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    Webster, NY
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    Dom daddies/tops/Masters/breeders piss, bondage, hard sex, groups,
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Too cute for condoms :) try me out! horny slut boy, open to most kinks/fetishes. very obedient. now partnered and living with my Daddy, but like to be his little slut, so come fuck me. Owned/Partnered with DadP https://breeding.zone/profile/56912-dadp/

    twitter: @uncollaredben
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    just home movies
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    anon, nlr, breeders, dump and go guys, regulars, guys that are comfortable fucking tox bottoms.

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  1. Happy daddies day! 

    1. bbfuckstik


      Well said Ben.  I had a very happy daddies day (read my latest post under loads taken/given.  Definitely one not to forget. 

    2. Read1


      Why thank you, BareBen! I hope that many daddies have offered their loads in your boycunt. OINK!

  2. hay thanks for the follow :D Nice profile pic :P

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. fungayboy


      even as I bottom, I'd fuck you if i were closer!

    3. BareBen


      Hehe, you gotta get pozzed up first ?

    4. fungayboy


      you fuck me first then ;)

  3. I'm a twink and I love getting fucked by bears. My dom is beary, and where we live it's pretty much bear country.
  4. My Dom says, all sex is risky. Bareback just removes all doubt.
  5. Horny twink available pretty much 24/7 for all daddies and pervs.  In Rochester NY and can host.  Sub in an intergenerational D/s relationship.  We're into groups 3-somes and more-somes, Kinky and Poz guys very welcome.

    585-642 4682, wickr bareben (sub) or Dad4pozboys (Dom)

    1. evilalex


      mmm you should live stream your debauchery. 

  6. Thanks for the follow, pigboy Ben

  7. Sub cumdump twink, available every night in pride month.  Outside of Rochester NY.  contact 585 642 4682 or wickr bareben.  Dom's wickr dad4pozboys

    1. ronnie4u


      MMMMMMMM Oh Yes !  Yes !  Doing it !  :)

    2. suckerboi


      I want to load you up!

    3. ronnie4u


      Oh Yesssssssss !  :)

  8. The answer to "how someone became poz" is pretty much obvious.
  9. I'm only allowed to wear as little as possible. Usually nothing at all, but going out to clubs, i get to wear a jock. Beaches and stuff a minimal thong. As long as you look attractive to tops is all that's important.
  10. Slutty kink twink in Western NY, available 24/7 through Sunday.  Poz, fertile bottom/cumdump not on meds, open for quickies, anon or longer breeding.  Can host, looks, age, status etc. not important Info in prof.

    1. sqwhirlly


      I wish I was local

  11. Full slut in rochester, available all day for your pleasure/kinks.  Can host.  Partner/Dom is DadP on here.  Seed me while he watches.  Age looks etc not important.  Wickr Bareben (Dom is Dad4pozboys) phone 585 642 4682.  Quickies welcome

    1. boybottom4use


      love it Ben, nothing like being a full slut that takes any cock and load!

  12. Sleazy horny twink available for all kinks, age/looks not important.  Hosting in Rochester 585 642 4682 or wickr bareben

    1. ronnie4u


      Extremely Beautiful , HOT and Delicious !  :)

  13. Thanks for the follow, would love to get bred alongside you

    1. BareBen


      You're welcome, that would be fun it's a shame you're so far away :(

  14. Time to plant seed and my hole is fertile! :)  looking for alphas and breeders in WNY, near Rochester

  15. Power sub hosting in Rochester with my Dom.  wickr bareben phone 585 642 4682

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