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    butt obsessed submissive bottom who loves meeting hung tops for raw bb breeding
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    my butt obsessions means I crave cock pounding my mancunt and cum breeding my pussy. no cocks refused; no loads denied

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  1. Thanks for the follow, PIG!

  2. buttboype


    Other than the seats, that sounds amazing.
  3. buttboype

    Suprise Restroom breed at work

    If you are cruising for sex and that happens, it is divine intervention.
  4. buttboype

    Lake Sex

    Spontaneous bb sex is the best.
  5. hi Buttboy ... thanks for the rep xx:*xx

  6. buttboype

    Anon Loads? Yes Or No?

    Most of my loads are essentially anonymous. We use bullshit names. Just want a big dick to split my ass and cream a load inside. What else matters?
  7. thanks for the follow :)

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. buttboype


      Absolutely. Bottoms know how to please another bottom. I would love a bottom piggy orgy. 

    3. BBJONNY


      i totally get you...me too.

      u in chat room? where are u based?

    4. buttboype


      Stay in South Africa, Port Elizabeth.

  8. I love your sexy bubble butt. Yummy.

    1. GreenFinch


      Thanks.., I love YOUR sexy bubble butt!!

    2. buttboype


      Hehehe. Thanks. Would be cool to rim each other and enjoy some heavy breeding. Love a hole full of cum: mine and others.

  9. buttboype

    Obsessed with my Hole

    I need your problems. I so badly need your problems. I was hooked at 9inches and by Caribbean cock I was gaping and drooling. Damn son, man up and take the bbc. Is this even a serious discussion? Find another buddy to augment your schedule and spice things up, but show some gratitude for what you have. Most of us are gagging between hookups and you are blithely disgarding the awesomeness of that bbc breeding your mancunt.
  10. buttboype

    Do you ever get bored suckling dick?

    Very much agree with Shinelover. I am all about my ass and I mean totally obsessed. I suck cock as a means of making the guy hard, lubing his cock and preparing his libido to go into overdrive so he fucks the living daylights out of my ass and breeds my hole to boot. Why waste time sucking his pole when he can work my slick cumshute and breed my hole as nature intended for me. Don't get me wrong: I love the taste and feel of a mouthful of cum. Again, it just makes me want to be flipped over and fucked bare and hard until I am deeply splattered with his baby batter. That is my purpose in life.
  11. This is divine coincidence. Been craving a breeding buddy again. I received an email this morning from my fit hung black breeding buddy from years ago. I remember the awesome breeding sessions we used to have. Multiple loads up to five. Always deep. He sent me his number and I have sent a message, so now I eagerly await his reply. So horny for his cock pounding my butt deep and rough and breeding my piggy slut hole to boot.

    1. AlexDaBaas


      You are fuckin lucky buttboype.  I have had a couple black breeding buddies over the years and LOVED takin their dicks.  Definitely something I miss.

    2. buttboype


      It is the raw sexuality, excuse the pun. Huge dick and hot attitude equal awesome fun

  12. Fuckin' Oink~! Please keep sharing. Wood love to breed it. Thanks for following me.

  13. Love your profile. Keep up the good work. Wish I lived closer to you. You seem cool.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. buttboype


      South Africa :)

    3. Rawdawg13


      oh..wow..yeah thats not a daytrip...well if you're ever in New Orleans...and this is one of the rare cities where that is entirely possible...hmu!

    4. buttboype


      Thanks man :) Same to you if you're ever my side. 

  14. Thanks for the rep. Keep up the sleazy piggy play. I love it. Awesome profile.

    1. jockstrapbud1


      thanks bud.... definitely will keep up the sleazy pig play for sure!   same to you :-)   Thanks!!!   HOT profile yourself stud!   OINK

    2. buttboype
  15. Something just for you Butt xx :* xx

    Go ....jpg


    Well in.jpg

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Fistulike666


      Thanks fella!! You push all my buttons ... and all at the same time too!:cool::clap::*

    3. buttboype


      Hehehe awesome. Pity not face to face. Who knows? Maybe one day. 

    4. Fistulike666


      Yep ... nice to keep hold of a few special dreams :2thumbs::*

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