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  1. Hey! Really hope this will be updated one day, love this story
  2. Really cool, well written and hot story but could you consider putting a warning at the beginning for the violence and deaths? Some people might find it unconfortable or even triggering. I know there's the title but it can be interpreted figuratively as I did.
  3. I recently got a bad strain of HPV (apparently quite common around here), had to get the warts removed surgically under complete anesthesia. Warts can be pre-cancerous as mine were. It can be pretty hard for the surgeon to remove everything because he cannot necessarily see everything that's happening in your rectum, they had to rip big areas of skin to make sure it won't appear again. They will still have to put me under sleep again to check. If I needed one thing to convince me chasing should just be a fantasy that was it to be honest.
  4. Nice! Hope there will be more installments !
  5. Apparently a newcomer, I was just surprised to see NextDoorBuddies who just started shooting bareback having a guy with a biohazard tattoo on his neck. Even if Johnny Diesel didn't know about the significance of this in the gay community, that's still a pretty strong imagery IMO. http://www.nextdoorworld.static.lvl3.buddiesdownload.com/it/model/Johnny-Diesel/33257 Here's a screenshot where you can see it.
  6. I just wanted to know if you guys generally prefer bareback sex because it actually feels better or just because you find it more exciting psychologically? I've fantasized about bareback sex when I was still a virgin and actually tried both safe and raw (both as a top and a bottom, even though I'm way more of a bottom) now and even though I prefer it raw, I have to admit I didn't feel that much difference. I mostly love it because it's really hot to do something risky, go against what everyone's telling you and know that the guy's coming inside of you and all, which makes me way hornier. W
  7. Yeah would love to join as well! It could easily be turned into a conversion party too?
  8. Okay thanks for the info, it'll save me some time and money
  9. Perfect! Can't wait to read what happens next !
  10. This site isn't extremely popular around here, apparently... I'd like to know if anyone suscribed to them, I've only seen previews but it looks kinda hot, does it worth paying? I wonder if some of the models are poz or not, it wouldn't surprise me.
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