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  1. I BB'd with a doctor, caught crabs from him, but nothing else.
  2. Many thanks Alaric...

  3. Darkroomtaker you need to check with your doctor. Your symptoms suggest low blood pressure, if so poppers will amplify the effect. I'm no expert, so do get a checkup.
  4. I've never been interviewed while in a sauna or while leaving. In fact never seen anyone else being interviewed.
  5. I usually BB, but if the other guy insists on a condom, I have a batch of them expiring in Sept 2002. Who checks the date?
  6. Society taboos on incest between man and women is to prevent the problems arising from in-breeding. The same moral reasons are just not there for man on man incest.
  7. This may help: www.biohazardmen.eu/cms/pre-sale/
  8. Mmm would love to leave a gift when I'm next in your town,

  9. I wish my first fuck by a known poz guy had been videod. He prepared with a condom and then told me he was poz. My reaction was to pull off his condom and tell him to fuck me. Took a load at the end.
  10. A married guy living locally has been chasing me for a while on Grindr, most of the chat sessions are about him wanting to seed my ass and leave a massive load deep in me. One of my Grindr friends has warned me that the guy is a flake and doesn't turn up. A couple of days ago, I set up a meet with him in my holiday cottage a couple of miles away, he was really excited and promised me a hard fucking. As a a married man myself, I cleaned out in preparation and retrieved my Swiss Navy lube from it's hiding hole. While I was there I noticed a couple of condom packets and without thinking put them in my pocket too. An hour later at the cottage I was pleasantly surprised to see him arrive on time. His face matched his earlier photo's and he hadn't lied about his thick 8 inch cock. We were soon naked and snogging, I was fingering and rimming him despite his saying he's top only. When it came to the fucking, he paused and said he had to have a condom. I said that's fine, but he didn't have any with him. I called his bluff with one of the condom packets I'd picked up earlier. Soon he was hammering my ass deep and hard with his rubber encased shaft. He hadn't lied about being a heavy cummer, big globs of it oozed out of my ass when it finally softened and pulled out. There wasn't much of the condom left on his dick. He obviously hadn't checked the expiry date on the packet, at 2006 the rubber was probably fragile.
  11. Lol - it stings and had it done a few times to me. Sadly no video. The excuse for the next day or so is: "It was shampoo in the shower"
  12. With all this aussie flu around, it would an ideal time for a cop like him to give me a different flu with no awkward questions.
  13. As soon as I read the original post it had my Troll antennae twitching. Well spotted Drscorpio.
  14. Poppers vary depending on which country they are sold. In the UK you used to be able to buy butyl nitrite poppers, they had a good rush, but a few years ago they were banned. Since then isopropyl nitrite is sold as poppers in the UK and it is pretty hopeless. Recently some supplier are selling pentyl nitrite, but they don't seem too strong. Amyl Nitrite, the original poppers, cannot be sold in the UK and apparently have a rush similar to butyl nitrite. Some guys use mail order personal import to get around the rules. I understand there are similar but different rules in the USA. Keeping them cool and in a dark place slows down the process of going stale, but after they've been kept in a fridge /freezer let the sealed bottle warm to room temperature before opening otherwise condensation will get water in the mix and accelerate the degradation.
  15. My son caught me being fucked by an Anon top. It was BB of course and in our cellar. He was 14, and told me off for being BB, but aside from that never mentioned it.

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