of minutes before this person got to us. Withou ever pulling out he began to pound me harder since we were definitely on limited time now. His breath got heavy and he asked if i wanted it in me or to pull out. Hmmm, wonder what I answered? He shot his wad in my ass, we pulled up our pants, cleaned off just in the nick of time as the next guy arrived. With my hole being ravaged and his balls empty we went to our respective cars and left.
  10. Monday Funday Worked from home yesterday and of course wanted to go out cruising for a bit. I was logged onto Squirt when I saw a guy that i’ve played with before post that he was heading to the cruisy park nearby. I was about to leave to go shopping so I quickly left in hopes of seeing him again. I arrived at the park to a full parking area making me feel like i had a decent chances of hooking up. After a quick walk through one set of trails, I saw the guy from Squirt. He’s married and has a wife but is pretty passionate for a staight/bi guy. His cock is cut and probably 6” or so, he’s an attractive man. He walked up to me and gave me a big kiss. We decided to go to the closed boardwalk area for more privacy. When we got the area on the boardwalk where the sex happens we start making out and proceed to undress. We exchange oral for a few minutes since we are rushed for time although it is getting dark and the park will close at dusk. He leans in and kisses me and starts to rub my furry ass so I know what he wants. He tells me he wants to fuck me so we both use spit as lube and he slides in raw as usual. I bent over the bench and let him have his way with my hole. He kept telling me how good it felt and went from slow to fast and furious fucking. As i felt his dick swelling he asked where do you want my cum? Without hesitation I said inside me. Within seconds he was depositing his load in my hole. We cleaned off and walked out discussing his wife and my partner lol. Time for my shopping so I left. I arrived at Macy’s and got on the escalator to the third floor. As i was going up a guy passed me going down. It was a brief second or two at best but the eye contact was enough. I got off on the second floor and went to the Men’s restroom. This was once a cruisy restroom and it’s tucked away with little use. There is a large handicapped stall and one urinal. I went to the urinal and took care of business. When I was done, I went to the sink and washed my hands. I heard footsteps down the hall, the door opened and it was the guy from the escalator. Good looking guy in great shape probably mid 50s. We exchanged glances and he went directly into the handicapped stall but didn’t lock the door. After a few seconds with no sound, I slowly opened the door to find him jacking a very nice cock probably 7.5” or so. He stood up and I bent over and sucked his very rigid cock. After a couple minutes of sucking/jacking i move his hand back to my ass. Like always, I lower my pants exposing my ass when giving oral to entice the guy in case he wants to fuck. Once he rubs my ass I look up and tell him that I want his cock in my ass. He pulls up his jeans and walks out of the stall and to the urinal and leans against the wall. When i walk over to him, he turns me around. Without any words, both of us apply spit on ourselves and i slowly back onto his cock. Since I still had the load in me from my buddy at the park I had some juices already flowing. He took his time and rammed my hole hard and deep for a few minutes. Since it was in the early evening and this restroom is not very visible he had time to thoroughly pound my hole. He started making the usual sounds and with one final thrust he unloaded in me. He pulled out and leaned against the wall to catch his breath. I did a quick clean up and left him there. We did smile at each other as I left...
  11. I completely agree! I travel and have hosted sex parties on bbrt and 90% are no shows! Typical messages I receive: Him: “how many loads do you have in yet?”. Me: “none yet” Him: “let me know when you get a couple of loads in and I will come over” Him: “how many guys are there?” Me: “none but a couple are on the way” Him: “let me know when others are there” 🖕🖕🖕
  12. Monday I went to my go-to cruisy park nearby. I have been a couple of times since the new year. Initially it was slow so I went for a walk. I ran into a young late 20s/early 30s Hispanic guy, average build with a huge bulge in his sweat pants. I started following him until we got a semi private part of the trail and he turned around, grabbed my cock and started deep kissing. He immediately starting feeling my ass so I lowered by pants and let him rub my hairy ass. He said he wanted to fuck so I spit on my hand/ass and bent over right in the middle of the public trail. It seemed slow so I was adventurous. He pulled out a condom, I asked if we can go with out it and he said No. With no other prospects, I decided to go for it even though I prefer raw only. He bent me over and started to fuck me with intensity. He was grabbing my hair, kissing my neck and pounding away. This went on for 10 min and I was getting paranoid that a random person could walk right up and there wouldn’t be anything we could do. He was fucking when I saw a guy turned the corner and see us. Lucky it was another cruiser that wanted to watch. The top didnt really care, he slid right back in and pound some more. I decided he would/could fuck me for hours and never cum so I told him I needed a break and left him with the other guy. I walked over to the (closed) boardwalk where a lot of action happens including to/with me! I passed a young black, prob 30s that gave a turn around stare. He followed me back to the best place to suck/fuck. He said he was a top and I said bottom and he said pleased to meet you. I bent over and sucked him while he fingered my ass. It was wet from the other guy and he felt it. He slid into me with his above average cock, I bent over a bench so my ass was wide open for breeding. He had pretty good stamina and fucked me until another cruiser arrived. We briefly unconnected his cock with my ass but then went right back to it. The new guy came back and watched as this black hottie pounded this daddy hole. Top kept saying how smooth and good it. Soon he was grabbing my waist and I could feel his cock swelling inside me. His head went back as he unloaded his prize in me. The voyeur left and the top and i chatted for a minute and he said “damn I got another one to give you”. Fuck yeah! I bent over and he really pounded me like a slut. This fuck wasnt as long as the first but the load was much larger. I mean much larger. We pulled our clothes back and on and headed out. Within an hr a bud of mine on Squirt posted he was on his way. Cool, I like this guy, he’s a bb top slut like me. Loves freaky shit. He got there and we did a three way with another slightly older cruiser. My bud has a beautiful BBC and loves to fuck my freak ass. He filled my hole while the other guy watched. I love guys watching me get bareback fucked and take loads. After my 3rd load, I headed home.
  13. Just got my ass nicely fucked cruising at local park. Waiting to see if you can get more. 

    1. cardoc49


      Very nice indeed, thanks for update, cum toxic?

    2. Pozbtm4breeding


      No idea it was anon 

  14. Just got back from cruising a park. It was very slow but I got my ass fucked and loaded by a construction worker type in the woods! Leaned up against a tree and he fucked me and flooded my  ass good! 

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