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  1. Sorry in advance if this 'particular' piss topic is not for everyone. But here we go: I absolutely love drinking piss, whether the piss is fresh or stale, or if it's coming from the tap or from the public urinal, I enjoy them all! Recently, I've been curious about trying those trucker bombs but not too sure about where to find them. I know they can be found along the highway road, but it might be hard to spot them when you're in the car driving. Will there be a higher chance of finding them at rest stops? And for those who might not know what a trucker bomb is, it's basically a plastic container (could be a milk jug or a water bottle) that the trucker pisses in while he is driving his truck.
  2. koolocboy

    Trucker bomb

    Recently learned what a "Trucker Bomb" is... essentially it is a plastic bottle (ie milk, Gatorade, soda) that contains piss load from truckers who is too lazy to make a stop to use the bathroom. Once they're done, they toss it out of the window. Oftentimes, these truckers are also on meth to help them stay awake for the long drive, therefore these plastic bottles are considered bio hazards. Meth addicts also pick up these road side containers to drink to get high. Here's more info about it: https://www.roadsideamerica.com/story/47231 https://www.alltruckjobs.com/blog/the-problem-with-trucker-bombs/ My question is, has anyone actually seen these trucker bombs? And the second question is for my fellow chem-piss lovers: What would you do with it if you find one?
  3. I am into drinking chem piss to get high, and my dealer agreed to give me his chem piss. I provided him a 2 liters bottle for him to fill up in which he complained that he won’t be able to piss that much. But he said he would ask his other dealer buddies and maybe his costumers to help him fill the bottle with their piss. A few hours later. I picked up a completely filled 2 liters pissed bottle and drank it through out the day without any idea who else filled the bottle besides him. PS: the chem piss was super strong as they were piss from dealers.

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